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•Deveta: The Demon God•   •WIP• •MAIN STORYLINE EVENT CHARACTER• [semi-approved 0-1+] Test-2

x Terms Of Using This Character: One of the primary terms of Deveta Touketsu being able to be used is that his combat threads are actually fairly restrictive. This means Deveta will not be used against being who cannot handle his power. With him primarily being an event-scale NPC in this body, he can be in as many casual threads as he wants, but his battles are generally against those on 0 tier or have the ability to put up a fight against him. Thus, in short, Deveta Touketsu is really only to be used against 0-1+'s, 0-1's, 0-2++'s or groups of 0 tiers attempting to do battle with him. Outside of that, he is not allowed to use his powers and can be restricted if a casual threads turns to combat; fighting mostly on that characters level.

x Name: For all intents and purposes, Touketsu is his current name. However, he notes that he may have given himself the name Dēvatā (देवता) the moment he gained an intellgient concious. Which, in Hindi, means Deity. It is not clear rather or not Touketsu actually is a God, though with his powers, most do not same to argue this fact. Especially those who reside in Demon World in which he made himself.

x Age: Touketsu is estimated to be around 15-16 billion years old. Though, Touketsu himself believes he is even older then that as he surmises that whatever brought his body into existence was alive far before he had a conscious. So it is very possible Touketsu has existed by existence had been created.

x Gender: Touketsu does not have one Gender as it is heavily implied that he seems to be asexual. With his powers, however, he has been noted as easily shifting between the male gender, the female gender and even a fusion between both in order to forge himself a third gender. So Touketsu is not bound by one gender and cannot be classified as either.

x Is He A Real God: When it comes down to it, Touketsu is not an absolute god. However, with how far along his power and energy is, he's easily in a state between Demi-God and Godhood. Meaning that it is possible to kill him, his power is not infinite and his abilities are not absolute. This does mean, however, the energy gap is quite huge between him and other beings; with his attributes being pushed to unimaginable levels to most other creatures outside of the Soul King, Truth and others whom are able to reach the level of 0-1. Thus, in that regard, most do not ever attempt to dispute his claims of godhood based on said power. After all, are you going to argue with a guy who had the capacity to forge entire planets and sexually produce an entire race, then say it isn't a supreme being? The chances of that are slim to none.

x Sexual Orientation: It is worth noting that Touketsu is actually Omisexual. After being a creature that was spawned from the birth of the universe, having attributes that allow him to mend his body to anyway he sees fit and living long enough to have a good understanding of most other beings; Deveta is open to any and all relationships that are possible. From relations with males, to females, to those with both sexual organs, to those with no sexual organs; and those of otherworldly organs or no physical form to love at all, it simply does not matter to Deveta. So long as the entity at hand has a conscious for him to communicate with, there is always a small chance Touketsu could form a bond with it and possibly create the chance of a relation being forged between the two. Leaving Deveta with quite the many options should he ever look to pursue someone else to spend it's lengthy, possibly, eternal life with.

x Deveta's Appearance: There really is no point in trying to gather an accurate sense of Touketsu's appearance at this point. Why is that? Well, being that this creature can easily mend itself to whatever form it desires, it's long sense forgotten what it's original shape was eons ago. From what most gather of Deveta's presence, it's aura is quite feminine in nature, yet equally masculine at the same time. From what it is able to surmise of itself, the Deveta body that Touketsu inhabits is mostly asexual in nature and has no real gender, form or mass. Instead, if one were to truly break Deveta to down to it's most basic level, it would most likely be nothing more then a massive collection of energies with a twisted sense of power radiating from every pour of it's being. Though, to make matters easier for those who cannot comprehend this, Deveta has been known to address itself as a "male" when needed and a "female" at other times. However, most in Demon World simply prefer to refer to an "it" for all intents and purposes.

