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 Inverse Infection: Ground Zero [BLACK WORLD ARC SERIES EVENT THREAD]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Inverse Infection: Ground Zero [BLACK WORLD ARC SERIES EVENT THREAD]   Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:33 pm

I'm being serious here!

Captain of Stealth Corps


...Gross. The Captain thought to himself as that sound echoed through his head, making him grimace slightly. It was not enough to give away his cover or even be visible from the outside, but it occurred.

It appeared that his wire had indeed had some amount of effect. Good, that method of attack worked. Counting his ribs, Kuro believed that he definitely had enough resources to continue making it through this fight. At least, considering that he did not eventually pass out from blood loss. He had not been able to do it yet, but who knew?

This might be the fight that finally killed him.

This is bad. The Shinigami thought to himself, Piero piping up. Why? What happened, moron?

She calmed down slightly…

Then let's rile her up. That's my specialty… KEHEHAHAHA!

Kuro almost smiled. As it was, he merely kept moving his body in his circle, skipping and leaping across the rubble as his sword traced a black line behind him. Each of the Kuro's in succession were building those lines while she decided to fly up into the air, her announcement spreading among them. Meanwhile, Kuro's mind was racing.

She cut the blades that impacted with the back of her neck… but they definitely got through. Her body… itself… probably has that slicing property to it… how shall I deal with that… This was not the first time that Kuro had encountered a being who resembled a blade… and the correct manner to deal with such a creature was by using the environment against it. Essentially… To achieve victory here...I must either destroy her mind, her will to fight… or find a way to break the 'blade' that is her body… with something that cannot be easily cut. His thoughts concluded, the Shinigami captain coming to a stop at last as his feet touched down in front of another black line.

Here we go. The Shinigami meditated at last, drawing his line into the other which had been left. Up in the sky, Demonica concluded making her threats. We shall see about that… Kuro's sword pointed inwards, as each of the shadow clones did the same. In this instance… shadows poured forth.

Kuro's body was lifted upwards on a pillar of shadow. As he watched, he identified pile of rubble after pile of rubble. His shadow reserves went into creating more pillars… forming them beneath the rubble and raising them upwards. The destruction of the city itself began to rise up, the beams of shadow supporting them as more shadows were created from the rubble rising. Kuro continued to watch as the decimated city pieces got farther off of the ground, creating more shadows that were then flowed into the pillar.

Eventually, the amount of shadow being created began to overwhelm the amount required to make the pillars stronger… and at that point, the shadows began to flow back into Kuro's body. Deep within his soul, he could feel his Zanpakutō spirit howling, calling for the blood of his enemies. It was the perfect sound, the clarion call of this demon's destruction.

After Kuro's form had been pushed up all the way, the destroyed rubble of the city was now hanging in the sky around them. Kuro had brought their battlefield with him, and his entire body was imbued with shadows. The clones that he had created dissipated, flowing back into his body as it became clear which Kuro was the real one. All over his body, shadows began to intensely flow about. Calm.. Calm… now… now…

Kuro's body… went limp. I am...and always will be… just a shadow. I am Darkness… With that phrase flowing through his mind, his body began to right itself once more. As it did so, waves of shadow bolted outwards from him, as if they could no longer be contained. Kuro's own body began to emit his shadow energy while his mouth moved… and waves of kido began to interlace themselves with his shadows.

"Completion… Raigeki no Kuro."

The shadow figure vanished. Along the length of the forming portal, black darkness began to emerge, before a gray line spread across. Another gray line formed perpendicular to that one, and in front of them appeared the shadowy form once more. He was moving at an extraordinary rate, explosive power fueling his steps as his left arm gripped the intersecting gray lines.

"...Not enough..." He told her, his teeth gritting beneath the black veil that now covered his body. "It will not be enough!" With that declaration, the gray darkness seeped into the portal… causing it to transmorgify. Piero's Disturbed energies began to unbalance its connection, making it impossible to connect properly.

Kuro Okami had faced far too many demonic opponents since the invasion of Soul Society. This act of calling for ever more reinforcements… he had completed his research in how to stop them. Disruption. If you could not stop the portal opening, then simply prevent it from working correctly. He would not recommend that anyone try to move through that specific portal…. If they did, only bits and pieces would come through, leaving the majority stranded on the other side.

