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 Soul Hold

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Soul Hold   Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:23 am

» Item Name: Soul Hold
» Item Type: Kamui's own creation

» Used For: Offensive and Plot purposes

» Item Description: As the Pseudo-Alliterative name would lead you to believe, the Soul Hold’s primary function is to hold souls and trap them inside the rather ornate lantern shape that this item takes place in. It’s design was inspired by Blank’s lantern and its purpose is, for the most part, to hold the souls, more specifically the energy that they radiate, that have been donated to him by young Blank’s conquests. While that was the original intention, its nature has developed quite a bit through Kamui’s use of Chi.

When Kamui funnels his Chengtan through the object, the very bottom of the lantern will sprout a long chain, stretching down to a maximum length of ten meters. At the end of this length of menacing chain, an ornate serrated sickle with a counterweight placed along the at the base of the blade. The weapon is a stunning blend of ornate craftsmanship and simplistic design. A fact that only lends to its true purpose.

The first ability of the Soul Hold works with Kamui’s Chengtan, the Psions in the Chi running through the chain causing it to be directly linked to Kamui’s psychic aptitude. This connection allows Kamui to use the weapon without even touching it, letting the sickle and chain fly around and maneuver independently from Kamui’s body. The typical applications of such are the typical lacerations caused by the bladed sickle or binding someone with the chain itself.

The second ability is the more terrifying one and the weapon’s namesake. If the Soul Hold strikes a fatal blow upon a target and remains embedded inside of them, the weapon will steadily begin draining their soul. Well, not exactly. Actually stealing a soul is an incredibly complicated process that is simply more trouble than it is worth. The Soul Hold, instead of stealing a soul, copies one in a fashion that could only be paralleled with a virus. Should the Soul Hold deal a fatal blow or be inserted into a dying or recently dead individual, the weapon will immediately begin making a copy of the victim’s soul and energy and using the victim’s very soul and energy to catalyze the process, burning away bits and pieces of their very existence as the very code of that existence is copied in the the lantern. The Soul Hold however has a limit to how much data it can copy at a time and as such is not able to completely obliterate a soul, just send it off a fragment of its former self.

This weapon is capable of copying DNA, energy types, and even abilities and is able to store them indefinitely, however using this energy is incredibly difficult. For instance, Kamui would not have the biological capacity nor the experience needed to utilize any of the abilities he has copied into the Soul Hold and it affords him nothing more than a piece of data for research purposes. All Kamui is able to draw from the Soul Hold is some residual energy to fuel techniques and nothing more, causing the Soul Hold to be more of a library than an engine.

» Obtained From: Kamui created this weapon himself from his own Chi and Chengtan

» Yen Price: Well, it's a lantern with half of a Kusarigami connected on and all it's relevant things come from Kamui's I guess I'd have to say:

» Notes:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Soul Hold   Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:04 pm


I'll approve this on the condition that you need to request permission from the owner you do this from. If it's abused, I'll revoke it.


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Soul Hold
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