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 Yako Grim's DE upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yako Grim's DE upgrade   Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:56 pm

  • Name Of Character: Yako Grim
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: This is an upgrade from the results of Yako Grim's involvement in the Australian War along with coming to realize truly, his demon heritage that he has, allowing him to utilize DE unlike before hand.

    What Are You Upgrading:
    DE Class: 2nd

    DE Powers:
    Lifeslayer/ Yako Grim's Scythe transforms into Lifeslayer losing all of it's healing properties, and it is in an enlarged state of being 2x it's size in length and the blade now reaches out 20 ft. at it's farthest point. Anyone struck with Lifeslayer is also struck with Yako's DE force, decaying at their body over time, this can also be the same for anything that finds it self coming across Lifeslayer's touch as far as object's go.

    Fate's Chains/ Requires Lifeslayer to be active. Using his DE energy, Yako can force chains to erupt from object's and bind an object or person to it. To break free of such chains would require strength to not only break the object that you are bonded to, but also the strength to endure the decaying effect that will go all throughout your body. As to say if one were bonded to the likes of the ground it can be fairly easily, however chain's that come forth from Yako's scythe will most likely be much harder.

    Soul Splitting/ Requires Lifeslayer to be active. Using his expertise in spiritual anatomy along with the cutting power of his scythe and Lifeslayer, he can make precision cut upon another to remove afflictions by pure remove or decaying the away from their body and soul.

    DE Merge Appearance: Yako Grim gains a blue ghostly aura when he enters his DE merge, along with this his iris loses it's original color turning pure black, his hair seems to turn towards a brighter blonde, His body also becomes very boney, as if he has been starved for a very long time.

    DE Merge Powers:

    Legacy of the Grim Reaper/ Yako Grim within this state places his DE field & anything else DE related, to be projected through his scythe as well, granting it all of the properties that he would be able to project. Along with this however, his Scythe is able to cleanly focus his DE Breakdown & DE Barrier as needed.

    Death Mark/ Yako strikes an area or a person with DE, this energy begin a DE breakdown on it and everything within a 25 ft. radius without him present for it to occur, this ability lasts for 3 posts, Yako can have 3 death marks present on the battlefield max.

    Death Swing/ Yako Grim can swing his scythe and shoot out a wave of DE energy that will breakdown anything that it can within it's path, These waves also can apply death marks, however, it must be specifically noted when the wave is created, when the Death wave has been stopped this would be where the Death Mark would be placed, unless it has not made contact with anything.

  • Any Extra Notes: No not really.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yako Grim's DE upgrade   Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:18 am


kay, everything looks pretty legit here. If any staff has a problem with these upgrades, feel free to chime in. Otherwise, I am going to go ahead and approve this and move it into accepted power upgrades.


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Yako Grim's DE upgrade
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