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 Rooted [Taichou/Henrex]

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"Flying, like on a jet?" Taichou blinked up at him with curiousity, a questioning smile gracing her lips. Her hands fixed themselves upon the musculature of his back, holding him close to her; and enjoying his closeness, no doubt.

The Demoness hadn't minded the prying eyes that were boring holes into her back — it was part of the ever-growing territory of being kin with Arianda — but Henrex's request of going elsewhere was as welcome as a glass of water under the baking sun of a desert.

"Where to now, Henny?"

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"Not exactly, Tai." He said, chuckling softly as he felt her hands trace over his back.

The male's head tilted to the sky, gazing at the twinkling midnight. A smile graced his lips as he turned around, pulling Taichou to his chest and holding her head to his heart. The soft, rhythmic beating of the Hybrid's heart was like a drum. Softly grabbing the Vael's chin and lifting her face to him, his eyes closed as his wings unfurled, spreading to their full wingspan.

"Flying like this, on wings." He said, smiling softly as the avian's primary features were revealed.

Two purple wings shimmered in the midst of the night as a few shining feathers dropped from the protrusions. They shined with the light of steel but were soft to the touch -- at least, up until they were hurled at someone like hail. The wings coiled around his body, wrapping around Taichou, and Henrex's arms draped around her as his aura and willpower seeped from him, providing a calm tone to his natural presence.

With his wings spreading once again, Henrex reached down and swept the Demoness off her feet, resting his arm in the area behind her knees, now holding her bridal-style. Lifting off the ground, Henrex drifted off into the night sky.

"I have somewhere that I want to take you, but..." He said, trailing off.

"Do you have anywhere you want to go? If so...I want to go there first."

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Rooted [Taichou/Henrex]
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