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 Zalera Iramasha [Angel - APPROVED 2-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Zalera Iramasha [Angel - APPROVED 2-3]   Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:19 pm


• Name: Zalera Iramasha
• Aliases:
• Age: 26
• Gender: Female
• Race: Angel Iramasha
• Position(s):
Iramasha Clan - Female Head Of The Guardian Angel's
Kokuryuteshi - Amethyst Cross Lieutenant

• Appearance:

Younger Self:

Elder Self:


• Personality:

Positive Traits

True Justice

Zalera is a girl with value's and a set of moral's that once crossed, there is no coming back. She sticks to the teachings of her foster mother and parent, 'Miko' Iramasha, the spirit within her. Her justice is that no innocent should be hurt, and that her Izayoi is a peice of true justice, even if it devours her light. While other's may forgive for their sins, Zalera is not merciful in the least to those who show no value of other's. In combat, this flows effortlessly as she never would stop an onslaught, and when merely talking, she does persist in her ideal.

In her fragile dream, she see's the world having a system of justice, where those doing wrongful deeds would be judged by those who see the reasons behind them from the doer's perspective, and those who see it from the view of others. It is her wish, that such a place could be a reality within the worlds. She does not believe in one sided arguments and finds a way to even the playing field. In a world were everything is under surveillance, there should be no need for lies.

Flawed, But Morally Correct

Zalera is by no manner perfect. Being who she is, caused much strife about her being on Iramasha Island within the Council's and the like. They 're-educated- Zalera Iramasha, turning her into a sword of justice. Her morals are flawed from the tampering of those people, but she has formed her own overtime. Her morals state to never attack someone who's back is turned. To never attack without some form of evidence. To never be bribed, but to listen to reason. To grant a final request to anyone her blade must cut down. To protect all innocents and save all lives that may be saved. To take all battles from populated areas, and not begin conflict were the uninvolved will be hurt. If needed, Chaos Warp herself and an enemy far away from others for a battle.

These are the terms she has built herself to believe in. She takes them very seriously and will not appreciate those who joke about them with her. However, she has great trouble when she fails in one of her morals.

Family Obsession

Someone great told young Zalera, she would be the one to kill her family. She would become a hero for doing so. Her wish to K-World, to find her families is sick and twisted by that person. She strives to bring her family to justice for whatever dark deeds they have done. She know's not that she is a Mischevang, and seeks these answer's from K-World. However, her obsession also leads her to want to finally find those so dear to her heart. All Zalera really wants is to hold them, love them and be with the family she never had before. It is an experience in itself to her. To finally have a family, and those she could call mother, father, brother and sister. Just wait until she meet's her sisters. Ashlei will be first, or Rose.

The Means To An End

Sometimes, Zalera finds something that requires her to ignore her everyday morals of life. The Means needed to complete and objective, or to obtain her dream, at times will justify the end of things to her. However, Zalera notes that others do not see her justice, and that her justice is not everyone's justice. With this realization, she accounts for everyone's well-being in many of her tasks and wishes. Will she bring harm to others directly or indirectly, is a question she finds herself asking as she moves towards a goal. It troubles her, but also is a key piece in how she decides to handle all situations. Minimal to no extra damage, is her preference. There is always a way, you simply must search for that path. There is always an answer if you search, and she always searches for an alternate option.

She questions her compatriots, making sure to cover every aspect of an attack or defense through the Iramasha Sync. At times, she may even question random Iramasha on the situation for opinions and how they deduce it would effect those not involved from a civilian stand point. While it may seem to be over thinking, nothing is too much or enough guarantee, until everything fits together. Zalera, always has an alternate plan for every situation. All a Means to An End Game.

Teacher's Aura

While being young herself, Zalera is very fond of learning, children and teaching. Her areas of study include tactics, weaponry, cooking, gardening, crafts, the arts, and history. She's gone above and beyond to learn and gain more knowledge herself, simply taking anything and studying it. Much of her life she was alone and constantly afraid. In the time she was safe, her hobby was learning to read and write, and then taking anything she could to study. She has documented an entire public library's worth of information on Iramasha Island, in fact her home is the library mentioned previously. From studies on leaves, to the aspects of death energy, Zalera has learned much in her life and continues to learn more over time.

