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 An Unbound Heart Of Reminiscence [Adam/Atlas] [Taiwan]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: An Unbound Heart Of Reminiscence [Adam/Atlas] [Taiwan]    Sun May 27, 2018 1:47 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: Floating Title World [Remix] - Word Count: N/A

Safety, security, warmth and love were things in short supply in a world like this. This was a world where there is a constant struggle for survival, a daily battle to remain dominant and it takes a daunting effort keep the few precious commodities and people you hold dear alive to see the next day. So how is it that a person cannot react in such a savage way to this environment? In the mind of Adam, this world has little room for those creature comforts if the human race is to advance as a whole to seek their next ascension of evolution as a collective.

......yet, even in saying that, that hunger for affection and comfort still lives on all the same in both man and woman alike. It is why he found himself on the shores of Kenting National Park on this warm summer's eve. Sitting on the far end of the beach was the figure known as Adam Eve. As all the citizens and tourist alike stormed the beach to take pleasure in their company, enjoy the scenery and make the most out of their time in the setting sun; this lone figure merely engulfed himself in a cluster of rose energy.

Sinking deeper into the depths of his internal love, that feeling of embrace from Eve was all that he needed in this moment of serenity. With the passing waves of warm sea water and sand brushing against his bare feet, the male exhaled a soft release of breath as his crimson eye overlooked the burning gaze of the yellow celestial body of life in the sky.

"Even if this heart of ours is filled with spite, that love you give me is all I need to keep on our path, Eve...."

Talking to himself? What else was new. It mattered not who saw him uttering these notions to himself as he long senses stopped caring what others thought of him. All that mattered was the strong feeling of adoration burning within his spirit. The world wanted him dead, The Monsuta craved his leadership, humanity needed a figurehead to push them forward and these burdens of his failed efforts, rubbish past and questionable future were stressful things to consider.

Yet, it's that hate and love which keep him moving. As he hugged both of his knees, the male then closed his eyes and envisioned nothing but a realm of total light; where both he and Eve stood in a meadow, embraced each other and held the love of both man and woman within this vessel and temple which was their body. Even if he knew quite well this ego of Eve were traits of his personality that had been fractured off from former selves, he still clung to it as every human needs some type of foundation of care to balance themselves; even if one must make it up themselves. As, in this world, not a single spirit could comprehend his mind and he was on his own until the die he was finally slain or achieves his wildest dreams. There was no in-between.

Hence, he fell into this state of deep internal love and lived only for this moment as the sun sank deeper into the abyss; much as his own mind and heart fell further into its sea of irreparable hurt.


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An Unbound Heart Of Reminiscence [Adam/Atlas] [Taiwan]
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