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 Verathius Mischevang 2018 Revamp

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Verathius Mischevang 2018 Revamp   Wed May 30, 2018 9:52 am

The Nameless King

Verathius Mischevang
おだ たつや

Basic Information

» Name: William"Verathius" Mischevang is the given name of Verathius before long since abandoning the name of his human days. Removing himself from the painful time and memories that came of it. Childhood fancy turned into murder and somewhat contempt for what was taken from him and lost to him. Verathius may long ago of been William, but those days have long since passed and moved on to a new horizon. Few remember that name besides he himself and perhaps his sibling who he held a deep connection with Ashlei. That was alone enough for him as he followed her loyally even into becoming a hollow though not aware of it.

» Age: He is seven hundred and fifteen years old. Being born a couple minutes after his sister Ashlei. Making him one of the older children of the family. Though few know it due to his nature of not getting involved in much and flip-flopping often. This is due to a disconnection between his core from an incident that happened a while back. He suffered some damage that caused mental instability from several factors. But as one of the older children, his presence isn't forgotten easily and he does leave a lasting impression. Often forgotten behind his more well-known sisters in Rose and Ashlei. Verathius does pose an intimidating factor for his age but something else also. The lingering truth behind what sort of powers a completed form of him would hold. Had he not suffered from the neglect and damage he had for so many years. Soon that answer will be granted without a doubt.

» Race: He may of started as a human and climbed his way up the food chain as a hollow. But Verathius is an Arrancar in his final form. Having reached his pinnacle of evolution by some standards. His sisters only desired to experiment and toy with the brother. But that was due to his inability almost to say no to such things. It wasn't as though Verahtius could very well say no to those type of things easily. But he always had this need to please his sisters. To take care of them and be the man of his family. Psychologically he had issues that couldn't be defined in a small portion. As an Arrancar, even his power structure was strange and undefined until recently. Causing issues as he got closer to his truth. He couldn't locate the remains of William from those days left behind in Verathius's shadow of pain and suffering. He was the Bulwark of the Mishevang, the one who absorbed the punishment of it all. But some things don't stay gone forever even when broken.

» Gender: He is one of few males belonging to the Mischevang clan. Not many of them made it through the processes that created them all. Part of it was due to things that happened on that night. But a great many details exist outside of that incident also that make him and one other known. Verathius is by far the oldest living male member of the Mischevang family. Which if anyone met his sisters would know that is quite something of an accomplishment. While he is rather unwilling to get into the details of it. Being one of two known men for a family filled with women does make it a sausage fest almost. But some hope does exist for new males to appear and keep the bloodline moving forward. From either sisters or the brother. Though it's unknown what each is doing at this moment. The only certain thing is that Verathius is whole again and ready.

» Physical Appearance: The Mischevangs are known for two things in large that don't escape the eyes. White or Red hair that is striking to the eyes of those who behold it. Verathius is born with crimson hair and equally crimson eyes. He's a double red in some cases this is amusing in others not so much. His facial features are strong and hold an almost stoic appearance in them. Not showing much in regards to emotional features. Strong piercing eyes and a regal nose and features befitting a royal man in many cases. Verathius has the appearance of a King who simply never was seen by the world. His hair is a cut short and mostly unkempt without any facial hair. These features tend to give the appearance that he's maintained for many years. Though upon many physical alterations he did finally return to his regular appearance after a while. His body upon examination blow his facial features is fit. But not too extreme levels of other beings. He is slender in his outline almost insanely so. It appears to most eyes that he doesn't eat much.

But there is something very alarming about the way the male is built physically. His main hollow hole is easy to find. Verathius has his located where his heart should be located. This makes it a very interesting statement about the bulwark of the Mischevang having no heart. But regardless that's the location of his hole and always has been. He's got a rather short stature standing very small next to most people. Even his weight is alarmingly light to those who seem, but something about it all does appear misleading. The man is only five feet and three inches tall after all coming as a rather short presence. His sisters sometimes are taller and larger than him in many ways. Making him out to be a rather short stacked male. Though his height doesn't bother him nor does short jokes or things like that. He doesn't have a size complex like some people do when it comes to it. He only weighs one hundred and three pounds. Coming in as a very light man through and through.

Now most striking is the fact that his body appears very young. Perhaps in its early twenties for the most part. Giving him a rather youthful appearance for the most part. This appearance he has taken finally after much work as the appearance he had closest to William. Finding his way back o that after various forms of trying to get closer. Finding that echo of himself sealed away behind the shattered mind. Verathius did find it in this small form that has a weight to it all the same. Despite his size and appearance, he does have a very real and almost special aura about him. His body despite being on the extreme side of slender seems powerful in different ways. Capable of doing far more than it's deceptive appearance would show. The golden rule was that deception could be useful, leaving Rose and Ashlei to find himself again. To reclaim the lost Flame that could be a fire lighting the region ablaze again for the Hollows. Verathius had on several occasions tried to how but his broken nature just didn't allow it.

now we come to the clothing he wears oftentimes sporting this over any other options though many exist. He often times wears a long cloak over his form that's often times in tatters in several locations when traveling. But more recently he's taken to wearing something a bit more traditional. Wearing a black jacket he wears on his upper body. He often keeps it zipped up hiding his jaw and mouth in it's this area. He will be a black hakama on his bottom to cover himself with black tabi. These seem to be his general clothing choice when it comes to living in Hueco Mundo. When he has a choice he generally will wear these in all circumstances. Making no exceptions to that due to a desire for comfort and ease, as these pieces of clothing can survive his unbridled full power with little damage. Though it has happened on occasion where they've been toasted entirely leaving little behind. That's simply a result of clothing not being perfectly suitable for everything.

