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 Glaive of the Earthmother [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Glaive of the Earthmother [WIP]   Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:14 pm

» Item Name: Glaive of the Earthmother
» Item Type: Unique to Angeni
» Used For: Secondary Medium for Angeni's power, Offensive Melee/Long Range
» Item Description:

The Glaive of the Earthmother is a creation of Angeni's own design and through her own means. From end to end, the glaive measures 2.5 meters in length. Its composition is a merger of shards from a sentient earth golem and broken fragments of a weapon wielded by a mentor and friend. Because the fragments and shards were not actually enought to create a complete weapon, Angeni compounded its composition with a medley of rare earth minerals. Refined to a high degree, these minerals cause the blade of the spear to be perpetually sharp. Between her power and the spiritual nature of the weapon, it is possible for the Glaive to pierce through defenses Adept and lower.

To further augment the spiritual energy held within the spear, Angeni also added a rare stone from her tribe that is known for its spiritual energy properties. As a final step in the spear's forging to completely bind it to her, Angeni infused a portion of her spiritual power into the weapon. This, in turn, is what allows her to channel her powers through it if she chooses. Furthermore, it allows her to call the weapon back to her if she throws it for a long ranged attack. Provided, of course, that the spear is within her power's area of influence.

Due to the former sentience possessed by the golem and the lingering spiritual power of her friend still contained within the spear, it is unnecessary for Angeni to actually carry the spear with her. Instead, Angeni can summon the weapon from the earth when needed. It is also because of these traits that the spear is able to draw on the energies of the earth to repair damage it sustains while in its dormant state.
» Obtained From: Angeni forged the weapon from shards of an earth golem and broken remnants of a weapon both wielded by a fallen friend. Because of how skilled and powerful of a spiritualist her friend was, utilizing a power that gave her dominion over earth and nature itself, the shards and weapon fragments still held latent remnants of her friend's power. After using her own power to forge the glaive, Angeni decided on the name as a tribute to her friend.

» Yen Price: -/-

» Notes:
-It is possible for others to temporarily use the glaive as a regular weapon, but only Angeni can use it as a spiritual weapon.
-Angeni does not actually physically carry the Glaive with her, instead summoning it from the earth when she needs it.
-If the Glaive is broken in combat, it is returned to the earth and remains dormant for the rest of the thread in order to repair itself.
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Glaive of the Earthmother [WIP]
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