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Subject Post 1PostSubject: G O A L S   Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:16 am

Mexico. The Doctor's favorite country. Now, it was not quite his favorite because of the intelligence of the people. Certainly, the lack of organization, the constant oppression of the people, and the massive amount of exported drugs made it a delicious place to set up a hidden laboratory. However, you would not believe the competition! Naturally, in his time he had needed to repulse many would be evil geniuses who wanted a bit of lab space. However, if there was something the man known as Kabuto Hebi was bad at, that thing would most certainly have to be sharing.

However, on this specific day, things were just the smallest amount different. There was something in the air, something just on the tip of one's tongue that was difficult to understand. What was it? OH yes, it was the feeling of anticipation. Something was approaching, something that the man had been awaiting for quite a long time. Snow in Mexico was certainly rare. Not impossible, but when it did come… things could get very bad.

Now naturally, the Doctor enjoyed warm climates. A little known fact about this man was that he simply could not stand the cold. Many joked that he was cold-blooded, but this was simply not the case! He enjoyed the sun immensely, maybe because his heart was just a clump of ice… Or maybe because it just felt good on his scaly skin. Who could say, for sure?

As soon as it had entered his lands, he could feel it. The mark that was burning on the neck of one he knew, the feeling of memory, the joy of reunion… Oh, it was vile. And so it was that as he felt the presence finally come to a stop, his head tilted forwards slightly, a smile dancing on his lips as his form sank down into the earth.

Before the young man, a hand would be sticking out, and behind that hand a being with a cloak around his body but no hood on his head. Indeed, as he watched it would seem as if the cloak would cease to be, before a white labcoat wearing individual stood in front of him, blue smoke coming out of a cigarette in his lips. The most odd part of this individual was the bolt that was sticking out of his head, a screw that seemed to be adjustable on one side of his head. "Excuse me… do you need a hand, young man…?"

The words left the lips of the man as he smiled, glasses glinting off the sun's light even in this violent cold. Indeed, as he appeared before the boy, it would feel like his body was thawing, a strange sense of warmth appearing like a heater as waves of heat appeared around their bodies, the snow rapidly melting and no longer falling around them as it felt like they had entered within their own orb of existence.

"I won't hurt you… I promise… I was just looking for someone to help me… with a little problem… Isn't that right… Rin Okumura…?"


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✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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