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 A Need To Be Seen (Solo Thread)

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Haru Ryuu
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Need To Be Seen (Solo Thread)    Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:03 am

A normal person would think he was crazy, sitting in the middle of the forest with a sword on his lap. But another being like him would easily be able to see what he was doing. To the normal human mind he was just a guy with a sword, but Arashi was actually trying to commune with his Zanpakuto spirit. Veritas, the spirit in question, was a flightly thing with a will as changeable as Arashi's own gender. But that didn't stop him from wanting to speak to the spirit. After all, he needed Veritas' help in training. He wanted to grow stronger, Veritas training him being the fastest way of doing so. He had no choice but to grow stronger. And so, here he was. His master was unlikely to help him, and nobody else even knew him, so Veritas was his only choice.

He knew that his entering his inner world took a lot of effort on his own part, and required Veritas to help to a degree. It all depended on the spirit's mood, it seemed. Taking deep, soothing breaths, he would soon find himself drifting into a half-conscious state he usually found himself in before he entered his inner world. He remained like this for what seemed to be hours, though in reality took a few minutes. In this state he would not be able to feel any injuries he obtained in real life, only in his inner world. When he finally opened his eyes, a familiar chessboard came into view.

"Veritas," called the shinigami, "I know you want to play, so where are you? Hoshikage too, knowing you you want to try and take control again."

"I'm here, Arashi. But I'm afraid you'll have to pry the knowledge you seek out of me with a fight." came the reply.

Arashi did not say anything, but he sighed. Veritas didn't intend to train him outright, so a fight it was. The spirit, having remained hidden, finally showed himself in front of Arashi. The spirit carried the same sword at his hip as the boy, the sword that Veritas represented. The spirit's face was hard, though his eyes sparkled with untold mischief. Likely he would try to trick him in a fight.

"I won't go easy on you, Arashi." warned the spirit, removing the blade from the sheath.

"I know," said Arashi, "but I still want to try." He finished. The small boy stood with sword in hand, shifting to a proper fighting stance. Two child-like entities faced off, and the battle began. Sword met sword in a ringing clash of metal, and the two were each throwing all their strength into the blow. Teeth gritted, and then they jumped apart. A swift exchange of blows followed, each met with furious resistance from the other. An even match, one might think. But it wasn't even close to even, both combatants knew it. Veritas was merely toying with him until he grew tired of the game. The next blow they exchanged only served to furthur the truth of that. Arashi, who had been holding his own, now found himself sent flying across the chess board.
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Haru Ryuu
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Haru Ryuu

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A Need To Be Seen (Solo Thread)    Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:14 am

He absolutely hated feeling powerless, but compared to Veritas he was weak. Hoshikage too, had much experience over Arashi. But that didn't mean Arashi was ready to give up. As he flew across the board, he knew he was never going to beat either of the spirits in this fight. And true to that feeling, he felt a pair of arms wrap around him and catch him even as he was falling. "Good timing, Hoshikage." He said, knowing full well Hoshikage had only saved him so he could join in on the rather uneven fight.

"3 way fight?" Asked Arashi as the hollow set him down. Hoshikage didn't say anything, but the eager look in his eyes was enough for Arashi to determine the answer. Veritas chuckled, watching the exchange. All 3 had a hold of their identical blades now, and as Arashi moved a small distance from Hoshikage, the fight resumed. 2 overwhelming powers, clashing with Arashi's own weaker power, was a sight to behold. The sound of metal on metal, pained crys when Arashi got hit too hard, laughter from Veritas... it overwhelmed the senses. The noise, the colors, all of it was enough to confuse poor Arashi significantly. He couldnt keep up, as evidenced by the number of hits he was taking. Hoshikage and Veritas barely seemed tired, in comparison.

"I'm not giving up that easily!" Arashi growled, even as he took a hit that would probably put him out of commission. His legs were buckling underneath him, and his body shaking. Mentally, he was cursing himself. That was so weak! There's no way I should be going down so easily here!

And yet, he was down on his knees before both spirits. Hoshikage grinning, Veritas smirking, he felt as if he would never shape up enough. But he had to, if he wanted his revenge. After a moment had passed, Veritas spoke. "You are improving, Arashi. You would never have lasted this long before. But you need to learn not to let anybody hold you back. Our battle may have only lasted 5 minutes, but in those 5 minutes you did your best not to give up. Do not despair."

Briefly, Arashi wondered how such a chlidlike being could be so wise. It was true, what Veritas had said. He had improved, and was still improving. He could do better, this he knew. And thus, Arashi decided he would keep trying. "I guess you both had me beat this time. But one day, I will come out on top. Mark my words, I will beat you both!" He muttered, even as he knew his time in the inner world was almost up.
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A Need To Be Seen (Solo Thread)
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