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 You Never Really Leave the Life [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: You Never Really Leave the Life [Open]   Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:46 pm

Solas Foiche


As the warm morning light began to creep through her barely parted curtains to signal the beginning of a new day, the woman groaned and slowly opened her eyes to watch the tendril of light and warmth make its way towards her face. She sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes, yawning widely and stretching her arms out, feeling the half-sleepiness still finding its way through her muscles and core. She glanced over towards the red, flashing clock a couple of metres away and whined quietly at the time - 8.30 - she had barely gotten any rest, yet she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep now. Sighing and turning to sit on the edge of her bed, she shook her head and checked back over to the other side behind her. The indent of a person remained, but it wasn't warm. They'd left several hours ago, it seemed. She didn't blame them. Yawning widely and sliding off of the bed onto her bare feet, she reached down to her bedside table and shifted her glasses onto her face. Almost immediately the falseties vanished, leaving behind the material world that she lived in.

Sighing and yawning, Solas turned to take a quick look at herself in the mirror. She made a noise of frustration and ran fingers through her hair, trying to straighten it out at least a little bit before she had to go through her day. She would most likely get a good wash out of it before she went out for the day. Closing her eyes and yawning again, she shuffled out of her bedroom and into the kitchen of her reasonably small, cozy apartment. "Day 738 of retirement, nothing has changed..." Sighing out loud, she placed a hand onto the counter and shook her head, before taking a small glass and filling it to the brim with water. Downing that quickly, she shook her head again and slapped her cheek in an attempt to wake herself up. Stretching out again, she shuffled into her bathroom - shuffling back out 30 minutes later feeling much more refreshed, yet still feeling tired.

It had been over two years now, since she went into something of a "retirement." She didn't quite recall the reasons why, but she understood that at the time Genpaku had decided to go underground. Not willing to let him do that alone, Solas took the opportunity to leave the Vanguard and go underground as well. Sure, this seemed like the cowardly thing to do, but she had her reasons for sticking by Genpaku's decisions. That being said, retirement wasn't all that it was cracked out to be. Frankly, she was bored out of her goddamn skull.

Twenty minutes later. she had kitted herself out in her regular, mostly form-fitting clothing and opened the curtains of her bedroom. She took the time to make her bed, get everything together and stretch out once more. Passing a comb through her hair (Gigai were troublesome at best to maintain) and making sure that everything was in its correct place before she left, Solas endeavoured to go out and find something new to entertain herself.

Little did she know that in the bright, warm sunlight of Hawai'i she would find something to do - but that thing would bring her back to a life she had thought long gone.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: You Never Really Leave the Life [Open]   Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:17 pm