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 Oli Iramasha - WIP

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Oli Iramasha - WIP   Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:55 pm

Name: Oli Iramasha,
Alias: –The Hybrid of Hell –The Black Demon
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Date Of Birth: 12th March
Age: 115
Race: Hybrid Iramasha
Affiliation: –The Iramasha Clan –The Iramasha Guard
Rank: Head Commander
Alignment: Neutral

General Skills
  • Durability: -
  • General Speed: -
  • Strength: -
  • Weapon Skill: -

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: -
  • Mental Deduction: -
  • Pain Endurance: -
  • Focus: -

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: -
  • Chaos Warp: -
  • Chaos Fighting Styles: -
  • Race Control:

Appearance Description:
Skin Tone:
Facial Features:

Kind: Oli is, without a doubt a kind individual at heart. It’s a trait that most say he inherits from his father, Azure. His kindness has been seen to reach all corners of the earth and regardless of origin or path, if you’re kind to him, he will be kind to you. That only applies to strangers. A person rank position within the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter to him, his kindness ranges out to all people within every organization and every race, and some see that as a little naïve. He has no hatred toward any soul or stupendous creation as each and every individual has their purpose for serving someone in power or performing bad deeds.

He may not agree with their doings however in many situations he will be kind to his enemies and allies regardless of their wrong doings, in some situations he will even aid their conversion to the lawful side. He grew up watching Azure be kind to the other Iramasha children and the way they all looked up to him, made Azure Olis role model. He had attended a few gatherings alongside his father and it seemed he always had the love and care for others, something that he expressed to the fullest. Overtime, it was something that rubbed off on Oli making him the boy that he is now.

Most importantly, Oli cares for his family. It may come across as a little childish but he doesn’t want to see them get hurt hence why whenever he is seen, his training or performing an errand in order to improve that he’s able and willing to protect those dear to him. His extremely kind to two individuals of the family, the first being his Grand Father, Ketsu from whom Oli apparently inherited the abilities behind his Seishin Buki and the second being Koichi, his senior in the Iramasha Guard. He’s not only kind toward those individuals but also shows dear respect regardless of opinions that others bare of them. Similarly, his rather kind to Azure because of his nurturing upbringing however his kindness to Koichi is the one that’s commonly noted. With Koichi being Olis Senior Commander and among his role models, Oli spends a lot of time with him making the degree of his kindness noticeable.

Loyal: Much like his father, Oli is also rather loyal to his superiors. With him being the younger generation of the hybrids he looks up to his elders while respect for them forges his loyalty. Loyalty isn’t something that can be brought for Oli, its something that has stemmed from his worldly experiences. More often than not, he’s loyal to none other than Koichi Iramasha, an individual who has made Oli aim high and aided his achievements in the past. Even though his father no longer plays a big role in Olis life, he’s loyal to both him and his cause and would gladly aid him at a heart beats notice. Loyalty isn’t something that’s thrown about by this Iramasha so if Oli shows signs of loyalty toward an individual it either means they’ve performed deeds that he finds admirable or have generally rubbed off on him. He deems loyalty sacred, so sacred in fact that to this day and age his loyalty hasn’t stemmed outside of the family tree.

There are a few reasons as to why his loyalty has such a small scope. Throughout his time as an Iramasha, he has yet to serve with a comrade who wasn’t a family member or an Iramasha and thus has no experience of external interactions with other allies. His undying loyalty goes out to Azure, Ketsu and several other Iramasha but with his loyalty, as mentioned before, has to be deserved. He had heard of his father’s stories with the man by the name of Shadin Yuudeshi, he had never met the man therefore he took his father’s word as gold, every time he spoke of the man his voice changed and so did the look in his eyes. An individual who prompted such positive emotional effect on his father was one to be trusted. Azure always seemed a good judge of character to Oli, and so whenever a story was told to him about his fathers prior adventures whenever someone’s name arose he noted it for future reference as without a doubt those protagonist would eventually be excellent mentors. For centuries, the word of mouths been a powerful tool and even now when an opinion comes from ones dear to him and the ones he trusts the most he listens and soaks in the information like a spone. Unlike his hot headed father he tends to take everything regarding loyalty on board, he believes that even the littlest things can shows signs of loyalty so when tasked to do an errand he carries it out to the best of his abilities in attempts to mutually converge with his predecessors.

