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 Youngsters Near Karakura

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Youngsters Near Karakura   Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:15 am

Chururira Chururira Daddadda
Yuzuki Yukari

The purple haired teenager had abandoned her duties for the Vanguard by escaping to a district that seemed.. normal. Yuzuki was growing tired of the human realm, maybe perhaps that wasn't the right use of words however she didn't know how to place them. She thought if she went to human world she could somehow change it, perhaps make friends and allies. Just the thought of those two words kindled uneasy feelings within her core as she shifted her gaze to different people on the streets. Yuzuki never learned how to make close friends, but most of the people she interacted with and tried to put the effort in seemed to disappear. A great example of such would have been her squad, her hands slowly moved towards the bottom of her hoodie before grasping onto the tight fabric. A simple action in which helped release her tension within herself to something external, she noticed a couple that was looking in her direction and when Yuzuki turned her head to their direction in almost a dismissive manner they would have walked away speaking in a hushed manner.

Gently Yuzuki pulled one of her hands up to her face so that she could use the back of one of her fingers to brush away the tears that were beginning to form in her eyes. To the outside it would have seemed rather odd for a person like her to be standing around and not doing anything but crying, so she would have taken this opportunity to look around the city whenever she still had the chance. The hand that was code to her face had moved towards the seems of her hoodie which laid comfortably on her head; with a gentle pull the female shyly tried to cover her face in case of any other emotional outbursts were to occur. This time however she took to think out her thoughts were therapeutic in a small sense, it was more or less reminding her of the people that she cared about. Just by seeing regular humans living out their days; adults either steadily moving from one building to another, or children horsing around to the point they were covered in silly band-aids. It was the simple things in life such as these that needed to be cherished; if only everyone in the world could live like this. Demons and Shinigami, Hollows and Humans all living together under the same society just living out their lives peacefully.

While under these joyous thoughts Yuzuki's eyes has slowly drifted up to catch a glimpse of the results of the moon invasion. A war which shouldn't have involved innocent people ended killing so many harmless souls. In Yuzuki's eyes it was so selfish or either side, each side had their own reasons in this battle did those reason half to involve so many lives? She wasn't just talking about the lives on the moon, but also the ones on earth which had to live through shards of the moon landing on them. She can't hear their voices, nor can she see them, but it still pained the sugiuran. She ended up rekindling her painful feelings while she watched a small faded cloud trying to hide her view from the moon. It didn't take long for Yuzuki to hear the news about the leader of the Vanguard having something to do with this destruction and when she first heard it she didn't want to believe in it. She threw her faith in that organization and with so many people coming out with more information that points to Azure Iramasha destroyed her trust.

Yuzuki was still aimlessly walking around the less crowded streets while she was intensely staring up at the sky. Either it be by the brightness of this nearly clear day or anger and sadness being rekindled in her heart the teenager felt some tears beginning to weld up in her eyes. Pulling her eyes away from the sky, she noticed she was heading towards a more busy street and that's when she was reminded of the couple. Quickly the teenager pulled both of her hands as she hastily using her sleeves to rub her ears repeatedly. Having over estimate the time it would take her to reach this street, she had already stepped out onto the busy sidewalk. Yuzuki was definitely not known for her speed so by the time she pulled her hand away from her vision and noticed that there was a person already in front of her she'd instead embrace for impact. If the person would have hit her, it would feel more like hitting a brick wall from how much she tensed up, however since she had nothing to hold herself in place she would have just as easily fell over from them suddenly shifting her center of balance. Due to the sun's placement Yuzuki wasn't capable of seeing the person's face however it isn't very common to see people with pink hair around anymore..

Word Count: TL;DR Words.

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Youngsters Near Karakura
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