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 Daniel Sprite [Approved 2-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Daniel Sprite [Approved 2-5]   Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:59 pm

» Name: Daniel Sprite
» Titles: //=//
» Age: 18 years
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Right now no one, but soon will be joining Erobern family.

» Appearance Description: Daniel, for his age, is quite fit, but the looks come naturally. In truth, he isn't a big fan of any kind of sports, the usual walks in parks and forests, as well, as hiking, being the source of his good shape. He is almost seven feet tall, with light, but healthy skin tone and bright, blue eyes. His hair are long, they go even pass his waste, and they are enough to make a pony tail and still be enough lose ones. From mother he got the interesting color, in which they are, purple. From father Daniel has his long, agile and strong fingers and the personality.

His clothes the male wears are as random, as you can get them. One day it can be something bright and cheerful, while in the next day it can be in dark and gloomy tones. While in general the male doesn't wear piece of clothe, that would get in his way, it isn't a surprise to see him in kimono or something as extravagant.

» Appearance Picture: Appearance


» Personality: Artistic: If anything, the only son of Sprite family is a artist through and out. While he doesn't have any weird seeing about the world, the male likes to actually “see" it. That means, he will pay attention to things around him, will listen closely, touch, taste and so. He desires to understand the world with all his senses, believing, that it is the only way to create the perfect art.

Social Problems: It isn't that he doesn't like people. No, actually he likes them a lot and deep inside wants to always be in a crowd. While loneliness is the easiest way to live and he takes it that way, there is this unbearable urge to laugh, eat and talk in a group of people. He knows how to enjoy walks alone, quiet and meals by himself, but again, truly the boy just wants to be surrounded by people, that would take care of him, love him and those, he could trust.

The problem, why he doesn't have these kind of people, is because Daniel is also shy in nature. There always is this feeling, that makes him think of being a burden to someone. Because of the constant life problems he had, he was whining quite often and it made the male somehow feel, that it is the only he does and may be bothersome for others. So, he chooses solitude. No friends, no problems. Even if lonely, Daniel Sprite wont bother anyone.

Energetic: If something truly got his attention, then the male can be dedicated, then no other. Daniels mind will be thinking of that thing all day and night long. You can find him day long being locked up in his room, painting, composing music or anything that nature. But this doesn't apply to arts only.
Two times the male had fell in love and both of these times he was so devoted to these relationships, that he could be called “glued together" with the person of his obsession. But this obsession was also the thing, that ended soon enough these relationships.

Lazy: But like any 18 years old boy he has his lazy moments, when Daniel just wants to do nothing more as sit in a bed, drink some tea and enjoy a good manga or book. In these days you wouldn't find him doing anything specific or doing anything at all. These lazy days go to the extend, that food or bath is secondary too and he can even sleep the day. But after that kind of brake, Daniel will return with new energy in his bones.

» Likes: All kinds of art, cooking, tea(he just adores tea), cats, nature, nice people, parties.

» Dislikes: Liars, sport, locked in really small place, coffee.


» Background: Everything starts at some point and so, Sprites bloodline starts around 18th century, when magic of any kind was banned as evil and punished with death. That was the time, when Dementol Sprite first started to dwell into the well of magic. Being 23 years old and working in the cities library, his task was to put away the “dangerous" material, occult books, spell scrolls and material of that nature. And, as you can imagine, the humans curious nature worked this time too and Dementol started to not only seal the material out of the worlds reach, but also study what they held. In time it gave fruits and he gained, what in our days we call supernatural abilities.

In time the male started to separate the more useful information from not so useful one. Not only that, he started to temper with the spells himself, creating his versions of them and turning his powers more and more personalized. Then came he moment, when he started to temper with the demon magic. While most of it wasn't even actual magic and didn't work, there were bits and pieces of “Real Magic". One of these spells was meant to reforge ones soul into a new being. It was a old spell, older then anything else he had seen. To the male it was brought in a form of a stone tablet. The carvings looked even older, then the stone itself and, by closer study, he learned the spells meaning, it was to forge a God.

What was the result of the spell, no one really knows, but soon the city where he lived and later other closer populated places died out just in one night. Human forces were involved, Soul Society was involved, but the problem was, that there were no tracks to use for looking, everything had been cleaned after the mysterious attacker. But at one moment it stopped. Everything returned to its usual rhythm and after 50 years or so the incident was forgotten. But with that the Sprites name again poped up.

Next centuries the “families business" was book collecting and in year 1912 they even opened a public library. In that moment it contained a mother, father and seven sons. Four of them had purple hair, including the mother. And all five of them had powers, that was now called supernatural. They were one of the most influential families and so managed to survive the first and second world war without real damage. Everyone knew, that this family were travelling a lot and held more then million rare texts. But those weren't for sale. All funds were created from the artwork this family produced and relic they sold in auctions.