"Really… are you that afraid of me?"

The shadowy figure was gone again with another dark hole. His form moved rapidly around to Demonica's side faster than his own eyes could follow normally, before slamming an explosive wave of shadow against the back of her neck… or trying to. Meanwhile, that slam would cause for several shadow threads to weave off once again, gripping at the rubble that was now floating in the air.

Kuro's body continued to move, racing across the rubble as he ensnared each of them, creating an intricate pattern of leylines and nets. Piero, are you certain this is the correct configuration? He demanded of his Ziamichi spirit, trying to double check the work it had been doing while Kuro had drawn out his lines.

OF COURSE I AM, MORON. THIS IS GONNA HURT! The spirit laughed in response, giving Kuro all the answer he needed.

Finally, the Shinigami of Shadow reappeared behind Demonica, a handful of threads moving backwards. An eightfold slam would then occur. First from both of her sides, two half-buildings would collide into one another, bound with dozens of strings. Then, as these two slicable objects impacted her, two more would come in from roughly 30 degrees rotated from where the first two impacted. From there, and alternating 180 degrees of that location would crash in, before being repeated as Kuro's hands continued to move rapidly behind her.

At last, as the slamming and noises of destruction died down, the Shadow-infused Shinigami would drift close to his opponent. He felt charged on every level. For the first time in a long time, he felt alive. "You are that scared, aren't you?" The voice asked, that soulless, drained voice of the Stealth Division Captain. His body shifted, before dashing around to her other side.

"Scared enough to threaten others…? because you are a flame...? A flame facing a river…?" No laughter followed those statements… only deep silence.

"...Summoning reinforcements… you cannot handle me alone...?"

"Eventually, you will fall to my blades…

See how you flee into the light…

Think yourself a god…?"

"No… you are demon scum.

The very thing I've given my life…"

With those words, Kuro would reappear in front of her, his left arm thrusting forwards. Multiple waves of shadow had been stored along the length of the limb, and when it impacted… multiple explosions would rip into the chest of Demonica, if it connected. If not, a large cannon of shadow energy would simply be released in her general direction, but if she took it directly…

Sure, his arm could be ripped and sliced and dashed to pieces. But despite that, the explosions would occur against her body, slamming into her in a new way each time they were cut down, the shadow energy unable to escape as it slammed repeatedly against her chest. Kuro's own body was held in place only by the acceleration given off by the shadows expulsing around his feet, and at the end of it, a single blade would come directly for her heart.

"To wiping out."

But it was a feint. After all, tucked under Kuro's left leg, in the shadows… was another of his Zanpakutō. His body whirled right blinding speed, a black whirl in the sky as the blade slashed ruthlessly against Demonica's stomach. If her defenses were not prepared, it could well tear a hole through her stomach, and the bloodloss would be… well, interesting to see.

Kuro allowed this movement to carry him, dashing onto an incoming piece of rubble before leaping off of it. As he did so, however… he hesitated in midair. His head bent forwards, and he gasped and coughed as a wave of blood erupted from his throat. The liquid fell onto the rubble as Kuro's acceleration died down for a moment, before he recovered. That was from when he had been hit in the ribs, and would be a prime opportunity for Demonica to attempt to ambush him…

Of course, assuming that she could get through the second wave of buildings that would come crashing towards her when she approached Kuro on that building. Kuro knew he would have to deal with the blood build up at some point; this was not the first time he had broken ribs, and would not be the last…. He hoped. So he had created a kind of 'resting point' for himself, and it was there that he would continue to lose blood, his hand held over his face as his whole world spun.

This much energy usage and action had left him dizzy, at the very least, so it would take him a moment to recover even after Demonica activated the trap… that was, assuming she activated it. Then Kuro's body would be free to dash about once again, and continue this deadly race…

Who would be the first to fall…?

You Didn't Keep Your Eye On The Birdie.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Inverse Infection: Ground Zero [BLACK WORLD ARC SERIES EVENT THREAD]   Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:23 pm

An emotion seemed to stir within his opponent as Kuro watched. That was good. It seemed that he had finally started to get under her skin. This was just the beginning, of course. It was the method by which he would attempt to gain an upper hand in this fight. By making it a challenge to her. The more she focused on that challenge… the less she would focus on the areas that Kuro planned to exploit.

