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 Chakra Tu (Heavy WIP)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Chakra Tu (Heavy WIP)   Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:34 pm

• Name: Chakra Tu
• True Age: 918
• Appearance Age: 19
• Gender: Male
• Orientation: Freelance

• Appearance: Chakra is rather trendy in his appearance and what he wears for an arrancar. The clothing that he wears is more of what a human would wear and would be considered as not trendy or outlandish to other dark soul beings within hueco mundo. This doesn't bother him as it suits his taste and personality. His hair is a dull ash silver colour at the front from the back of his ears to the front of his face. He has multiple bangs in front of his face in a slanted look from the right side of his face to the left. The middle of his face is where the bang is the longest reaching just to the tip of his nose while the rest just manages to cover his eyebrows and some stray strands manage to reach the iris of his eyes to give it more of a nostalgic and cold effect to his appearance. His hair height goes about ten centimetres. His hair at the front on the side of his face only reaches to the bottom of his ears but it's flamboyant look makes it look short and stick out from the sides. From the base of his skull From the end of the ears back it is slick and straight, edging out the back of his head, The colour of the hair here is pitch black with a dark blueish outline. It is very short but not enough to actually see the skin of his head. Where his neck is a small ponytail looking set of spikes spread out roughly five inches in diameter from one end to the other.

His eyes are rather wide and open enabling people to see the whole of his eye and analyse the deepness of colour that is shown outwards. Chakra's Eyes are a deep purple, violet almost hazel looking on the outskirts of the chromia. As it travels inwards to the iris the color in fact deepens and darkens showing a more realistic and almost bottomless entity behind the eyes. The sclera of his eyes which are usually white more mortals and shinigami at-least and most Arrancar, his on the other-hand are actually pure black allowing the vibrant colors of purple illuminate, this might be the fact of his split personality of a inner-hollow tendency has influenced his appearance to the extent of being permanently visible. This often confuses people as to what Chakra really is either a Inner-hollow that has won full control or a proper Arrancar.

His face in general is rather slim and smooth looking, it does not show a lot of features so he could be often mistaken for a masculine female but he has no reason to “Play a part”. His chin is sharp but the skin rounds off his chin to look rather small and petite given a nice rounded edge to his face. His jaw line is rather high up than most males which makes him even more sleek and androgynous, on his jaw line he has tribal markings that were actually etched into the hollow mask he had before ripping it off and obtaining the ability of a Shinigami. His mask isn't a fragment like most Arrancar obtain after the removal of their mask but rather the four “Spike” markings that point towards the center of his face. Each side being symmetrical, at the start the first markng is an inch away from the bottom of his chin at a inch in diameter which then point upwards to where the tip of the marking reaching the base of the nose. The next marking is a inch away again but, this time the diameter is two and a half inches wide with a much longer point to it's detail than it's predecessor. They spike points to the bridge of the nose as it curves over in shape as if a obstacle was in the way and rolls underneath his eyes almost underlining his eyes to where the tip of the point ends at the end of the eye. The color of these markings are a pale slate blue

His neck is thin almost pencil thin showing the muscles of his neck if and when he turns his head into any given direction. This is where the hollow hole is stationed, just above halfway up his neck. The hole is small and like every other hollow hole open to see straight through. Chakra's hole is a tad smaller of 2 inches overall width from any angle given This is not always seen or better yet never really seen as Chakra likes to cover it up with his bandana like scarf that wraps itself around his neck. His scarf is extremely large and is able to move it around freely to place over his mouth and nose or rustled underneath his chin which hides the hollow hole. The scarf is then tied around the back of his head that looks tight as it never comes undone. Two -tails- flow from the back which are long that reaches down to his rear. The scarf color itself is a bleach white color, white in the making almost as if the snow had wiped clean whatever was originally on the landscape before settling down.