Finally, Verathius has markings on his body in several locations. This comes from his power known as the Tribal Hierro, these are markings formed on his body in high concentrations of Hierro. Making those locations more durable to impacts of all kinds allowing for greater chance to survive. Verathius's marking unlike normal tattoos can be moved and even change in density to keep it hidden. This is why in terms of appearance it's hard to see for even the most discerning eyes. Since he can move them around and relocate them to different locations for situations as they come. His features while handsome and almost debonair in some ways even with these markings. The Bulwark is a shield and something more as it comes from far more than just being capable of protecting one's self. On his form, he will often time has his sword on his hip though not really into using it that often. He generally would rather settle matters with his bare hands when he is able to do so.

Full Body Image

» Occupations: Verathius has been around the world and been in several places. He's served both K-World and Shadow's Fall. Been apart of both factions on different occasions due to a listlessness that took him from location to location. For K-World his arrival there was due to only for his sister Ashlei when she remained in those lands. He served in that place to be close to her and aid her. For Shadow's Fall in more recent times, he served for Rose as the Segunda and fought in many battles for them. Claiming victories and losses occasionally though not losing the war in the long run. But if you go further back to the beginning you will find that he had a different duty. He was a Gate Keeper of one of the entrances to Hueco Mundo from the Forest of Menos.

Now the reason for this was something Ashlei did on a whim. But what was strange was Verathius stayed and listened to his sister. He was programmed practically to do little else. This was the duty he was given after all to protect his sisters from harm. To be a servant almost to their whims and desires. That was the role he filled as a Bulwark, sacrificing himself for his family over and over again. She didn't just leave him there for a couple of hours either. She left him there for centuries where he devoured foolish hollows who tried his might. Verathius despite it all was a potent warrior as many would not have known. He fought shinigami and hollows alike defeating and turning back enemies left and right. It wasn't as though they could breach this location. But this did keep him far from Las Noches, and other entrances did exist to this location. He was a gatekeeper of sorts but little else as his sister's whims were the big thing.

It can be said that this did have a long-term effect on him. But if we jump to the present in occupation one thing can be said clearly once upon a timer Verathius was the Primera Espada. He stepped aside so Rose could have the position as it meant little to him to be close to his sister. Many things or have accused him of having a sister complex. But the way he was raised he knew little else but to protect them from everyone. Including himself, so why assault and harm one of his precious sisters? As of now, he has no organizational ties or occupations outside staying away from them both. Remaining in Hueco Mundo resting off from his last battle. Reclaiming what was lost to become whole again and start as his last for said the real fun. This occupation of his to finally quit being in his sister's damned shadow and stop being the Unnamed King or even the Crownless King. Those titles weren't ones he took any longer as jives. He was going to move on past this and find his truth once more.

» Affiliation: Most assume his affiliation with Shadow Fall remains solid. Or perhaps his union with his sisters is still strong in this regard. But in terms of everything he made the choice to leave that behind now. To find William again what he'd lost along the way to become Verathius and when Ashlei left him. This wasn't decided lightly as he did have connections in both worlds highly. But neither K-World nor Shadow's Fall has what he seeks in the long run. Verathius doesn't care about the Hollow's boorish pride or reasons for this that or the other. He simply dislikes the factions and how high and mighty demons act. Believing they need to be knocked down several pegs without given any hope. He believes they need to stop acting so high and mighty and remember that it wasn't they who fought the Shinigami the longest. It wasn't they who struggled to survive in Hueco Mundo's harsh world. He does have a bit of pride but in truth something else trumps it.

Verathius simply doesn't like what the organizations did to his sister's. He believes it made them both lose their ambitions. Lose sight of what they could accomplish and create without those factions. The Hollow Empire could have been more and so much more could have happened. Rose threw potential away and so did Ashlei, they settled for things and took small wins. From Mana and Kin like dogs accepting table scraps. When they could have had the entire steak, this was something that rubbed him wrong. But he remained quiet dealing with his conflict and being muscle for them. Fighting battles in several locations helping Khala destroy the Gotei on one occasion. Fighting in Iceland and the Moon on two other occasions and doing well. But it was something about the fights in Malaysia and other places that finally made him snap his affiliation with Shadow Fall in half. At some point, he began despising demons and everything to do with them. It felt like they looked down their noses at him every chance they got.

So at this moment he is independent of everyone and swears allegiance to none. He is the Lone Mischevang and his goal will be met soon. Someday he will find his way without those sisters. The manipulation and deception just to use him and throw him away again. It was time for him to decide on his own what he'd accomplish with or without them. That was what made Verathius make this choice in the long run to affiliate with no one. Not Rose or any of the previous hollows as in his eyes even Ashlei settled for Table scraps at one point. Joining that Unholy Alliance of Mana's to sit at her table. That was something of a slap in the face for him as he couldn't believe it. One who'd accomplished much as a hollow and had pride threw it all away to sit at that table. But nothing was done to bring others in and break apart this so-called union. This was his only way to truly quit dealing with them all and fighting Kiriel at the end did help him snap that leash.

The Mental Aspects

» Degree's of Mental Damage: Verathius was programmed practically from a young age by his father. To watch out for his sisters and protect them almost inhumanly. It was fine to give up your very soul to protect them even further. The damage of not evening being able to define himself as a person. More as a tool of protection was part of the problems Verathius had. Damage to himself was unimportant even forgettable to some extent. This was the level of mental damage that had happened. But it goes further as he was subservient and almost voiceless in his duties. He didn't care and followed them as though going through the motions. Ashlei and Rose could order him to do anything and he'd follow it. Disagreements didn't happen as they were always right and his duty was to be a shield. To allow them a chance to do something even if it just escapes. He wasn't an important piece on the chess board and that was the takeaway. This wasn't something he could walk away from or even prevent when it came to it. When your brain is wired for a single thing to protect your sisters without failure. That is all you know to do and becoming a hollow only strengthened it. Keep in mind upon Ashleis death he became a hollow due to his desire to protect her being so obsessive. Protecting her and the others of the family was important and what power a child held didn't help. He could only grasp at straws futility as a human. Becoming a Hollow was his only choice but maintaining some semblance of William just wasn't possible. The small personality from human years faded and he became an even larger shell. Losing behind personality and defining traits and developing new ones.