Her Seishin Buki, is a host for all the information she has ever recorded. Every time she finds something to document she writes in it with a smile, even as the use of it slowly turns her blind.

Think Positive!

Zalera tends to see the bright side of life, and shuns away from the darker portions when not working. Being a positive thinker, Zalera is very supportive of people's dreams and aspirations. Seen as a pillar for positive thinking to her students, her example is at times followed by her students and those around her. Negative people find her easier to be around than most positive thinkers, due to her finding a small piece of light in everything they complain about.

Negative Traits

Bad Mentality

While you would think she would be a good listener, Zalera hardly listens to anyone. It gets her into a lot of trouble too. Its just a part of her childish mentality. You see, her mental state never matured, and its why kids love her. She connects with the younger children with ease, but encourages bad behavior from children at times. It is more accidental, as there are spikes of inability to use her normal methods. Her mentality is split between maturity and childish, and depending on the time of day, you may find her playing with children on playgrounds and such.

Tending to only hear bits and pieces due to a lack of focus, Zalera tries to connect things and wind sup with incorrect assumptions and half truths, at times it gets in the way. Her younger mentality doesn't care about all the things her older mentality does. They seem like heroic things to her younger self, and not so import but 'cool'.


If Zalera can find a flaw in your argument, better damn well believe she will exploit it to prove she is correct. She is the type of person who finds it very difficult to admit she is wrong, and will argue until the other gives up. People can't stand it about her, and she even sees this as a negative thing about herself she needs to change.

Sadistic When Angry

You don't know rage until her Izayoi is stabbed into you, then extended into its chain blade form, and ripped out of you like a beyblade rip cord out of its launcher. If by some margin manage to anger Mekura, you'll see a side of her that may be why she is a red head. Tending to make anything hurt more when angry, Zalera enjoys other people's pain. Nothing gives her more pleasure than the pain of others after they've pissed her off. Her cruelty in this manner is boundless, degrading and humiliating people with every intention of making them squirm. Maybe sadist nature is in her blood?


At times, Zalera comes off very sarcastic. One for showing her dislike of a person, she childishly mocks others in her childish state of mind, uncaring of their feelings or their opinions. (couldn't expand on this more. I'm not really a sarcastic person.)


• Likes:


Intelligent Conversations

Gaining Knowledge

Teaching Children

• Dislikes:


Bitter Foods

Meaningless Complexity

'Ignorance Is Bliss' types


• Background:

Uncertain to as if she was born or created, a young Danielle Mischevang lived in the arms of her supposed Mother. Born or not, her bright red-orange hair was almost like the woman she was cloned from. Her elder brother's eyes watched her, like a hawk watching its pray. At her birth, she was useful and nothing more. Her mother breast fed her like any other child, but neglected her in truth. She grew quickly, taking after her older sister and original as she was the final birthed clone. She, was a perfect DNA replica of an unknown source.

She was thrown into a white room, a real bedroom but purely white with a locked door. Other clones sat with her, her sisters. How many there were on that dark day? At least four others doom to die. However, she was educated on how to live, submit to a man, breed, and create the strongest children. Furthered in all mathematics of this age, science and history, she had a mind that surpassed her original's own. She wanted to save her sisters, who feared their own mother like she herself had for countless years.

But there came a time when the door opened, and their older brother stood out of the way. Where were they going now? to be beaten? To be cut open again? To be starved and dehydrated? This, was not such a day. The five little girls were... outside. And they ran, her mother and their brother watching from afar, but never to far. They ran endlessly, eventually coming across a group of Iramasha, headed by the 'Miko'. They knew nothing of earth, but they began to starved until they reached her.

Her kind arms took them, gracing their filthy and hated bodies with the first gesture of love they had ever seen. Fed and clothed, Miko turned each of them into an Angel Iramasha, and heard their tale. Clones, but of who they knew not. Only the name's Monica and Danielle in their minds. Miko told the elders, and they said they could stay, upon swearing allegiance and never to stray. The little ones agree, Zalera at the front standing before them protectively as they were checked.

