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 Naota Yunashi [Approved 4-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Naota Yunashi [Approved 4-5]   Wed Jun 11, 2014 11:05 pm

The Neo-Human

Basic Information

• Name: Naota Yunashi
• Titles: Child Progidy
• Age: Appears to be 18 (Real Age is Unknown)
• Gender: Male
• Affiliation/Rank: N/A Naota fights for nobody but himself

• Appearance Description:
Naota is a Six foot one male, who is taller than the average jap for sure. He has a friendly natural brown hair color with purple eyes, that were caused by the genetic mutations done when he was being experimented on. His face is very gentle, in fact it’s very friendly; although he himself is not. Underneath Naota, has a pale but not pasty white skin color. He weighs a good 180 pounds; and he is extremely well built. Sharply toned like a top flight athlete, this is because of the way he conducts himself; and possibly because of the mutations.

His wardrobe is pretty expansive as he likes to wear different things for different occasions. While working in his lab he is often seen in a white coat; the stereotypical scientist get up. All of his clothes are custom made, each with their own unique trait; such as fire resistant or bullet proof so on and so forth. When not wearing his lab coat, he is often working in his combat suit; since it would take too much time to change clothes. He wouldn’t want to lose time after all.
Outside of the lab he wears a variety of clothing. He has an expansive casual wardrobe to suit any situation he needs. When out on company affairs, he often dresses sharply; in a well suited black suit, with black dress pants and shoes. He has a wonderful assortment of classy shirts and ties to complement his variety of suits. All in all, he dresses to the situation; although from time to time he can be seen wandering the outdoors in his lab coat.

• Appearance Picture:




• Personality:
Skeptical: Naota is a skeptical person by nature, and this has everything to do with the fact that he was raised by non-other than KJ; his twisted scientist of a father. Thus he has a hard time believing anyone who doesn’t have the cold hard facts to back it up. This isn’t a personality trait reserved to Naota, as it’s a simple principle of Humanity; you can’t trust what everyone tells you. Thus Naota is always searching for the true answer. This will lead him to be less compassionate to those who truly deserve compassion.

Sarcastic: He’s developed this skill very well from the years he still lived with his father. Every single time he would be abused, he would sarcastically remark; to annoy his pathetic excuse for a Father. Eventually it turned into a habit for Naota, which goes hand in hand with his skeptical nature. When you can’t believe what anybody says; it’s no surprise that you would turn to sarcasm.

Blunt: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Naota is a blunt character, he calls it like it is. If your clearly a lazy bastard that does nothing but expects everything in the world; Naota will point out that you’re the scum of society who expects everything without remorse. This isn’t because he finds pleasure in making fun of others; but simply because he’s given up formalities in this world. It’s too much work to care about something so fragile like feelings. Likewise though, if you have positive merits to you; he will point them out too as he is not a biased person.

Obsessively Hardworking: Whether it’s generating millions upon million’s in revenue; or updating his technology, his battle weapons or bettering himself; Naota is always working. Time spent lounging around it time lost; and you can always be making yourself better than another with that time. This is a belief that he strictly believes; and there’s no way around that.

Common Sense: Naota is based around common sense. From the way he structures his companies, to the ways he builds his machinery; to the way he conducts himself. In this world everything has a reason, and this probably comes from his advanced intellectual capability. Not only being the son of KJ, but being genetically enhanced; has increased his mental capability to the point where he can rationalize nearly everything. This has completely sunk itself in with his personality.

Calm: He is eerily calm in situations where almost everyone would panic. Because of the fact that he has been abused and experimented on to the point where he’s lost all feeling before; thing’s like pain or death mean much less to Naota than it would to many others. This leads to his stoic, yet very much reliable personality trait.

Lack of Taste: Was it when he has his taste buds experimented on, shaved off; or just how his father had fed him shit for most of his life… He forgot when exactly he lost the ability to enjoy food. This is a trivial thing to Naota, Food is the fuel to live; it all tastes like oil. He doesn’t enjoy food, he gulps it down; only calculating the optimal nutritional value in his meals in order to stay in tip top shape. Recently hes started to inject himself with nutrition instead of physically eating anything.