But these traits didn't grow stable but more unstable. Making him harder to manage as he evolved from his beginning forms. Verathius didn't have the capability to be a hero or a merry sue person. His mind was too broken and fractured for that. Every time he ascended to a new form of evolution as a hollow. He fell further and further into patterns. Unable to escape the inevitable void of it all. It was like he was trapped in a darkness being submerged by it. Voices screaming at him on all sides. Protect them, protect them at all costs and grow strong. Verathius couldn't shake it off or escape those screams and yells within his skull. So eventually William withdrew and left it behind. The brother who'd stood and been programmed couldn't handle it anymore. The killing and constant consuming drove him into the shadows. Hiding away and trying to remain hidden from it all. This goes beyond just a simple split personality disorder, they are almost completely different beings.

Verathius continued to exist and get stronger and push William further and further away. Becoming nothing but an object as he was intended to be. But in truth, he still went through the phases listening to the voices. That told him they needed his strength and protection. Moving around empty and uncaring though small bursts of William would come out occasionally. Verathius considered him the man within the inner walls. Someone who didn't agree with his choices ever. Nails on a chalkboard were the best descriptions of his voice to Verathius. Though the two were one at some point they became further apart. It wasn't until later that William's discontent finally overflowed. And Verathius's fragile mental state began to break down. The original self-wasn't going to be forgotten. Not behind the years or the blood, this fractured mental state and damaged self. Had made Verathius a vulnerable person in many ways. As he tried desperately to cling to his existence as the other being. William watched growing stronger in the background and observing.

Arguments were common between the two as neither wanted to disappear. Verathius often times pointing out that it was his choice to run instead of fight. To just give in to the voices but after so long why now did he decide it was done? This is just a look into the shell-shocked mental state of Verathius Mischevang. The true form had been broken for so long and left into the depths. But now William and Verathius are back to being a singular being. They haven't divided any more and this fracture has been made whole. But this in no way means they are as stable as most people. Emotions had been destroyed and a sense of feeling seemed to be lost within them. But it goes beyond that becoming whole doesn't mean the two halves are stronger. In some ways, this causes more instability than anything. It's not like you can force two things together and expect a good outcome. Somethings once broken can never be reforged by anyone.

So this reforging has caused some issues with Verathius sometimes talking to himself. Going over thoughts almost as though walking through them. Though he doesn't care for expressing emotion when doing it. Something almost empty seems there as he takes everything in. Truly embodying the heartlessness his hole has left him. Verathius as a completed being with William while mentally mended and working on going over things. He can only somewhat close out the voices now telling them to be quiet. Though no one else hears them speak he often compares them to a screaming cat in your ear. Not leaving it sounds low or doing anything aside from ripping into your ear. The sound echoing for an eternity till told to be silent. This is the way voices in your head work, they keep talking and trying. Never being silent as they try to break the newly forged Verahtius. To make him separate from William and become two again, but that won't happen again. Not until his task is complete will he stop his endeavor to make a point.

» Stoic: Verathius even as a boy was amazingly stoic. He lacked much in the way of emotional output as the programming had some side effects. He seemed like a shell even in those days. Ashleis death obviously didn't help the situation in the slightest. This caused a great deal of strife and rift in him mentally. Making his emotions fall further and further. How could he fail to protect her, if he couldn't protect her in this life perhaps the next? This was the way of thinking as he cared little about his body and even himself. Damage and harm to him didn't matter as he didn't care about himself. To some extent, he still didn't care about the person he was that much. He doesn't think he is that interesting of a person in the long run. He doesn't see a fascinating being and is often times blunt and forward. Believing most people only want him for his power, not caring about the core. In this regard, William and Verathius have always been similar.

Skeptical of humanity and their so-called emotion of love. His family has always used people including him till the usefulness came to a close. Such things as pride and emotions just seem pointless. Trust is something that hollows don't generally get. While he does express envy occasionally it's not really there. He lacks something that not many can truly proclaim. He isn't weighed down by sin or any such things. Verathius is empty of those things avoid cascading on itself in space. He doesn't have trust because nobody has ever been his friend or tried to be it. No one reached into his dark world and pulled him free. They left him to suffer and take the pain without end. That was the result of his world and war within himself. This isn't something you can even call calm or emotionless. He simply lacks in this regard the basic preset principals most have. Trust isn't given or even worth putting as people are backstabbers at their nature. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling are the best term.

Verathius lacks anger or aggression for that matter to call upon. His lack of trust and defined ideals is part of the previous stated fractured. He never trusted anyone from the time he was a child. But that's not why he's stoic and without emotion or feeling. Somewhere during his recovery and his many fights he lost the power to feel and remained stoic. On occasion when William reaches through the cold shell of Verathius farther. Emotions will come out and something akin to emotion and such come. He's recovering slowly so this personality trait may not always remain. In some ways, people may be able to pierce the bulwark he's built around himself. That is the thing some may be able to rip down and find the creature within. If any sin exists within Verathius it's a cold wrath ready to be unleashed on the demonic kind who've taken Hueco Mundo as a home. His interest outside in Shinigami and such beings are unimportant. These are the focus of his entire attention.

Bravely Default: The more William bleeds through the more it becomes clear. That Verathius is very brave willing to fight anyone at any location or time. Not caring if it's one vs one or even more. He'd willingly walk in and face odds of insurmountable odds. He's brave on many levels spawning back to his birth. He was brave enough to face and try to protect Ashlei when others hid. He tried and even took a step further becoming a hollow. His determination to protect his sister aside. He felt fear and gained courage for it enough to not just be one thing. He was strong enough to do that much given a chance. He'd fight monsters as a human and even had killed hollows as a boy. William wasn't ordinary nor did he stay that way. Much like Ashlei, he was special in his own way. But somethings are hidden by the veils of left time. He wasn't meant to show bravery but servitude to the sisters. That was his father's end goal he guessed or maybe his mothers.

