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 A Journey to the Shinigami

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: A Journey to the Shinigami   Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:55 pm

Word Count: --

This wasn't working at all, this guy wasn't taking damage or getting wounded. What was the plan for him to keep going here now. He couldn't just keep swinging mindlessly against him. More power was needed physically in order to fight this guy. It wasn't such a simple feat as he'd hoped. He felt the cut go from one side to the other sending blood everywhere. But this was the chance he was waiting for in truth. Some opening that Zaraki left, the male holding him let him keep pretty close. He refused to break here or fall apart in this place. His determination began increasing his capabilities if only a bit. He brought a hand forward slamming it into the body Zaraki's torso. But this strike was normal as blood ran down his torso now. His breathing heavy as he slammed a fist into the sternum of Zaraki. A massive shockwave of force would blast out the male's back. He'd did an internal attack now instead of focusing on hitting him within. The damage outside was like being slammed by a truck at full speed.

"To hell with this, I'm not going to let this go..I will beat you one way...Or another." He said in a voice with breathing in between as his chest rose and fell. He didn't care about pain anymore it was meaningless. He'd enjoy himself in this battle and find someone to unlock a Tarot. He no longer cared about what came of it all as he began throwing hands now. Losing the weapons as he deemed it impossible to damage Zaraki presently with them. His fists slammed into Zaraki's torso and body with immense strength. Getting three hits to the chest in maybe if he was lucky. He capped it off with an uppercut sending a massive shockwave into the jaw of Zaraki. Sending a blast upwards and trying to send the man into orbit. He'd watched Mirja use power and had gotten an idea on it. But this had nothing to do with that at the moment. This was a fight to prove himself to this man and something else. He'd let the Sugiura leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth. The East were Warriors and they'd not bow down lightly.

His eyes stared defiant and unwilling to bow down or give into this man. He didn't forget the shoulder grab, he was sure this man's grip wouldn't go. He could switch powers at any time to fight Zaraki now. But something told him he couldn't really let this go easily. He wanted to prove he could face this man without releasing powers. Also, it didn't help Death was currently locked due to its condition. This battle was only just getting started here in this place. He'd not give in so easily as he considered releasing the explosion gauntlets. To fight Zaraki's massive power, but something in his mind told him. He needed to stay this way for now to fight him. That weapons were one way of fighting this man. His bare-knuckled fighting style of sending damage into the organs instead of the body's outside. Hopefully, it was effective in this moment. But something told him that it didn't matter how or why he did things. Only that they happened in this regard, that he fought tooth and nail.

Death's curtain was raised and prepared for whatever came out of this fight. His mind flashed back to several other fights as he tried to figure out some way to wound or perhaps defeat this enemy. Death was a constant reminder of his mortality and perhaps something of fear. If Zaraki did kill him, he'd awaken what Qiang had somewhat desired to be locked away. He didn't like this tarot's personality much. Finding it somewhat bothersome and gloom compared to normal. This was, of course, a contrast to his beliefs and ideals.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: A Journey to the Shinigami   Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:34 pm

Though Zaraki actually had let go of his opponent to let him drop backward or fall to the ground, he apparently was still within range of Tetsuya's fist as the man landed a powerful punch square against his chest. Despite Li Qiang's best intentions much of even the interior damage the punch could normally cause was still blocked by Zaraki's pure outer physical durability, a layer of defense which could not simply ignore. However the infamous Shinigami swordsman could feel the man's determination in the strike, clearly still far from falling despite the tremendous damage he had already sustained. This fact caused a small smile to form from Kenpachi's lips, an acknowledgement of the Sugiura's willpower and willingness to fight to the last. At the same time though, Zaraki was no fan of essentially committing suicide just to prove a point. To him it was far more important to leave alive and improve enough to grasp victory later.

Wanting to prove a point himself, Zaraki Kenpachi stayed standing still and within range of Li Qiang to allow the man to land all his following successive strikes against his torso. Every single punch would cause just as much damage to his own fists as he might have expected to cause to Zaraki, but unfortunately he didn't benefit from the sheer durability the Shinigami possessed. While all the attacks together may have caused some pain, Zaraki had long since mastered the ability to ignore it to the point of almost seeming to not even feel it in the first place. For this reason he didn't really care much about anything Li Qiang was able to do to his body, as not only would the Sugiura likely suffer from severe damage to his hands and wrists but Zaraki wanted to show him dying here would be a waste.

"Dying here doesn't get you an award, it doesn't get you shit. Go get stronger and then come back, you're not fun to fight anymore." With this challenge spoken aloud to Li Qiang, Zaraki rested his gigantic Zanpakuto against his right shoulder and turned to walk away from the bloodied man. Dealing a deathblow to someone barely strong enough to keep fighting took too much energy and was, above all things, boring to Zaraki Kenpachi. However if his foe would try continuing this fight, he would be entirely willing to cut him down.

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A Journey to the Shinigami
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