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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Enter The Cavern Of Weakness; Sink Into Strength [Gotei United Thread]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Enter The Cavern Of Weakness; Sink Into Strength [Gotei United Thread]   Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:53 pm


Artist: Demetori - Song: Alice in Underground - Word Count: N/A

[Setting: Imagine that after walking down a mile or so of rocky terrain that Ladon would find Ibiki under a waterfall. There are amber lights around them which are being generated by Ibiki's energy. These lights can also be seen as a trail marker of sorts from the time that Ladon enters the cave, to the time where he reaches the cave and finds Ibiki.

This underground cavern of sorts should expand for many miles on end, but the location where they are at is a mixture of water and rock.

What Does Ibiki Look Like: If you need a reference for what Ibiki looks like, just refer to the image below.]

To ascend, one must come from below. So it is for that simple reason by Ibiki had called Ladon to meet with her in the depths of the Kenpachi Foundation's underground caverns. It is here in these dark depths that their training would initially begin and she'd force the male to begin taking the first steps out of a weakening darkness and into the light of an overwhelming dawn filled with a renewed sense of will, power and ability to thrive.

Thus, as the flames of the cavern lit a trail for the young pupil to follow, the master of this training session would be sitting in the lotus position underneath a waterfall. Was it cliche? Perhaps. However, a part of Ibiki was just plain silly. As her own personal reason for letting the streams of frigid water fall down her back was to simply get her daily bathing out of the way. It was a nice way to relax, focus one's mind and get her set on the objective at hand: improving the fighting force of the Soul Society.

With her Resolve Force, Ibiki did have the ability to scan for potential candidates whom could be ignited and helped by her prowess. While many people possessed an idle sort of willpower, there were always those outliners that needed a push and could find their true potential unlocked. As such, she looked within her own division and found a few candidates worthy enough to invest in and train. And it is for this reason why Ibiki did not randomly choose Ladon, as opposed to her power outright leading him to The Devil Shinigami.

You see, Ibiki needed to spend more time trying to improve the actual manpower of the organization that is the Gotei United. The woman feels as if she had done an excellent job bringing it back from the brink, but now is the time to begin infusing that faith, will and discipline into those she can trust to lead and manage. So, while many feel strange from the days of old that she remembers, the woman's will allowed her to carry on in this new era and risk entrusting the visions of those long past in this current generation. There was no other path than death if she refused to do this. And Ibiki was not ready to die yet; regardless of her being over five hundred years old.

Therefore, the amber-eyed shinigami would open her eyes and already have a training plan in store to help carry on this vision. All that she required was for the boy to enter and they could begin.

Thus, with this simple word, she'd motion for him to enter



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Enter The Cavern Of Weakness; Sink Into Strength [Gotei United Thread]   Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:49 pm

The Ice Prince


Artist: ROOKIEZ is PUNK’D - Song: In My World - Word Count: 553

Ladon would not lie in the fact that actually getting called somewhere by Ibiki herself was a little bit frightening; sure, he admired her, a lot. He also somehow already had a crush on her... Welp, at the least Gekido was giving him all the shit about it whenever she could; her method of entertainment when Ladon is normally pretty damned boring. As the young man -- or would he still be "boy" in a situation like this? -- continued down the multiple passages, twists, turns, and corridors that was the Kenpachi Foundations underground caverns; he could not help but feel lost as he was simply in darkness. He heard Gekido commenting on all this, simply wondering why the hell it would be so dark. The darkness was only momentary, at least.

After Ladon took a step in the right direction, lights around him burned into life; showing him the general path that he needed to take. He could only swallow softly and hope Ibiki was taking him down her because of training purposes; actually, strange to hope that when it was basically what he asked for from her. Ladon popped his neck and attempted to throw aside his fears of what may come, but, in the end he couldn't. Possibly because those fears aren't what hold us back, it's the lack of will to overcome the fear. Ladon swallowed softly and did his best to uphold what will he possessed in his being; likely lacking compared to many. But, there was no question that it was strong, strong enough to at least help him out in situations he has dealt with in the past; especially when it came to his fiance dying.

Ladon fixed the tie around his neck as he was still wearing that uniform from the world of the living. Not so much of habit at this point, but, it was more of comfort; much more comfortable than his Shihakusho. But, that was probably a torn wreck by now. Ladon sighed as his feet aimlessly kept him along the path he needed to follow; towards Ibiki. Ladon's heart leaped into his throat upon feeling Ibiki's energy. It was a strange mix of comfort and foreboding that nearly always came into Ladon's being when he sensed the energy; comfort because of familiarity and what she has already done for him. However, that foreboding came into play with her power, and her position as the current Kenpachi. Couldn't lie that he still thought her a bad ass...

Ladon soon arrived at a door or arc-type entrance in which he peered through; spotting Ibiki nearly instantly. She was wearing attire that spoke seriousness, not like her energy did it for her. Ladon had a soft smile upon his face for merely instants when he looked upon Ibiki, but, he let it fade when he heard her request to enter; which he did without any qualms or protest. He walked into the room and stood opposite of Ibiki; standing at least 6 feet from her until she told him to come closer. Ladon gave her a slight bow, which was a little clumsy as well; his eyes never leaving her. Afterwards, he simply waited for Ibiki to speak, hand on Gekido's pommel and eyes forwards and unwavering.

Coding Altered From: [THEFROST]'s

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Enter The Cavern Of Weakness; Sink Into Strength [Gotei United Thread]
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