He couldn't tell you if you asked him about what it felt like to walk along battlefields or fight as a boy. Courage and bravery were things in his soul from the beginning. Even if he denounced the world and everything in it for what it had done. He wouldn't become less brave or lose signs of his honor. His nature had been on display before when he felt like the edge was too much in his favor he'd withdraw. Believing in a strange code of sorts that didn't quite equal honor. He withdrew from the Gotei with a clash against Ibiki because the numbers against her weren't even. When he fights the strong he desires a one on one duel if he can help it. He doesn't mind if multiple enemies could at him or bring their scorn and weapons at him. That's entirely acceptable to him in truth it doesn't even cross his mind in regards to why he does it. Simple that it's the thing to do, this doesn't make him a good guy either. Verathius does indeed hold a cold side that is ruthless.

Kiriel learned about this side the hard way and found out. Verahtius doesn't believe in loyalty anymore or family manipulation. Throwing out names like Ashlei or Rose don't get you any sympathy points with him. If anything it just encourages him to destroy you. People have told him what to do his entire life for the sake of those girls and how precious they were. Now is the first time his personality and his wants matter. He see's a future were the Hollows live in Hueco Mundo and don't rely on anyone. But for that to happen many things must begin first. He's not an idiot in this regard either. Verathius's code doesn't mean stupid or blindly follow it. Being brave but not stupid is sort of a core belief. Everything important begins and ends with one's self. You must find answers that can satisfy your inner craving. Bring about something few others can witness from within. Codes are meant to be broken on occasion just like rules and laws. Boxes meant to be stepped out of by those willing to do so.

»Iron Will: Strength isn't something that can be defined as a singular word. Strong people aren't just in the body but in the mind. You'd think that William would have a fragile mental strength. But he's a monster in terms that he's able to cooly think and go through everything. Strength is something you display despite feeling terror and fear before might. Strength is something Verathius always had a ton of despite it all. There isn't a good way to describe the peerless nature of the man in Ashleis shadow. He's had the strength and composure to not speak when and unless needed. Verathius has showcased many times over that his mental strength couldn't be underestimated. His strength goes even further, despite his race following the strong like sheep. He's never done it completely always maintaining himself before it. William was able to maintain himself despite suffering and fracturing into pieces.

Verathius and William as one hold a strength and confidence that few others can measure. The fragile nature people would expect of him isn't present. It's sometimes called pride or confidence by someone. Verathius exhibits a force of will to survive and live on. It's something he's always had from his days as a child. He fought to stay alive and protect Ashlei along with the other children. But though he failed at that goal in the end. It took him a long time to break free of it all and see himself. But it goes beyond pride and confidence, those are mere illusions of the truth. What William has is the will of iron without an inch of giving to it. His sister witnessed and his father tried to crush his Will. But it wouldn't be as the boy survived the trauma and the torture of it. He retreated showing not his back to his enemies but allowing Verathius to fight. Allowing his body to prepare for the truth when it came. He'd not be so easily turned away or stopped by anyone. Kiriel found this lesson out the hard way.

William's strength, determination, whatever you wish to call it. Is something that cannot be underlooked or swept aside. It's dangerous as he is willing to give up anything body part wise. His devotion and loyalty were once the things Verathius was known for. Loyalty to Family above all else from that damned programming. Unable to escape the reality that was etched in his path. Dying to protect his sister and gain power. Verathius had power but didn't know how to tape into it. A promise was made where a Hollow would try and consume him. But instead, Verathius consumed them in order to gain strength. Devouring to quickly amass power. His strength as a human didn't disappear when he moved. Personality traits and quirks are coming through now for him. There is perhaps one thing that should be made clear. Verathius is unlike most who've traversed the Soul Cycle before him. He maintained himself through sheer willpower and devotion to his cause. The sheer determination and iron will to not be taken away.

To not go into the hunger and madness when he became this being known as a hollow. William and Verathius despite that spilled didn't just fall away. They came closer and discovered a meaning behind the lies and twisted world. Scratching and clawing his way to freedom and truth behind Verathius. William protected his memories and self behind the body of it all. This allowed him to survive the cycle in one way. But that isn't the only thing that helped him make it through. He refused to be forgotten like this. He wouldn't let his father have the satisfaction of his light being burnt. He wouldn't give those village people the joy of him being erased by this. No William would return and he'd exact a bloody fee on those who wronged him and his family. His sheer determination to maintain himself despite it all and keep a hold of it. Despite his mind ripping itself apart at the seams. This is one of the things that makes William Verathius Mischevang a tough man to truly control.

»Scientific Prodigy: Never in his time as a hollow had Verathius shown a knack for this. He was a bulwark, a wall for people to hide. But William, on the other hand, the one hiding beneath the layers. He was like his sister's a genius of untold proportions. Capable of performing calculations of high nature with little time. Verathius and William's joining truly did awaken the boy genius. His skill at construction and doing things of a nature that few could understand. William is perhaps the one man who's gained enough intelligence to showcase his skills. As a boy, he was good at laying traps and planning out each move in advance. Showing signs of a brilliance that his father was eager to suppress so his daughters could shine. Though they knew not of this hidden truth beneath them. William wasn't given a chance to shine or showcase his skills. William's skills in making things weren't something so simple you could take it in. He was a vastly intelligent and capable person of crafting marvels. But when he hid in the darkness none got to see his light. Verathius was what they obtained and saw as a piece. Something able to be manipulated and controlled who bowed before power. Intelligence and scientific breakthrough were William's calling cards. He was able to design and create even as a boy using his intellect over brute force. Deciding people must be defeated through intelligence and crafty combat. Strategic things were more important and perfection while an excellent goal. It's something he never sought as ever invention or idea could be summed up as a step or process. Nothing is ever perfect or completed in this eternal world. William, while he was away, didn't shatter or break in the ever-shifting Verathius. The man of many faces who couldn't gain stable form. He kept changing because his body was trying to accommodate William who was emerging. Most would assume William had been hidden beneath it unable to see.

