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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Despair   Fri May 19, 2017 10:37 am

» Item Name: Despair
» Item Type: Tsubasa Unabara
» Used For: Combo of Things

Info:Some claim that this is the oldest Steed alive among the Horsemen. Tsubasa made Despair when the time called for all things to be broken. When time was meant to be destroyed and freed. When Tsubaki died it took so long for it to register with him. Each brother lost something but Tsubasa lost something that could never be brought back. Innocence was taken from him and he became even more bloodthirsty. Giving up the aspect of being anything but a murderer. Despair is the incarnation of Tsubasa's Despair, the weapon takes the form of a blade. That can transform into a scythe and change its appearance based on reiatsu. This allows him to fight without regard for many things. Like most Steed's this one must feast on souls to evolve. It's been in his use since the days of old, he's set it aside. To fight without it and allow himself to grow without it. But now the time as coming for Steed and Rider to come together.

Tsubasa and Despair have an extremely close relationship but it's unhealthy. As it is with all the Steeds and their wielders. They generally have some form of relationship or connection. In this case, Despair doesn't calm Tsubasa but brings out the darker side of him. The Pale Rider cannot be contained as well when he wields this weapon. The powers that this weapon allows him to perform are exceptional tools for Tsubasa to wield in his state. While he's gotten used to wielding both his zanpakuto blades. He's always practiced fighting with Despair in hand. The trouble with wielding this dark and old blade. Is that its personality always pulls him into darkness. It draws upon the power that Tsubasa has denied for years. The demon sleeping in the depths of him hungers for death and destruction. Chaos and Calamity are beasts that sleep within the Pale's chest. This sword allows him to embrace the true him beneath all of the code and honor. Despair is the key to a dark shackle beneath it all.


  • Shadow Manipulation: Tsubasa's shown the power when having this blade with him. To manipulate and control shadows to do many things. Creating life-like clones of himself in the middle of a battle that fights as he does. These however upon being struck melt back into shadow. He can create Tendrils and do many things that defy the imagination even combining it with his zanpakuto powers. To form different capabilities, using the shadow of his attacks to create many moves. Fighting with the desire to kill an enemy is something trained for most people. While using this power is taxing and does cost reiatsu like any other. It's something he can do within the control Despair has given him. Having another voice inside your head is simply something one cannot ignore. By manipulating Shadow's he could even create constructions of his choice. Knights who are gifted power to fight his enemies. This is done by using his sword to create an absence of light, the dark mist that comes out from it. Allows him to control and formulate an attack while it can be stopped by using a large amount of light. The way this works in lamens terms is the use of creating darkness through the sword's connection to his reishi. By giving a little he is able to create and enhance darkness through his energy. This allows him to communicate and send out a frequency fo energy that causes shadows to grow. Making them exist and manipulate through his energy.

  • Shadow Swallowing: Tsubasa is able to take someone with him into the shadows to fight. In a realm with no light or sound in its place. Only those holding the weapon may see and hear within the shadows. This doesn't mean the enemy can't feel or detect things. Tsubasa's number he can take into shadows depends on energy spent. Using this allows for him to move without trigger sensories as he's within the shadow. His physical body doesn't exist on a scale he can be found. Traveling within darkness is taxing as it takes more focus and requires him to pay attention better. Emerging from the wrong shadow can be costly. This does grant him boons as the legendary assassin aside from his skill at disappearing. Tsubasa has shown that this technique is where it all comes from. Interacting with shadows is how he learned that skill. Much like a relationship with a spirit, these weapons can teach their wielder. Tsubasa and Despair's relationship while unhealthy is fruitful him.

  • Shadow Attacks:Tsubasa's able to hide attacks in the shadow of attacks. These become visible with enough focus and skill in detecting what a person can do. By fighting this way he's able to hide attacks or other things within his shadows. Releasing them for a cost of extra energy to destroy his enemies. He can even attack people through their shadow. For example, if he stabs someone's shadow in the area a heart is. He is able to do damage to that area. This is tricky as some people may find it odd and only the blade Despair can do this. He can't use any attack he wants to target a shadow. Tsubasa's shown the capability of using this quickly and fluidly hitting Shadows and moving. The people struck by this are damaged internally and show no signs on the outside. This allows for fluid assassination. If Tsubasa is able he can do this very quickly without leaving much to chance. Showing little sign of him appearing, these attacks do go around armor as they hit the bodies internal organs.

  • Mass Shadow Travel: Tsubasa is able to absorb a massive amount of people say armies into his shadows and move them elsewhere. This takes a ton of concentration and focuses for him to move such a large amount. But he can move and relocate things this way using shadows that take the form of a massive Crow. He's able to teleport them practically anywhere for a large amount of energy. He can cross realms and do quite a bit of troop movement with it. Tsubasa's kept this ace in the hole hidden from the light of day. As the Mass Shadow Travel is something that takes a lot of energy. It's not free and depending on the number could tire him out. But it's possible for him to bring a small but powerful unit of fighters to places. Tsubasa can even select where to drop them during travel. Having them exit from certain areas. This while useful in terms of Troop movement helped the Unabara with Infiltration above all else. Tsubasa's Intellect combined with this power is truly frightening. Once Per Thread Only

  • Event Only Shadow Army: Now this is something he can only do during an event. But he creates an army of shadows out of everyone's shadow. This allows them to fight and bring about the forces to a different number. Tsubasa doesn't require much aside from focus and energy to do it. Sending ou pulse he creates the shadows as they appear from people's shadows. Normally killing those unprepared right away for the massive unit. They can slink and behave as Shadows moving unnaturally during combat. Making them hard to hit and defeat at times. Tsubasa's Shadow Army isn't only people but equipment as well. He is able to use it on anything that has a shadow. This is a rather powerful capability of his sword. Which allowed the Unabara to survive the many battles they encountered. Despair is a weapon that has many skills still locked away by the fear of him. He's yet to truly begin to accept the Darkness and become something loathsome.

» Item Description: The sword looks like a regular katana innocent enough till drawn. The weapon is black on its blade and seems to give off a dark reiatsu. The feeling is menacing and evil as though the blade thirsts for life. It hungers and crawls for that damnation of souls. Its hunger seems to be for flesh and beyond that a pain that cannot be described. This weapon is very special and bonded to the Unabara Leader Tsubasa. It's unlikely it will ever allow a second wielder. Its interest in him is unhealthy and almost dark. Some people whose stare at it long enough are said to see the tormented souls. They can even hear screams and cries of howling that echo into their minds.

» Obtained From: This item was obtained via a blood ritual that took the soul of a hollow and bound it to a weapon. The weapon has undergone many evolutions due to the feeding of souls to its frame. Giving it plenty of time and progress to become the destructive tool it is now.

» Yen Price:Dunno.

» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Despair   Fri May 19, 2017 9:00 pm

[adm]After talking with Crow in PC, I'll be approving this. If anyone has problems with this, or if this is abused, talk with me personally.[/adm]
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