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 Android 18 "Annette" by UHCM [APPROVED 1-1+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Android 18 "Annette" by UHCM [APPROVED 1-1+]   Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:49 pm

Human Template

General Information

Name: Annette (Nickname for "Android 18", Product A-018 by reference to her being a product of DEPTH-Com)
Age: Appears to be early twenties, but is actually less than a year old if considering the time she is created.
Gender: Female

Overall Appearance

Method of Self: Identify Problems -> Fix Problems -> Wait Further Commands.
Method of Others: DOES NOT COMPUTE!
Method of Provocation: Identify Target -> Note Intent -> Deliver.
Method of Recognition: Identify Target -> True/False -> If False, Resort to Method of Combat.
Method of Reception: Identify Keywords -> Identify Tones -> Identify Voice -> Respond Appropriately.
Method of Combat: Preemptive Strike -> Neutralization -> Segregation by Objectives.
Method of Scouting: Observe -> Calculate -> Report.
Method of "Socializing": DOES NOT COMPUTE!
Method of Protection: Identify Client -> Identify Hazards -> Revert to Method of Combat.
Method of Theorizing: Identify Problems -> Identify Meaningful Sources -> Revert to Method of Scouting.
Method of Life Support: Identify Conditions -> Locate Necessary Tools -> Perform Medical Aid.
Method of Bearing: Receive Components -> Nurture Fetus -> Release Matured Human Infant.
Method of Opinion: DOES NOT COMPUTE!
Method of Facts: Review Question -> Search Network -> Produce Answer.


Height: 5'8"
Weight: Middleweight

Natural Abilities
Thermal+Radiation Energy Converter: Annette is capable of absorbing heat and radiation and uses them to replenish her built in battery. Not only it will keep her active with access to her energy attacks, it will allow her to use them indefinitely when standing near a source of the heat like being near a nuclear hazard or being in a hot desert. The system also takes in heat from within Annette, making it into a self-sufficient system that can recycle its own heat. The downside is like any human being, she is unable to survive long in a cold environment, so she still need a coat for the winter to keep the heat in and have her last longer than without. If frozen (when she has no heat to turn into energy), she shuts down and remains like that until she is reheated.

Rapid Access and Deletion Internal System: Acting as a temporary database in her Cyber Brain, Annette is capable of over 10 terabyte RAM and 20 terabyte storage, making her a living super computer with the limit of over 20 billion songs or over 15 billion documentations. Primarily, she uses that much for instant access, download and upload speed for useful information for her to use and immediately reboots that database, eliminating all evidences of what she accessed. It is also considered a security measure against hackers and script-kiddies who would be intending to use her for something else.

Permanent Link to Engraved Advanced Scripting External System: It is where her true mind resides as it is never on her character and was transmitted between her and another source through frequency used in wireless networking. One of the confirmed sources was the Yuudeshi Network, which DEPTH-Com as a partnership agreement with. However, in event that DEPTH-Com was cut off from the network, they made Annette's P.L.E.A.S.E.S. into a private server that is completely separated from DEPTH-Com's personal server.

Anti-Thermal Protein Coating: Annette has a special coating used for protecting the parts within Annette. Its creation was purposed to mimic real smooth flesh while providing the protection from extreme heat and radiation hazards. Unfortunately, the cost for the materials are steep so the coating is only a shell, so once that flesh is damaged or torn, Annette will become susceptible to extreme heat and radiation related damages.

Lightweight Composite Alloy Skeleton and Shields: Made from a mixture of multiple metallic alloys and chemical bonding agent of a super-heated forging, Annette's skeleton is capable of with standing the impact force of an armored truck commonly used for transporting bank money going at full speed of 120 miles per hour. The shields doubled the resistance to physical attacks while making up Annette's overall body shape. The shields are underneath the AT Protein Coating and protects the internal components underneath like the skeleton and the A.K.D. It is considered a lightweight, allowing her to move around flexibly at the cost of protection, meaning she still have weak spots in various locations like behind the knees, behind the elbows and in the armpits. However, the skeleton was hollowed out to protect the vital connections so even if she was hit in her vulnerable spots, she can still have better chance in running away instead of being crippled; however, when hit in the H.S.T.J., she would be crippled in a place where one of her joints would be broken. Side note: There are only four plates for the mid and lower torso made for the C.H.R.I.S.