Curiosity: He’s spent his entire life learning, so it’s no surprise that he’s an extremely curious man. He will always search for knowledge; for to him, knowledge is literally power. With more knowledge he can create stronger machines that he will be able to use in battle. Not only that, but hes generally curious about the world as a whole. Why does this work, why does this happen; these are all questions he asks on a daily basis to satisfy his thirst for knowledge.

Human Traits

• Human Capacities:
Spirit Vision: This is nothing special, from the day of his birth he has been able to see the spirits that constantly float about. Because of the way he was genetically modified he had this ability from day one; and is very common to this date to begin with. He can see all kind’s of hollow or shinigami; any sort of arrancar demon or spiritual being

Lack of Spiritual Energy: This isn’t a power but a drawback to Naota. He cannot forge and sort of spiritual energy himself; therefore he is naturally weaker than all the shinigami and arrancar’s demons and what have you. Because of this his physical capabilities will never be stronger the common class; and he has to rely on his inventions to surpass these capabilities.

Mechanical Engineering: One of Naota’s most important skills, his ability to create. He is an altered human who cannot match his enemies through strength alone. So he creates robots, suits that will allow him to fight on an equal playing field. Much to how tony stark created iron man in order to fight against the forces of evil; Naota creates his own mechanical suits in order to combat his enemies. In general he can create more than just his mechanical suits. He can create buildings, fortresses, battleships, airplanes and so much more with his knowledge. Of course on top of all these grand things he can also create a nice toaster or blende;r, for when he’s unsatisfied with the general public’s technology.

Chemical Engineering: To add on to his ability to create all these mechanical weapons; naota knows much about chemical engineering. This allows him to create new toxins and other sorts of anesthetics to further develop his body or his research. Or to enhance the performance of other people’s bodies. This is not a skill that will help him in battle, but merely a tool he uses to further his research. Whether it be creating toxins or engineering vitamens to create a healthier body.

Nano-technology engineering: On top of all of these skills, he has conducted research on nano technology in order to increase the regenerative ability of the body; or to implant trackers into other people. Generally he places in himself for more information on how his body works, in order to further develop his research. This would allow him to create nano-robots that will have more impact in the future; when he continues his development.

Enahnced spatial visualization ability: Spatial visualization is the ability to take information from the surrounding area, your senses; what you hear see and feel in order to create a 2-d or 3-d map of an area. Naota is able to do this, and take it a step further when in beserker mode being able to create a map in his head that includes the mapping of wind and the convection due to the sun or other outside sources.

Hacking: Naota has the uncanny ability to hack nearly any network, through most kinds of security. This is a very underestimated ability in today’s age; which is run by technology. Being a scientist that studies everything around robotics; it’s not surprising that he took up something like hacking in all of his studies. Especially with the advanced mental capabilities he possesses.

Of course, nothing in this world is perfect. While his hacking skill are most certainly wizard class(The highest kind of hacker in the world, there is only a handful of people on this category, only enough to be counted on your fingers) This doesn't mean his omnipotent. Depending on the technology of power of the hardware he is using; he can only go so far into a system without getting shorted out, not to mention a cell phone will never do as much as a super computer.

Another drawback to this is staying withen the system, while he can get flushed out while digging too deep or staying too long; there is the slight possibility of him being traced, although it would take someone with equal or better capabilities of Naota to be able to attempt a trace.

Beserker (Naota Exclusive) : This result’s of Naota being a “Neo-Human”; or having he genetics tampered by his father. This ability represents the ability for naota to enter into a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability. While in this state, Naota demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing on top of his already astounding mental processes. He essentially he becomes a super computer among super computers. This is particularly important to Naota, as it raises his ability to use his “Intergration” or ability to transmit neuro signals to his suits much faster. Essentially it allows him to control his suits up to three times better than he usually does; and depending on the strength of the suit in question can be extremely dangerous for his opponents.

