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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: BRAWL FOR CHAOS ISLAND! (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT) : INITIAL LANDING   Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:02 am

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"So, you finally decide to make some interesting." A cruel voice with a German accent echoed out through a large, solitary room with only one source of light. Up against a wall, a large monitor stood, easily taller than three average humans; part of a "super computer" setup. On the monitor, scenes of the event currently taking place, the large island falling from the sky, could be seen. With this, various other small fields were open, with data ranging from Reiryoku fluxuations to seismological readings. Judging from the setup and information displayed, the monitor had held the image of this island for quite some time now; leading one to believe that the situation had been observed long before it even began. Sitting in front of the monitor was a figure, a male, observing all the images playing across the screen with a rather sinister grin on his face. Yes, Alfonso Gunter Reinhold, top researcher for the Kokuryuteshi and commander of its Sapphire Cross, had actually predicted something like this was going to happen. Several days ago, Alfonso had detected highly abnormal and unstable fluxuations from the Iramasha Islands through various means of observation. Although Alfonso had no special interests in the Iramasha above any other race, the disturbances caused by this were easily enough to gain his attention. Since nothing could be done before the disturbances reached a climax, Alfonso had resigned to simply wait and observe, watching the Islands and effected areas thoroughly. Of course, while he would have been the first to have any clue to what had just happened, it did not mean that he was guaranteed to be the first one on the scene.

Turning away from the monitor, Alfonso slowly got up from the chair in which he had been sitting. The sinister grin still remained on his face, and as he got up, Alfonso did not bother with turning off the "super computer" system or even with clearing the screen. Unlike the other members of the Sapphire Cross who all worked within a general lab in the Kokuryuteshi's realm, Alfonso's lab was not only much larger, but completely separate from the rest of the Kokuryuteshi; and access into it was nearly impossible for anyone other than himself. So, without having to worry about anyone else following his trail, Alfonso left it up, along with his surveillance devices; to capture any significant changes while he was out studying it himself. As usual, Alfonso was wearing his long, black coat, purple scarf, and suit underneath; his Zanpakuto not held on his person. As he looked around, Alfonso made ready a few supplies; mainly just small devices that he might need in an instant, and stored them within the metal compartments on his belt. Now prepared to leave, Alfonso turned to face an empty section of the room, and raised his right hand. Suddenly, a large, black portal violently ripped itself open in front of him, his signature portal, and he entered. As soon as he stepped through the portal, it closed up behind him, leaving no traces that it ever existed.

As the villagers stared awestruck at the floating island, they would have been too preoccupied to notice the slight temporal distortion that signified the opening of Alfonso's portal. Just as with in his lab, the large, black portal violently ripped itself open from thin air, but this time, Alfonso could be seen slowly exiting it. Once again, as soon as Alfonso exited the portal, it closed up behind him, leaving no traces of its existence. Of course, Alfonso had chosen not to go directly to the island first, simply because he wished to view some of the effects. That, and he needed to make sure that all of his readings were correct. "Hmm... a little less grandeur than expected, but I suppose it is merely a falling rock" Alfonso said to himself, as he surveyed the area. Of course, his words and attitude did well to mask the seriousness of this event, as it wasn't everyday that an opportunity like this arose. Still, it was very hard to actually impress Alfonso, and even though this was big, he had been expecting it for a few days. "Well then, since my data was correct, I suppose it's time to move on to the main attraction" Alfonso once again said to himself, his German accent clearly evident in his tone. Because of his proximity to the floating island, Alfonso simply opted to use a series of shunpo to get there, instead of opening up his portal again. So, in the next second, he disappeared from view, and began the proverbial "climb" to the floating island. Luckily, because of the foreshadowing he had of this event, Alfonso was the first to reach the floating island, and as he finally set foot on the ground, the sinister grin found its way back to his face. "Now then...where shall we begin?"


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: BRAWL FOR CHAOS ISLAND! (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT) : INITIAL LANDING   Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:54 pm

Afternoon Blast!
«'That day upon the skies was one I'd never forget...


Now Concludes Are Feature Presentation:


As water surrounded the area of the craven Haretsumai grabbed Yama's staff as it floated to the top. Channeling a great amount of chakra into the weapon. Upon pooling the chakra into the staff, Haretsumai will intensify it. Slamming the staff into the ground, Haretsumai released the intensified chakra all at once, sending out a massive shock wave capable of destroying the cavern. Sending debris flying from broken cavern, water exploded out from the mound soaking the puppet in front. With brute fore Haretsumai ripped open the back side of the already lose cavern before fleeing with Yama's body 25 meters away. He scouted the puppets prominent location 32 meters away along with the new arrival who had scattered off into the distance.