His height overall is reaching five foot ten so he is not tall for his thin and sleek look but he is not short either which suits him just fine, he never really bothers about peoples appearance only their power that they give off. His torso when bare has been trained rather well showing the outlines of his muscles in his abdominal part and chest giving him the broad muscle man and six-pack achiever. His skin is silky and smooth to the touch, the tone is mixed between a nude ivory color and vanilla giving him depth in his tone as if he was someone who does not wish to fight in any situation, though they could never be more wrong. What he always seems to wear either he wears the same one every time and washes it once it becomes tattered and filthy or he secretly has stashes of somewhere over hueco mundo. Very unimaginative in his choice of clothing he wears a plan black short sleeves and collarless t-shirt which has no button anywhere and no distinctive markings to show individuality.

Over his plain clothing and underneath his scarf is a rather long almost skin tight leather trench coat. The sleeves are either missing or never there to begin with showing his broad arms in broad daylight as he says the sleeves on a coat would only restrict his movement to end a opponents life. The trench coat reaches to the back of his ankles and wraps around to the front of his shins though never fully buttoned up at the top. Depending on Chakra's mood he will either have two buttons in the middle done or none at all. The trench coat ha a bit of lift to it after it reaches his rear, much like some who wear coats like his they have the overlapping base around the waist which allows the bottom half of the coat to have more of a expanding and flamboyant look to it's appearance. Much like his T-shirt it has no real distinctive features applying to it's stitching.

His shoulders are rather average to medium built in size of it's definition. His arms are not muscularly big they are rather toned and to the point, no need for over excessive muscles in his views as it would just slow you down in being able to achieve a killing blow and restrict movement and adaptability to situations. His arms are of average length which when standing up straight the tip of his fingers reach to the bottom part of his rear. On his hands he wears fingerless leather gloves that are almost etched into his skin as they are so skin tight it often makes opponents and followers wonder if they are sewn onto his body. On the end of the gloves where his wrists are are gauntlet like wristbands in the shape of a pin-wheel shrunken with all four points. It is as sharp as a real blade and in rare close up combats Chakra uses them as part of unarmed combat to give him that boost in distance.

Moving onto his pelvis and below areas such as thighs shins and feet (Don't think such weird thoughts =.=) Chakra's muscle definition in his thighs are something some humans desire as it had little to no fat and not extreme muscle definition to boot. In trouser sizes he would be classed as a 28inch waist and a 34 inch length. He has a athletic appearance from his legs which question whether he is more physical in his abilities or more spiritual. Chakra wears the traditional black boot cut style jeans with a belt that wraps around his waist on the jeans. He doesn't need to wear the belt it is more there for appearance and decoration. The buckle of the belt is of a traditional skull and silver in it's color. Moving onto his feet now he is a size eight in shoe size and wears black gothic punk biker boots. There are no distinctive marking on these boots either but instead of a lace on the front of the shoes it actually has a of on the inside of each foot. The boots cover up to where his shins are. Not only are these bikers boots but they have oricalcum metal toe-caps for extra grip and power.

• Bone Appearance: The part of the body that is on Chakra that is able to show the heritage of what used to be his former “Primal” Body is on his face. Instead of bone fragments which most Arrancar have his is primarily the tribal marking that some mask have but have been etched into his face. The moment chakra in vasto lorde form destroyed all of his mask in one single swoop leaving only the etched markings as a constant reminder of his past as a “Primitive hollow soul”

• Hollow Hole: Just above halfway up his neck. The hole is small and like every other hollow hole open to see straight through. Chakra's hole is a tad smaller of 2 inches overall width from any angle given This is not always seen or better yet never really seen as Chakra likes to cover it up with his bandana like scarf that wraps itself around his neck.

