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 Zane Nagumo [Ready For Action]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Zane Nagumo [Ready For Action]   Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:42 pm

‹ Z I A M I C H I ›

"You're no interesting then the nat flying around you. Now get out my face."

B A S I C ; ; I N F O R M A T I O N


Name: Zane Nagumo
Gender: Male
Age: 19
The Host Race: Human



P E R S O N A L I T Y; ; T R A I T S


Zane is usually cool in the aspect of everyday life, not allowing it or most of anything get to him. His calm persona tends to make it appear that he don't care about anything in life. It annoys most people but the ones that knows him the most has gotten use to it. Unlike most he fights for what he deems worth it. So he has gotten the reputation of a brawler all the while not caring for it. Like a chain reaction this leads to females being emotionally attracted to him. He takes advantage of this but only rarely when he spots something he wants.

The boy may not seem intelligent but it's quite the contrary. He holds one of the top three ranks in his school for most academic. Most not knowing unless the papers are posted, he doesn't necessarily show it but can't help but ace the hardest of tests when the questions are so simple. It's not uncommon for him to manipulate others, but he does with subtle movements and steps. Never coming on to strong, most believe him to be a simple men of little thoughts.

He has little patience for those that show aggression towards him or his little brother. It should be noted that he shows love for no one but his little brother. Always they're to protect him, his little brother is the only one that sees the other side of Zane. The happy, smiling Zane. His little brother is the only real way to get any kind of emotion out of him, he doesn't even allow the badmouthing of his little brother. Never has and probably never will. It's been proven that Zane would literally die so his brother may live.


B A C K G R O U N D; ; P A S T



::The Two Survives::
Zane was born into the family of more or less poor parents. They were always scrounging for money and searching for the next meal. His parents though poor had good morals and optimistic minds. Unfortunately it was this exact type of optimistic thinking that cause Zane to begin to despise them, for hoping never got you anywhere. His little brother Kon was always sick and struggling because of them. It was a good thing they were close to age of else he wouldn't even of had anything to where most of the time. For a long time it seemed like they would struggle this way forever, until a small glimmer of hope shined through. His grandparents had finally located his mother and learning of they're grandchildren; him and Kon was finally taken off the streets and moved out to live with them. It took them a little while to grow use to good clothes and regular food but this was obviously for the best.

::Death Of Love Ones::

It seemed like centuries since the two boys had last seen they're biological parents and truthfully it was weighting down on them. They had really missed them. No matter what kind of crap they had put them through, they were still they're parents. It wasn't until March 5th that they found out they had died. It was a car accident, in which they were the road kill. The two was told of the burial arrangements yet the two hadn't gone to the official burial. Feeling that if all the people going were really friends and family, that they wouldn't of let them live like dogs for all of they're lives. Instead the two boy's continuously visits they're graves every March 5th. Together they pray for they're parents safe travel to the other side. The boys continue to excel in the academics of school and it beginning to look like Zane is having issues with keeping his fist off the faces of others. But still he continues to excel.

::Bond Stronger Than Anything::
The two boy's feeling that they are all they have left. Grow closer and closer soon becoming inserperable and very protective of each other. Though Kon wasn't much of a fighter, he never aloud anyone to bad mouth Zane. And Zane was willing to punch anyone's lights out who would speak bad about Kon. It wasn't until his third year of High School and Kon's second year. Did he realize that he would need to become strong in the arts of fighting. A fight between him and a peer had went wrong and it turned into a jumping. Kon intervene ; ending up getting beaten up along with his elder brother. Zane was very much hurt by this, and went to full training mode. He wasn't a martial artist or anything but through experience he begin to become better and better. Even going so far as to pick fights out of nowhere. He became capable of taking on even the largest of groups brawlers. He felt contempt with his abilities to protect his brother, until he encounter something much stronger than any human he's ever come across.