In a way, it was banter. It was exactly banter. But banter had its uses. Banter caused your opponent to fight you on a different level. If you were having difficulty overcoming them on one level… why not introduce more? Victory did not occur simply from physical or spiritual force. It only came about when one individual believed themselves defeated… or was no longer able to believe anything.

And that was what made it so very difficult for Kuro to lose.

It was extremely impressive that she was keeping up with Kuro's speed, and this worried the male slightly. Yeah, she's going to force me to actually try, isn't she…? He wondered to himself as with each contact with her, the Disturbed Field around his body collided with the energy that she was building outside of it, snagging bits and pieces of her energy and absorbing it into itself.

The wind that blew about was a bit difficult to manage, but Kuro himself would keep moving through it, the black lightning that coated his body pressing through with purpose. She's preparing something, moron… Piero cautioned, and Kuro heeded his advice. Carefully, he spat up his blood while the buildings collided into her, looking into the reflection of one of his daggers as he witnessed the shell she had created. She was bleeding as well, it seemed. Did you get that? He asked his inner spirit, who merely laughed in reply.

Then, they entered into a speed-intensive battle. His hand came down into the afterimage… There. He could easily feel the shadow that she was casting on his back… as well as her reflection from the dagger in his mouth. The instant her foot came down, Kuro's body vanished.

Directly into her jaw, four of his daggers were now attempting to tear out her artery. Kuro's body shimmered from his own afterimage, the shadows which had constructed it fading away as he threw both of his hands downwards. When she went to repulse the daggers heading for her throat, as she had proven to depend on as her mode of defense… she would likely find that moving her right arm had become difficult. The two black blades that were attempting to cut and tear through her likely had something to do with it.

An eye for an eye… Drenches the world in black. The Shinigami concluded, screams of pain from his back assailing his mind. The daggers that were slamming into her would also be influenced by the forces that she had attempted to use to bash his body. This dramatic movement, while employing the entirety of Kuro's speed, outstripping even how quickly she had appeared behind him… would cause for his right arm to dislocate as he plunged the daggers in. An eye for an… eye… He thought, dark spots beginning to show in his vision.

"Of course it is." He told her in reply, before his left arm crashed into the one that she had attempted to bash into his side. "Not used to actually using your brain, hmm?" He questioned her, his left arm beginning to crumple beneath the oppressive force that was being used against it…

When out of the back of the arm, a gray substance began to flow. And in that hand that was clashing with hers, a pistol resembling a Glock 18 appeared… aimed directly at Demonica's eyes. Two blasts emerged simultaneously, dashing towards those two locations on her body as Kuro disconnected from her. His arm was mostly gone as she attempted to grapple him, but his body slid downwards, his torso shifting and twisting as blasts of the shadow energy ripped against her hold, dislodging it and likely leaving burns on her in the process as he dodged the blow she delivered to the ground, thanks to his escape.

He was still knocked back, however, and his body bounced along the ground as he tumbled against wood and steel, battering him about as she pursued him, her hands and feet crashing into his body over and over again, standing over him.


And then, as she watched, his body crumpled and faded away. "Yes, you're afraid. Keep protecting yourself." The voice proclaimed as the Disturbed Field went into overdrive, observing the heat that she was giving off as like a soaring bullet, the Kuro on the ground was replaced by another one, one that was looking directly at her. On his back were a pair of shining black wings, and all around his body the shadow had begun to change itself into a fur-like structure. Out of the crater his body had bolted, tuning in with his Zanpakutō spirit as..


The ending result of the sound barrier breaking from Kuro's movement finally caught up with his body, as he spun his body once. A disgusting Crrrnk noise could be heard as his arm was forced back into its socket, the wings folding around his body as Kuro's legs screamed in protest from this dangerously high-velocity pivot…

And then, both daggers were slammed into the side of the woman's body. The heat that she was giving off was being absorbed, not fast enough to stop all the damage it dealt, but the shadow aided in counteracting it as well. That would leave only these blades that were being rotated into her… with the angle of rotation leading directly into the ground. He had attempted to outright break her other arm.