High Stress Tolerated Joints: Due to medical studies, strength is not by muscles alone, it is by the tolerance to the physical stress when two masses are moving against each other. 15 years ago, such tools are invented by a German Mechanic in Berlin. DEPTH-Com's research team uncovered that discovery and invited the German mechanic to their facility 15 miles north of Karakura Central for the development of a smaller and better version of his invention. Annette was the first to receive these joints during her 4 years development. The joints allows Annette to lift a car, but not the whole car because the apparent stress limit was 1(1/2) ton. However, the stress tolerance does not affect how hard she can throw a punch and a kick because that is a different form of mathematics. At least she can move faster than some people when carrying a heavy load and she can let gravity do the damage when dropping something heavy on an opponent.

Rapid Mobility System with Stress Limit Detector: Annette can move quickly and punch and kick harder with a mix of speed, stress tolerance and weight with the sensors located throughout her body, allowing her to identify limits in nanoseconds while calculating movements in milliseconds. With the stress limit detector, it is very unlikely that Annette will falter by breaking her internal parts. With H.S.T.J. and R.M.S+S.L.D. in synchronization, it is what makes her suitable as a war-android. However, it does not make her jump higher than human, but it does jump high enough for the national basketball league standards.

Anti-Kinetic Defense System Array: Referred as "A.K.D." by the military across the world, this nasty little network of self-active joints is capable of two things in order to render most energetic attacks virtually useless; Adjust and Reduce. Adjust: The first stage of the damage prevention is preemptive as the A.K.D. is linked with the radar system and when it detects the projectile's target being its wearer, it pushes the shields out in matter of milliseconds, making the wearer look a tad thicker for a brief amount in seconds prior to impact. The second stage (Reduce) is to alert the wearer of incoming attack after immediately identifying the threat; should it be Armor Piercing (AP), the wearer is alerted to adjust him/herself because A.K.D. cannot prevent penetration; but if it is Standard Impact (SI), the shield and A.K.D. catches it and readjusts to the stress to slow down the impact shock-wave and render the shock virtually minimal to the wearer. Annette currently wears the latest prototype made by DEPTH-Com with assistance of a Russian Military Lieutenant, who invented A.K.D. in the first place for hover vehicles. The prototype's name was "Ivan's Crash Shield Array."

Multipurpose Optical System: This system allows Annette to visually evaluate anything that is in front of her eyes. Due to rapid ocular adjustment, she can flip through different versions like night, infrared, E.C.P. (Energetic Convergence Points), natural and U.V.L. (Ultra-Violet Light). E.C.P. is developed by DEPTH-Com to allow humans to see spiritual activities in attempt to improve safety for soldiers and civilians against the attacks by Hollows, Demons and others by using the concept that any spirit gives off an energy signature, thus allowing them to affect humans by physical means and by spiritual pressure without being detected. The theory also links to the theory of Chi, where there are gates and nodes where energy flows and gives anyone a superhuman enhancement, believing that when there are nodes, there are points where energy converge and release, creating "Energetic Convergence Points" or E.C.P. If E.C.P. fails (due to it being double-blind study by default), it can serve another purpose of detecting electronics in out-of-sight places.

Audio Sensory System: Despite its unfortunate acronym, this system allows Annette to hear anything around her while she is able to adjust the system to the point of hearing a footstep spanning across 5 city blocks. Due to advancements in technology, she is capable of isolating the hearing range from a full 360 degree to 30* degree wide. DEPTH-Com deviated from the other competitors who are attempting to develop a more acute hearing systems due to the belief that if it is too acute, the system would ignore anything other than a talking doll within a mile away, and thus being ineffective for their approach.