For years, they studied with Miko, before she disappeared. They were left alone, and Noel took to gaining funds to support them. Her body grew, a replica of Ashlei's own body as a human, but with slight Iramasha traits. At a point, she gained a seishin Buki, Miko's family heirloom, the Izayoi. It synced with her, and her power made it into her Seishin buki. She became a symbol of justice amongst the clan, but never did 'just' acts without all proper reasoning. She had been chosen to execute a prisoner, one of the clones that had been free'd later, and she instead took her into her arms and consoled her, changing the young sister herself.

After some time, her hatred of her blood grew, and she began to seek out who her sister and original was. She learned that K-World granted wishes, and appealed tot he elders to become a spy for them inside K-World. The declined, having read her mind and she finally disappeared. Aiming to join K-World, then find her family to take her little sister clones to a safe place, and find her mother, Miko.

At one point, she lost her way and ran across a high schooler. Zalera settled down with the boy, a human boy by the name Florian. Her life became bliss and filled with affection. For on her 15th birthday, she was gifted a life inside her from her boyfriend. He was merely a student in Karakura High and Florian was terrified until he himself gained the courage to marry Zalera. No less, Zalera and he were only 12 and thirteen.Weeks before the baby's due date, Ion married Zalera. Her hand revealing a beautiful silver ring upon her left ring finger.

They raised her daughter for ten years until they left the clan, attempting to join K-World to search for her family. Zalera, Ion and their son, head towards K-World.

However, during her entire life, she never once noticed the shadows of her blood watching her. Her blood brother and mother, had always watched her and the sisters. How will she fair in such a world? And how would her child fair?

To be clear, no. She doesn't know who her original is or any details about her. She only knows her mother's name and her older brother who stalks her.


• Seishin Buki Name: One Who Steals Light, Izayoi

• Seishin Buki Sub-Element(s): Ice, Holy

• Seishin Buki Main Element(s): Light and Life

• Seishin Buki Appearance:

'One Who Steals Light, Izayoi' is a Seishin Buki consisting of three parts. Without all three, the full power of this Seishin Buki cannot be released, not make use of all its abilities. Why is this. This is due to each part of Izayoi being tied to the three aspects of its abilities and powers. With each part, comes a difference in power, skill, defense, spell casting and combination. Each weapon, also relies on a separate power source.
The winged beret, with its eyes is representing Zalera's sight and senses, uses her Chaos Energy to function. It's wings grant the young Iramasha flight, its eye granting her perfect sight, and at times a glimpse into the future, be it in battle or at other times. It is the main key, giving her the ability to understand the sword and tome that are a triangle of power with the beret.
The crimson diamond-shaped Blade of Izayoi, with his terrifyingly ominous glow relies on her physical energy and body. It links with her body, but not her soul. This sword, guides her arm until its own will believes that Zalera is ready to use this blade on its own. It grants her the knowledge of how to fight, using her legs, arms, and sword. It contains the essence of close range combat.
The cream white tome with an eye, reads endless pages of text dating back to the beginning of the Iramasha clan. This tome, will always rely on her spiritual power, and no other unless in emergency. This language of her ancestors few could read, and she would not be able without her Beret of Izayoi. Within, it lists every Kido, and every Chaos spell. The texts hold infinite knowledge on the past, present, and future. Event predicted have even come to pass. Her parent's believe it was the book of one of the firsts.

The darkness to Izayoi, is its Light Element. How cruel it is, that Zalera will loose the light from her eyes with each use of her Seishin Buki. A grave toll for such a young girl's dream to be a guardian angel for her family and all children. Within the time it would take her to gain the Awakened Divinity state, she will have long since lost her eyes. She takes this toll in her heart as well, knowing the full extent of what Izayoi will do. After all, Izayoi herself told Zalera exactly what to expect and when it will take its full toll.

The finality effect of Izayoi, is it weakens its users Will overtime. The longer she uses Izayoi, or even has a connection to is, her resolve will weaken. Her Will Skills, eventually may even be lower than Beginner and take time to rebuild. However, was she becomes blind, or if she falls to darkness, she will regain them slowly. Her will shall harden to a point it cannot be shook and she see's nothing but her goal. It's terrible, isn't it?