As repetitive as it may see, an enthuses has to be put on Olis loyalty. The first individuals to have ever gained Olis loyalty wasn’t his father or grandfather but his uncle Koichi when he nominated him to be the Head Commander of the Iramasha Guard. It was his faith in Oli that allowed him to improve and take on the position while training under some of the strongest Iramasha around. The Second individual who gained his loyalty was Azure. That man went out of his way in order for Oli to have a fulfilling child hood especially while Oli trained under other Iramasha; while training he was allowed to keep contact with his friends and as tough as the training was he was always allowed to go and meet his friends which secured loyalty between the duo, as even though Azure was thinking of Olis future he found his interactions with others more important than his constant training. The loyalty for his father remained unrecognized until he heard of the brutal childhood that Azure had gone through; in comparison, Olis whole life had been a walk in the park…

Confident: Even though this part of his personality isn’t like his fathers, Oli seems confident in himself. He doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of others and only believes what Koichi, Azure and Ketsu say about his strength. Duo to this he refrains from backing down even in the heat of battle; he stands his ground and aims to prevail. His confidence not only ranges to battle situations but also to women. Even though Olis not too interested in women at this point of his life, he acts cocky and confident around them as their opinion of him doesn’t matter all that much. Even while confident, he sticks to his basic principle of being Kind and Polite.

With this confidence he chooses to give his opponents an opportunity to surrender before the fight begins so that damage isn’t inflicted on the surrounding area. He does this because from the moment he enters a battle scene his confident that he will win, he knows and feels deep within his heart the power and potential that surges through him on a daily bases. This power is the power of his ancestors and the power of the Hybrid Iramasha. With his family eagerly awaiting his every arrival from the battlefield he aims not to fail them, this reinforces that feeling of self-belief and confidence.

Temperamental: In combat situations, Olis mood can be seen changing rather quickly. He remains kind and polite to a certain degree but if those that are close to his heart are at risk or innocent civilians are put in danger than his mood alters to a rather aggressive and combat orientated one. This is because of his love for all creations and his dis-beliefe in those who kill the innocent and damage the nature with no apparent reason. He has been seen to act temperamental while fighting the Monsuta Black Ops Commander. That man was a sadist who triggered this part of his personality to awaken. He maybe a kind individual but with him being kind he tends to delegate his kindness equally therefore heinous acts instantly put you in his bad books and in line for a whooping.

Dominant: Olis presence on the battlefield naturally resonates dominance. Even though Olis a rather small fella while in his original state, his confidence in combination with his raw power and serious facial expression gives off a rather dominant vibe which can easily be picked up by some opponents. This vibe is to give the opponents a snippet of what Oli has in store at which point they receive a chance to surrender or the fight begins. While expressing his dominance, the young Iramasha remains calm and in tune with his mind and body which allows him to stay on top of his opponents attacks and leave them without hope. He first noticed this happening when he visited the human world alongside his father.

Upon Azure arrival the opponents cried and pleaded for forgiveness, something that his father acknowledged and bestowed upon them. He didn’t hurt those that surrendered but it came to Olis attention that his father hadn’t even released his energy yet his presence alone put these individuals in such a pitiful state. It was mesmerizing and without a doubt a significant memory that could still be recalled by Oli. After seeing that he aimed to have the same presence on the battle field, even though his isn’t always as successful he aims to reach that point that his father or uncle is at so that at some point his presence on the battlefield will symbolize peace and bring end to the fighting at hand.

He first tried to utilize this against his fight with the old Vizard, sadly that arrogant individual took no note of the feeble attempt and simply beat him half to death. That day symbolized that for him to be taken seriously he would have to get stronger and now as the Head Commander Of The Iramasha Guard he would finally have the chance to exert his dominance over enemies and force them to surrender to the Iramasha.

Tough: Oli has shown how tough he really is. To begin with, he showed his toughness while training alongside Azure, his father. Even though Azure didn’t go all out on him, the basic principles were still there yet he showed no sign of pain and total resilience toward any residual damage received from the Chaos attacks. He took a lot of beating which left a lot of bruises but the way he saw it, he was only improving… At one point, he got a reality check when fighting within the human world; it was obvious how easy Azure was going on him as his opponents’ attacks were ever so powerful. On that fateful day he received some direct blows that crushed his bones yet he showed no sign of pain but in effect he passed out since his body literally couldn’t handle the mental suppression of such pain..

