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 Pride in loyalty

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Pride in loyalty    Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:58 pm

"The mission has been completed, Miss Asha. The simulation has been a success. I shall bring the results once I've printed them out. You have certainly outdone yourself with your current set of training missions for our soldiers. "

"Is that so? I am proud to hear it. I believe an army is nothing without its soldiers. Though we are in great possession of two fine and fierce men, I believe it is necessary to maintain the strength of our forces. Please bring back the reports as swiftly as you can. I cannot wait to decide who I shall shower within compliments. "

Closing the tab of the large communication screen, a woman with ebony skin clothed in an elegant dress, let out an exultant breath filled with pride. Born of African descent, she was a woman who had earned the admiration and moral repute of her comrades - that woman was referred to as Asha - Enchantress of the Machines.

Possessing a grand intellect amongst her peers, that woman could proudly wear the title of one of Vastime's most valuable.

Wearing her vastimian stripes with pride, Asha had come to love her position and what it allowed her to create. Be it relationship or invention, the enchantress took pride in all that she accomplished here. Most would say they are loyal to their organization; it is a declaration that is hardly uncommon.

However, to Asha, there was no hyperbole to be found, no graceful words to describe the passion, the work pours into this organization. It defined her. It completed her. It gave her a purpose she never would have thought possible.

There was no way she could ever repay the debt.

Rising from the chair within her personal lab - filled with vials, technological marvels, and work-in-progress inventions, Asha placed one of her fingers on the tablet in the wall, signaling her desire to consume a meal. One glance from her lab was reminiscent of an actualized vision from a technological science-fiction film.

It was undeniably beautiful. A single glimpse upon her inventions would likely leave even the most cynical man in awe. Her lab was her playground, bedroom, and office. Rare to find her anywhere else, if one wished to reach her, they need only enter her lab and speak their peace. Typing on the tablet, she entered her meal request.

The order was odd for someone with an appearance as graceful as her own. Asha chuckled at how the chef wondered why she didn't want something more extravagant.

"A cheeseburger and fries - prepared well - is just as extravagant as a steak dinner or some Italian dish, my friend. Prepared nicely with emphasis, of course! If it is poorly prepared, I will not be happy. "

When she had finished placing her order in to the Vastimian Kitchen, Asha returned to her seat to analyze the results of her simulated training missions.

These missions were meant to ultimately ensure that when soldiers entered battle, they would have a firm grasp of their enemies and a means of conducting themselves on the battlefield. To be sure, her simulations weren't exactly an exact replica of what could occur in an unpredictable battlefield but it managed to maintain a reputation for preparing each soldier in a manner suited to their disposition.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Pride in loyalty    Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:18 pm



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

"Your calculations need to be tweaked slightly, I didn't lose my eye this time."

The soft voice which caught her ears came from behind her, the familiar tenor of freshly promoted Colonel Atlas d'al Decter. If she turned around she would see the raven hair'd officer looking immaculate as ever, his uniform seemingly fitting his body with a supernatural grace. His hair seemed to fall ever so slightly, revealing his heterochromatic eyes- one a deep icey blue and the other a soft brown. His hands hidden behind white gloves as he strode to the free seat next to her accepting it wordlessly.

His legs would cross as he rested his gloved hands on his knee. Despite the gentlemanly nature of him and the iron cross above his nameplate indicating knightly status- he seemed to exude an aura of command. As if hidden underneath his suit was strength that betrayed his body, lips pulled taut into a thin slash which was nothing at all like a smile. But his eyes seemed to focus on her as the corner of his lips pulled into a smile.

"Ms. Asha, you will need to recalibrate the statistics of the siege of Reddingfield. In my session today I did not lose my eye, as I had done during the event. But I suspect that might be because of my superior conditioning now." He'd inform her while a cup of coffee was brought to the table along with a single bagel. It was his afternoon snack one might say as he gripped the coffee cup lifting it to his lips. The coffee cup seemed to chill around his hand indicating sometype of elemental energy before disappearing sipping the coffee now.

"I take it preparations for the operation I requested are almost finish?"

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Pride in loyalty
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