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 Maria Inoue [APPROVED 3-1+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Maria Inoue [APPROVED 3-1+]   Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:37 am

Human Template

General Information

Name: Maria Inoue

Overall Appearance


This serve's as the basis for most of Maria's personality. She is very kind and loves helping out with anything she can, as long as it's within her power. She is frequently seen helping carry bags for elderly neighbor's or helping push car's 5 times her weight down to the car station for repair. Her friendly attitude is something most people admire, because Maria is someone they can count on to help them out of a large jam. Maria, is not very naive however, and will greatly reprimand people who try to trick her for their own self-benefit. She particularly enjoy's thing's that most tomboy's would like such as sport's. This play's into her amazing physical prowess, as she frequently practice's Judo and Wrestling. This allow's her to defend herself when robber's try to harass her. Before the age of 15, she had sent many robber's to the hospital with not so pretty injuries to boot. Incidentally she also tend's to hurt those around her without noticing it. A mere hug from Maria is enough to break people's back, as she had hurt the back of Shyanne, hugging her out of the blue without any self control. To simply put it into perspective, Maria's strength and cute attitude can become very destructive. Consciously and unconsciously. Despite this scary trait, Maria is very open-minded and great to get along with, as long as people exhibit the same amount of kindness that she does. However, there are time's where even she will get angry, though this is only when Havoc, Shyanne, or close friend's are concerned.

Maria is very fond of food, and love's cooking for her father and his guest's. She will spend an innumerable amount of time, preparing a well deserved meal. She tend's to cook food of the spicy variety however, with dishes such as, Mabo Tofu, and other special spiced up meals. She also favor's poultry during cooking, as she attempted to force Havoc to eat some of her food, even though she dislikes poultry. She enjoy's cooking large banquet's and will stop at nothing in order to produce a wonderful meal. She is also frequently seen with one or two job's, and does her best to give her father good income as well as herself. She is a hard-working individual and will even do heavy-lifting during a job, in order to get paid extra cash. So as long as it bring's in the cash, she would easily help carry an entire large bag of moving out gear. Maria appear's to be very close to Shyanne and cares about her well-being, always hoping that she stay's out of harm's way, After they reunited with each other recently. She is frequently shown guiding her through the city, or wishing her and her partner good luck,as they both seem to excel in the same profession.



Natural Abilities


Power Development Stage 1 Appearance: N/A(She gain's no new form.)
Power Development Stage 1 Abilities:

Immense Strength: This is Perhaps the most scary and funny trait about Maria, it is her strength and her strength alone. She has been sent to doctor's, for her bizarre strength over the span of her life. her lower body is capable of 40 tons of force per kick, while her upper body is a high ranking 346 tons of force per hit. Mere hug's from this girl can break people's back's. She can lift boulders with ease, though throwing them tends to take alot out of her. she is able to push and lift car's out of her way and depending on the over all weight of the car stop it with her bare hand depending on momentum and speed. However, her emotions as stated before are what ties into her over all strength. if she is upset or harmed in any way, she becomes nimble and weak. If she's happy or angry, her strength truly becomes a devastating force. When she was younger, she was voted as the strongest child in japan. What happen's to be the scary fact, is that none of this is tied in with her Spiritual energy, Chi, or anything else, this is pure unbridled strength. Luckily, she know's how to control it, but when she loses herself in her emotions, things can get out of hand and it is probably best that one escape's from the area when she is truly pissed off. This is why most people consider her a "Human Juggernaut" and most bullies or thugs are scared to steal or cross path's with this woman.

