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 Master List For Yen Payments Across The Site

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Master List For Yen Payments Across The Site   Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:11 am

Master Yen List For Yen Payout Positions On The Site

Information: This thread is so that staff and members can understand what amount of money you should be getting across the board when it comes to organizations and member/staff positions. It is also meant to help admins easily go through positions to checklist how much each position needs when paydays come.

Organization Account Paychecks

All Org Accounts: 200,000,000 Yen (Monthly)

Member Paychecks

New Members: 15,000 Yen
Regular Members: 30,000 Yen
Starter Members: 50,000 Yen
Seasoned Member: 100,000 Yen
Experienced Member: 150,000 Yen
Veteran Member: 200,000 Yen
Senior Member: 250,000 Yen

Staff Paychecks

Moderator: 400,000 Yen
Admins: 500,000 Yen

Gotei United Positions

Captains: 500,000 yen per week
Vice-Captains: 350,000 yen per week
Seated Officers: 250,000 yen per week
Members: 120,000 per week
Zero Division: 500,000 per week
Veterans: 430,000 per week

Iramasha Clan Positions

Leader Pay: 600,000 Yen
The Heir: 500,000 Yen
The Protectors: 600,000 Yen
Iramasha Guard Head Commander: 400,000 Yen
Iramasha Guard Commander General: 315,000 Yen
Iramashsa Guard Tactician Specialist(s): 270,000 Yen
Iramasha Guard Elite Members: 230,000 Yen
Iramasha Guard Veteran Members: 225,000 Yen
Iramasha Guard Member: 125,000 Yen
Iramasha Council: 600,000 Yen
Iramasha Guardian Mystic Gems: 500,000 Yen
Main Heads: 390,000 Yen
Mid Heads: 300,000 Yen
Low Heads: 225,000 Yen
Nature Iramasha Shaman: 200,000 Yen
Nature Iramashsa Apprentices: 100,000 Yen
Diplomatic Figures: 435,000 Yen

TheKokuryuteshi Positions

Heads of the Kokuryuteshi: 550,000 Yen
The Head's Shadows: 520,000 Yen
Commander: 500,000 Yen
Lieutenant Commander: 300,000 Yen
Members: 100,000 Yen

The Monsuta Positions

Commander In Chief: 500,000 yen per week
Cabinet Members: 450,000 yen per week
Deputies: 350,000 yen per week
Governors: 220,000 per week
Officers: 100,000 per week

Shadow Fall Positions

Thrones: 600,000
The Royal's: 570,000
The Banshee Force/Espada Guard: 540,000 Yen
Viceroy/Vicereine: 540,000 Yen
The Shadow Fall Council: 480,000
Marquess/Marquis: 480,000 Yen
Archduke/Archduchess: 480,000 Yen
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess: 360,000 Yen
Shadow Fraccion: 250,000 Yen
Masked Knights: 200,000 Yen
Knights: 180,000 Yen

The Vanguard Positions

Commander: 510,000 Yen
Regent General: 500,000 Yen
Regent General Shadow: 390,000
The Unknown: 390,000
Wardens: 390,000 Yen
Leaders(1st in division): 270,000 Yen
Lieutenants(2nd in division): 210,000 Yen
Ranked Members: 150,000 Yen
Members: 100,000 Yen

The Yayjuu Positions

Members: 150,000 Yen
Second-In Commands: 300,000 Yen
Faction Leaders: 500,000 Yen
The Beast Circle: 600,000 Yen

The Vandenreich Positions

Elect: 500,000 Yen
Executives: 400,000 Yen
Captain: 300,000 Yen
Sub-Captain: 200,000 Yen
Soldat: 100,000 Yen

The Vizard Corps Positions

Heads: 550,000 Yen
Colonel: 450,000 Yen
Lieutenant Colonel: 350,000 Yen
Seaters: 200,000 Yen
Members: 110,000 Yen


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Master List For Yen Payments Across The Site
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