This ability has many positive aspects, as well as negatives. The increased strain on his mind makes this state difficult to remain in this state, and will start to wear him down more quickly. Outside of his suit, while his reflexes and intellect are still enhanced; he can not exceed the strength of his own body. Even within this mode he will never be stronger than the “Adept class” or the 3rd tier. In fact naota’s strength cannot naturally be stronger than the common class the 4th tier. While he himself is well athletically built and above regular human capabilities; that is where his natural potential is tapped. As this is a side effect of the genetic altering. This is also why he depends on his machines to become more powerful.

• Equipment/Weapons: (This section to be OVERHAULED by added on equipment in the future)

Background History

• Background: When KJ Yunashi disappeared from the soul society, it did not mean his madness had ended there. Oh no, it was just the beginning. When a man who looks at a life as a machine; has the time to experiment on humans for years and years, he begins to get more ideas. Living as a scientist he was constantly researching; constantly thinking of how to make things better. Once his own life was secure, what else could he do?

KJ Soon realized that his own life was created by another, and he had a thought; what if he could alter the lives of other souls? Make them more powerful than ever before? Of course this madness continued as more and more lives were sacrificed at his hand. The end result? He finally succeeded and created a walking nuclear weapon: Radioactive. The feral shark is one of the most terrifying beans in this realm and he was created by KJ as well.

So then , give a mad scientist an immortal life and he begins to have more ideas. What if he created a life even more powerful before death? Before they reached the point of a soul. Their power would increase dramatically would it not?! So then he sought out on another deranged adventure. He wanted to create a life much stronger, better than the hundreds of humans out there? God knows what sick twisted horrors he pulled out of his book, as he began to experiment on live patients now. Stabbing syringes into pregnant women with toxins; trying to create a super child. Of course they wouldn’t stay alive for long. None of these children would ever be created; lives lost for no reason.

But to KJ each death was progress, he was progressing in the right direction; every time he learned from a his previous mistake, and then he killed another one. To him all of these lives were clearly all figures on a paper, they had no sort of value in his reality whatsoever. Ultimately KJ would use anything to reach his goals. He found that already pregnant women generally pregnant women didn’t have the… correct specifications in order to carry out his plan. So began to pick the healthiest; brightest women out of the streets and personally planted the seed himself. Of course all of these women would still be tattered and broken down until eventually one was able to last the course.

You see during their pregnancy he would inject special toxins that would alter the DNA of the child to come out differently; superior the obsolete model that they called a “Human”. Finally his final stage was completed, as Naota was finally born. The world’s very first “Neo-Human”. At first he didn’t seem different, he grew as a child in the shape of a human; he spoke like a human, but of course none of those chromosomes had been altered. KJ continued to do tests on him, to record his experiances from his birth. What he found was an ridiculously astounding mental growth. By the age of 8 months he could already formulate a sentence. Not a word, but an entire sentence. Curious as to just how much this child could do KJ had decided he wouldn’t scrap him; no he would raise this child into something very special…

This was the beginning of Naota’s life. For as long as he could remember, this life had been a hell. From the age of three he was already researching through dictionaries and then encyclopedias. He knew how to speak fluent jappaneese, English and german at the age of 4. His mind was progressing at an astounding rate, at a super human rate. But of course, this was progression was rather forced by his father. Naota already knew what he was doing was child abuse. But he wasn’t in some regular household. He wasn’t going to be saved by dialing the jappaneese version of 9-1-1. If anything they’d all be killed and he’d be tortured near death once again. Tortured near death you ask? You don’t understand the half of it.