Audio Replication System Emitter: Another name with an unfortunate acronym, this system allows Annette to speak, though accents and tones are absent due to Annette referring to the computer standardized "Text to Speech" algorithm.

Solid Fuel Recycling System: Located in the midsection, Annette can consume food and drink like a human being, but in the stomach, instead of breaking them down, she literally incinerate the content and extract proteins and vitamins for the life support feature and excess to make heat for her thermal+radiation energy converter. Due to incineration being the key feature, bathroom breaks are eliminated from the factors when it comes to Annette as she can also burn off the wastes to make more heat and more energy.

Twin Life Support Reproduction System: Normally they call it her breasts as the system allows her to use the vitamins and proteins from the food she burns off to make a special liquid that allows her to nurture a human life when they cannot on their own. Despite her very heated interior, the life support feature is comfortably warm. The only thing that cannot be changed was the taste of hamburgers with the aftertaste of celery.

Advanced Thermal Distributor: A.T.D. is located in place of the heart as instead of pumping blood, it uses a fraction of the output of the thermal+radiation energy converter to generate more heat. This feature is the primary system of reusing energy when the S.F.R.S. is the recycling system. When it beats, it can set off any heart rate machine as a heartbeat while produces heat regularly and evenly throughout her body. When overclocked, it can cause damage to the interior of Annette, but creates an aura that can evaporate water and ice quickly, rendering even ice masters unable to keep her down for long.

Creative Human Reproduction Incubation System: C.H.R.I.S. is a feature that is only in the prototype, but proven successful, can be added to future robotic models based off of Annette. Theoretically, it is a insulated synthetic pouch with special sensors and its own intake tube which allows proteins and vitamins and other components to enter and form into an Duck. However, Annette does not have any genetics of her own, so she needs to receive genes from a male human in order to start the process. When the process starts, Annette will noticeably eat more food and drinks than usual to recycle into the components needed to incubate a human fetus. Once it is birthing time, Annette can easily give birth due to lacking a nervous system to feel pain. It is this specific feature that DEPTH-Com are developing for the best interest of mankind, a robot that can willingly serve as a fallback in an event that humans are taking a severe amount of loss and needed to reproduce to ensure the survival of mankind. On the side note: It is still has not been tested yet, so it is unsure what would happen.

Powerful Physical Attacks: Annette has high stress tolerance, high speed and capable of delivering high momentum, making her capable of breaking bones of hardened individuals and overpowering some strong foes.

Burnout: Annette overclocks her A.T.D. and creates an aura that not only damages her interior, she creates an aura that renders most ice and water attacks virtually useless through intense heat burning up the hydrogen in the water and causing instability in the oxygen, which causes them to expand and become gas. At some scenario, this allows Annette to create a smoke screen of super-heated steam that can burn unprotected individuals while charging herself and allowing Annette to initiate sneak attacks.

Concentrated Microwave Beam: Like cero, Annette has to charge up before releasing it in a cylindrical beam of energy capable of agitating the water within the path, even within the individual. Within the individual caught in the beam, the water content evaporates and become steam that burns the individual from the inside and cause severe bloating consecutive to the burning, rendering the individual stiff-jointed, aching and bloated with the danger of burning up from the inside out. The emitters for the attack is located on the inside of her hands and when broken, renders her microwave-based and plasma-based attacks useless. Furthermore, the attack consumes energy and when in cold areas, Annette will consider using this attack as a risk to her life cycle process.

Rapid Plasma Discharge Bolts: Like bala, Annette can release them in rapid succession, however the bolts she releases are electrical, meaning despite its limited range, it can attack at the speed of light, making it nearly impossible to dodge. Considering that Plasma is a hybrid between heat and electricity, it can burn a target at 3,000*F if they are hit. The emitters for the attack is located on the inside of her hands and when broken, renders her microwave-based and plasma-based attacks useless. Furthermore, the attack consumes energy and when in cold areas, Annette will consider using this attack as a risk to her life cycle process.