Kuro's mouth spat blood again as he leaped back, still on all fours as he observed her. She was still building up power, and it would be fairly obvious how she planned to use it. Escape. The single thought ran through Kuro's mind as he turned his body around, a single Shunpo executing as reached the outside of the blast radius, but he was still sent flying, his arms held around his body to reduce the damage of impact. Shaa….! His teeth clenched; he could feel something stabbing into his side.

This is insane. Why, why, why… no, no, no… A part of Kuro which had lain dormant up to this moment finally let itself be known. This part had been pushed deep inside the Night Walker. Fear. How long has it been? Kuro wondered, his hands gripping the floor as he sought to right himself. His ears were still ringing non-stop, and he felt like he could barely breathe. Gaah…

...Everything felt distorted, everything was static.,,

No... no, not yet...Rising at last, Kuro's eyes found his target once again. The white mantle that his shadow-double had formed itself from returned to its master, wrapping around his body, cloaking it as he looked up at her. "I kill for the fear of others, like you." He explained, lifting up the dagger in his right hand as he pointed it directly at her. The black wings that he had formed spread to their full extent behind him…

"Because of your kind of fear, of running and protecting yourself.. That is why I have to kill. Over and over and over again. That is why I keep coughing blood. That is why I bleed. I am… a Captain of the Gotei 13. We kill in the name of protection. And every time we kill… I see that fear. The same kind you reek of, demon scum."

Kuro was once again exuding that killing intent. Kuro was still standing there, still looking at her. He had been damaged, yes… his body was screaming for him to stop. But it would not be here that he would be brought down. "NEVER AGAIN!"

Declaring those words, his right hand swept out in front of himself. Blades returned to their master, rising out of the rubble and dashing to him. He had been burned, exploded, stabbed, smashed, tossed around… but he would take it all.

"Weapon of demons… how could I fear you?" He asked her, clutching the weapon tight. "The only thing I fear now… is her return. You hold nothing over me. And that is where we differ." He explained, before holding up his left arm. "Fear comes from pain. You can hurt me, but you cannot inflict upon me pain. Surrendering this fight would bring me pain. Letting you walk away easily for your crimes would bring me pain. That is why your 'humanity' will never… sway… me!" He declared, before gripping the hand tight… and the lightning that had possessed his body drowned out his entire appearance.

The shadow continued to pour outwards, sinking into the entirety of the area. It rose upwards, before folding out like a massive plateau, even beginning to blot out the sun. Kuro's spiritual presence could be felt everywhere within this area as the light was robbed, all with the exception of a glowing gray figure at the very edge of her explosion.

You realize if you do that and she overpowers you, you die, right?

Piero... I can't let them do whatever they want. I won't sit by and watch any more.

Then let us harmonize, my MASTER! AHAHAHAHA!

Alright, Piero… Painful… Shadows.



Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Inverse Infection: Ground Zero [BLACK WORLD ARC SERIES EVENT THREAD]   Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:48 pm

Kuro's entire body shook from the blow to his side, causing a spurt of blood to race out of the corner of his mouth as the two of them exchanged blows. His body cringed at the feeling, his muscles releasing waves of pain as he attempted to tighten them as he continued to move. Small black spots were beginning to appear on the edges of his eyes, but he was not going to allow for himself to fall unconscious. Like a drunk man attempting to halt vertigo… he was staring at his opponent, trying to focus himself completely on her. For better or worse, this was the best way for him to fight, now.

At long last, he landed a significant blow. That substitution appeared to work well enough that he could finally pierce through her barrier, dealing damage to a part of her body. Then it was over in a flash, his body sent careening through the air, before he had risen once more, his body entering his Painful Shadows state.

"…" He did not respond to her question. After all, he had no real need to. The blood still gently oozed down his flank, along his arm, from his ribs and the side of his head… but he did not seem as bothered by it any longer. His muscles seemed leaner, and in general he just seemed more at peace, more… relaxed. This state would not last for long, but for the time that Kuro had it, he would certainly use it to its fullest potential. For him to be able to do that… he would have to be able to focus.

As her armor exploded, his foot would press down into the ground, before vanishing from where he had been standing. The edges of his clothes got caught by the searing heat, disintegrating as he moved at Shunpo-speeds, dodging and weaving away with grace, before swiveling his head. He was now outside of the explosion radius, able to witness what had emerged.

