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 New Girl in an Old Part Of Town

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: New Girl in an Old Part Of Town   Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:45 am

The sun rose on the ruined chaos of what once was Karakura town on a cool late summer day. The morning dew glistened with the sun's rays as it danced with the grass in the morning wind. This area that once used to be know as a very happening town, was now just the home to theives, criminals, gangs and most recently, it had become the home of very young rouge demoness.

It didn't take long before Inuyami settled into her new shelter. The short white haired inu-demon had found her way into the Karakura area after escaping the dark lab of a derranged scientist. Dispite her many hard ships, her golden-orange eyes still sparkled with the inocence and hope of a child. Perhaps she was just naive, or maybe it was that she was to air headed to have been affected by the evils she'd encounterd; In anycase, Inuyami was hopeful with the world that she would someday find her place in a world she felt she didn't belong.

Inuyami had built a small hutt out of scrap wood and any other junk from around the ruins of the town of Karakura. Somehow this all seemed to come as a second nature to her but she didn't have the leasure or time to pay the de-ja-vu any attention. Her new home was ample for one person it was perfect for everything she needed it for. A table in one cornor adjecent to a cornor heaped with ratty blankets and torn pillows, the walls were lined with old card board and the only light that came in was threw the thin cloth door. It wasn't much but it was home now, and Inuyami took great pride in the shelter she'd provided for herself.

The sun was beginning to raise over the trees on the eastern horizon, this was the begining of Inuyami's day. She streched in the breaking sunlight within the frame of her door, looking over the devistation that had raveged the once lovely grave yard. Golden rays of the sun carresed her slender body, casting a shadow behind her over the small floor space of her home.

Up until this point, Inuyami had successfully avoided most of the town people of Karakura. Aside from the random few thieves or perverts she'd had to fight offshe'd kept to herself pretty well. She figured it was better she kept as low a profile as she could, but it would only a matter of time before they started to catch on to the dissapearance of produce and other goods. It was shameful for her, however it was the only way for her to servive.

Inuyami decided to start the day she would make her way down to the main river and bath in the water. By the time the dew had evaporated from the green grass, Inuyami had found her way to the river banks where she'd flattened the tall grass into paths that lead to different sections of the water. It was here, underneith the main bridge to enter the new Karakura town, that she bathed in private and would later fish for her dinner in the evening hours once things settled down and the water calmed.

Inuyami washed her clothes and layed them on a large piece of the broken bridge to dry in the sun as she washed herself. Using an old coffee can, she scooped the water from the river and poured it over herself. The cool crisp water cascaded down her muscular build, over the scars left by Omi and his deranged expirements, and returned to the rushing tide. Things in this part of the deserted city were usually pretty quiet and Inuyami had never seen anyone near the bridge so she didn't worry to much about being seen.



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New Girl in an Old Part Of Town
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