That wasn't true in any sense of it. He sat back and observed Verathius deciding there was no reason to act. He had no desire to help his sisters or the foul Demonkind. His motivation for doing anything involving them was negative infinity. He wanted to sit and tinker with his inventions. Be left alone with his ideas and constructs of his illusions. But William saw an outcome that not many could understand. There were many paths and possible outcomes in this world. The long-term goal was the best choice. A vessel suitable for his intellect and might had to be forged over time. William could only nudge Verathius in certain directions from within. The two were a broken whole that hadn't been made complete yet. The biggest thing is he knew someday he'd remerge and fight again. This wasn't going to be a simple conflict or something easy. Long-term solutions required time and something most lacked. Patience was the biggest things that played a part in all of these things.

But there is one aspect William is a mastered and perhaps is even skilled as Quincy. William understands energy and manipulation to levels few could. He can see each twist and reaction from the pulse and control. Able to comprehend the smallest differences in the enemy. From changing the purity of certain techniques and tricks. To be a capable mind when it came down to it with making and molding energy. William even seems to understand and comprehend different types of energy and effects. Able to very easily identify things with energy based on what they were. This is perhaps his most valued trait of study and exploration. Energy and it's effect on the world from what Shinigami and Arrancar use. From the foul demons and even Moonie Iramasha. William's spent his time observing and considering how best to handle the matter. Things aren't so simple that energy is all the same. Hollow energy has its effects but so too demons. The differences are not so subtle or easily defined.

William's study has to lead him to conclude that an army must be made. But not of pure hollows as he doesn't intend to trust them. But of a type of specialized creation, he can make. Devising their building has taken time and resources on his end. To make sure that they can do the job they are meant to perform. They may not be strong at their base form but the creatures William intends to introduce are very special. As the soon to be inventor he's devised a special type of statue or terracotta based puppets. That can be summoned and called to fight using special techniques. Energy markers to summon an army of specialized forces. Shapes and sizes of these creations will differ greatly. But William's plan is settled and despite the time it will take. He will build an army for a single purpose to deal with the menace that plagues his new home. Even if it means crossing paths with his sisters or family. This is a little consequence and perhaps a worthwhile price to pay to find peace of mind again.

While his previous incarnation without William will often be noted for being single-minded. The only thing William can put out is he knows so much about the energy that it's rather disgusting to a degree. He never took interest in the armors or such things though he did study things that could absorb energy. Also, things that limited its effects on other things. These were points of interest and decidedly more worthwhile pursuits. William's mind is no longer hampered or bothered by the violence. Even the choice to break himself in two was something he did knowingly. He couldn't do what was needed and be seen by the sisters. Time was needed and the time is finally right. While William will not get much praise for his intention or how well he did it. He's developed Cero based spells and sealing techniques, especially for some enemies. His masterful knowledge of energy has enabled him to come up with several ideas. Verathius is indeed the Bulwark of Shadow Fall and the man of infinite Durass.

But William is the Cannon and unlike most Cannon's he won't fire a single shot. But hundreds at a time and with the precise skill of a sniper. He is the intelligent cannon with an unbridled fury ready to be unleashed on those who've kept him down for so long. The time of the Scarlet King is at hand and his awakening is completed. The only question is where do those crimson eyes go first, to the kingdom of Shadow Fall. Or does he prepare further for the task at hand? Making sure to take his time before beginning his true goal. Before finally breaking free of the shattered manipulation and principals of the past. The time of the Hollows is coming fast and William's intellect did foresee that sometime soon. The Hollow monarchy is going to shift and shatter perception. It is something he'd been waiting for the ideal moment for. Everything is about waiting for the moment to come and begin. William's predictions thus far have been abundant and on point to a frightening extent.


»Ashlei Mischevang: His twin sister he shared the womb with. The golden child of the Mischevang family who could do so little wrong. She was the perfect princess of the family and the one he was programmed to protect. He was made to do one thing for the girls with Ashlei at the lead. Regardless of feeling or choice, William was her dog and little more. He wasn't seen as her twin brother or even acknowledged as one of the older children. He was seen by his father as a means to protect the precious daughter. The bright mind and future of the family. William doesn't hate his family or sister even that much when it comes down to it. Women in this world weren't seen as people so much as important objects. The father was a stern brilliant man capable of many things. Ashlei was the prized jewel in a way for him among other things. But perhaps that was the society more than his father and he can acknowledge that now. But Verathius can now understand and see it for what it really is. Ashlei was just like his father and used him. He was a tool to be used until he had no further use. She never cared he was her twin nor did she showcase anything of love. This was the unseen outcome, perhaps the others didn't know it. Or maybe even more sad they just didn't care what befell him. He was the expendable toy they could use up and toss away. William wasn't around his sister's much despite how much he cared for them. This matter so little when it came down to everything involved. Even when he became a hollow she continued using him as a doormat.

But perhaps in some ways, this was a blindness from Verathius. The village didn't see his sister as a shining example of life. His father wanted her safe from those wretched vultures who'd dare kill her. But in the end, he ended up breaking free of those chains and binding. Becoming something more finally after biding his time. The noise and confusion were broken allowing him to soar higher and beyond. Blindness was part of it all as he didn't see what was there. Even now to an extent, he doesn't know why he acted like a servant instead of a king. This conclusion is only lead him to believe something the father did cause this undying loyalty to family. This unquestioning faith and trust despite being a tool for use for them. Maybe somewhere he wanted to be needed by them as Verathius. Perhaps to feel some form of emotion or attachment again. But there didn't exist a way to turn back time or bring back a feeling that was fake.