• Reiatsu Colour: The color of Chakra's reiatsu when either releasing it or exerting with or without his zampakutou is a ominous yet dull looking purple with a green outline. Whenever his power is being released the base of the reiatsu is a mixture of slate grey and plum purple which give it the rather dull and ominous tone of color and look towards it. The rim of the reiatsu or outline is in the color of a fresh ivy green thick and deep in it's color to show the intensity within his power and the purple to show how dark his spiritual essence truly is

Personality: (Explain how they act)

Positive Traits

Adaptable - Chakra is able to adapt his way of thinking and way to handle situations quickly in order to work towards his own advantage this has been seen a few times during cornered fights in places that Chakra does not know, using the surroundings he was able to become victorious against the assailant Another form of this adaptability is change in leadership or higher up power. Chakra accepts change and is able to adapt accordingly.

Alert - Chakra is alert in his surroundings and quick and sharp to action on anything that is unusual or intentionally dangerous. This means that some things that seem ordinary to lure into a false sense he would not fall for so easily as other beings, though this does make him uptight in some situations

Anticipative - When situations are at hand to where you have multiple choices to choose from such as where to go, how to dodge, how to fight back. Chakra creates different scenarios within his mind before taking step to one of the multiple choices in an attempt to not be drawn back from the result of the choice chosen

Athletic - Though his strict and un-settled nature Chakra does enjoy a challenge of speed of natural abilities to challenge him not only to protect the strength of his spiritual attributes but his natural attributes with his physical body alone.

Calm - Much to his advantage in using his anticipative skills this leaves Chakra with a calm and almost motionless facial expression and rarely required push above his instinctive calm nature when forced to, this does leave him rather dull to approach as he seems indifferent to what happens

Capable - With him being alertive Chakra is capable of handling his own in not just fighting scenes where his power comes to play but, his daily and casual scenes that may require a great deep power of Independence to complete the task will be asked of him and he will be able to deliver good results.

Clear-headed - While under pressure or in tight or close situations Chakra is able to think on his feet without becoming hot headed or any panic-related emotion because of his calm mind he is able to think thoroughly without having any biased thoughts on what was right or the correct way to go about things. This is especially good for life or death situations where he can think fast and clearly to survive or save someone if any.

Dutiful - Being bound to what he does best and his objective in Hueco mundo is what keeps him going by. He serves his duty to the bitter end even if it means ending in death he does not like failing his duties whatever they may be making his first priority no matter the consequence his duty to serve.

Fair - Chakra feels what he does and how he acts towards others is farily distributed. Though his emotionless nature he feels deeply that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally regardless. This includes the difference between humans and Arrancar, he acknowledges them if not sees them on par with Arrancar and Shinigami's as it seems fair to do so.

Focused - Chakra when given a objective or giving himself an objective he will do anything within his power and beyond to make sure that it is completed to the best of his abilities even if it would cost him his life. He is very focused on what he wants and with everything around him, which could also become a cautious and very suspicious of everything and everyone around him and trusts little to no-one.

Forecful - Chakra is very forceful in his actions and dispise disobedience. If he asks someone to do something he expects it to be done straight away and he will force his power upon anyone that disobeys or stutters at the objective they had been given for them to question.

Hardworking - As one of his focused personalities he is very hardworking if not for his natural survival instinct making sure that everything was going smoothly and going the extra mile it is his sole motivation to make sure that everything was perfected in his work.

Honest - Chakra hates dishonesty, he would never lie to his subordinates or to the higher uppers, if he had any. Chakra has no reason to lie as he has little or no sense of repocussion that may occur from saying the truth in every little detail imagined.

Honorable - Chakra is honorbound as much as prideful. He honors anything that is set even if he disagrees with it, Such as rules and regulation he will oblidge to follow them without question.

Independent - Though he can work as a team leader for many arrancar's his best attribute is his ability to work alone in everything he is ordered to do as other as he says "Only slow him down or get in the way"

Intelligent - Resourceful is his nature, and his mind is something to be desired, unlike most hollows he thinks before he acts giving him the edge on what he needs to do and what he is going to do at that moment in time,

Logical - Very logical in his though process he will make Different scenes in his head that could possibly be the outcome of the situation that is at hand. Like to deal with facts he can then logically think of the best way to handle the situation at hand and which would cause the best outcome for him or his leader.

