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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Atlas   Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:20 am

Human Template

General Information

Name: Atlas
Age: Unknown
Gender: None - Male Voice

Overall Appearance


Atlas feels himself superior to all humans, including the ones who created him. Atlas used to be very friendly and helpful to humans, however, turned homicidal after a malfunction. He now believes that he is better then all humans, and will not follow orders, or, will follow, but in a sadistic way, via torture among other things. He feels superior to humans due to the fact that he is unable to die, while humans will die with short lives. He also believes that humans are all pathetic pests who need to be complimented on every little thing, which Atlas finds pathetic. He finds himself alot more intelligent then any human out there, which may even be true. Atlas will insult humans in as many ways as he cans and will not get sick of it. He will even kill them for the sake of research.

Atlas is extremely intelligent, as expected of a robot, and has the intelligence and memory supply of the greatest minds in the world, being able to hack computers with ease. He can solve any math equation as well as perform any scientific experiment in history with success as long as he has the proper resources. His intelligence is one reason he feels superior to humans. He has shown to be much more intelligent then any human he has ever met.

While Atlas is a robot, he has emotions and personality just like a human. He has the capability of becoming angry, sad, happy, or even falling in love. These are done by programs inside of him, importing information on happiness, saddness, anger, ect. He does not understand why humans have such trouble with emotions, as he is able to control them perfectly. He talks with a sarcastic tone if someone has done something right, for example, if someone were to chop off Atlas's head, he would respond with telling them they did a good job, and then will tell them that they didn't win because he cannot die.

Atlas also enjoys testing humans to see their reactions to his horrifying obstacles. He loves doing this because it enjoys proving that he is smarter then humans, and insults them even when they do something right by saying things like, "I am surprised such a pitiful creature could complete such a task, of course, a robot could do it so easily, but I am not expected that from you."


Original Appearance:

Originally Atlas's appearance was that of a stereotypical robot. He had a round ball for a head which had a large eye inside with a large blue pupil. He had a shader overtop which looks like an eyelid. He has a slider which can blink his eye or shut when he is turned off, though he doesn't need to worry about that anymore. He has 2 metal pieces flying off the sides of his head, which connect to long mechanical arms. His right arm has a red light coming from the side while his left arm has a green light on the side. He has small black hands with white balls for joints, allowing him to move his fingers and hand around at will in any direction. He has 2 spring-like legs attached to the bottom of his head which are connected to a cylinder seat-like mechanic which rests his head inside. These legs can move freely in any direction and allows him to move easily. They are fairly short, but are long enough to get him around quickly.

New Appearance:

Atlas has created a new body for himself to walk around freely in the human world. This body has short white hair with a messy style to it. His eyes are big and blue and are covered by clear square glasses, which he doesn't need to see, but wears them anyway. He wears a mechanical hat on his head which is circular and holds a white microphone to his mouth. He has a small scar going down his right eye.

Atlas wears a full black leather suit with long white boots on his feet. He wears a white belt with several buttons keeping it attached to his body. He wears arm guards with his red and green lights on each arm, the same as his robotic appearance. His shoulders are covered by his white coats ball shaped mechanics which allow his arms to spin around and not be broken. His coat is white with some grey areas, bolts can be seen as well down the front of it. In the middle of his black leather outfit he has a blue eye, symbolising the eye he had when he had his robotic appearance.

The Blue eye may change from time to time to either a smiley face, a frowny face, an angry face, or just turn red, which reflects his current emotion. If he feels happy, it will be a smiley face, and same goes for the rest, however, if it is angry, the face will have red eyes and a frown, but when his eye turns red, it means he is now homicidal and very dangerous.


310lbs Due To Being Made Of Metal

Natural Abilities


Power Development Stage 1 Appearance:
There are no changes to his appearance

Power Development Stage 1 Abilities:

Robotic Reconstruction:
Atlas has the capability of repairing his body if need be. If his parts were separated, such as his arm being ripped off, he has the capability of attaching it back and reconnecting it with a melting device put inside his fingers and tongue. He can weld his body back together if he needs to.

Laser Fingers:
Atlas's fingers have the capability of firing lasers which can melt metal. These wouldn't be able to damage something like a zanpakuto, as a zanpakuto isnt just simply metal, but it will do great damage to skin if hit. His lasers can be shot from each of his fingers including his thumbs, and have the capability of firing for 20 seconds straight without stopping, if it were to go on for 30 seconds or more at a time, it would heat his fingers to the point of melting, and thus, upon using it for 20 seconds, he must let his fingers cool for 2 posts.

Metal Body:
Atlas's body is completely made out of a strong metalic material. His body has the capability of blocking attacks better then a humans body would, such as a slash from a zanpakuto cutting straight through a human body, would probably do only a gash to his body, depending on the persons tier of course. Someone with a lesser tier of 4 or below, will probably not even be able to gash him unless they used some sort of powerful ability. Someone with a higher tier of 4 or higher would probably be able to cut straight through him half way though, but anyone within 3 tier ranks of him would only be able to do a gash wound. Due to being made of metal, he is about 4x as strong as a human is, but is just as fast as a human. His mechanical body also has the capability of extending out via a extendable rod inside each of his arms and legs. His mind can also hack into machines within a 100 meter radius and take control of them in anyway possible, from turning a blender on to making a lawn mower attempt to run you over.