. . . . . . . . .*News*. . . . . . *Bulletin* . . . . . . . . . . .

"Breaking News. A falling object has been detected over the Philippine Sea, near the shore lines of Japan. The large body of mass was first seen hovering over head, before it dropped from the sky, as if it was dropped from the hand of god. Some people have depicted the scene as the coming of the end, but some skeptical members of society have seen this as a visit from another world. Whatever it is, it sure has this reporter baffled and somewhat dumbfounded. Only time will tell what this "Floating Island" ,as some say, will be to the world."


The young man sighed as the television blanked out, "Shitty Ass T.V., why do I always get stuck in the crappy apartments?" Tapping his heel against the wood on the table in front of him Katsu head leaned back over the back end of the couch he was lounging on. Arms spread to either side in complete boredom his jack lying on the ground half under the table beneath his legs. A plain white t-shirt covered his chest and his legs were covered in almost a blue that was so dark they might as well have been black jeans. His black wire-frame sunglasses perched on top of his head in his hair above his forehead in jet black hair with hints of red streaks running through it.

Various items lay on the table in front of him within easy reach. Six arrow-head shaped items cluttered near his left leg which was lying straight across the table. An almost Nodachi length Katana slanted across the table, the ends of the sheath over the ends of the table the hilt within easy grabbing distance of his right hand. Leaning behind the table with just the hilt poking above the back of the black couch the black on silver threading of another Katana hilt could be seen also within easy reach of his right hand.

His Zanpaktou, the other was a weapon he had created. The one behind him was his partner though he might prefer using the longer blade because of its' reach and how little energy it required to actually use its' abilities in combat. Yawning through his teeth his eyes flicked towards a window where another being had made its' presence known. There were a few reasons he could think of off the top of his head for anything to announce itself. It was stupid, it wanted a fight, it was arrogant meaning it was stupid again, or it was tempting or baiting something to come out.

Reaching over his shoulder he grasped the hilt of his Zanpaktou. What do you think...? He inquired knowing what was going to happen already. Get over thir you fool and be done with it. a female voice interjected. Letting out a minuscule sigh Katsu shrugged. That would be Kitsueneko, his Inner Zanpaktou Spirit. Well technically not his, she had devoured his and taken its' spot. Might as well be his now though. Waiting patiently he got the response he had been waiting for. No harm in investigating. It's just an island floating in the middle of the sky, I'd say it's something we see everyday. Sarcasm was a true beauty to Katsu, and a nightmare for Kitsuenko. But there's no harm in seeing what's the big deal.

Nodding he stood stretching as he went about collecting his effects. Hopping off the puke green couch supplied by the owner of the building, he swayed from side to side as his body adjust to him standing. "I guess I'm still weary from my last mission", taking a can of soda out the fridge. Slipping into his jacket he scooped up the six arrowhead shaped objects and clipped them behind his back on his jeans. Leaning over he grabbed the longer Katana and slipped it into the lower position on his left hip his Zanpaktou taking the higher angle and position. He stepped over to the window he had been looking out of and opened it fully Stepping into the day beyond in a wash of light and color.

"Lets see how life is outside." Katsu strolled nonchalantly, his shotels in close fitting scabbards bumping against his right thigh as he approached the downstairs lobby, walking a few steps into the center of the outside courtyard. His footsteps echoed twice before it went silent as he stopped, hands in his pockets, and neck craned back to see the silhouette of the pole infront of him. Walking calmly sipping on his half empty soda can, he walked alone. Squinting at the light briefly he slid his sunglasses over his eyes shading his hazel eyes from plain view executing quick long distance Steps closing the distance rapidly. Minutes flew as he approached the shoreline of the beach, listening to boats pass him by on the large body of water that split the main city from the coastal area. Wind blew as he came to a stopping point, something felt weird about the area as if there was danger afoot.

Letting an announcement of Reiatsu flow out of his body to signal his approach. Well his arrival really with the little time it had taken to actually arrive there. Letting out a breath of air from his nose as he all but burst out laughing. Holding it in and disguising it he couldn't help the smirk that tugged at his lips. "This really isn't worth my time." He was just another bystander watching from below once he took enough tabs on the event he would soon enough approach the massive rock for more investigation.


"Things don't get better from this point on."
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: BRAWL FOR CHAOS ISLAND! (MAIN STORYLINE EVENT) : INITIAL LANDING   Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:51 pm

(Sorta', I suggest you move on to a new thread since Ravana is on temp leave and this was mainly a post to play out the events of the island falling back when we first started.)


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