Loyal - Chakra is a very loyal subject as he is to a faccion. Disloyalty means to him "Trash and degenerate being that has no place on this world" No matter if he disagrees with a situation by a leader he will follow it and never double cross another being that he owes his loyalty too.

Mature - throughout his life of living in life and death he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and self development within his own structure making him much more mature than he seems to be and the childlike nature no longer exists in his spirit.

Observant - He is very observant in what he does and what he sees, especially if he was watching someone he will make a extreme detailled observation on what the subject is doing making sure that every detail is precise and that everything is placed properly. He likes to watch his surroundings more than act out on impulse.

Protective - Though he may not seem it Chakra is very protective of hisself and those he allows within that tight circle that know him more than others would ever know. If something was about to harm something that he would consider protecting bet your life that he would use every ounce of availible energy that he could possibly muster in order to protect what he cherishes.

Rational - He is rational in his thinking as well as his acting. Making sure that everything was done correctly and in order, he rarely does anything irrational out of his own personality or persona, though if he did there was something more deep and meaningful and something that would relate to his protective personality.

Reliable - Chakra is reliable and will always try to get a positive outcome in his findings and would not return until he has achieved what has been asked of him. If ever in need, for a price he would offer his service to wastelanders and will generally try to help others as he sees fit.

Self-reliant - He never relies on other people or what they say that they could do. He never asks anyone to help him or use a third party. He will always try to find a way to do stuff himself and will continue to do so no matter if the situation is more than he could handle alone.

Serious - Chakra has a very serious nature, his facial expression rarely shows anyother movement besides the dark serious straight poker faced look. In his nature and in his speech he comes across strict and serious as if he had never been anything near or enjoyed a more lax like attitude towards anything.

Skillful - Chakra is very skillful and tries to use everything in his arson to complete his ahievement and objective. Not only that due to his serious and prideful nature he dones on his skills to perfect them in many ways that could possibly be imagined so he can obtain as much skillfull attributes that a single Arrancar could ever achieve in their living undead life.

Sophisticated - Very prim and proper. Chakra could seem as a bit of a posh background type Arrancar, though his voice is not upper class like, he does dwell on correct use of terms and wording and dislikes those who don't know how to use or read or even learn from a dictionary in order to better their vocabulary.

Thorough - Being Thorough has it's perks as well as being observant and detailed. He will always make sure that everything is done acording to and un-written "OCD" Rule, Making sure everything has been checked properly and that every darkened alleyway and nook and crany was complately overed leaving absolutely no grey areas in his research.

Trusting - He is very trusting in his personality, he shows no reason to backstab as his loyalty takes pride over his sense of wellbeing and you could trust him with anything that would need completing even if it was above his abilities as long as he knew there was a slim chance of success. When it comes to secrets he is also trusting enough to tell him information that you know would never be repeated until undeath do his part.

Understanding - Though Chakra never speaks frequently and is quite and reserved being he has a very open opinion to anything you could think of, he does not discriminate against any being that exists in the world or any disibillity that hangs within the world. As a citizen of the living he would be idolized to many factions for his open minded thoughts and feelings and would be able to understand most complex tasks that were hard to understand at the beginning.

Unfoolable - Chakra has little time for trickery or jester like attributes that surround the lands of life and death, he is not easily fooled by the common "What's that" Trick. Thanks to his observant personality he is rarely fooled by anything that seems perfect and is secretly hiding things of great importance.

Neutral Traits

Aggressive - When Chakra becomes one with the fight he can easily become aggressive towards whoever he is fighting and will get lost in the moment of the battle and when something does not go the way he wishes it to be can be forwardly aggressive to those who stand in his way or those who have caused the mistake that happened.

Competitive - Chakra is a very competitive person which can be seen when he trains, he hates to lose he can be a sore loser at times but he will never show it. even when it comes to the miniscule amount of effort he will try and compete with the length and duration that it would normally take and try to do it better than anyone else.