As she laughed, however, she would find something quite strange. After all, a man standing in front of you, his hands covered in enough shadow that they looked like great black paws, pressing themselves on either side of your head with enough force to blow a building across a football field would probably be well noticed. Kuro's body had crossed the distance faster than his normal mind could have been able to process. Red heat seared along the length of his body from his speed, the smell of smoke accompanying him as he pushed the two parts of his body together.

His goal was not to hit her… His goal was to condense the force that her body was giving off as she laughed, laughing in the middle of a fight. While her body was entirely focused on that relaxation, on that exaltation of joy and merriment… Kuro would attempt to snap her neck, and failing that, would try to twist it out of shape, causing an immense amount of pain and discomfort. As her hands came to slam together, his body vanished again, this time with bits of shadow appearing in the air along his path.

As he moved back and she created that shining orb, however… the shadows that it created along her arms would respond, tightening and coiling as the shadow energy that Kuro had left behind would revamp their own power, helping them as they shot towards her eyes while the entirety of her focus was on creating that orb of power.

At last, Kuro's body came to a stop. His movements became like a bird's as he fluidly shifted around, coming to stop… but then the force of the blast would catch him. His arms darted to the center of his body as he was blown back, his shadows discarded as he was slammed into th edge of the crater, rocks shattering and crumbling around him.

"A world of gray leads to nothing but misery. Black and white; Shinigami are the Bleach of this world. We take the darkness and in shadow bring purity and light. Without us, that blackness would consume this world. That is black. We are white. We can't have gray. We can't. Have. Gray." The voice of the male muttered as he laid in the pile of rocks, his blood oozing onto the stone.

The rock face crumbled away as Kuro's body moved out of it, his mind and bodily form racing. Mushroom cloud…? Nuclear energy? Won't that start killing me rapidly if I actually get caught in the explosion part….? Wonderful… While her mouth took the time to speak, Kuro's mind was using that time to consider his options. Interruption. He decided as her mouth let out the word 'wall'. Hey. There's an idea. He concluded, leaning his body downwards as he stuck his tail into the air, flicking it about a bit as his crimson eyes watched the figure in front of him…

Waves of shadow poured outwards, moving faster than any of his previous constructs, like lightning, creating a line between himself and her through this massive crater that she had made. On the edge of that crater, where the light from her new spear could not reach… an entirely new supply of shadows had become available. This pool was massive in size, thanks to her explosions.

As her body vanished, the shadow would dart back to Kuro's body as he traced her movements. She seemed to be going at an average pace to the male, perhaps a bit slower. As she reached him, however, she would become affected by one single, solitary mistake. She had finally attacked the male directly in close combat…

His left arm's fingers closed around the hilt of his blade as without pain he brought it against the spear that was head right for him. He didn't have to move it very much. After all, the only thing that was required here was the very instant in which she had placed the entirety of her body into her attack. For someone who consistently watched the actions of his opponents in order to find openings ,this was the easiest thing in the world for Kuro… next to making pancakes, of course.

So it was that the male could feel the entirety of his left arm beginning to disintegrate as the ground beneath his feet shattered from the returning waves of force that he had to emit. His eyes were clear and focused, something that they had not been in some time. His parry was attempted, and all things considered would likely work. After all, with that much momentum it would be incredibly difficult for his opponent to change course or stop herself from following through with her attack.

A parry… a parry, which was followed up by what should naturally follow a parry. A riposte. Kuro's riposte.

His right arm shot forwards like a cannon, black cracks of lightning ringing in both of their ears as he attempted to force the hand into her neck. Around the hand, his other five blades had taken their place, his shadows like an extension of each of his arms as he planted both feet backwards on a pillar of shadow, obsidian-black from the amount of shadow empowering it. His body performed a thrust forwards, and with the ripping and tearing that began to occur from the swords beginning to move in a circular pattern, he tried to crush and decimate everything that came between himself and the organs that attached to her demonic brain and heart. Indeed, if she did nothing to stop it, the attack could well tear up the lower part of her head and the top half of her chest.

Kuro could feel the searing blaze from being this close to her on the shadows that had wrapped themselves around his body, like a cloak. He knew that he needed some form of protection against the radiation. Of course, this action had resulted in him not being able to flee from the ensuing explosion. But at the same time… his shadows were not dismissed by it, using a substantial amount of Kuro's energy to maintain their shape as they continued to rip and tear into the woman, even as the Shinigami's flank was destroyed in the explosion, his body sent flying away as he tried to recover, bolting away again as blood poured down his side. The dark spots had returned, but the shadows on his side wrapped up again, trying to contain the damage by acting as shadowy bandages.