No no no, like you don’t even understand one fourth of what he fucking went through. You think getting smacked by your parents is all nice and good huh? Putting you on the right track and shit huh? Let me tell you, Naota would wish his father was fucking dead. After all the hours of studying and training at the simple age of fucking three years old. At three years old some of you damn humans were still learning how to walk. Me? I was taking five hundred problem tests; that was me on an easy day. Anything under a ninety-nine percent meant punishment. Serious punishment. Not some smack on the cheek, or a whip to the back. No how about being bath’d in Acid? How about being injected with foreign toxins that would make you feel so much worse than being burned alive. Only to go through it once again at some point in time. How about having your skin get peeled off after it had been burned to a crisp. How about being tested for your “Durability” or whatever you might fucking call it. How about being a live experiment that wouldn’t be allowed to die, even after you had seen the depths of hell. Only to get pulled back into a reality much worse than whatever hell you could possibly be placed in. What about sleeping in a cell with no light, being left to wander the darkness. How about losing your mind without any sort of hope; being fed to the dogs. To see if you could survive that one. How about knowing you couldn’t escape, that there would be no help because no would be able to help such an absolute fucking monster. That’s the life Naota had experienced, a life that left him fucked up and mentally scarred through his entire childhood. And all of this at the age of 5.

Of course Naota had the ability to adapt. He would turn into the “Perfect Son”, with his abnormal ability to progress and adapt extremely quickly due to his altered being; he was passing these test’s with ease. He finished the equivalent of a PH.D at the simple age of 7. He would stand beside his father as he conducted more of his sickening experiments; all because he didn’t know what else to do. He began to view lives as subjects, and he forgot when he had began to think all of this. When exactly he had lost his compassion for others. He was being brought up to be just like his father, except somewhere in the numbing pain was beaten into him in the past years of his life; he forgot exactly what it meant to feel for someone else. He read that torture was a bad thing, yet to him it all seemed like an experiment. Yes that was right an experiment.

Naota would be different from his father though. It was around the time he was eight or nine years old. KJ had decided to use a cruel and unusual way to test Naota’s emotional responses, the way one with an altered mind would respond. So he brought in the cutest nine year old girl; who had a bright white full smile, and gorgeous blue eyes along with long and silky pink hair. Her name was Mika, and the day he saw mika; something in his heart started to pound. In was as if his heart had moved into motion once again, as he learned feelings that he wasn’t even sure he originally had to begin with. Emotions such as embarrassment, nervousness, excitement; all of these wonderful things that he wasn’t sure existed anymore.

Naota continued to his life for two more years under with Mika. While his daily routine didn’t change all too much, he still studied all the time; aiding KJ in whatever research he had to do. He would continue to experiment on subjects that would screech for help; unable to help their poor selves, but he still did not care. Too him these subjects had become a normal routine for him, he almost thought that they were created for their tests. Spending your life with a mad man like KJ will do that to you. It will utterly fuck you up as a human being. But now there was something nice to look forward to in his day. He didn’t enjoy experimenting like his father did, he just didn’t mind it. To him it was something he just had to do on a daily basis; like a job. But now with mika his days were so bright after. He would walk outside, even if that meant punishment. He would eat different things with her. He would laugh with her, he would feel embarrassed with her. He would spend every waking moment he didn’t devote to his own survival with her. It’s as if he was slowly learning exactly what love was. That was, until KJ decided it was time to continue with his research.

You see normal researchers, would have called it all off. It would have been a hoax, the girl walks in; gets the guy to fall for him and walk away. Break his heart, but he’ll get over it sure; no problem. But keep in mind that KJ is no normal researcher. He is the crudest, most corrupted person in this world; maybe in this universe. Naota would never forget that day for the rest of his life. The day where KJ had Mika attached to a chain and allowed her to say some final words. Of course Naota didn’t know that would be the last time she saw Mika living and breathing. All he knew was that mika had something to say to him. KJ walked her up to Naota, almost like a pet so that she could say these simple words “I’m so glad to have met you”. Something in Naota’s heart had jumped, he felt so happy; his face probably flushed up. He didn’t realize the true meanings behind those words; he didn’t realize how that sounded like a goodbye. As while in his mind he was celebrating, he witnessed the collar around Mika’s neck completely rip her head off. He saw as her head hit floor with a gigantic thud.

His heart sank, his world started spinning. He began to wonder how that could happen. How that could ever happen. Why would that ever happen. Who the fuck would do such a twisted thing to a human being. To his human being! To the person that he loved SO MUCH. He wondered how that could ever be taken away from him; he went through thousands of records in his head of previous stories where situations like these had occurred. His mind was firing images through his head hundreds of times faster than the regular human head could. He ran through thousand of images in merely seconds and he came to the final conclusion in less that seconds. It was that bastard’s fault. That deranged lunatic that dare call himself a father.

