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 Carnival of the Animals [Marek - Lillium]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Carnival of the Animals [Marek - Lillium]   Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:41 am

Blinding lights in every direction, a bustle of people so full walkways were clogged despite it being 11pm. Marek had certainly made it to Vegas. He hadn't been here in 30 years, but the city never truly changed has it? The gamblers and the drunks all staggered around him as he made his way to a swing club on the far side of the strip. The vampire didn't care about how outdated cello music was, he had always been a sucker for it.

A casually stroll in, a wave to the door man and he was away from the rabble. Inside everything was lit in dim golds and coppers, the bar to the left several meters high and full of some of the hardest spirits you could find. The center floor had several circular tables, only a few of which populated. But then there was the stage. Strings of lights hung off of it, and upon the floor was the orchestral set. The band members were currently on break between sets so he was just in time.

Marek took a seat at a two person table along the rail, turning the seat and crossing his legs. Taking the small note pad from his chest pocket, he jotted his drink order down before the waitress arrived. In clear yet swooped handwriting, it said Santa Theresa Rum, something that seemed to impress the woman. When it had arrived, he leaned back and took a light sip of it, the burn of his throat satisfying. Not having a tongue didn't mean he couldn't enjoy good alcohol. Now all he had to do was wait for the show to start back up, with a large grin he was ready to enjoy it.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Carnival of the Animals [Marek - Lillium]   Tue Mar 27, 2018 2:54 pm

Lilium was just outside the casino, having taken a break from the annoyance inside. The drunks of this night were a bit too touchy-feely of her, and naturally the girl got her ass out of there before she caved one of the fuck's faces in. She was rather close to her wings growing and the black dribble of sin to escape her eyes and mouth, but she managed to pull herself away before any of the sins could drive her actions.

"..Okay, an hour's enough. Back to the grind..."

The young Danava then pushed her way back in, immediately trying to find a place to sit down and watch things. She didn't want to be near the idiots who were far too inclined to touching her... And to her dismay, she felt an arm wrap around her, the noxious smell of an alcohol and smoke mix almost making her dizzy. Some random chick had popped up and seemed drunk enough to have forgotten to walk.

"Heeey pretty girl~ Wanna play a ga-"

Lilium, without a skip of a heartbeat, forcibly lowered the woman into a nearby empty seat, not giving much of a thought to if it hurt; she knew she'd be better sitting than strutting around not knowing what the fuck what she was doing.

"No. Sit."

She lifted away, quickly vanishing into the crowd, her mind back to focusing on getting a seat... Which she located one that wasn't too close to the extremely die hard gamblers, but it had some strange fellow sitting in one of the seats, sipping a drink.

Please don't be drunk, please don't be drunk, please don't be drunk...

Lilium walked tensely to the table, sitting in the seat opposite to him, panting, "God, why do they have to be like THAT?!" She pounded her fists on the table, her head thumping against the wood as she groaned, "With the stupid touching..." Her voice was muffled as she let out a heavy, dramatic sigh.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Carnival of the Animals [Marek - Lillium]   Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:26 am

Marek jumped almost out of his seat at the impact and angered voice beside him, his sudden jerk spilling a small amount of rum onto the floor. The splat landed into the word 'CRAP,' a nifty magic ability that ran in his family.

With a deep breath and a cautious turn he saw the source, a very irritated young woman. Quickly he grabbed a napkin to clean the mess and return to her. The flustered attitude was enough to guess what the issue was, and out came his journal. 'The intoxicated perverts don't know limits, do they?' the note he passed to her said, the elaborate curves in his handwriting not even jostled. The sueki gave a soft, sincere smile to her before sipping more of his rum.
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Carnival of the Animals [Marek - Lillium]
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