In fact, Touketsu has even been known to sometimes take the shape of whatever he believes the person he is interacting with would prefer. For instance, he could possibly mend himself to take the form of a massive sixty story tall beast with all sorts of appendages, claws, fangs, eyes and other sorts of familiars oozing from his body for those that prefer to see the body of a Demon God. While, those with more mild taste could simply see him take the shape of a humanoid body similar to the one in the picture above this application. This is because Touketsu finds it amusing to see how people would react to the different physical shifts he can perform himself. Additionally, he may also take the form displayed in the top section of this character profile because he believes it meshes in quite well with this new generation of Demon's that run amok in Demon World. Leading most to believe that he simply adapts his body to whatever rule the current King/Queen's of the Central Demon Nation happen to have.

x Affiliation: For the time being, he is affiliated with the likes of Shadow Fall. However, if he should change his mind, he can easily be associated as a rouge being. This is because Deveta DOES have a mind of it's own and does retain the choice to change it's mind. Leaving some chance of him being reasoned with by other beings. For instance, he had been convinced by the likes of Truth to never use his true power, unless it was in a fight against the two of them. Another illustration of Touketsu being persuaded was when the former Queen of Demon World, prior to Mana Asthavon, had pleaded with Touketsu to stabilize the balance between their world and the realm of the living by putting restrictions in place to prevent blood thirsty demon's from causing too many casualties or chaos in the living world. Seeing that it did not impeded his existence much and could serve to be amusing, he compiled with that request and put measures in place to prevent an outburst of Demon's from emerging in the human world. Which ultimately leaves some to believe that Touketsu can be a rational being when he feels fit to be.

x Present Status: It is currently unknown where Touketsu actually resides. This is because some previously believed he was sealed inside the likes of Ketsu Iramasha after Raiden Iramashsa had a long and trying battle with this creature. However, Ketsu had revealed that this wasn't actually the case. What was actually inside of him now was but a mere piece of The Demon God and that he was still very much alive and roaming the world as he sees fit. Thus, for the fleeting moment in this creature's mind, Deveta Touketsu has simply been bidding it's nearly unlimited time. It has spent the last few hundred years simply exploring different worlds, having a blast in many alternative dimensions and observing occurrences inside of different timelines. In a sense, some can even say it has even been on vacation. A few hundred years to him would be a mere few months to a year for most average humans. So, in this beings state of mind, it has simply taken a break to recollect itself and went to branch out a little before assuming it's control once again.

x He Loves To Play: This is something that is rather unexpected of for a demon of Touketsu's caliber. The Devata Pathway is extremely childish in many aspects as he has been noted as acting very playful with the people he meets; often using his god-like powers in order to play games such as hide-n-seek, capture the flag, Simon Says and so on. But, as you may have guessed, these antic's usually have a stingy demonic vibe to them. As an example, whenever Touketsu gets someone to play "Simon Says", or rather, "Deveta Says"; the last person standing is usually the person to receive some sort of physically pain. When he does this when humans, Touketsu has been noted as using all of his teeth to physically drain the heart of a person. And so, sometimes, these games can be VERY lethal for those who are unfortunate enough to join them. In spite of this nature, though, if Touketsu were to end being the loser in said game; it has been noted that the Devata Pathway would show a kind of good sportsmanship towards his player and grant them one wish. That is, if you were able to get pass his tricks n' powers.

x Dealing With His Origin: When most beings attempt to ask what made Touketsu the way he is, he doesn't like dealing with this question very much. Not even from the likes of Truth will he really open up about that issue going on with him. Why is that you may mask? Well, this is because the former imprints of the individual he was, prior to the incident which claimed his former godhood, had pre-programmed him to never really seek that out. Therefore, every time someone tries to peer into his history, he will generally do everything within his power to prevent that from occurring. In fact, with his last bid of power, the person whom Deveta was previously had even erased most mentions of itself from the history, from what would later become Touketsu's mind and even attempted to erase this from the ever-expanding archive of knowledge that Truth had appeared to have accumulated as time had progressed. This was to prevent any chance of that truly hellish state of mind of ever coming back for Deveta.