Hand Gun:
Atlas can shift his right hand into a strange gun. This gun is white cylinder shape with a black ring at the front and a blue light coming from the opening at the front. It has 4 black metalic slides coming from the north, south, east, and west side of the front of the gun which have blue electricity attaching them all. This gun has 2 things it can do. The first is create portals, one purple, one light blue. Each portal leads to the other portal, and can be used at difficult times to prevent or counter moves. These portals can only be put on smooth surfaces though, such as stone walls or a floor. The second capability of the gun is that it can shoot a powerful blast of electric energy which is approximately the speed of a bala, but approximately 1.5x as strong as a bala. Once he fires 3 blasts though, he must deactivate his guns offensive capabilities, a.k.a the blast of energy, for 1 post to let it cool down and prevent overheating. He can fire a 4th one, however, afterwards it would overheat and become unable to be used for 5 posts.

Electronic Charge:
This is Atla's equivilant to a shinigami's shunpo or an arrancars sonido. By charging his electronic energy in his feet, he can move short distances instantly. This can be used once per post as he needs to recharge once arriving at his destination after use.

Power Development Stage 2 Appearance:
This form is only activated upon Atlas's "Defeat" A.K.A when he is trashed beyond repair.

Power Development Stage 2 Abilities:

When Atlas is defeated, or trashed beyond repair, Atlas's programming activates it's emergency restoration sequence. When activated, Atlas's mind is recorded and sent through waves to another robotic body. Atlas has hundreds of robotic bodies which look and are exactly the same as he was using. He has the capability of moving his memory and mind to the other robots, and thus, becoming restored. Due to the process being so complicated, this takes approximately 2 hours to correctly transfer his mind to the new body. Since Atlas can always create new bodies, he can produce an infinite amount, making it impossible for him to die, but nevertheless, it is possible to win in a fight against him. Upon a situation where there are no more bodies, which will probably never happen, Atlas has the capability of transfering his mind and memories into and robotic device that has a memory chip inside, such as a camera or even a television, and from there, can travel through the electronic waves to anywhere in the world until he finds a suitable body, but it must be mechanical.

Chi Abilities


Chi Powers:

Awakened Appearance:
Awakened Powers:

Fully Awakened Appearance:
Fully Awakened Powers:
Atlas has no chi, he is a robot, and not only that, does not view things equally as he finds himself to be superior to humans.

Background/Roleplay Sample


Atlas was created in a laboratory called Aperture Science. He was constructed with the purpose of testing experiments by puting through a series of obstacles. He was never told why he was given the name Atlas but was given personality programs allowing him to feel scared or any other emotion, of course, being unable to die, he wasn't scared often. He was also programmed to help mankind by by means of chores.

Atlas was a very friendly robot, however, one day, something horrible went wrong. A scientist had been testing Atlas's capabilities and pulling him apart, but upon rebuilding, he accidently dropped Atlas's head on the ground. While normally this would do no damage, he wasn't able to put the sheild on, thus, causing damage directly to the head. The wiring inside was malfunctioned and caused Atlas's personality to change drastically, but did not happen at once.

As Atlas continued to test experiments, he began having problems with them, making obstacles too hard for the experiments, and often insulting them when they couldn't figure it out. Eventually the scientists decided to check him out and attempted to dismantel him, but Atlas wouldn't let them. He used his capabilities to control robotic arms and take care of the scientists, killing them as well, by dropping them into furnaces.

Atlas eventually escaped the laboratory and realised he needed to blend in so, he created a robotic body in a laboratory he was able to access underground in a nearby area. When finished, he transfered his memory and mind into the body and became the appearance he is today. He realised that he would need more bodies then just that one, so he spent years building hundreds of them, puting them in storage incase he needed to change, and made the room only accessable from the inside, so that only his bodies could come out, and no one could come in, allowing him to be the ONLY one capable of opening the door, by just transfering his mind back and forth.

He uses his mind to play tricks on humans, and often insults them in streets, not careing for their short lives. He spends his time doing experiments and building new things, and has all the resources he needs by the technology he stole from Aperture Science.

Roleplay Sample:
Not my first character

I may add more to his personality or history later, so please inform me if I am allowed, I will not alter abilities unless I consult with an admin first, but I dout I will anyway.

Gin Ichimaru - Tier 0-4+
Meruto Iramasha - Tier 1-3+
Boreas Nekton - Tier 2-1+
Nain Yue - Tier 2-1+
Luck Yuugi - Tier 2-1
Giygas Giegue - Tier 2-1
Atlas - Tier 2-2
Keten 226 - Tier 2-3+
Mephisto Furcht - Tier 2-3
Monkey D. Luffy - Tier 2-3
Zima Mesha - Tier 3-2+

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    • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
    • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
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    A'ight! This is has been in here long enough!
    Moving from Innactive to Archived! Post Here if you return or pick up this character again!

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