Development Logs by Section-D Hishi, Uriel (Background)
YEAR ONE: This is a compiled summary of the R&D reports that spans over 300 pages of details, theories and concepts from designers, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, marketeers, and so forth. It is apparent that Administrator Shikijou's request for a "Mom Bot" with an under-the-table request for a war droid is to combat the potential threat of an infamous individual named, "Radioactive" nicknamed for its capabilities of using radiation attacks and bearing the power of a nuclear warhead or a nuclear power plant. We may have our very bright scientists and engineers on board, we also will need assistance from third parties as this project coined, "Project Fire Lady" was bearing strict tolerance by default. Researchers are all over the place with seems to be little organization, but they are quite organized within a vast amount of space to cover. One goes for anatomy, another goes for materials and so forth. In the end of November, they pulled through with their findings and ahead of time, so DEPTH-Com granted them paid vacation to the newly rebuilt resorts of Okinawa. I will leave the gathered research in a database where the competitors cannot find, the "Permanent Link to Engraved Advanced Scripting External System" encoded with a password that only me and Administrator Shikijou know about. When the team returns from the vacation, it will be on January 4th.

YEAR TWO: The team returned from their vacation promptly as scheduled and began making calls for materials. Michael was rather annoyed that TARN has to be held back to secure the materials during the transportation, however, the TARN are paid well for their troubles and annoyances. By annoyances, I refer to the occasional attacks by Hollows and the Yakuza who thought we are transporting weapons when we are intending to use our materials for the promotion of mankind's existence. While the project's skeleton was being forged, two individuals, one a mechanic from Berlin, Germany and another a military lieutenant from St. Petersburg, Russia. I was the one who filled in the blanks for the two inventors of two necessary devices and they understand quite well why we needed their help. They too believe in the honorable role of supporting the wellness of the civilizations. By Mid-October, the project's skeleton was made and the shields are halfway through their queue. However, the shells will have to be put in last due to necessary electronics have to be inserted before. It is nearing Christmas Eve and the critical skeletal works are completed. So we granted the employees including the two foreign assistants vacation to enjoy their time with the family.

YEAR THREE: Like last year, the employees and the inventors have returned on January 4th. This is beginning to look promising as the inventors not only began assisting with the development of their inventions to fit our designs, they are also assisting in making our materials more durable and lighter. In honor of these two, I compiled the language sets of German and Russian into the P.L.E.A.S.E.S., so when the project is done, the project can understand Russian and German along with Japanese and English without having to do research. Thanks to the help of Raphael and his medical research team, we synthesized a few organ-like components that can be used for the life support system and the reproduction system that is required of a "Mom Bot." Admittedly, we are going to eventually be a few yens over the budget by the end of this project, but it is not to be worried about as we can always have Gabriel go take a second job to make up the debt. She is noticeably have too much free time as the only thing she will ever do is oversee the ethical treatments, which is rarely broken due to hard discipline. Yet again, before Christmas Eve--right on the mark--things are getting done and paid vacations are given out to keep the employees and the assistants happy.

YEAR FOUR: On schedule and according to Administrator Shikijou, this year will be the red letter year for our project, so we have to get the prototype made this year or our budgets are cut, which spells doom for most of our employees. However, they are at a pace that is confident enough to make the red letter day. All we have to do is attach the shields and make necessary calibrations for the electronics. Unfortunately, our supply of AT-PC was delayed due to a hurricane occurring near the supplier's facility. However, they came through a month later and we proceeded to finish up the project. In the end, Project Fire Lady was close to completion and only requires testing, but our time is up, so our test will be critically a "do or die" situation. Administrator Shikijou have the politics and important people attending to the DEPTH-Com Tower for the demonstration of Project Fire Lady which Administrator Shikijou named, "Annette." The function testing was a full success while the team are quite scared and excited when Annette was being activated for the first time, the time she is officially born. This is the end of Project Fire Lady's Development Logs, summarized by Uriel, Hishi of Section-D.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Android 18 "Annette" by UHCM [APPROVED 1-1+]   Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:29 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: This should be interesting
Tier: 1-1+


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Android 18 "Annette" by UHCM [APPROVED 1-1+]
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