x Patient, but to an Extent: If it's one thing Touketsu despises, it's when he faces hard opposition against his will that is outside the likes of Truth or the Soul King. Being that he believes he was made to be a contract of the universe itself, he considers it a act of defiance whenever someone, that is non-divine or deity-like in origin, boldly tries to infringe upon his decisions. Depending on how aggressive the person becomes, Touketsu may even decide to use his powers against them if they are able to put up a decent enough fight. This is because, in Que with his childish nature, he becomes very temperamental when told he is denied something he truly desires. It has even turned into quite the violent rampage, as he has been known to destroy entire civilizations based on them classifying him under a "Demonic Threat" and waging an all out war against him, when all he wanted to do was just befriend them. Enraged with them denying this pleasure, Touketsu snapped and was able to destroy an entire alien civilization because of this. However, in later years, Deveta has learned to keep a better lid on his temper. Resulting in some semblance of patience.

x Curious, but not Deadly: Rather then being a vengeful god, in this creature's mind, Deveta simply prefers to watch how things play out. This was made evident in how Demon World works. Instead of bothering to completely rule over this land himself, he simply took a back seat in the shadow's and watched his spawn carry out the world in their own image. Choosing to only really act on whatever laws or requests the long line of King's and Queen's have had whom had risen to power in the Central Nation of Demon World. Thus, instead of using his powers for "evil" or "good", Touketsu desires to simply be a neutral force. This individual at hand is actually fairly harmless, unless he is otherwise threatened, meets hostile action, is requested he may do battle or feels the name to make use of his otherworldly powers.

These sentiments were further instilled in Touketsu's persona after making an treaty amongst the Soul King and Truth to never truly use their full powers, unless it was against themselves or creatures who would warrant such use of their abilities. Instead, they had chosen to simply fight against themselves and their factions by crafting weaker and more controlled bodies. In this act, Deveta had essentially been given a free pass to travel from planet to planet, solar system to solar system, universe to universe, timestream to timestream and so on to get his never ending hunger to observe filled. Making him nothing more then a observer of how our grand existence plays out, works and goes on.

x Uncaring: At times, Touketsu can be truly uncaring or indifferent about most circumstances in life; turning a childish blind-eye to a variety of things. Why is that one may ask? Well, if you believed you had the power of a god, what would you really care about? In Deveta's mindset, this being believes that it is a creature of divine origins and, as such, firmly concludes that the only thing worth considering is the fact he believes only a God can kill another God. Argo, only a small percentile, out of billions, if not, trillions of beings in most known universes have a shot at killing him in his head. Two of them being the entity known as "Truth", and the other being the creator of the Soul Society, "The Soul King". Therefore, why should he even bother wasting time worrying about the rest of the critters that happen to inhabit the universe? As long as it does not impose his existence or will, Deveta really doesn't seem to put too much focus in it's Kingdom, the world around it and any person that happens to coexist inside of it.

Yet, there is also a deeper reason for this. You see, on the surface, that's what Deveta securely believes in. However, following the incident that tore him apart from his "Absolute Godhood", something inside of him had changed. By extracting all the different experiences that had tormented him after briefly obtaining Omiscience, Touketsu's former self had been forced to branch these horrible exposures to unimaginable pain into entirely separate entities or bodies. In doing so, the previous identity that Deveta had steadily began to dissipate from his psyche to spare him that mental trauma. As each disturbance detached itself from this being's psychological state, he began to progress further into a childish existence. Until, when all further mental anguish had been extracted from this creature's head, it had been left with nothing more then a infantile sense of life.

With no pain, with no trauma, with no stress and with the power of a near-god at it's disposal? It was very easy for him to slip into this comforted outlook on life and do everything as he pleased. So, while his former self had been seemly doomed to being erased from his conscious mind, had been given a new lease on life and spared his traumatic ending; if, at the cost of being nothing more then a naive child at heart.

x Affectionate, Yet So Distant From Everyone Else: Despite popular belief, Touketsu is a very intimate person. Generally, whenever this creature is allowed to roam freely across the world, it enjoys the company of other people. Once it has finished observing whatever peaks his interest, it will usually try to take part in the festiveness. For instance, after stalking out a small village somewhere in the countryside, Deveta would give itself a few days until he was able to deploy one of it's many alternative bodies towards that location. There, it would feel as free as a newborn child as the being gets to know the towns people, spread miracles throughout the city by healing the sick, making pleasurable bonds between the citizens and then moving onward once this being feels it would have had it's fill of this place. This is a primary illustration of just how cordial Deveta can become if left to it's own devices. It can even find justification enough to make friends, with what appears to be, Shadow Fall's enemies when it comes to maintaining his relationships with the likes of Truth.