In that moment something in Naota’s mind snapped. It was like a sudden switch, as his pupils became extremely concentrated; as he picked up a knife and made extreme movements towards his father. Attempting to kill him. Of course KJ was much stronger than naota, but Naota knew this. He was able to run thousands of simulations of what KJ would do next, taking in every image around him; formulating a 3d… No a 4d model of the room in his head. For once KJ may have been taken aback, but the difference in strength was too much for Naota. As it was almost laughable how easily KJ was able to ward him off. But KJ had gained valuable information, a change in his son; the evolution that would make him much stronger than the regular human.

Soon Naota was thrown back into that dark abyss, where there was no light. Where there was no hope. He was left down there with no food, with no water; he was being left down there to suffer the consequences of his actions. To be broken for even thinking of disobeying his father. But how could someone do such a twisted thing. Naota’s will had been hardened. He realized that everything in this world was a lie. That nothing was ever given to you, that nothing in this world was exactly pleasant. That if you weren’t strong enough; anything that you enjoyed in this piece of shit world would be taken from you. Yes. That’s what he realized after weeks of starving in the fucking hell hole. That the reason why he was in there was because he was weak.

So when he was let out, he researched how to get stronger. He hardened his body, he tried to harness the power that he knew other human’s possessed. But for some reason he could not, although he was superior to other humans; he could not harness that power that they could. The reason was somewhere in his genetics. Naota cursed the idea, he had to find a way to get away from this hell hole.
Naota is now fifteen and he still cannot get away from this monster. After being with mika he realized just how sickening being with KJ was. All these experiments, all these poor people’s lives. He wish he could save them, he wish he could; but he couldn’t. He was just too weak to go up against that savage. So he began to experiment on himself. Injecting himself with several toxins, trying to enhance his abilities even further but he couldn’t. There was no way he could. The only thing he had done was be able to prolong his life; but that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to die sooner than stay here longer; in a way he was cursing himself for an even longer eternity. An ugly irony reared its head as he was falling deeper and deeper into this hole.

At the age of seventeen he continued his experiments on himself. For years he continued, he tried but couldn’t succeed not knowing what was right. Then he realized what he was doing was exactly what KJ had been doing to start with. How he was still no different from his father. How he researched and experimented on live things. While research and advancement was the only thing he could do in order to escape his clutches… was there really no way to get away from him? Then he realized he could further his strength. If he couldn’t make himself stronger; he’d create something more powerful than himself. A machine that would allow him to break out.

At the age of twenty he had finally done it; after testing and testing he had created an equippable machine; one that could match the strength of a captain. If was a mobile suit, that would be controlled by Naota himself. Just like an iron man suit; he tried to create regular robots but they were too dumb. Too slow; Naota could handle the processes himself. Knowing KJ’s schedule and the entire layout of his base Naota waited for the pperfect time. Then he purged himself of all tracers, and injected a special toxin into his body that would eliminate any nanobots that KJ may have placed into his system and broke out. Completely avoiding confrontation with his father; for that was the only way he would ever be able to escape that hell hole of a place.

Once in the outside world, being able to survive was an easy task. Naota began a company, it was used to develop multiple aircraft and other mechanical pieces to sell to corporations or governments that needed them. His machinery was first class, and he would use all of this in order to fund his own experiments; where he would continue to improve these machines of his. So that he would have the power to prevent anybody else from taking things away from him again.


See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

    Suit Skills(Naota Exclusive)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Naota Yunashi [Approved 4-5]   Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:34 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes:mkay ill approve this one but i wil also ask you to add to your network hacking the potential to be expelled depending on the amount of shit done in the network Ie. if he hacked major info systems most networks would take actions and expel him after so long. also make sure when you create suits ect be sure to make an equipment thread for them

Tier: 4-5


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Naota Yunashi [Approved 4-5]
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