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

The Mystic Eyes of Izayoi

The tome, sword and beret of Zalera's Seishin Buki, host an unknown amount of Chaos Energy within each of it's three eyes. Having been passed down from 'Miko' and her family as an heirloom of sorts, her bloodline has constantly put Chaos Energy and spirit energy into the relics. Now having become her Seishin Buki, Zalera is able to read the pages of the tome, singing aloud the words within to call upon the powers of her family's past. Any power written down within, regardless of race, can be mimicked by the Izayoi at a cost of Zalera's light.

The maximum containment allowance of each eye, varies and is also unmeasured. Zalera's sword piece, hosts the smallest eye. However, in her near thirty years of life she never has filled it to the max amount, and even with all of the blood before her, it has never reached its maximum capacity. Believe to have an endless space for storage of Chaos Energy, Zalera once used it recklessly until Izayoi became angered with her selfish behavior, and took her sight completely for a number of days. Frightened, Zalera learned of why Miko warned her never to anger the Izayoi.

The Mystic Eyes of Izayoi, also have their own devastating ability. To cast the most powerful illusion upon a person the three eyes of Izayoi all lock onto. Using Izayoi's own Chaos Energy and Spiritual Energy to form a radius of effective spiritual pressure, then using pure chaos energy to deftly confuse the being's senses. This creates a false illusion, over a true reality. With this, Izayoi confuses the main five senses of an enemy, then forces information through them dependant on the will skills. Small thoughts, injected into ones mind masked as instinct to possibly have them swing in the wrong direction, and even overwrite where they felt the pain of a strike from Zalera from the hip, to the arm.

It becomes borderline brain control, and can even interfere with cyber brains by confusing the data being sent through them. However, this proves far more difficult on Cyber Brains, for the obvious reason that Zalera, nor IZayoi, can manipulate electric shocks in any way. However, this is the Will of Izayoi and costs Zalera herself, nothing due to Izayoi having its own Chaos and Spiritual energy reserves.

Take note however, that it only takes one eye to begin the confusion and with each eye it only grows stronger and stronger over time. This is the true Nature of Izayoi. A nightmare of darkness and pain of mental and physical nature that never becomes pleasure.

The Blessed Wings of Izayoi(the beret) - The beret holds the second largest eye and has the same amount stored within. However, it holds a second storage of spiritual energy as well. The beret, allows her to see through anything in one dimension. Say if she was fighting, and an enemy took to hiding, she could 'see' this enemy swiftly, and take straight to him or her, the battle once more. This particular piece of her Seishin Buki, also grants her the wings on her back. Long ago these wings became permanent, gifting Zalera with a fourteen foot wing span.

Blessed Wings - By the age old effects of Izayoi, Zalera has gained a pair of snow white wings, that never become dirty due to a coat of Holy Energy and Chaos Energy constantly guarding them from harm. With a fourteen foot wing span, Zalera is able to fly for days on end, having always flown everywhere instead of walking since the moment Izayoi was kind enough to gift them to her with approval of Zalera's soul and synchronizing with her. They are her most precious possession, and as they are from Izayoi, she, the Izayoi is by extent her most precious possession.

Able to exceed speeds of 300 km/h, and max just over 400 km/h, Zalera flies through the skies crying out in joy and freedom. Often used for singing choir with other angel's and her family, she's never tested them in real combat, and only in training. Take note, her specialty is flying aimlessly and wildly. This meaning she would easily be able to stop herself if knocked down through the sky, then regain her flight. On several occasions, Zalera has proved to be quite adept in her flight, which bodes well for future in flight combat.

Gracing Feathers- Zalera's wings, are an extension of her body and by default have feathers. Each feather has a minute amount of energies stored within to either be dropped as healing, or swung down to impale enemies with explosive energy. The spiritual energy, combined with the coating chaos energy, turns her feathers a transparents reddish pink hue as the fall on allies to sink into them for healing smaller injuries to large gashes. Each feather also can be taken to Zalera herself, to heal her own wounds.

If used offensively, the features can stun and even put opponents to sleep with the songs of Grace and Sin, or flat out explode in a 300 meter radius. To sing these songs, Zalera must open the Tome of Izayoi and read the lyrics along in song however, they have yet to be revealed to her. This, makes her unable to stun or put enemies to sleep.