Though, as you tend to dwell deeper into this aspect of Touketsu, there are certain aspects of this personality trait which are a result of loneliness. With the kind of primary target Deveta is, he cannot just casually make his acquaintance with other beings. At least, while he is in his primary body. While destruction may entertain him from time to time, he doesn't like to dwell in it constantly. Thus, if he were to even step foot in Demon World, he is aware he would have millions, if not, billions of his children attempt to throw themselves at his lap in a bid for power. Of course, he has done this for others in the past, he has only done it for people that truly gave him a good time, showed great potential to amuse him or otherwise entertained him greatly. Outside of those circumstance, he does not like to freely bestow his power to others, nor does he like to be hounded with question after question in regards to them, himself, his origins or Demon World.

It becomes a whole another story, though, if he were to venture outside of these walls. With his decimating power, while in Deveta Form, he knows that most of the forces of so called "Good" would be on him in a relatively short amount of time. From there, they would deem him nothing more then a vengeful demon god and would attempt to wage a meaningless war against him. It saddens him to think something like this would occur, but he cannot risk that occurring unless it was absolutely needed. This spawns from fear of losing control of himself, feelings of being misjudged in his character by taking part in such a war and ultimately feeling so isolated despite having such power. He's even stated, to himself in low periods, that having all of this power is simply overrated. That, to be this far up in the food chain is to realize true suffering, true loneliness, true pain and a distorted sense of self. Reaching the point where not even Touketsu is sure who he is anymore, what his original form was or the trials of his past before he had became the being he is today.

It's primarily the reason why he considers Truth to be one of the few people capable of being a true friend to him. They are so alike in so many aspects, yet so different at the same time. He wields the power of the angels, The Demon God wields the power of the devils. He respects order, Touketsu represents disorder. He utilizes the power of knowledge, Deveta harnesses raw force. There are so many similarities and contracts to this being, that Touketsu could almost consider him an unrequited love of sorts; noting that he has felt what humans often call "Chemical Love", in regards to feeling sensations of warm, comfort and ease when plagued with thoughts of Truth in his mind. Ultimately making the state of affairs in Deveta's mind quite the tricky battlefield to overcome when it comes to maintaining relationships.


" ...I was all alone. Around me, inside of me; evertyhing that had attached itself to me and eternity seemed to bleed like a never ending river. Eternal Life that began before time was born, eternal life that exist now, eternal life that will be here long after everything is destroyed and dead; All things that are, is and will ever be is as evanscent as the final flash of a fading sun sinking into the cold, black, silent and never ending night." - The Original Touketsu's Final Words

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Touketsu is Touketsu! Touketsu isn't a child! Touketsu isn't ANYONE OR LIKE YOU! Touketsu is done with games! Touketsu is going to see ALL that is! Stay here in your stupid abyss; you dumb imperfect god!" - Deveta Touketsu

Natural Abilities Of The Demon God

x Absolute Racial Control: Being the creator of the Demon Race, Touketsu has total control over all his racial aspects. What does this translate to? Well, this simply means that he can be however weak or strong he desires to be when it comes to all racial skills. That means it is highly possible that he has the speed of a Grand Master speed based user with his Shadow Movement, an Akuma Kyodo par or possibly higher then some of the most renown defense users, Demon Magic that is equal to having an absolute control over Kidō and his Za Koa skill is nearly infinite seeing how that is just another extension of Touketsu himself. In addition to all that, he even has total knowledge of almost every single demon ability there is from their set of racial attributes. A lost and forbidden Demon Magic? Very possible for Touketsu to wield. Some sort of hidden sacrifice that was once thought to be nothing but legend? Highly probable that Touketsu already knows it. Therefore, based on this alone, Touketsu is a highly dangerous adversary to face even without any of his powers as his natural abilities have reached a near perfect state.