Because of this incident, he pleaded with Azure to fight at full power. The punches he received for 11 years straight were incredible but eventually even some of his father’s strongest punches only felt like light jabs. After years, his body developed a natural resilience to pain as it subconsciously registered pain to be a frequent occurrence, so frequent in fact that pain receptors around his abdomen and general torso were more than ready for impact thus after so long he could take blows and simply brush them off.

His natural resilience built up subconsciously with his desire to stay strong and prove his that orange haired vizard wrong, that he wasn’t just some trash and that he would one day surpass his power. His core was stronger and his reaction time had improved. Similarly, he began being able to take more punches, with more power and more speed; with every punch he could feel his body strengthening at which point it was clear that he would have to keep his body in top condition.
From that day forth regular mind and body training began in order to completely sync the two together and become a walking temple of resilience.

Azure Iramasha: Oli has a strong relationship with his father, primarily because of the fact that his father didn’t put him through the same hardships that his father had underwent. In addition, he has spent a lot of his life alongside his father and has picked up a number of his qualities along the way. One reason for why Oli has a strong relationship with his father is his admiration of his experience and effort to better the world itself. Oli hopes to eventually follow in his fathers footsteps to help all those who require it.

Ketsu Iramasha: Time and time again, the clan have likened him to his grand father, Ketsu Iramasha, solely because some of Olis abilities have said to have originate from his grand father. Throughout his childhood, Oli spent a lot of time with Ketsu in order to get a better insight into his abilities and to form a general relationship with the man. Albeit, he couldn’t forge a relationship of similar strength to the one with his father, he managed to get great insight into his abilities and how they can be used effectively.

Koichi Iramasha: As his superior officer in the Iramasha Guard, Koichi is the member of the family that Oli spends a vast majority of his time for. One Oli reached a state in his life where his abilities had advanced, Koichi nominated him for the role of the Head Guard of the Iramasha Guard which filled him with both pride and honour. He believes to have a strong bond with Koichi that has potential to top the bond with his father. Nevertheless, only time will tell how their bond will further.

Base Code by: THEFROST
Graphics and Coding by: CPKallday

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Oli Iramasha - WIP   Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:21 am


Olis Seishin Buki, Kukan takes on the appearance of a black circular void. It’s formed from black flames that are at extremely high temperature. The temperature of the black flames is over 75000K thus making it capable of burning through particulates and separating giant covalent structures with ease. The Seishin Buki has three different apperances: The first is the Black Armor, where, by instruction the Seishin Buki expands across Olis body and serves as a black demonic yet samurai looking armor. Oli is naturally immune to the black flames of his Seishin Buki however if the void gets close enough to the opponent, it can attempt to dress them in the black armor however Olis Seishin Buki follows the principle of Olis General Speed, therefore if that’ low it will move slower and allow the opponent more chance of evading.

The second appearance is the black blade or as he addresses it, the Demons Blade. In this state, the Seishin Buki takes on the appearance of a Zanpakutō made of raw black flames. This sword has both a distinguishable hilt and point. This Black Sword is utilized by Oli and is explained within the ability section.

The last but not least appearance is the small void which is its standard appearance. In this appearance, the Seishin Buki can expand in diameter in order to absorb, reishi based attacks, such as Kido and Nature or Chaos Energy. Through subconscious interaction, he can converse with his Seishin Buki at all times thus ordering it to expand in size to absorb larger attacks or change appearance. The natural and chaos energies are recycled by the void so that they are never put to waste, as for the Reishi it’s broken down and released in small fractions.

The Seishin Buki upon contact with the opponent will begin burning uncontrollably. This is simply because the Black Flames are in-extinguishable thus forcing anyone that gets covered by it to remove the limb or feel it burning away and spreading across the body. The black flames scorch through the skin, the epidermis and keep burning until there’s nothing left of the target; regular water application will have no effect on the flames so the one of two ways to remove them is to either surrender and have Oli draw the flames back or seal your fate and burn out.

What’s interesting about the Seishin Buki is that it burns Reishi, Chaos/Nature Energy and flesh. This makes it potent in most situations as the shinigami are largely Reishi based creations and thus would be able to feel the upmost wrath of the black flames. Similarly, the black flames can be used to coat a Chaos attack in order to improve its effectiveness. It burns through both Reishi and Flesh at the same pace, some will be more resilient toward the pain while others won’t be able to cope with such heat, either way it incinerates and decomposes the opponents unless they surrender.