The Watchful Arm of Izayoi(the sword), grants her a finite pool of knowledge in regards to the proper technique and fighting ability when using Izayoi to learn from until truely ready. The blade also assists her by guiding her movements through a form of soul sync. During the Sync, Izayoi's three eyes join Zalera's two. The Izayoi guards her, blocking and defending with her body as Zalera would, should she ever gain enough experience linked with the Izayoi. However, the longer she takes in a Sync, Izayoi is not free. As previously stated, the direct use of Izayoi costs her the light from her eyes, and eventually her very being.

Chain Blade - The Izayoi holds the ability to break its into sections, held together by a cord of Holy, Spiritual and Chaos energy with blades every few inches. While most blades in such a form are swung wildly, Izayoi assists in the overall control of the length of the entire blade. Again syncing with Zalera is key, and grants a combined effort to not only swing downward to attack with half the length of Izayoi's blade, but to send the other half to block a blow from behind, and even a blow to the side with a hard case of a barrier, flowing with a green-hued field of chaos energy and holy energy. Unlike Renji Abarai's, when shattered this blade then creates several more blades that encircles the Izayoi and Zalera.

When an enemy comes to close, they will sail at them like a missle, and if blocked they simply explode the two energies that created them with a radius of ten meters. Notably, as this is the energy of Izayoi and her ancestors within Miko's bloodline, at times Izayoi's explosions could bring harm to Zalera. Of course, Izayoi tries to minimise her damage and even drops her feathers onto her.

The Wise Tome of Izayoi(the book)

The Soul of Izayoi. The very being of Zalera's Seishin Buki, and all its wisdom, rests within these pages. Virtually indestructable, Zalera wields it as a shield and reads from it even during battle using the Eyes of Izayoi. This book, is the Seal that contains the true Izayoi, Miko's Ancestor, an Angel that is sealed within. Using its power, Zalera sings its lyrics aloud to charge her Seishin Buki's power. The trimming becomes golden the further it is charged, and allows her to access her next form, Angelic Release and so on. Needing a full charge to enter each Form, Zalera tends to charge it right as battle is about to begin. When charging, a white veil of holy light surrounds her, and feathers rise from a circle that appears and disappears as Zalera sings to charge.

The main use, is defense and spells. Currently however, Izayoi is not willing to give her secrets to Zalera and wishes to see what her plans for her life are. Izayoi, was a dedicated Iramasha, but would not follow the clan over direct family. Seeing how Zalera wishes to join K-World to follow her wish to find any family besides her mother and brother, Izayoi, is beginning to open up to her.

Sly Pages of Izayoi- As the name may infer, the pages of Zalera's Seishin Buki are razor edged like a sly man's tongue. While it doesn't cut her, it is able to cut enemies and dull their edges to hit with force instead of sharpness. Each page, is virtually indestructable and always flys back to the Tome, even entering its own Chaos warp to do so.

For use, Zalera opens her book and swings it at an enemy, pages flying out to slam into or cut up an enemy. These can number in the thousands, as the book is a record of everything the family of Miko has seen, heard and done. With sharpness and power behind the attack, comes a trade off of spiritual or chaos energy. To dull the book and give it more of a punch, Chaos energy is used, while to sharpen, Spiritual Energy is used. Regardless of preference, holy power coats every page.


• Powers:

= Overdrive Burst = True imbalance is what allows the Eradication Burst to be used. It is a power meant to release all four forms of the energy within Zalera, along with the fourth hidden energy of Izayoi. The flow of spiritual energy, Chaos Energy, Physical Energy and Zalera's very own life energy clashes inside her at all times. While a natural occurrence for her, it is not for most. It forges the truly chaotic container, and pushes down all four energies until she releases it from lock and key. The energies combine completely into an unknown source, unmistakably unable to be controlled by anyone but her and unable to be absorbed by other without it acting like a poison, acid and drug all at the same time.

This energy then fuels all of her attacks, doubling, tripling and going the extra mile to make all of Zalera's abilities with status effect increase the likely hood of the opponent(s) being tasked with them. From sudden paralysis to being trapped in a coffin of light, all of these effects and abilities grow in power. During this burst her body is also coated in this energy, and her Valkyrie Veris abilities become more brutal and powerful.