Power Development Stage 2 Appearance:N/A
Power Development Stage 2 Abilities:N/A

Chi Abilities


Chi Powers: None

Awakened Appearance: N/A
Awakened Powers: N/A

Fully Awakened Appearance: N/A
Fully Awakened Powers:N/A

Background/Roleplay Sample


Maria Inoue was a beautiful baby girl born in japan before it truly became destructive, and therefore, dangerous for Maria. She was born from the love of a american mother and a Japanese father. Her mother was a political activist, while her father was a governor within japan. Due to his high standing, he produced much wealth. This allowed Maria to enjoy a relatively wonderful life, devoid of any madness or bloodshed. She was a sweet child and would constantly do everything she was told too as efficiently as possible. Maria would also often cook with her mother on daily basis; so that her father could experience the wonderful meals Maria learned to cook from her mother. Needless to say, he enjoyed every delicious piece of food she made. During her childhood, Maria became enthralled by a game that her mother called Cat's cradle . She loved to play this game with her father and her mother everyday and sometimes, at night, would even wake them up just to use the excuse of "getting sleep" or "wanting to play cat's cradle so she wouldn't have nightmares" anymore. But her parents loved her for this and would stay up at all times of the night until she went to sleep. This was the ideal family. But her father knew, that in time, it would become increasingly dangerous in the future to hang around in japan, or any part of the world.

During the age of 8, Maria started to display a unusual display of strength during a trip with her mother. There were, say, many heavy boxes of differing sizes, each more arduous to carry then the last. Her mother and the caretakers were about to reprimand her, but then they started to see her carrying these heavy boxes and were left in awe. Even her mother dropped her phone with an expression of surprise plastered all over her face. Her jaw opened wide, she simply stared on as her little girl carried the boxes to the truck and came back without suffering a single hernia or any torn ligaments within her body. After this, her mother quickly traveled back to japan and told her father of her daughter's strength. At first, he felt as though his wife had been playing a trick on him; his daughter, his sweet maria, had the strength of a juggernaut? it sounded like nonsense. But her mother had no intention of being proven wrong, and brought out a heavy washing machine, three, to be exact. Maria carried each of them back to their respective places, and her father nearly fainted from the revelation. His daughter had such unbelievable strength with such a lithe and delicate child's frame. Any time she was brought to the doctors, they told him and her that she was perfectly normal. There were no visible, exterior, or interior defects to be found in their daughter. Over time, they got use to this new found strength in their daughter and even entered her in weight lifting contest's and judo tournaments, which would later lead to her being deemed as the strongest human child in japan. Maria became a popular child and enjoyed the life of fame, but with that fame also came a tragedy.

Her father came down with a disease during her trip, and while her father tried his hardest to find a cure, there was nothing that existed that could possibly help her condition. For the first time, Maria had to experience a tragedy and it tore at her heart strings. She stood over her mother and wanted to hug her so much - but, no, the doctors could not allow that. Her condition was relatively contagious and no one could describe what was happening to her exactly. Her father held her back, and simply allowed Maria to talk to her mother in her last moments. "Mama....." Her mother smiled and held her hand out, speaking only a few words. "Maria, my wonderful child...before...i had you my life seemed incomplete, but now, i can honestly...say...Gah...Kuh..Kuh!..ah..i can say and your father completed me. Thus, i am able to peace...." she had spoken longer then she expected and left her with these last few words. "Maria....protect your father with every iota of strength you child, my one, my only, daughter, Maria....Inoue. " and with that, her mother had left the world of the living. Her mother's last words were like a sublime oath that Maria had to follow. She would protect her father with every fiber of her being.

at the age of 15, Maria experienced life within high school, while her father retired from his job as Japanese governor. He retired due to old age, and was already 61 years old. But still, he was as chipper and courageous as he was, when he was younger. Maria had continued her life of peace, even though she had heard of how dangerous Japan and other countries had become due to the influx of hollows, and other dangerous beasts. Though Maria, was actually able to protect herself. She smashed quite a few hollows into oblivion due to her increasingly unfathomable strength. In fact ,she had garnered enough of a reputation, that not many of those ravenous soul eaters even wanted to come to her house. But both irony and tragedy, would make an attempt to strike her, because at the age of sixteen, she became close to a boyfriend who at first, seemed like a wonderful and earnest man. He was actually older then her, 4 years, at this time, there was no law that had been issued that would've said that the two's relationship was illegal or that it was impure. Even her father enjoyed his company, and the two shared dinner, but the man had a past that came to haunt him and would involve Maria and her father. One day, Maria's boyfriend, or Kazuma, had been tracked by a Japanese mafia member, and a large group of those members followed him towards the house. Unfortunately, both her father and lover, were held captive by them and Maria entered the den of lions without anything to protect her.