»Rose Mischevang: His second relationship is a strange one almost distant. Verathius and Rose never connected as well as he'd of liked. He couldn't find a way to bond with her as Verathius because William was gone. Each incarnation that returned simply had nothing to offer her. But it was like this even back in those days as his father trained him to protect them. Verathius didn't manage to do that even though he tried. He did everything could to protect those girls including Rose. But it made little difference for William in the end. Verathius devoted himself as their Bulwark to the end. Blindly being their lap dog and following orders. It simply wasn't of his interest in the long run. While he still holds a little relationship for Rose he does care about her. She is one he suspects he will be trading blows with in the future. Her and Ashlei have walked on him long enough. It is long past time that he grow a backbone and stop being a doormat for the girls. His father is no longer present to order William around.

And if blood need be spilled to make his stance clear then so be it. He will spill as much as required to make his position clear. Nothing will please him more than to show his sister's how wrong they are to assume he's their being to use. He is not an item or a thing you can own or call to your side. It's not that simple or easy no matter how much he cares about them. Verathius nor William will jump to save them from this void. The Hollows are coming and it's time for a revolution to begin. The fires are burning already in the Demonic Horde. It's long past time for the Hollow Monarchy to come upon those Demons. William doesn't understand his sister's or care about why they chose that side. In every battle, there are different sides and conclusions. They've drawn and chosen where they stand. Alongside the demonic beings who like their father see them as nothing but items. Verathius is through being some toy of Shadow Fall or K-World. Neither of them can satisfy his desire presently.

»Moonie Iramasha: Exchanging ideas with fist instead of words. That was Verathius's first major battle as an Espada of the Shadow Fall. Fighting within Poland against the Iramasha of stout spirit and strength. They clashed creating craters and destroying the world around them. Leaving behind few things within their wake as they fought. William and Verathius both respect Moonie a great deal. Finding him to be a fantastic warrior and fighter. Despite his more simple nature, even William saw the Iramasha potential. Seeing it was a fantastic foe across the enemy lines. Viewing him as a rival of sorts to motivate himself further. The Moon God of the world was a very fascinating man who fought many battles. Clashing with the likes of names he could only dream of a battle against. Verathius didn't conclude or consider Moonie as a friend of any kind. This was simply the way this relationship worked out. They merely were foes who fought on the other sides of the battle.

»Nagato Tengan: These two people have never met despite both of them standing atop the Hollow race as a pinnacle of purity for their people. They both stood somewhere and went each way they could. Deciding on different routes and opinions. Verathius does respect Nagato, though he's unsure if that is returned. He does know the name and gives him the proper respect. Hollow's respect a single thing before anything else. Strength above all else is the thing they must acknowledge. And Nagato is indeed a strong and fierce man capable of doing many things. He is perhaps one of few capable of bringing Shadow Fall down. Maybe even K-World should he decide they are in the path of Hollow evolution. Though William isn't able to read Nagato perfectly, he's fairly certain of one thing. The Sage isn't going to be playing nice with Shadow's Fall in the future. Nor are many of the hollows he is aware of in this world.

»Barragan Luisenbarn: Perhaps a brief meeting before he declared himself free. Verathius made this declaration as he was nudged by William. This is a relationship built on respect and understanding. He won't bow before the power he see's here like Nagato. But he does respect the figure of Barragan. It's simply a fact that he cannot ignore the man's seen some action. Being a relatively old figure in the hollow community among them. Nagato and Barragan are likely the two oldest of that species. Deserving a nod of respect in that regard. But even then trust is something he doesn't intend to give Barragan or blind loyalty again. He does believe can predict Barragan pretty well. This is something he's learned from observing history. Seeing how the world played out and figuring out knowledge has provided much. William respects Barragan and believes he and Nagato will change things for Hollows. What role will William play in these events to come is the only unknown.

»Tien Mischevang: A small meeting with a family member William remembers their father hiding. But beyond that, the two didn't connect or develop a relationship. A bond was never forged or forced on him like Ashlei. This was a relationship that just like many of his relatives and sister's was something small. He was the twin brother of Ashlei so many a day were spent with his sister. This was simply the course that came from everything. William's father's will would be upheld and the precious sister's guarded. Tien was one of them but she'd not be the one that bound him again. So while their relationship as Hollow's is unknown. He is known to her as a presence at the very least among things.

»Shadow's Fall and K-World: This category may be a small one but one thing is clear. He despises them and those within this faction deeply. Verathius and William are akin to a single being on one subject matter entirely. Mana and her damn kind have overrun and stepped over the Hollows now taking center stage. Perhaps Envy is a word that could be used to describe his tiredness of it all. Demons have used and treated his people much like the family he had once done. The consideration that he and those around him are merely tools to be used and disposed of as time goes. That part has tired him out and brought about his final conclusion. Neither of them is worthy of the Hollow's powers they've obtained. They are both beings who've flown into the sun at this point. They've forgotten just how big the Hollow people are in a way. That the beings who represent the hollows are enormous in many ways. Both these organizations have earned his disdain and distrust at this point. K-World did nothing with the former Primera who once served with loyalty and devotion. Shadow's Fall used him until William emerged prepared to bring about a conclusion. In closing his standing with this organization is light given his killing of Kiriel, Mana's brother.

History Begins

» Beginning: What can one say about life in a place not many are? He was born William Mischevang around the same time as his sister Ashlei. Both of them came into this world with bright hopes and expectations. Both Ashlei and William were bright figures in the family. The father was the man of the house and his word was law. William, when he was able to walk, was taken to work. This is where many lessons his father gave him would begin. William could shine like a diamond and his father didn't care. Protect the women was the preaching his father provided every time. There wasn't a moment where he could give his thoughts. William's intelligence was pushed down by his father every moment. He didn't want to enable a book smart child capable of science and quick thinking. This world required hunting and toughness above all things. William showed a knack for the hard labor and built his body for it working with his father. Men were meant to do this while women stayed at home tending to those chores. William tried to carry a burden as his father wanted him too. Protect the girls and women was all his father said. He made sure through pain or whatever was required. William understood this wasn't something to be ignored. The precedent was set and made very quickly a thing you couldn't forget. But his father pushed and pushed William too far as he went. Something that became clear as William gained a murderous impulse. When it came to protecting his sister's he didn't care till the job was done.