:: New Option: Never Back Down - Never Give Up::

His senior year. It was becoming apparent to everyone, that Zane just wasn't the cool, calm individual everyone was associating him to be.The boy was obviously a street thug and a good one at that. But still Kon and certain others still seen the good in him. It was graduation day , everyone was excited about the new found freedom they would have. But one guy that hated and despised Zane only wanted hurt to come to him. Graduation time and everyone showed but Kon. Zane waited at the entrance door for him, becoming worried when everyone had came and he hadn't showed up he went searching. Kon had been knocked out , tied and gagged. The supposed culprit was none other than the kid that hated Zane the most. He seemed different though darker more ominous; evil almost.

Still Zane wasn't gonna back down with his brother Kon on the line. He fought the bastard furiously. But eventually was beaten by something completely filled with dark, hatred. It showed it's ugly head , a demon. It smack Zane around like a rag doll showing no mercy. But when he approached Kon with the intent to kill and massacre him. It wasn't until Zane's will to protect his brother reached beyond his understanding did he meet his new destiny and power source. A unexpected spirit dropped down in front of him. It engulfed him in darkness asking him if he was willing to kill the boy to protect his brother. Zane of course was willing to do anything to protect Kon, it warned him that if he wasn't strong enough this could all backfire. Zane accepted anyway and with this new source took out the demon possessed boy, saving Kon in the process. Afterwards he went on to graduate and with Kon still in High School he left the boy with his grandparents. From that day forwards a blade has always appeared to him when he was confronted with an attack. Unusual in shape and form Zane has never denied it.

:: New Adventures Ahead::
Zane had been thinking for a long time now; that he needed to go out and explore the world. Not only for himself but also for his family, his grandparents were getting old and they're wasn't any need for an extra mouth to feed anymore. He would need to go out and see for himself what he could do. Especially with this new spirit occupying his body, he never told anyone about. Not Kon no one. But he could tell Kon can sense it, constantly asking if he was ok. Zane has yet to discover what going on with his body, though now he can tell that the powers within is connect with his emotions. It's getting difficult to establish the monster from him. That's the real reason he left. It's time to discover what going on inside.

It's been over 3 months since he left and he's gotten closer to understanding his power. He's capable of speaking with the spirit now and but still has yet to draw on the power himself. It still only happens when he loses control over his emotions or if he's in true danger and has a will to protect something. Really he thinks that's the key, his will to wanna live or protecting something close to him. As of now he has joined a small military organization that utilizes his unique arrangement's. Considering him quite valuable he is watched closely but is given freedom to go anywhere.


T H E B E A S T; ; W I T H I N


Ziamichi Spirit Name: Abel

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance:

Dragon Of A Different Kind

Ziamichi Personality:

Quick Temper: Able has a rather quick temper. Being annoyed by most and wanted nothing more than to destroy it once angered. The demon become quickly annoyed when dealing with humans, especially Zane only because Zane doesn't agree with many of his methods.

Strategic Genius: Though he may look young the demon is actually over 25,000 yrs old. Having a extensive experience in the field of combat. Showing he is just as quick on his toes as any other. Leading even stronger opponents into situations where he would have the advantage.

Merciless: Able has absolutely no remorse for the enemies he's killed. Most of the time not even blinking in eye to him/her. He's even killed his own kind from time to time. He's never been one to shy away from battle and is easily a exceptionally strong opponent.

Ziamichi History:
Back in the demon realm Abel fought many demons for claim over a small piece of land. It was his intentions to become known and feared by many. For many didn't know of his birth but many grew to know of his power. It all started off with a small demon being born to a set of powerful and ancient species of demon dragons. It was then that other demons rose up against the tyrants, killing his parents and leaving the child defenseless. A young Abel made his way out of the grips of the enemy and across the demon plane. After years of following different bands of demons. The boy's powers begin to manifest itself in brilliant ways. The boy took this all in stride, thinking that he was no longer to be on the verge of death. That instead he would put other on the verge. Abel begin to take out other demons randomly. He dropped them like flies left and right, for he was one of lucky demons to be born with more than average demonic energy. They barely stood a chance against the dragon. It wasn't until he ran into a immensely strong demon on the verge of death did he meet with his destiny. For the demon laying there dying for some reason gave the boy a rather wicked blade and the gift of his remaining energy into the blade.