"I think… I hate you." Was the only response from the male as he panted, the dark spots beginning to fade from his vision. The left side of his body had begun to change, as well. Where before it had been solid, and flesh… now it had become dark and wispy, almost as if Kuro himself had started to become a shadow, crossing a line that was always there. His left arm reformed rapidly, the black construct of Piero rejoining its master.

"So much raw power… you… don't even… think about it, do you…?" He asked her, twirling both of his hands as he recovered his composure. His ears were still ringing; the only way that he would be able to know her response is if she had lips that she could speak with. For that matter, there was no possible way that he could have heard her ultimatum to give up or die. Though if he had, he would have of course rebutted it with something along the lines of: 'We crossed that line some time ago.'

So it was that Kuro hefted up his blades, before beginning to do… a dance. A dance that required quite a few movements of his hands. To a normal person, his movements would appear to be a blur. However, to Kuro, he was moving fluidly and naturally. Black cracks of lightning began to shoot out in every direction as his lines of energy began to move in every direction. From the very beginning… the problem with this battle… has been that she absolutely does not care about how her power is used. She has nothing limiting it. She acts as if she never has. Therefore, her power is the most basic imaginable, has developed, perhaps, as the most basic imaginable… Kuro and Piero's consciousness were as one now.

… That gives me an idea. He concluded at last, before the threads finally finished being created… and the hundreds of piercing shadow threads that Kuro had bound to become stronger than normal emerged from the dark blur that he had become. Moving at the same speeds as their master, these massive tendrils shot outwards, some assaulting from above, some from below, and some even from the sides.

Kuro himself, however, had begun to move his body in a circle as he raced towards her. Mustn't… feel… vertigo… He thought desperately to himself, his stomach churning as he closed his eyes. Around his feet, the shadow had formed a ring… and that ring developed spikes around his entire body. He had become a massive yo-yo moving forwards, a shadow spike in the ground where he had landed on serving as his 'anchor'.

At last, the 'string' ran out, as the shadow tendrils that Kuro had created worked meticulously to influence Demonica's trail of escape, making where Kuro was going the most optimal place. As such, Kuro's entire body would whip in circles in front of her, at least where she had been standing originally, attempting to attack her as if his entire body was a massive yo-yo. The ring also provided a significant amount of defense against the woman's passive energy, and the ring was consistently regenerated using shadows from Kuro's supply. This attack was also made so that it would assault her body vertically.. Making it most likely to hit where Kuro had performed his Riposte as well. There has to be… a point…

And just as he had looped around, smashing into her for the twenty or so times in the instant that he had… The end of his string finally ran taut.

Physics carried him from there as he whipped back, his construct and body being extracted at massive speeds. Kuro focused the entirety of his body on his left arm… before slamming it into the spike that he had created. Letting go of the rest of his body, a large gust of wind emerged from behind the spike, the ground cracking, shuddering, and shaking as the Shinigami's body turned around. The wind force was enough that Kuro would have lost some of his hair if his shadows were not making him as aerodynamic as possible.

Finally rounding out the curve, he emerged from his assault at extreme speed. He was moving so fast now that not even his shadow's could keep up. His right hand had been prepared already, his pointer and middle fingers bent at the joint, pointing his knuckles outwards .His body produced shadows to help him aim as it felt like the entire world had ground to a halt. His ears were ringing, blood pounding in his head, adrenaline screaming through him…

Finally, his hand would plunge towards Demonica's chest, as he attempted to pierce her heart through like a great spearhead, waves of force slamming outwards as his momentum came to a grand halt, the shadow's whipping around him as he used them to slide his legs around, causing his entire body to flip after the impact, and with a press of his legs, he kept going, dashing hundreds of feet beyond the demoness' body. Panting and bruised and battered, he finally came to a stop along the edge of the crater, the force of his movement causing for him to rapidly ascend to its lip as he stood where it became completely vertical, his shadows holding him still there, panting, looking, looking to see if he had done it… if that could incapacitate this monster.

Heart of Ebony.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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