She saw her first mortifying sight - her lover dead on the ground with a bullet in her head. While her father, was being held hostage by one of the mafia members, screaming and begging that they would not lay a hand on her precious daughter. But, no, the members had something else in mind. Holding the gun to Maria, they had the intention and the lust to defile her body, or in other words, rape her. Maria was strong; that was an undeniable fact, but, what hope did she have of taking a bullet? None, none whatsoever. Slowly, they made their way towards her while ordering her to take her clothing off, but, instead of doing that, she screamed in hopes that someone would come and help her survive. This was enough to distract them as they gradually gained speed towards her - but then- someone busted through the window, it was a woman, a tall woman. "Now...what do we have here?" the girl spoke taking off the hood from her head. This was ---- Havoc the demon hunter. Anyone who knew someone ,knew of her as not only a mercenary who hunted demons, but as a brutal assassin within the human world. In a flash, she threw each and every one of the mafia members out of the house and ordered a pet of her's from demon world to have fun with his "Meal". Havoc turned back to Maria and spoke. "..Become stronger, not many people will be as lucky as you were. So you should become a fighter, or at the very least, find someone to protect you that is as strong as me. " With that, Havoc said goodbye to the girl and left.

Maria and her father, were both relieved to have survived; when they could have well died a miserable and cruel death. And Maria listened to the words of her savior, she would become stronger and train even harder then she did as a child. She started to learn of even more martial arts skill, and perfected her strength. During a trip at the age of seventeen, Maria was invited by her friends to come have fun with them on a summer vacation. After gaining acceptance from her father, she went on the plane ride to her vacation to Santa Rita. Little did she know, another minuscule situation of danger, would happen to her once again, but this time, yet another savior was there for her. Canaan or as her true name was - Shyanne. During a late night walk, Maria and one of her friends decided to go out for a late night meal and during their walk, Maria was confronted by two muggers. She was face to face with, yet again, another gun. She had told them that she could not pay them with any money - a clear lie. So they instead opted, as things had once again went too, use her body to satiate their cruel needs. What was it with people and rape? before they could act on this however, a woman around a similar size of Maria, attacked the muggers and sent them running. Maria was left in awe. She was amazed by not only her technique; but her skill as well. After finding her friend once again, she invited Canaan to a meal and Maria simply asked if she could get to know Canaan more. Canaan, or Shyanee, as Maria would later learn, invited her to her "humble" abode. Maria during her trip through Shyanne's house saw rounds of ammunition and a few guns, and thought nothing of it, after experiencing the normal and feminine side of Shyanne, she simply came to the conclusion that the girl had a rough past, and therefore, protected herself with these weapons.

After becoming closer to Shyanne, Maria showed her how to play Cat's cradle, her favorite string game. And as though it were a repeat of the nights spent with her mother and father, they would often stay up on many occasions just to play that sacred game. Unfortunately, their time was cut short, due to the fact, that Maria's vacation time was ending. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but Maria had to leave. Hopefully, they would once again reunite, but for now, she had to leave a great friend. After saying her goodbyes, Shyanne seen Maria off on her plane ride back to Japan. Maria returned to her father and for the next two years lived within a peaceful home. Little did Maria know - Fate would once again reunited her with her beloved friend, Shyanne. There was no way - it would separate them for long. The question was, would she be ready?

Roleplay Sample: You guys know how i do. (COOL)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Maria Inoue [APPROVED 3-1+]   Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:34 am

Application Checklist

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [-]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

=3 Approved unless someone objects.


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Maria Inoue [APPROVED 3-1+]
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