Now came Daniels birth after so, so many years later. You can say, that magic in this family had died out, only poping up some sparks here and there time to time. While his mother, Samanta, carried the purple hair, mark of being more, then a usual person, from a childhoods trauma she lost all capabilities to use them. His father, Marcus, was a regular human with no powers, less the ability to see spirits. They worked together in a company and later on, after marrying, opened their own business, a art gallery.

When he came to the world, it was the most joyful day of their lifes. The little Daniel was a healthy, active baby, that seemed to be a good person, if raised right. What got the mother a bit worried, was the fact, that he carried the same purple hair colour, that she did. And yes, at the age of three years the boy showed first signs of supernatural abilities. Not knowing what to do, Samanta brought him to the only person she knew to be a bit...odd, Circa Monstrua Erobern.

It was actually a blind shot, the female had worked with both Sprite adults and became friends in time. Knowing how to tell a supernatural being, and having something of a sixth sense, Samanta Sprite suspected her to be one and she was correct. So it ended, that Circa became the boys teacher for a whole year, before the family...Just disappeared.

The reason was of the sudden bankrupt Sprites had and forced them to back away from the lifestyle their bloodline were living in all these centuries. Life went to worse. They couldn't get a new job. To sustain themselves, it became harder and harder by the month. Depression was something, that pushed both adults more and more. But there was this light, that made fighting worth, Daniel.

Upon age of 18 he had grew into a tall, fine male, helping his parents as much, as he could. The boy showed amazing artistic skills. It looked like all the art type taken upon the Sprite family in last centuries, were combined in him. He played music instruments, painted, made sculptures, crafted jewellery, worked with clothes and his last interest had come to be body art. To not burden his parents, all materials were bought by his own money the male earned in six part-time jobs. Maybe he was burned out time to time, but definitely happy, that could do what he liked, plus, help the family as much, as he could.

When talking about his powers, it was almost impossible to not train them. Because they were so connected to his emotions, plus, the male got curious in time how much he could do, Daniels power grew wider and wider. A big break out to forth, was when his mother revealed the past of Sprites and gave him access to dozen of books collected by Sprites in centuries. So, to the list of things he learned, came alchemy, occultism and so.

It was 2 months after he became 18 years old, when one day Daniel returned to the apartment, finding it opened. In it, a creature, later found out to be a demon, was standing next to both of his parents bodies. The view was terrifying and almost broke his mind as whole, but rage managed to boil up and, without even thinking, for the first time he used his powers to kill a actual living being.

Now, with obstacles and problems, he managed to find the family Eroberns. He is in the same city, with big part of stuff left at some random guy, the male is here to deliver them a single letter. It was a part of his parents last will, together with all the books, including a locked one, named “Necromonicon". What was mentioned in it, who knows, Daniel wasn't to interested in its content actually, but what worried him more, was the fact, that this travel had made the boy...Completely broke.

Natural Powers:
  • Amazing mind: From the founder of Sprites, to this day, they all possessed a unique mind, that was able to acquire immense amount of information in so short time frames. Not only that, it looked like, that those, inheriting the actual Sprite blood, were more and more capable with every generation. This also explains why Daniel in his 18 years mastered so many forms of art, not talking his abilities. It is also noted, that their mind grow and mature more quickly, like, for example, he was in 5th graders level at age of 6. Tho’, somehow it doesn't apply to all his aspects.
  • Large Stamina: From countless walks in forests, mountain trips and even travelling from city to city by foot, his stamina above average the normal. Later on it payed off also fighting the demon.
  • Agile: While being relatively fragile, Daniel is amazingly agile, being able to dodge many things what-so-ever. Putting it together with his large stamina and set of abilities, he can become quite annoying enemy.
  • Natural Aphrodisiac: While he doesn't know it himself, the males Sprite blood sends out large amount of natural aphrodisiac in the air, luring people around him. It doesn't work only to females, but effect the males as well. While it doesn't always be him, people in 100 meter radius will feel sexual frustration and will be attracted, usually, to him. Then again, it depends individually on the person and how he can control it.

Supernatural Powers:
What is the strangest about Daniels, or any Sprite families members energy, that it can't be actually named. It isn't pure or tainted. It hasn't got a trace of some elements, that would make one understand the power more. It isn't Reishi or Soul Force. It isn't Chaos Energy or Natural Energy. You could say, that this power of his has no personality, until used. When Daniel is attempting something, he gives the energy meaning, existence and it shapes into what is needed. So you could see him throwing holy arrows right after setting everything off with hellish fire.
The energy naturally enhances all his general skills, like speed, durability and strength, but only, so he could be stronger, then a regular powerless human. It also boosts his regeneration abilities, as makes him capable to sustain more damage, like Shinigamies can.
And third, it gives him something of a sixth sense, allowing to get a hint of stronger energy points. It is weaker, then any regular Sensing power, that Shinigamies and Arrancar have, but enough to allow Daniel to tell, if one in front of him is a supernatural being or isn't.
Another thing worth mentioning, while theoretically he could perform his powers, without using music as a catalyst, it is unbearably hard and actually feeds drastically on his stamina.

