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 A Chance Encounter

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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1901

Ghislain had heard the legends of Stefan of the Monsuta. His sword skills were in a whole different league. Ghislain glanced down at the katana he carried now. Normally he'd of made one of Dark Matter or used his Regalia. But the only way to physically improve here was to fight this way. He had other katana's ready for use if need be. In neatly tied strap on his shoulder as he knew Stefan's strength was infamous. The man could break well-made things nevermind common things. But he'd sent a letter along before him. As he arrived in the Monsuta's lands his cerulean eyes scanned the area. What sort of challenge would he be to the man Stefan Soan? That was unknown as he'd met Vizards before but none this strong. Nozomi was the strongest Quincy but maybe he could surpass her somehow. His current strength for what he desired would be an insult to the likes of Radioactive. He wasn't upset so much by their destruction anymore. Only that the battle they gave him was pathetic and worthless. He desired not revenge but to show Radioactive his people were more.

That they were worthy foes to fight but for now, in the Salvador outskirts, he stood his eyes closed. Inhaling a breath he released his spiritual pressure to politely inform Stefan that he arrived. There were some risks with this that ran into the territory of them just killing him off. But he didn't believe those stories once told about this organization. Stefan Soan struck him as a man of honor and dignity. He slowly pulled the katana of its sheath with a hiss and stood at the ready for now. His senses on the alert as he did say in his letter he would use no other things. He needed to be faster and stronger and to find tune the speed he had. Ghislain needed to evolve past the limitations he had. To find a new horizon and someone he believed who could do it. Someone he believed capable of pushing him to it. Was the likes of Stefan Soan, the man was a legend among legends. Respected and given the title of the greatest swordsman. Their people had no such thing among them.

Ghislain was the last one to inherit the styles their people taught. But something in his chest told him these styles were outdated and perhaps useless. Something informed him that in this situation against Stefan he could show him them. He suspected this would turn into a full battle as the man was known for his thirst for combat. But something inside Ghislain begged for it as well. There was more to the Dark King name he was given during the war. He had something to do before he faced Radioactive without anything holding him back. He needed to fight in the way he had previously. He needed to awaken the beast that slept on him. To become what he was once called by his peers. The Hound of Baskerville needed to awaken once more. Stefan had a way of awakening a warrior and bringing them back to themselves he'd heard. No such being existed among his people ever. Yhwach and Hulderic were nothing but people who didn't see it. The man Elizabeth had tamed had long since put the Hound to Rest.

But to fight in this way would require him to awaken again. He could feel it just beyond the reason as his eyes of cerulean remained closed. That door was shut for good reason as he didn't know what to do with it. Ghislain was the strategist and Pacifist of the Vandenreich or was. But that was after the fact had already been done and his wife saved him. But before she came and healed his wounded heart. He became the being known as the Hound of Baskerville. A ruthlessly killer among them who slaughtered Shinigami and opened positions up during the war. The question was did he need that spirit again? Or did he evolve past that even and become something more. He thought he'd done that but now a question was posed as he readied himself to face the World Greatest Swordsman. Stefan Soan awaited in this path and their was no escape or backing down. This was a do or die situation at it's core. And the gut check time was now or never. Great chances and encounters come only once in a life time and one was about to come.

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A Chance Encounter
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