Black Armor:

The black Seishin Buki can expand in size and completely cover Olis body. This ability allows him to be covered in the black flames for the purpose of protection. This black armor resembles that of a Samurai; it encases his body in black and allows for almost an ultimate defense as hardly anything can survive the extremely high temperatures of the black flames. For example, if he was attacked with water, it would incinerate into water vapor thus preventing almost anything from getting through. With the armor having no gaps and being a flow of energy it blocks gasses from passing its layer however items such as Zanpakutō or items with a living essence can pass through the black armor at the risk of being enveloped in fractions of the black flames.

This armor allows for a quick switch into defense in case his opponent begins a sudden counter attack. Similarly, if the orb gets close enough to the opponent the armor could cover them. Now, with Oli being the only individual who is immune to the black flames, the armor will begin burning through the opponent until literally nothings left. It may sound rather sadistic from one angle but only the worst of criminals would ever be put through this; as a matter of fact, it’s so traumatizing that Oli can’t even bare to watch the creature being exterminated in such a brutal manner and only resorts to it in dire situations.

Demons Blade:

Oli can only choose to have on ability active at any one time, this means he can’t have both the Demons Blade and the Black Armor nor can he have Demons Blade and Negate.

The Demons Blade resembles a Zanpakutō but made of raw black flames as mentioned earlier. The blade itself is at such high temperatures that hit burns through anything especially skin upon contact. The blade itself provides enough heat for particles to split with ease therefore when coming in contact with fibers of the skin it separates them to perfection leaving only a sign of a perfect incision. The intense heat allows the blade to pass through the skin like a butchers knife passing through butter. The concept behind the attack on skin and reishi is that the heat pushes the particles away from the blade and thus as it passes through the area in one false swoop it doesn’t leave enough time for the skin to remain adjoined thus allowing for easy removal of limbs.

Upon initial contact with the opponent, fractions of the black flames remain on them and proceed to burn until nothing remains of that part of the body. It leaves the opponent with one of two choices, remove the limb and save rest of their body burnt down in such a manner or surrender at which point Oli himself removes the black flames from the opponent. The black flames burn until nothing remains, the normal methods of putting fire out is ineffective thus making these flames rather dangerous.

One ability, which comes with the formation of the blade is its swings. By swinging the blade up, down, left or right he can send out large torrents of the black flames that cover either the surrounding area or are intended to hit the opponent. The origin of the black flames in unknown but with their devastation comes a subconscious strain that Olis kind heart has to remember and bare for the rest of its life.

Negate is one of the three cool abilities that this Seishin Buki has. When attacked with a Kido, Chaos or Nature energy Oli can order the Seishin Buki to expand in size and take the impact of the attack. The attacks in question are absorbed monetarily prior to being broke down into their original states under the intense pressure and heat then they’re either recycled or simply released. This is an odd function, however it utilizes the heat to surface area ration and uses the intense temperature to overpower the strength of the attacks in order to brake them down into natural, no longer harmful energies and re-emit them.

The Black Fire Concept:

The black fire is a concept inherited from his Grand Father, Ketsu Iramasha. This concept gives him manipulation of black flames that are formed from his chaos energy. These flames burn at 75000K and are inextinguishable by normal methods. With him being able to control this specific concept it prevents him from being burned by his own black fire thus it can be used for defense. His Seishin Buki is made up from these flames which is the reason as to why their heat doesn’t affect him. The black flames scatter across the area if they come in contact with a surface; they then begin burning or melting all in their path. Some say that the flames originate from hell while others say their summoned to force others to repent for their sins.

These flames are potent as they incinerate anything and everything leaving no byproduct, not even ashes. The properties of the black flames differ from the regular as they have the strength to overpower regular fire and absorb it into an attack. Similarly, the black flames incinerate water into steam while cutting out the middle man and don’t need the presence of oxygen to carry one burning. The pain inflicted onto the opponent is excruciating and those that lack will power will pass out from feeling that pain alone; this is because the nervous systems overwhelmed by the intense temperature and pain that rushes through the receptors thus affecting the nerves around it. With the core of the nervous system being located within the brain the traumas distributed through the cerebral and central cortex forcing the brain to momentarily shut down.

Base Code by: THEFROST
Graphics and Coding by: CPKallday
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Oli Iramasha - WIP   Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:57 am

Well, seeing how it has been WELL over two weeks, and this is still in WIP, I'm moving it to Old WIP.
You can finish this character there as it is currently taking up space in WIP.


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Oli Iramasha - WIP
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