Even if it meant killing a human being to protect them at a young age he was fine with it. His father worked at crushing the innocence within him each day. But William managed to find small moments to hide. To let Verathius the other person he'd developed during these days out. He found that he could hide behind this figure of another persona almost. It was a Bulwark against his father and this world's cruelty to him. Protect the women and don't think of yourself or how important you are. He was a tool his father could use and that was his view on it. He dared not show his father the power's he held. Even at a young age, William had immense spiritual pressure and sensitivity. Even his senses of things when they came were almost in a sense psychic. He could predict things that were coming and plan ahead of them often. Some of this was because he simply was smart and could read star patterns and tell how clouds were forming. He was even deeply intuned with animals and able to predict habits and how to rotate crops. He was a prodigy in this sense.

William's father continued working him to the bone every day in and out. There wasn't a break to be found much. William did his best to try and hide his second self as the one his father wanted. The loyal son who did as he was told without thought. That was what was desired of him so William continued in the background. Never quite phasing out of reality from everything. He began getting interested in the energy around beings as a boy. Studying and finding it to draw in beings who didn't feel like humans. They felt dark and perhaps evil in a sense. Like something was wrong with them and unstable. But he always got a sense of foreboding around them. His father didn't see them nor did other villagers around him. This didn't bring him any form of fear or trouble as his body was put to work in fields. He regarded them carefully and in secret would often time defeat hollows at a young age. Verathius didn't dare show the powers he had in front of his father.

Fear of a beating or more pain kept him from disobeying his father. The only reason he could do this was it fell into the area. Protect his sister's without fail or without stop. That was the parts that stuck out to him the most. His intelligence didn't stop there as he truly did show skills with stars and many things. Able to pick up other languages in a small matter of time. He'd not often shown the savant level calculations he could do. But they were immense at a young age able to calculate things to almost precise points. William was able to predict things before they happened very accurately even as a boy. He knew someday he'd not be a human anymore. He sensed that his spirit was likely to become a hollow and not something else. He'd often seen other beings who wielded swords and hunted the dark ones. He didn't know at the time they were Soul Reapers. But he'd sensed danger from one at a point and killed it. Verathius had to cause quite a commotion to accomplish this feat.

Shinigami and Hollows weren't easily beaten aside without leaving scars. Flames and damage were caused on this misadventure into the world. William was kept home finally when events at home began getting ugly. Ashlei his sister had gotten into trouble. She'd often used him and did things to manipulate him even as Children. The programming simply didn't allow him to fight back or push back against the cage. This wasn't the normal things as something seemed to be going wrong. His mother had been brutally attacked and dangers were coming. Ashlei was changing and William sensed it. Something was coming soon that couldn't be escaped. Verathius the persona he'd developed would likely be put into an effect soon. It was then his sister was taken and he has beaten aside. Dragged away by the men who caged her. William was taken and expected to be an easy one to beat. The words of his father echoed in his mind more and more. Protect them all the women are important to the family. Three men took him to kill him but those three didn't survive it and were burnt so badly not even ashes remained.

Verathius had begun to arrive more as the male hurried back. When he returned to the village it wasn't going to work anymore. William's eyes felt shocked as tear's tried to cry and a voice tried to leave but failed. The shock couldn't be described as the feeling as a mental snapping. His mind wanted to cry and reach for something he couldn't. She was gone and the people here were dead, had she done it? Everyone was dead and gone as he hit the ground. Verathius slammed his fists on the ground. William's mind just couldn't handle the strain of failing. This breaking is what completed Verathius as a second personality. Making the male broken inside as he killed those three men to get back here. He couldn't do it in front of Ashlei or the others. The fires had to look like travelers had come to keep it secret. Now learning he'd failed it just didn't function. She couldn't be gone from this world not without him.

He felt a need to find her and get more power quickly. Verahtius on sheer force of will began to do something without knowing it.Hollowfication wasn't something often done this way. He began forcing his way into power no matter the cost. In his raving madness of losing Ashlei from this world. He realized she couldn't of gone ahead of him out of his reach. He had to protect her even if it meant death for him. If it meant this human shell burnt away he began turning into a hollow. Causing the village and surrounding farm lands to burn to the ground. Heat he gave off seemed to rip into the land killing those who weren't prepared. Creating a wild fire in the world of the living in this era was trouble. Forcing a hollowfication was something he didn't realize he'd done. But Verathius's sheer determination to protect Ashlei was so great. He killed himself in the process during the shock of everything.

His hollowfication once complete left him different from most and little more then a mindless husk. Searching to protect her and defend her though he'd lost memories of who she was. This was the price for ripping away his humanity to save his sister. The shock had caused damage but one piece surived this. William remained hidden among the broken Verathius. Not showing himself because he predicted this wouldn't end quietly. He couldn't recover from his failure and simply wanted it to end. To stop being the one who had to do as Father said. Even if his father was dead the men had to protect the women. That was how it was no matter if dead or alive. But Verathius had no idea why he was born this way when he awoke to a new world entirely. He'd not been aware of the situation that brought him to this destination. Unable to focus or find the purpose for being born the way he was. Unable to remember his life outside of the image of Ashlei whom he couldn't get out of his mind.


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The Nameless King

Verathius Mischevang
おだ たつや

History Continues

»Hollow Life Begins: Verathius didn't understand many things that came with being a Hollow. A hunger to devour souls and things drove him. He killed people who felt similar to him in the living world. This was something he could do rather easily as travelers were abundant. Fresh meat to devour and eat giving him strength. The stronger their spirit the more power he could obtain. But it didn't seem to be enough for him in the long run. He couldn't grasp what this situation was as he'd occasionally meet his own kind now. Those beings he once felt a darkness from he'd devour them also. Showing no discretion on who or what he'd devour. Even some Shinigami ended up becoming his meal at this point. Verathius couldn't contain his hunger as he began moving forward. Only when he fought enemies and killed did he feel a clarity of everything going on. He could see Ashlei more clearly when he killed someone. His life involved moving from place to place. Killing people slowly and building up his power as he went. He'd begun devouring Menos Grande of Gillian class even in his beginning. Using smarts and his pyrokinetic powers to keep going forward. When he ate these strong ones he grew closer to an image. Something he could find answers from more. Verathius didn't get the luxury of a happy life as a regular hollow. He was often feeding on Gillian class Menos as his target. This made him feel more unstable as he went on. It was like voices were trying to scream but something choked them. William lingered not allowing those within those souls he ate to speak.

