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 Li Qiang Justice Tarot

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Li Qiang Justice Tarot    Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:12 pm

» Name Of Character: Li Qiang
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Dragon's Justice Balmung:This is the awakened form of Justice in it's the purest formation. It allows Qiang to tap into the power of Dragons. Turning the once innocent Claymore into a blade with a name. Balmung, the weapon is born of flames and summoned through this method. But it does more than that, Qiang's eyes upon activation seem reptilian almost. heat seems to come from his body and extend from that area. While using his fire creatively he's able to perform many feats with this. But Qiang's skill with the element isn't the main purpose. The dragon like transformation he undertakes for his Justice is the main calling card. His body gains scales of a crimson color and depending on his release he gains more benefits. But in its passive form, he's able to manipulate heat in a small area. Qiang's interest in the weapon and it's unlocking has brought some interest. Qiang has found his strength and durability increased a significant amount. Though he doesn't know all the weaknesses of the scales yet. What can be said is the dragon is a Chinese Fire Dragon. His body changes slowly as he releases into higher plains. Gaining more skills as he goes into the transformations. Qiang has noted his transformations don't affect his mind or eyes much. His sight and sense of smell don't seem to gain much of an increase in the releases he can perform. This is of course based on the information he has presently.

Joushou Release: In his first Release Qiang gains light dragons scales around his arms and feet. A couple around his face among other places. He's able to manipulate the flame more effectively when fighting his enemies. He's able to breathe fire to an extent though he does claim a slight discomfort from such. This isn't a perfectly completed transformation in this form. While his lungs and body parts do function similar to a Dragons. His arms and legs are where the main focus is. Controlling heat and temperature for the sake of doing so. This isn't a clear cut reason or practice. Qiang is likely to his first couple times misuse the fire or even mess up. It should be noted eventually upon reaching his third release these issues might become less. Qiang'sn use of fire is almost wild making it less about control. He's not someone who's doing this neatly or wielding it with controlled precise movements. In this form, it can be noted that he does gain claws on his hands. His emotions and fighting style seem similar to a fire bender. But while his sense of control and use of emotions seem clean. Qiang's not completely capable of using this power safely with others yet and will require a training thread.

Zenou Release: This is as far as Qiang is able to proceed with the releases at the moment. Due to his other form not being used. His entire body is engulfed in flames beyond his control in this form. Qiang does seem to have more scales along his upper body and back. He's able to form Dragon like parts and create fire based attacks in this form. But the uncontrollable tsunami of fire on him is an issue. Qiang has shown little tact or control of fire so far in his unlocking of this one. It's a hard thing to grasp as it's not as though he woke up and understood the others. Time is needed to truly get used to certain things. Having Dragon fangs and feeling more bestial then man is also strange. Qiang's hair not catching on fire and other strange things that bother him. What he gains is decent protection from most attacks through scales. These function similar to Hierro and their effectiveness can be measured from his Release Control. The better that is the more control over the Tarots he is likely to gain. his Strength Increase isnt' as prounouced as the Durability one.

» Why: Qiang has the Tarots he can unlock when certain conditions are filled. One of the easier ones was unlocked though by accident for Qiang. He's lost the capability of using Mirja to unlock any more powers. The rules of his Tarot are set up by myself in this way. Only one character can unlock a tarot and no more. Meaning she unlocked one and thus no more can be unlocked by her ever. The conditions of unlocking them vary from Tarot to Tarot. But for Justice, he had to give up on his desire to fight her. On meeting his desire and uphold honor and dignity. Now he's done this before, but with people who had already unlocked weapon forms or things like that. This isn't a simple process in any form and he will experience failures when using the powers above on his first attempts.
» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Li Qiang Justice Tarot    Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:13 pm

[mod]I am approving the adding of this to the app, but currently only Justice's Balmung is usable in-thread. The other releases require additional unlocks.[/mod]
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Li Qiang Justice Tarot
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