As the centuries went by he begin to grow in power and eventually begin to get a reputation within the demon realm. He slaughtered entire kingdoms and begin to attracted unwanted attention from others. It wasn't long before he got full of himself and gotten beaten up pretty bad by elite soldiers of the demon king. His will to live kept him alive though, as he drug himself through the demon realm half dead. He soon met a great demon that took him in and healed him. It wasn't until then that he begin to understand the meaning of loyalty. After faithfully following this demon for centuries he was mysteriously sent to the human world. He thought it was a regular slaughter mission but he was trick. His supposed leader drain him of most of his immense demonic energy, taking it for his own and sent him to earth with little hope to survive. Abel was sent flying down to earth with only his will to live intact.

He crashed down in the middle of rather childish and ridiculous situation. Seeing a kid half dead and a possessed boy torturing another. Abel's only thoughts were to live by any means necessary. He was sure that if he entered someones body that he could heal up and regain his former terrifying powers. For truth is he was the offspring of extremely strong dragon demons. It was instinct for them to preserve themselves by any means at hand. Even if it meant temporarily entering the body of a human. It was there that he found it more difficult then he thought to leave. Like bars on a cell he was locked inside a human vessel.

Ziamichi Powers:

Demonic Pulse: Mostly only happening if Abel's immense demonic power begins to leak out. Zane gains the terrifying spiritual energy of a demon. This is more of an intimidation thing. Releasing a menacing glare his demonic energy pulses out towards his enemy. It lets an incredible amount of negative pulses chill down there spine. Depending on how brave they are; they will either run or stand in fight. Mostly a passive technique.

Seven Sphere Flare: Raising his hands in the air, he creates seven dark spheres above his head and around his body. The spheres act on they're own and continuously attacks his opponent. They are extinguishable if attack singly but still if hit they can cause burns with some minor depressing side affects.

Demonic Endurance: With this he has drastic increase in tolerance for pain. Being capable of withstanding normal bone breaking attack this surely comes in handy.

Increase Performance: All of Zane natural human abilities have been increase dramatically because of the demon's influence. He's gain the ability to see reshi and other demons. In the ability to see in the dark this also comes in handy.

Dark Explosion: Zane gathers the large reservoir of demonic energy inside, concentrating it, focusing it all into one big explosion. When it finally let loose Zane usually stands there depending on how much energy he put into it. It can be anywhere from a small explosion to a huge one.

Infinite Burn:Zane's arms are covered with the flames of the dragon demon with in. Increasing the total damage he do with hand to hand combat. Being capable of cutting metal and searing skin

Dark Image: Zane gathers up Abel's demonic energy and pulls up a dark shield around him protecting him from all angles. From any attack. The lower the tiers of his opponent the more possible it becomes to reflect it.

Necros WildFire: With a mighty roar of his dragonic voice, dark fire spreads around him and twirl up towards him like a tornado. With a simple point of his finger this burning tornado swirls towards his opponent as quick speeds.


B E N E F I T S ; F O R H O S T


Unique Traits: Dark Fire / Demon Natural Abilities / Some Of Abel Combat Experience / Sensing The Emotions Of Others / Abel Immense Spiritual Power /

Conquer: A blade that's comparable to the strength of Zanpaktou. It also has the ability to channel demonic energy into it to make it larger in size. By being consumed by the purplish hue like energy it grows wider and longer. It has a handle on the outside for long range and a handle on the inside for quick close range attacks. It appears in a brilliant display of dark energy.