  • Conservation: A perk, that is with Daniels powers, that they don't require much of any kind of energy. That means from one point, that he can perform more, then usually his level of power could. Tho’, in exchange it is the work and emotions he sacrifices making compositions, painting or doing any form of art. So, for him to learn something new, Daniel needs to go through great emotional stress and requires to learn something about himself to do so.

  • Music: By playing music of any kind, usually the flute, Daniel can create various effects with it, depending on what he is thinking, feeling and what is the message of the song at that moment. Usually these are large range “spells", that effect those, who can hear the music.
    At first time, making a new music piece, it isn't suggested to do it in battle, because then it takes the most time, first, requires the most concentration, second, and are the weakest, third. Tho’, when given a name and practised, next times it is almost too easy to do it.
    A extra perk using music as his magic's catalyst, is that, if he has access to other music instruments, he can take them over, creating huge concerts. How it looks, it depends on the music piece, but, while taking more energy out of him, the effect is also MUUUCHHH grander.
    On the further note, Daniel can fuse different songs together, if it is possible, to create more effective results.
    • Flute-High Pitch Note: As the name states, if Daniel takes one high pitch note on flute, he can make it so loud, that a ordinary human just can't hear it. But what it does, it creates a reversed gravity field around him, pushing matter and energy alike, away from the male. The field can surround only one person, not intentionally him, for three posts, before the guy looses his breath. The field works on attacks, that have the strength of master and below. If done by multiple blow instruments at once, the field can cover up to a big town, protecting from almost any attack.
    • Flute-Burning Dancer: This song generates heat from the player, first setting small flames around him, which quickly grow in size and heat. When the flames had reached the size of three story apartment building and radiates heat, that could melt diamonds, the flames would start their assault on target at hand. Even if it would look, as Daniel had closed his eyes, his “mental" eyes can see through the created fire, so following and controlling the dangerous element. If accompanied by a blow or string instrument, the fire would turn almost white, reaching atom destructive heat. The flames exist for four posts, before his breath runs out. Requires a post to recover.
    • Any-Spring: This song lasts for five posts, cooldown one post and those in 500 meter radius of Daniel will receive one tier grow in powers, up to 0-4. If played in 6 instrument group, up to 0-3+
    • Any blow instrument-Autumn Winds: When played, this song generates a massive wind force, that takes effect of 1 km in radius and goes on for 4 posts, making the cooldown of one post. The winds strength is advanced, so if one wants to be able stand and not be blown away by it, a person should have the same strength. If one wants to be able actually to move, his strength needs to be Master and higher. But even then it isn't promised, that one will be able to actually reach Daniel, because the closer one gets to him, the stronger wind gets, reaching a Grand Master, when 7 meters till him. Tho’, if one would reach 4 meter distance from him, there he would see, that there is no wind and everything is perfectly calm. If multiple other blow instruments join in, the winds strength reaches Grand Master, making it almost impossible to be resisted.
    • Vocal-Nirvana: The sound of Daniels song traps the listeners in illusion world of his creation. While he can't hurt them in it, he makes the targets to enter a world full of what they most desired. It requires a iron will and amazing sense of reality to brake out, but, if one falls too much in it, he may never return from, even after the song is over. The effect last usually for 6 posts. If he has a band, that backs him up, the effect can be even 12 posts.
    • Any-Lullaby: One of boys the most deadly songs, if played, everyone, that hears the song, falls into death like sleep, that one wouldn't wake up, if their mental power isn't master. For it to work tho’, the song needs to be played till the end, that is 3 posts, uninterrupted. What more, the persons will fall asleep only if they had heard all of it. This song would be meant more for assassination jobs, then in actual combat. If other musical instruments back him up, the song is able to make anyone fall in death sleep, without any chances to wake up.
    • Any-New Summer Song: When played, those in 300 meter radius will heal in time, receiving something of a adept high-speed regeneration. The difference is that he can heal with this song not only secondary body parts, but also inner organs, even brans, so raising someone even from dead. The songs aura exists for 3 posts and has no cooldown, but would be required to play two times, completely uninterrupted to be able raise someone from dead.
    • Flute-Dancing Sheep: This song can simple take over creatures, that have beast-like minds. That includes supernatural creatures as well. The music is played in resonance, that can go through a big town and effects minds of those of animal kind. After that Daniel can control and guide them as he wishes. The effect holds, while he plays and being a continues line of notes, the spell can hold up to 20 posts. If used maximum amount, he needs a two post cooldown to regain his breath.
    • Harp-The Holy Symphony: This a large master piece, that, when played, brings the very existence of Heaven to the place, where Daniel plays. If alone, the area is 200 meter radius, while, if backed up with organ, violin and others instruments used in classical music, the effect will take 600 meter radius and will actually summon a choir of angels, that will complete this symphony. If used with one harp alone, the effect in field will be, that those “impure", any kind of evil alignment and so will have all their skills reduced by level, their Tier lowered by one tier level and all in all, powers weakened by fifth part of their original strength. For those, purely evil or demons at general, this field will create a minor pain.
      If the whole band of instruments are used, in this field the skills of “impure" will drop by two levels, Tier fall by a whole tier level and powers will weaken by half. For those “pure", good alignment and so, it goes reversed. They get stronger by the same amount evil becomes weaker. The purely evil and so will feel great, but bearable pain, causing a minor inner bleeding and so.
      It lasts for 10 posts, but can be used only once a thread.
    • African leather drums-Wedding Of The Satan: This song Daniel created from texts of his families notes in magic. The words and sounds are something a human mouth from one point shouldn't be able to make. If anything, this sound was anything, but music. The truth to be told, it is actually Ancient Hell language, something not used in thousands of years. Like previous song, this song brings Hells existence to the place, he sings. If alone, the area is 200 meters, if accompanied with other drums, the area is 600 meters and band of succubus type demons appear, singing along. The effect is almost same as the previous holy song, with difference, that those good and pure will be attacked by the chains of Hell and tried to drag them in it. A Gate Of Hell will open behind the males back.