It was like he put his foot on their neck and didn't let them. They didn't bother Verathius much as he increased his power transforming frequently into higher levels. The clarity of Ashlei became more so as he got further on the train. His power also seemed to allow him a continued growth in this world. The true advantage he held came down to the shape and use of fire he came up with. Verahtius was able to defend himself from those who'd be stronger normally. By using different types of Cero and fighting in ways few imagined. Killing his first Adjuchas before he ascended his rank was a feat he held. William's raw power and potential were their for Verathius to tap into. Meaning few of these week minded fools could handle him. Eating souls and fighting were all he did at this point to try and find clarity. His life went on for many years this way in the living lands. Fighting stressful battles over and over where death was certain. Being outnumbered and outgunned so often as a hollow.

This went on for years if not decades as he disappeared into the Forest of Menos. Killing and fighting almost constantly to feed on his enemies for that sense. It was such a long time without an end fighting different enemies. From Adjuchas to Shinigami he fought and killed them all using the burning powers. But something didn't seem noticeable to him at the time. He was a Vasto Lorde who'd made the top class. It was around this time one day he can't tell you how many years had passed of killing and feeding. He simply lost the desire to eat or kill people all that much anymore. At this moment reaching the peak of what he considered Hollow Evolution. Verathius only fought when someone challenged him. Often times only killing them with the fire that came off his body. Not really bothering to get involved in things beyond that. Leaving the Hidden Sections of the Forest didn't concern him. Hollows had often times been sent to capture him to die to him. He'd killed Arrancar who attempted it on occasion.

Verathius claimed they didn't have a clearly defined goal of what they were. Using his raw power he felt something drawing him towards a conclusion. As he'd reached a peak of his evolution he'd noticed hollows died around him from his presence. He couldn't contain himself anymore in this form and something had to change. He couldn't keep himself like this any longer and avoid the sensation of people. Hiding around here he caused fires and death just from his presence. Verathius wasn't a simple being one could easily define. Losing sense of himself only to regain it slowly as he'd spent so many decades and years fighting enemies. If they could even be called much more but prey at that point. What was the point of it all in the end? He saw some try to claim their way by defeating him every moment. Thinking they stood a chance till they got close and burst into flames. Would he encounter some form of natural challenge in this world again? It felt as though this world was uninteresting.

Verathius earned a reputation as the King of the Forest. Known to remain hidden and often times not bother. Shinigami came to challenge him after going too far on occasion. Only to die without realizing the mistake they'd made. His cero was extremely powerful at this time capable of doing large-scale damage. He was even noted to fight with them on occasion against enemies. William still lending Verathius his strength to use at this moment. William had seen and considered what came and decided to wait for it all out. He began studying quietly from within as Verathius would become a body he could someday be part of. Studying the energy and its flow from within this Vasto Lorde body. The true nature of the spiritual pressure Verathius had belonging to him. Without even knowing how far off he was he realized another push was needed. This form was incomplete for the power he'd gone for. Hollows could evolve even further was the belief that he held.

Despite knowing this form didn't come easy or without things brought upon it. William decided it was time to nudge Verathius again. While the other form slept he gave him visions and tried to speak with him. Asking him if he'd forgotten about Ashlei and protecting her. How could this weak incomplete form protect the girl who died? This dream set him off to evolve once more as his mask burnt off and his transformation began. Ascending into a status known as Arrancar naturally without aide from anything. That was a feat Verathius accomplished again through sheer determination. The realization he wasn't chasing his goal anymore brought it back. His mask breaking brought him to a new stage past that of his current form. As his body changed again and found this new form. Verathius found reason and seemed to discover more. This possible outcome was only brought out due to another being. He'd spent an unknown amount of time as a Vasto Lorde. He'd made small trips into Hueco Mundo to kill challengers occasionally.

But now he'd lead his Nest of sorts and go find answers in this place. The Forest of Menos had been a haven which he wore like a blanket. Never deciding to spread his wings into the Deserts of Hueco Mundo. Not wishing to venture to the Nest of Sosuke Aizen during his time. He avoided that place since Vasto Lorde was sought by him. He'd killed Arrancar as a Vasto defeating them as needed. But finally leaving this place felt nostalgic. He couldn't figure out what drew him from the place he'd long called home. But Verathius left here unaware of how time had flown forward. How many hundreds of years had gone by though William had been well aware. Knowing his outer self just didn't see it and sought to defend his sisters. Not knowing the outcome beyond Ashlei was a problem. Though William had concluded she'd likely become like him. His sister was a gifted jewel after all and capable of such. The search for her would begin now in earnest, Verathius could serve his purpose.

William wouldn't fade or disappear into the background completely. He'd stay and observe till the time was right. Letting Verathius wield his body and power as he liked for now. The two wouldn't become whole just yet as the time wasn't right yet. Not everything had been made known to him as of yet. He'd find Ashlei faster then he thought as he'd encounter her in a way. Though she'd leave him with a duty that would mark his Arrancar years as dull. Verathius didn't have an eventful life outside of fighting enemies and intruders. That was his entire day and life to keep things from bothering Ashlei as an Arrancar. She'd even forgotten him to the point leaving him there for hundreds of years. Not returning to claim him till much later. But those years are important as William got a sense of scope from the world beyond. Seeing each race and things that could conclude his choices of what not was going on. Verathius would act as the Bulwark and do what he always wanted until the truth was unveiled.

»The Arrancar Tale:

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Verathius Mischevang 2018 Revamp
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