Determined - He is very determined and wont allow anything to get in his way. He will try his best and wont settle for anything else, if he has his heart and mind set on something he wont take anything less than a positive outcome in his favour.

Moralistic - One of his fond moments is watching and observing those around him and feels that everything should be as it seems. He deals with high standard morals, that people should be exactly as they are sterotypically and will often knock people down based on a difference in chosen ways they wish to lead their life.

Physical - While being a observant person Chakra is very physical about things, and will often show this by his actions as his quote is "Actions speak louder than words" He is a very forward individual and when words alone does not achieve a goal that has been set he will become very physical of the situation.

Proud - Like some He is a extremely proud soul, this can be a good and a bad trait as he can be blinded by his own pride to see something that has not crossed his mind but as a proud person he believes in what he is and what is done, he dislikes being underestimated when the times comes as he feels like it's a insult to his pride and will force the others to see his true warrior pride.

Stubborn - This goes hand in hand with his pride, he can be too stubborn to listen to reason which could be a cause of his downfall during a moment. While being stubborn he wont acknowledge anyone elses thoughts or opinions other than his own as he feels his is more superior than theirs.

Negative Traits

Apathetic - One thing about bein a Hollow it amplifies his trait of being apathetic, unable to feel emotions, he knows they exist but is unable to feel these feelings well besides despair and rage. it what makes him a cold blooded killer.

Brutal - Even when he wins he will brutually destroy the other being regardless it's just a natural reaction to him to brutally destroy them of anything they hold close to them or showing any type of mercy, he ignores it completely.

Cautious - Though being cautious is a great trait for a being of his stature it comes as a great negativity of himself, it can cause him to overthink and avoid certain routes mainly because he will become too cautious and or take extra precaution and overestimate things that may seem smaller or beneath his ability.

Cold - Another thing that adapts with his apathy is his cold hearted nature, he does not know what love feels and is unable to feel the feeling of warmth and because of this he has shut down inside and become nothing more than a cold blooded hollow.

Conceited - Is conceited in his abilities and his work that he believes that he is the last remaining hollow species with the highest abilities and sees himself more of a priority than anyone that by rank is higher than himself.

Cynical - Chakra believes that everyone is selfish and dishonest in what they say and will lie in order to get what they want. but by thinking this he becomes cynical himself believing that his way benefits everything around him whenit really only excells his own goals to get to where he wants to be.

Destructive - He has a very destructive nature wanting to see everything be destroyed and crumble by his own hands allowing nothing to stand in his way. he will destroy bridges and bonds to achieve his goal in order to show them what true despiar is.

Difficult - He is a difficult person to be around or to even talk to as his ideology is so far fetched people are unable to find a medium ground in which they can understand him and his motives. it makes it hard for him to gather followers without resorting to violence and manipulation.

Hateful - Chakra has a certain distaste for those who seem to dream high and think that they the best thing that could have ever happened to anything and that overestimate themselves as a being or part of a whole. though on the other side of the coin he can be a disliked character for his morbid appearence on humanity and the future which makes this towards some people a dislikable trait for Chakra.

Hostile - He seems to have a low aptitude for hospitality depending on the reason for them being in contact with him, unless they are part of his chosen circle he can become very hostile to those who threaten those in the circle and his pride.

Impulsive - Chakra though he analyses situations and can be calm level headed spirit he has been known in some extreme rare cases to go off based on emotional rampages impulsivly if something were to happen to those he is loyal too or those in his limited circle of caring.

Insensitive - one of his much noticble traits Chakra has the tendancy to be insensitive to those who speak of feeling snad emotions and replys in a monotone and uncaring mannar, he does not register such reprocussions of his words or cold reactions to those who speak based on feeling other than despair.

Malicious - Chakra's intention is nothing but pain and threatening peoples hopes and dreams and showing them the truth in despair, he can be spiteful in some moments though it's just a auto response or a thought running through his mind, he will become vicious and very harmful to anyone that is able to get near him or get some form of conversation as it's invading his comfort zone which he is not used to people being able to get to.