x Cataclysmic Force: It is unclear just what type of energy Touketsu DOES have. After reaching his near-god like power, he has essentially reached a level of power that is completely unreadable, immeasurable and incomprehensible to even conceive to even the most powerful creatures in the known universe. Only similar deities such as the Soul King or Truth can make sense of this type of force. What's more, Touketsu believes that this energy most likely has nearly every tangible force possible. There are some he doesn't have, such as Heaven and Angelic energies. Really, anything with a similarly positive divine quantity is off-limits for him. However, what is known is that he has access to Spiritual Energy, Chaos Energy, Demon Energy, Death's Energy, Dark Chi Energy, Hell's Energy, Secular Energy, Astral Energy and different types of Magical Energies. There is the possibility for more types of natural energy; so Touketsu considers himself to essentially be a master of nearly every type of force possible.

Therefore, even at five percent of his total power, it would be possible for Touketsu to easily fight on par with ninety percent of the Earth's population without much effort. That is how much of a dramatically insane level of strength his energy has the potential to create. If he were to jump to twenty percent of his power, then even the ninety percent of those who possess some of the world's strongest fighters would still be easy enough for The Demon God to do battle with. He has even reached a point where Touketsu often tries to keep himself at a base of 0.1% to 25% of his power as it's possible to easily cause all types of natural disasters, destruction, annihilation of elements, removal of ozone layers, decaying of barrier's and other types of similar constructs can all be decimated when he begins to raise in his Cataclysmic Force against a notable opponent who deems worth the time and effort to awaken this kind of power inside of himself.

At full power, Touketsu surmises, if he should ever come to that point it may be possible to even destroy existence itself with his raw force. This is a scary thing for him as this could be the end of everything that gives him amuse and it would be a pain for him to reconstruct it; even with his large access of different energy sources. Therefore, it is almost impossible for Touketsu to ever reach this point as it would be the end of everything if no type of warrior, deity, force, creature or soul is able to generate enough power to balance them out. Therefore, it is only assumed he would use his true strength against the likes of the Soul King or Truth if it should ever reach that point in a cosmic battle that will be one of the most frightening confrontations for the universe to see.

  • Sanlagna Saktiyāṁ: (Enclosed Powers; संलग्नशक्तियां) This is essentially what keeps the balance inside of Touketsu's body. Seeing how he cannot fully realize his power the way he once was during the period in which his power had sky-rocketed to godhood levels, he has had to make due with this seal. Commonly seen on his forehead in most of his humanoid forms, this circular seal keeps Touketsu form only being able to use a maximum of 25% of his true power. What does this mean? Well, it ultimately spells out that he cannot ever utilize his complete force under any circumstance. Even if an external force attempted to shatter this sealing, after having this compressed his body, Deveta himself would not immediately lose control of himself due to his power being so heavily enclosed. Now, you may be wondering where that other 75% of his power is going? Instead of trying to harness all that energy inside of himself, Touketsu finds it rather easy to spread this out evenly amongst his race.

    It has led to him being able to communicate telepathy with others of the Demon Race, transferring his influence inside of others in the case of Mana and Abaddon's King Queen Merger and King God Merger, transferring this line of energy into multiple different bodies that are connected to him and essentially it's all be used without taxing his body. As, if this was all placed back inside of him, he would begin to become too unstable to use his power. Eventually killing him even if he could not figure out a way to get back in control of himself as his mental instability would steadily begin to creep up on him. Luckily, he has encrypted this seal enough in order bypass varying effects that could possible tamper with it. An example of this would be if someone who had a negation power attempted to disrupt seal, Touketsu could simply attempt to summon a mirror of that power and have the two cancel each other out before the effects could reach his seal in time for it to have much use against him.

