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 Shades Of Liberty Dyed In The Blood Of Subjugation [Demonica VS Liu]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shades Of Liberty Dyed In The Blood Of Subjugation [Demonica VS Liu]   Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:01 am




Artist: BlindVoid - Song: MO-NA-D-2

The world is only what you make it out to be. In a reality where the capacity to shift your own thoughts into material form is possible, the limiting idea that the existence around Demonica is nothing but sludge is only the manifestation if her own ruin. It was NOT the independence that Liu sought, so it was a form of internal subjugation that made this Devil laugh with a sense of fascination behind her tone of speaking.

"If you will it, so shall it be."

Those words were the truth and they would infuse the power to invoke a sense of liberation and freedom all the shackles of life which dared to ensnare Liu within her grasp. And, in the case of Demonica, this foul demon from the depths of her homeworld was yet another tool of enslavement to cease her amusement, fun, and thrill in seeing what shades of liberation and subjugation could be forged in this world with the influence of her and Nizhuan's cosmic hand.

Therefore -- she needed to be dealt with.

It was clear to see that she wasn't going to go anywhere, and Liu was more than happy to oblige fighting against something which had caused her so much grief in the past. To fight against another demon made her heart accelerate, while the power which lay within her beat like a raging volcano ready to burst at any moment. Indeed, while her gracious attitude gave off the air of composure, the insides of the woman were ready to claw out the magnificence of the sun itself when it came to the erratic feelings of fighting against her own kind.

"And so, I say to you: to hell with your subjugation, my natural demon friend."

The metaphorical gauntlet had been thrown down with those words which were uttered in such a placid-sounding voice. When Liu had finished speaking, the woman's cloth turned to fire and she was soon adorned for battle. (Refer to image below for how she looks now) It was apparent that creatures of Demon World could not be reasoned with through mere words, so The Overseer of liberation would free her through the action of violence, force, and power.

"I will free you from your battle lust, but that lust will not subjugate my own desires, I'm afraid."

Then, with one raising motion of her right hand, the woman pointed towards the gray stained heavens and gave quite the wicked smile in Demonica's direction.

"So long as you agree not to harm anyone in our scrap, I will more than happy to oblige in eradicating that boring vision of yours of what the world is."

With that, The Hell Demon would give a wink of her right eye at the demon and take off at the speed of sound one mile into the atmosphere. All the while, her energy would leave nothing but cackles in the distance as a sense of oceanic power lingered in the region. It did not matter that Hayden was nearby, it did not matter that Ravan was nearby; the only thing that mattered now was her tunnel vision to indulge in her own ambitions and relish in the embodiment of liberation that she was.

No one was going to stop this until she had her fill.

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Shades Of Liberty Dyed In The Blood Of Subjugation [Demonica VS Liu]
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