It is a form of overdrive, busting out the big guns for a set amount of time, or for a blast of surging energy to cast away all forces within a one hundred foot radius and push them away. Used to neutralized attacks and even rush then knock back enemies, and then even more to produce the over drive effect, Zalera may be found to have a sudden great power increase when all of her energies become one within that burst or shift into overdrive.

Overdrive however, last longer the longer the battle has prevailed and the more damaged Zalera is. The more damage, pain, exhaustion and so on Zalera is in, the more powerful the Overdrive becomes. It could become great enough for someone within the higher rankings of Orgs, having no difficulty through the battle having suddenly found themselves assaulted by a being of matching or greater power, and even having their reiatsu or Chaos Energy stolen through the onslaught.

It is a burst of all her energy remaining. The less there is, the more it forces it to last longer and punch harder so to speak. For every drop of water in a glass, it stretches each single drop as far as it is able. Within the over drive state, it is also steals reiatsu or similar energy sources to convert it to chaos energy and the like. With each attack, with each contact, be it a blocked hit or a single page of her tome stuck to an enemy in secret, the energies are slowly drained and absorbed through the Soul Link between Iramasha and Seishin Buki. With this, her wounds and exhaustion heal and fade as fast as its being adsorbed.

But this entire power comes at an obvious hefty price.

Should Zalera run out. Should she ever be knocked unconscious mid battle with an overdrive active. Should she have no way to rest right at the final limit, she will unmistakably die. A five percent reserve is kept, and must be kept for her to survive. Should she ever reach such a point, her remaining lifespan would be short without the assistance of other Iramasha to give her life energy. Without them, she would surely die a ragged and long painful death in her bed.

And as spoken of in her Seishin Buki. All of her abilities and powers connected to the Izayoi, steal the light from her eyes. But this takes it further, it steals her strength or other things with every use, no matter how short. Eventually, given enough time she may lose her voice, her ability to move a limb, to walk, to hear... it is unknown. She will eventually become completely and truly powerless.

= Light of Justice =

• Chaos Moves:

- Chaos Restore
- Chaos Orb
- Chaos Vortex
- Chaos Javelin


•Angelic Release Appearance:

• Angelic Release Abilities:

[strike]Words of Judgement - The words on her book's pages shoot out, turning into chaos energy blades that fly at the enemy. (For later use)

Winged Piercing-


• Awakened Divinity State:

• Awakened Divinity State Abilities: (Same as before. Simply state what they gain from this form)

• Custom Form, (Mischevang Blood) Appearance

• Custom Form Abilities:

Dance of the Sacrifice

Dance of the Dragon

Dance of the Hydra

Dance of the Serpent

Dance of the Dove

Dance of the Butterfly

Dance of the Cat

Hungry Coils

Devouring Light

Fairy Circle

Fairy Dust



Active Poison Skin

Nightmare Eyes


• Class Title: An Angel of Lost Light

• Class Traits: (What Class Traits does your character get? Please try to limit this to 2-4 powers or abilities. Also take note that Class Traits they get are based on their Class Title, the path they took to get to this class, personality or even other powers. So for example, if a person was heavily into blood, they could possibly become The Angel Of Blood. Or, if a person's path in life was full of hardship, they could become The Angel of Will.)

• Skills:


General Skills

  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Iramasha Skills

  • Chaos Fighting Style: Adept
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Adept
  • Gem Creation: Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Advanced

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


• Roleplay Sample: (If this is your first application on the site, please be sure to show us a post from another site or make a new one to show us how you RP. If you have already made a character, you may remove this!)

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: Looks pretty darn good there, I trust all your permissions are correct and what not. If not I suppose I'll be hearing from those people sooner or later. If anyone has a problem with the Master in Willpower/Determination lemme know.
Tier: 2-3

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I'm going to be changing some things. Her Seishin Buki, honestly was not meant to be her Seishin Buki and instead an heirloom and weapon passed down through Miko's family. Miko's history will have to be made at some point, but the item in question, Izayoi, will have custom forms of its own should it take over Zalera's will and mind.
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Zalera Iramasha [Angel - APPROVED 2-3]
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