x Omiforce: It seems to be heavily implied through Touketsu's display of power that he seems to have limited attributes that come close to a deity-like being, in regards to his set of abilities. To what extent does his strength run? Only the Original Touketsu knows this as the Deveta Path simply has the knowledge implanted in his memory that the earlier version of himself had chosen for him to retain during the traumatic event of him becoming a "God". So, from what can be gathered, The Deveta body has displayed the following traits to prove that it has some of the attributes, abilities and applications to prove that is is most likely a deity-like being of near god-like powers:

Immortality Method #1: The way for Touketsu to gain some sort of essense of "Near Immortality" status is the more typical variant, Semi-immortal. This means that most of Touketsu's bodies are all incapable of dying from natural means. Even some physical wounds will not kill them as their bodies do not operate in the same manner as regular flesh and blood type creature does. Thus, they are extremely durable and it often takes magic type of attack's such as Kidō, sealings, Chaos Energy and so on to actually put a dent in any of Touketsu's bodies. It is, after all, how Raiden Iramasha was able to even be on decent footing with the Deveta Body during their fight to seal him. To sum up this Method of Immorality, if all else fails, none of these bodies that Touketsu controls can be killed by any sort of natural cause, elemental attack's, forces that are abide by the laws of science or the universe or being attacked physically. Yes, they can be severely damaged by them and even exhaust energy trying to deal to deal with them; but in order to seriously cause fatal-like damage to them outside of those methods, it is often wise to do combat with them in the realm of any sort of magic.

Immortality Method #2: It is extremely difficult to "kill" Touketsu. This trait in his Pseudo Omnipotence is what leads him to believe that he is immune to most effects that life has on other beings. You see, ever since the creation of Demon World, The Deveta body has been implanting small to large traces of Touketsu's consciousness in the billions of demonic creatures that have been spawned throughout the years alongside the other races that they seem to have possessed. And so, as long as the Devata body has the internal energy to sustain itself, it will have the ability to swap the "true" Touketsu in many different bodies in order to preserve his existence. This translates to the fact that as long as Deveta is still alive from Touketsu's collection of bodies, he may swap his "soul", "consciousness", or "presence" into many different creatures. This has been noted by the fact that despite the Deveta body being sealed inside of Ketsu Iramasha, Touketsu's consciousness has still been noted in beings such as Mana, Abaddon or higher ranking members in Shadow Fall along with former Demon Lord's.

The main limitation of this aspect of Touketsu's Near-Immorality is the fact that Touketsu cannot force his consciousness into those who are not of the Demon Race, not possessed by a demon, have no amounts of demonic blood in them. Instead, if he insistent on performing this on those outside of his race, he must forcefully allow himself in like most other Demon's. Though, considering his powers, it would also be fairly difficult for most to resist his will without some sort of intense internal battle. It should also be noted that Touketsu does not bother often trying to invade the internal workings of those outside of the Demon or Devil Iramasha race. The only time he considers doing such a thing is if he is bored or if something interests him in such a creature. Moreover, though, the other limitation to this method of his immorality is that if the Devata body loses it's flow of energy for any reason, this method can be drastically limited, slowed or possibly even stopped in extreme cases. An example of this would be the Deveta body going through some immense mental distress, forgetting all about this method of immortality and causing strain on Touketsu's consciousness to bother withholding him in outside of his select few strongest demon's (Such as Mana & Abaddon)

Varying Levels of Omnificent-Like Powers: It has been displayed that Touketsu has variable levels of what appears to be Omnificent Attributes; which is essentially the process of creating something from nothing. The Demon God itself believes this ability was bestowed to him as apart of being birthed relatively around the same period as THIS universe. After analyzing his body for many countless years, he has considered that there is a strong possibility that he has even become part Danava. Based on the fact their a sub-species of demon which materialize their powers based on different concepts, ideals, origins and other contracts of the known universe, it isn't too far fetched for Touketsu to believe this Deveta body was born from that race. Argo, he accredits the fact that his origins possibly lay in creation, formation, beginnings or birth in his reasoning for obtaining this power to bring something from nothing. That logical conclusion is what Deveta has come to believing in order to begin forging the constructs which birthed the Demon World, alongside the universe it inhabits and bringing forth the Demon Race itself by asexually producing the first generation of them from his own body.

However, there are obvious drawbacks to this. