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 The World's Always Changing [Junko/Steiner] [Closed]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The World's Always Changing [Junko/Steiner] [Closed]   Wed May 24, 2017 8:39 am

The Silent Magpie


Junko walked quietly through the park she had happened upon in her wandering, being able to keep herself calm and quiet. No one was really around, considering it was nearly, well, midnight. It was pretty dark as well, near to no lights present. She left Arianda's humble abode, or well, "mom's" humble abode. She wasn't too clear on the idea of calling her mom, since well, she already had a mom, and the idea of a mom cemented in her head. She wasn't too keen on being treated like a kid again... But there was a little voice in her head that was faint, but she could hear it, urging her to go along with it, that she would be happy. She easily drowned out that little voice in her head with a heavy flow of why she shouldn't, but that still didn't make it cease it's chatter of all the opportunities.

The girl sighed and lied down on the grass, staring at the night sky. She was a bit amazed she could actually see the night sky, at least much better than she had before; when she was little all the clouds blotted out the stars, so it was just staring at a black sky and sometimes a moon. She slowly smiled, exhaling softly.

What she didn't notice, was her body shrinking as she shut her red eyes. Becoming much younger, much smaller. She didn't realize she was lying in clothing much bigger for her, considering how thickly clothed she was.

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