    SIDE NOTE: The last two songs are quite dangerous adding the fact, that the songs actually drag out angels and demons from the respective realms. That means, using these two, could cause Daniel some big troubles later on.

  • Painting, drawing, writing and sculpting: Painting isn't something which Daniel could use straight in a battle. It takes weeks, even months and years to make something, using this type of art, but once done it, the result can bring fruits. When drawing or so, Daniel infuses the work with his emotions, thoughts and will itself. And with it, his own energy too. So, like forging a Danava, the work collects information from his, sometimes from those around the male, minds, slowly, step by step, creating itself. Part of the pictures perks will be made by the male itself, but there will be always this chance, that the work had taken something from him and so, changing the original course and its goal. This is one reason, why his works mostly are kept to himself and he always thinks four, five times, before actually doing something, not wanting to harm someone unintentionally.

  • Dancing: Like before, this too he can apply different effects, when expressing himself. It is the most battle friendly way to fight, takes relatively small amounts of energy and doesn't receive drawbacks from improvising. What, tho', needs to be remembered, that this form of magic is mostly based on ones stamina, because dancing means to be in constant movement. Also, if using this kind of spells, Daniel can't combine the effects, but still can change from one effect to another, with just a order, said aloud. These are the orders he had practised until now.
    • Fire, water, wind, ice, lightning: His energy mutates into the respective element, giving him the ability to make elemental attacks of wide variety. The drawback is that he isn't immune or even resistant to his own attacks, so they damage his own body in time too. So, theoretically he can create a fire tornado, what will be the result, you can imagine for yourself.
    • Force: This order will make his movement generate large amount of kinetic energy, that will boost his speed, strength and sharpness of attacks and allows one to form different projectiles, whose damage is connected with how much stamina and energy Daniel gives in it.

  • Adept In Alchemy: Once again, a art he started to study in age of seven years. With his skill level, the boy can put various effects into a small potion, turn one matter into another, but he isn't even close to make something like a Philosophers Stone or so. There is still a lot of formulas he just doesn't understand, plus, with being so busy in university and so, this isn't even close to be his primary skill.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Human Skill Sheet
  • Sorcery: Advanced
  • Detection: Always at beginner


» Roleplay Sample: (Please create a sample of how you role play in this section by either creating a RP sample with this character OR pasting something you have written in the past. If you have already made an accepted character, you need not go through this)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Daniel Sprite [Approved 2-5]   Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:34 pm


« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: Seems good enough to me. I'll stamp it with my approval. Don't abuse the powers.

  • Tier: 2-5


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Daniel Sprite [Approved 2-5]   Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:46 am

Moving this over to adoption via request, under the condition that the original creator has the right to ask for the character back upon their return.


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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Daniel Sprite [Approved 2-5]   Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:38 pm


Alright, here is the deal: Nix has made a new account called MechaAngel. With that said, he requested that this be archived as he is posting his apps on his new account. So I'm moving this character into archives because of that.


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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Daniel Sprite [Approved 2-5]   

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Daniel Sprite [Approved 2-5]
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