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 Comes A Knockin. [Shizuo/JJ Private: Moonieland]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Comes A Knockin. [Shizuo/JJ Private: Moonieland]    Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:50 am

Amidst the wreckage, the skeletal remains of buildings. A lone girl with her red hair blowing in the wind stood. Her brilliant ruby red hued irises shifting across the ruinous landscape, slightly grinning as a dust cloud blew past her. “Woah…Are you serious, this place is beyond wrecked. Its like a monster threw a gigantic temper tantrum here. “ Demonica thought to herself as she slowly looked around, her head shifting as she looked through the rubble. Walking forward and seeing if there was anything that was living left. Her feet crushing underfoot chunks of rubble-which would shred to bits in her wake. Her hair swaying back and forth with every step. Moving with the wind as she had continued to wander amidst the broken down carcasses of buildings. Her eyes soaking in the damage like a sponge soaks up water, she just was delighted. Delighted that there was something, something still this strong out there. Chills went down her spine while surveying the unprecedented level of catastrophic carnage which reduced horizon to horizon to nothing; nothing but an endless expanse of ruin.

The sun was rising to the west, a smoldering red hue present from the dust which choked the air like a thick paste. With her refined senses, Demonica had no problems smelling burnt oil, leaking gas. Raw sewage which had pooled underground, contaminating stream water. She had absolutely no problem sensing all the destruction, and that no one was left to destroy. ”..What ever is here, it seems they have an apatite for destruction, I’ve never seen such utter disregard for land in my life. “ She’d think before she could help it, provoking a small smile to perk onto her lips as she considered that thought. A unbidden but perfectly true fact which sent shivers up her spine, what was this sense of unease? This clenching feeling in her gut, which seemed to not even want to budge, to move or even go away. It was a strange feeling, but she wasn’t uncomfortable feeling that way. Infact the feeling made her heart quicken.. and her senses sharper. Seeing so much carnage, but not meeting a single soul, spoke more then the destruction itself. “..What ever is here, its so bad that not a soul chooses to even scrounge in the rubble. Not even animals.. are within my radius of sensing.. “

Silently, her shoulders began to rotate and her eyes shift back and forth, scanning the terrain and making up her mind. Adrenaline from a sense of unease giving her unexpected clarity, and more then that it made her even more certain about what she wanted to do, surveying a mess like this, and not seeing a soul. This feeling in her chest, this reaction in her body, this sense of unease- it all decided it.
Demonica sucked in a deep breath, felt her lungs expand to their bursting points as she cupped both hands together so that her voice would be further amplified to the point you’de have to be deaf to miss it. Then with her mouth spreading she yelled at the top of her lungs, so that her body doubled over .


After Demonica had clenched her hand into a fight ball and struck the ground hard, generating a massive eruption of jutting rocks which had been forced upwards out of the ground from the pressure bearing down at the point her punch came into abrupt contact with the ground. Causing buildings to crumble, rocks to tilt sideways , and for chunks to be spewed into the sky like volcanic debri to only then smash into the ground at random.

Her eyes glinted and her mouth turned into a smile as she would have then sent a hello that was sure not to be missed, raising her right hand and pointing her index finger in the air, she’d for a second, a split second, release into her black king state, sending out a radioactive shitstorm of energy which would burn and destroy the near-by landscape without much of a problem. Then the Demoness straightened up and grinned seeing if her call would be interested.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Comes A Knockin. [Shizuo/JJ Private: Moonieland]    Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:50 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Comes A Knockin. [Shizuo/JJ Private: Moonieland]
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