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 Of Predator and Prey [Kusshi/Tora]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Of Predator and Prey [Kusshi/Tora]   Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:51 pm

Kusshi liked parks, and streets, and alleys - anything, really. The only real question was which one she wanted to strut around in like she wasn't the easiest target on the block. Ignorance was bliss, but the overwhelming and absurd absence occupying Kusshi's skull was certainly no blessing, not in any way, shape, or form. She was an airhead, an idiot, a nincompoop, a dumbass kid stuck in the sweet set that the world was a wonderful place full of rainbows and happiness.
This stupidity likely explained why she decided taking a stroll through the back alleys of a dodgy looking city was her idea of a walk in the park.

This time, however, it wasn't going to be about that dangerous walk through a dangerous place with danger. This time she was just sat on a park bench, legs crossed, humming an indiscernible tune with her snowy hair covering her now dull pink quills, whilst conveniently covering her hollow hole of an eye not only with her hair, but also a cute little square white eye patch. This was out of character! She had actually taken into account that she wasn't exactly human, and decided flaunting her glowy ear-decorations and eye-hole WASN'T a good idea, in turn taking counter-measures to cover them up! She had even put little black hair bands around both the quills and her hair, not only forming a generic cutesy anime girl look, but also providing adept camouflage.

What probably didn't help her attempt at normalcy however was the fact that she was bent to a near head-over-heals state across the back of the bench, looking like some form of rejected modern art, or a piece of spaghetti trying to plank.

But normalcy was only mildly achievable for the teeny albino, a long forgotten ideal that no longer mattered to her in this new, emotion deprived state. Even with the boredom looming over her like the Grim Reaper to the old and sickly, Kusshi still had a demented, upside-down smile on her face like she was having a wonderful time. Only time would tell if she actually was.
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Of Predator and Prey [Kusshi/Tora]
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