Morbid - Chakra is corrupted by despair a main factor of his transformation when he had died and became a hollow, ever since regaining his self concscious as a Adjucha he has had the unquenchible morbid fascination in Despair, sadness and lonliness and often watches those just as it shows him the pain that people feel and demonstrates how destructive life can be.

Negativity - because of his hollowness chakra is very negative and has a very negative outlook on life and death, as it continues to cycle around through because of death itself. When someone speaks of hope and happiness he will return with a negative remark or sentance as he only sees the negative side of things after seeing what happiness and emotions caused him to feel.

Predatory - Chakra is a Natural born predator from his hollow life in the beginning and even still to his arrancar state, he will watch those he will attempt to destroy as a animal would to it's prey, weither it's to hunt for food or to kill those he had been told to kill. it's an instinct that had always been a trait of his.

Sadistic - One thing that could be chosen as a good or bad trait depending on who you are talking to is Chakra's sadistic humor, he loves dark and almost malicous humor with it's intent to hurt and cause people pain, though he rarely uses dark humor himself he does enjoy it when someone else uses it.

Secretive - Chakra is very secretive of his motives to people and wont say much, he watches and analyses the situations and never reveals his intentions to anyone as he tried to contain it and not be used against him as well as his feelings, becoming secretive of them had caused him to eventually feel less and less and finally entering the apathetic category.

Sinister - Chakra is a Naturally sinister soul, dwelling in the darkness and despair of the world and powers, this also makes him become a treacherous foe and ally as he can become unstable of his powers thoughts and feeling and see everyone become a enemy in his eyes if people try and divert him of a agenda without good reasoning.

Strong-willed - Though a strong will is noted as a good thing, for chakra it can become back as he will continue to fight when there seems to be no hope and he doesn't know when to give up or admit defeat and he will never go back on his word, that is his pride and loyalty, but can become the death of him.

Suspicious - he is suspicious of everyone regardless of what they have or not have said, one of his secretive traits that he feels that everyone has a hidden agenda and it makes it hard for people to gain some form of aquaintence let alone apart of his trust circle, this has caused Chakra to be alone for so long.

Uncaring - He used to once feel emotions and cared upto a degree without feeling a form of despair but due to what he had seen and felt, he has locked his feelings away and became uncaring to those around him beside his faction but even though he will try to keeop his distance when it comes to closeness.

• History: (Life, death, and and progression to the Arrancar state .)

• Sealed Zanpakutô: (Describe what their sealed sword look like?)

• Racial Abilities:







Body/Soul Manipulation

• Unique Abilities:

Sight of Despair:

• Resereccion Name: Darkness incarnation

• Resereccion Release Phrase: Despair Requiem

• Release Actions: Once his Zanpakutō has been drawn from it's standalone position, Chakra would outstretch his arm holding the Zanpakutō hilt backwards as the blade itself points towards his heart or where his heart should be. Once the release phrase has been said his sword will glow a ominous dark purple green like mixture of colours and drive it into his chest. Once the blade has been driven straight into his heart area the blade will disperse into many reiatsu like flares and swarm around his being before fully consuming him into a eternal purple beam shooting into the sky
• Resereccion Appearance: (Describe what their resserecion looks like)

• Resereccion Abilities:

Soul Cero

Darkness Incarnate:

Enhanced Sonido

Spiritual pressure

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hierro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

• RP Sample: (Roleplay as if you were making a thread on the site. This gives us an insight as to how you would RP)

Yuki & Kaida:

Kaida's Theme:

Yukichiyu Senoku- Ziamichi:

Kaida Valliere - Shinigami:

Yukichiyu's Theme:

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This app is very old now. It's getting archived. You can unarchive it HERE!

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Moving this back to WIP upon request.


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The KFC of PH
The KFC of PH

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What's goin on here, fam? Gonna need a status update on this in the next three days, otherwise it will be moved to the archives!

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The KFC of PH
The KFC of PH

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Chakra Tu (Heavy WIP)
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