Forms: Abel knows of Three forms/ Zane knows of none.
  • Emotional Rage: This is usual activated when Zane is push into an enraged state. Feeling the rage inside Abel's demonic energy leaks out and grants Zane enhanced abilities. Along with irrational thoughts

  • Demonic Take Over: Zane is in such in emotional state that Abel is leaking even more of his energy into his body. His natural blue hair gains crimson highlight tips. In small dark angled line stretch from below his eyes. His demeanor becomes more ominous and terrifying. As his powers is increased even more and he is granted more of Abel's powers.
    Powers Will Come Later

  • Dark Hole Form: Consumed by some kind of hatred or sadness. Abel's dragon blood seeps into the cracks of his soul and he himself begin to resemble a miniature dragon humanoid creature. His eyes becomes slant in his skin becomes plated like armor. He gains reshi like wings that appears to be that of a dragons. The fingernails are sharp like talons and his speed is once more increased along with his destructive capabilities. From this form onward his skin becomes comparable to that of an Espada's herriro
    Powers Will Come Later


If Zane every goes to a point of no return and is completely consumed by darkness. It's almost certain that he would under go a full demonic dragon transformation. Thrashing around in a berserk like manner he would send dark streams of flames down on the nearby area. He can't establish friend from foe in this form. Only thing driving him is pure rage.Once he returns he would be in a unconscious state for various amounts of time.
Destructive Powers Will Come Later

Control: 3


T H E H O S T ; ; P O W E R S


Chi Abilities

Unlike other's Zane was born with Chi abilities from the start. Though hidden at first it was his constant training and need to improve that begin to awaken the small spark of it inside him. It never even bothered him that he had more than average strength in endurance. That he shouldn't be able to take on gangs the way he did. It was his Chi powers that allowed this for Zane's Chi power is simple and was born from his will to protect Kon. It wasn't until the foreign vast demonic energy tore open the box did it show itself. Through the power of chi has been materialize into a physical form. A gauntlet on his right arm filled with mystical powers. The majority of his gauntlet's powers focus around the ability to create the 7 layer shield and the power to hold reshi and any other energy based attack if in reasonable power level
[ More to be reveal later]


Abel's Ambitions: The gauntlet appears to be bio designed right into Zane's arm. Though many believe it to be a physical manifestation of Abel influence on Zane. It is actually the physical manifestation of Zane's will to protect people through Chi. It appears to be draconian in appearance for the gauntlet covers his right forearm. I holds a crystallize platinum color and glows a brilliant blue from the side of the hand to the swirl design up to the elbow. It can be manifest in times of danger or at will.

Chi Powers:
  • God's Shield: His right arm is raised and face towards the incoming attack. In which a 7 layered shield is summon all facing outwards with about 2ft space in between them. The shields appear to made of translucent multi-colored glass triangles. All very strong in defensive abilities. It would take several balas to destroy them all and grand rey cero to destroy 4 of shields. He has the ability to change the shape into a sphere around him or anyone. Though if he does this, the shield will stay up regardless of his wishes for atleast 5 posts. For him to put a spherical shield around some one he must have some positive emotions towards them.

  • BringForth: His gauntlet holds the power to hold any energy or reshi based attack within reasonable strength. It's not possible to hold the power of anyone over 4 tier levels higher than him. Though he can try it would most likely break it and which he would need to put forth more Chi to summon.

Awakened Appearance: TBA
Awakened Powers: TBA

Fully Awakened Appearance:
Fully Awakened Powers:


E X T R A ; ; I N F O


NOTE: Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

Click here for skill sheet

Ziamichi Class: (Ranging from E to the weakest and A to the strongest; With S being a special class of demons. Don't do anything to this, the staff will decide how strong your demon will be from how good your application is and how good your role playing skills are.)

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Advanced
  • Control Over Spirit: Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Advanced


R P ; ; S A M P L E


Roleplay Sample: Done it already.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Zane Nagumo [Ready For Action]   Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:03 pm


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Zane Nagumo [Ready For Action]   Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:51 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Tier: 1-3+

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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Zane Nagumo [Ready For Action]   Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:17 pm

This character has been slain under the rules of the death application and the rules of an event. Death application was applied by Elendril as well as the killing blow.

The following link goes to the approved death Application:

Requiescat in pache Zane Nagumo
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Zane Nagumo [Ready For Action]
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