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 The Powerscale Of The PH Verse[PRONE TO EDITS AT ANY TIME]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Powerscale Of The PH Verse[PRONE TO EDITS AT ANY TIME]   Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:19 pm


I. The Plot For Bleach Platinum Hearts RP

Powerscaling in the Platinum Hearts universe simply means that extent of a characters potential on a given tier. It gives an impression of FULL powered feats more often than not. As, once you understand what a character is able to do at their MAX, then you can understand how they can manage at lower levels and get a feel for how potent their energy is.

Lower VS Higher Scaled Characters: So, this character has the potential to reach continental level scales of destruction -- what do I do? Just because you are lower on the power scale does NOT mean you are UNABLE to effect those on the higher scale. This is because you can have almost any power you desire on a lower scale, but it needs to be adjusted to their tier level. So, to give an illustration: if someone had a master in magic, but was on a town scale level fighting against a character on a city scale level, then they wouldn't automatically lose the fight.

The fight would be tilted in the city guy's level, but the town-level character could unleash a spell which seals the characters power and makes the potency of their attacks weaker. Which means that all characters can influence higher or lower scaled characters. It's NOT an absolute and is mainly used to just SCALE.

Besides that, if you aren't aware of how to use your characters potential/write properply, having more power won't do you any good to begin with.

The 6 and 5 Tier Scale

6 Tier: The feats of this tier are comparable to average non-trained humans. So there isn't much explaination that is needed here. (Think you or I)

5-3 to 5-5 Tier: Around this tier is where a lot of peak athlete's, olympians and other highly trained humans are in terms of feats. It is not uncommon to see peak human condition feats around this level.

5-2 to 5-1 Tier: At this point, you are more or less entering the last level of top human condition without a dramatic supernatural influence. These are where abnormally strong humans are often ranked such as where olympic level humans are ranked to be the best in their sport, top level boxers and so on.

The 4 Tier Scale

4-3 to 4-5 Wall to Small Building Level: At this point, characters will often be able to demolish entire wall structures or small houses with enough force. This is often considered to be the peak of their powers, but it isn't without of their power to destroy something like an entire room with their energy or some sort of an attack.

4-1 to 4-2 Building Level: Once a character is able to reach this level, they'll often have feats which will allow them to destroy buildings at some of their full power. Destroying smaller buildings and houses will often be a breeze for them.

The 3 Tier Scale

3-3 to 3-5 City Block Level: After getting through the barrier of the 4th tier, most characters will be able to have a max feat of influencing one to three city blocks with a full powered effort. However, they'll often be able to handle a one city block radius much easier more often than not. Especially on the higher end of the specturm or with external resources.

3-1 to 3-2 Mulitple City Block: Most characters around this range will be clocked at mulitple city block level for some of their max feats. Smaller ranged combat will often be a breeze for them around this point since they'll have adapted and trained enough to have their abilities easily effect one to three blocks or so with low to moderate effort.

The 2 Tier Scale

2-3 to 2-5 Small Town Scale: Once you reach this level, a characters max feats are often based around the size of a small town scale. So this gives you a better idea of where these type of characters are ranked at in terms of sheer power output. It's at the next few levels where they will often begin to see the more dramatic rises in power.

2-1 to 2-2 Full Town Level: Around this level is where most characters are often capable of influencing entire towns at their full power. It usually isn't difficult for these characters to maintain a battle pace of being able to spread their feats across large portions of a town.

The 1 Tier Scale

1-3 to 1-5 City Level: At full power, these tiered characters are capable of influencing entire cities if they focus hard enough. This does NOT mean they are fighting at this level the ENTIRE fight. As they would more than LIKELY tire out. This is just basing their full potential when it's unleshed and gives a greater understanding of where their energy potency is.

1-2 to 1-1 Moutain Level Influence: 1-2 to 1-1++ characters are capable of feats which can otherwise influence entire moutains. This is often at their full power, but it does leave quite the room for growth and space to wriggle around it when de-escalated to lower levels.

The 0 Tier Scale

0-5 Tier Island Level Influence: 0-5 characters are usually able to have potential and feats which can spread, at a max, to influence something like an island that is the size of Hawaii. This is the beginning of where the powerscale on PH begins to reach higher and high levels. As each jump on the 0 tier scale takes the character to a new pinnacle of power.

0-4 Tier Country Level Influence: 0-4 characters are capable of having feats and influence that can reach up to small to mid-sized characters. This is mostly varied between the - and + system. As a 0-4- would probably be able to have enough energy within them to equal destroying a small country such as a Cuba, while a 0-4++ could potentially destroy larger countries such as Algeria.

0-3 Tier -Contential Influence : 0-3 Characters have the potential to reach contientail levels of influence when it comes to their energy and feats. Of ocurse, this does not automatically mean that all character will be able to realize them or do the mon the same level. For example: it would be improbable for a character to simply generate enough energy to wipe out a continent within the blink of an eye .This is because other characters would combat it, it would take up time, there are other variables and many defenses to try and fight it.

However, it further puts into perceptive the strength of these characters and the potency + volume that their energy has once they reach this scale. Since they are often the third strongest type of characters on the site and are often in charge in factions when the faction leaders are unable to represent themselves. Hence why they are capable of changing the tides in many wars if used properly.

0-2 Tier - Planet Level: 0-2 to 0-2++ characters have the potential to become moon level to multi-planet level busting characters towards the latter end of the scale. 0-2 will often be closer to Moon level, 0-2+'s have the capacity to destroy small planets and 0-2++'s have the capacity to have energy outputs which give them feats capable of destroying large or multiple planets in rare cases.

Note, however, this is often in reference to their FULL power and they may often see many types of strain, difficulties or checks and balances when reaching that. And, more often than not, this simply refers to their POTENTIAL. It is very UNLIKELY, if not impossible, for many characters to destroy planets outright because there are other types of defenses, different characters and other variables which will prevent them from destroying the PH verse. It's merely used a reference scale to put in perceptive how potent their potential/feats/energy is.

0-1 Tier - Star Level: Essentially, 0-1 characters are those that are capable of mass stellar feats. They are more or less able to create or destroy stars at their full power, produce whole realms of their own without equipment and otherwise have enough energy to make them what is considered "gods" of PH. This term is used loosely because things such as absolutes do not exist and these characters are primarily referred to that due to the fact that 0-1 is just the strongest known tier. Actual gods do NOT exist on PH.

Additionally, this does not mean a character can also just casually use their power to create/destroy a star. This is often in some kind of release or drawing out 100% of their power. And this also does NOT mean they can just use this power without staff overview. Usually, more often than not, this excess amount of energy is primarily used to increase their stamina, durability or strength to absurd levels as opposed to outright destruction. As Mana Asthavon, for instance, uses it to often keep her sub-atomic regeneration going for long periods of time.



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The Powerscale Of The PH Verse[PRONE TO EDITS AT ANY TIME]
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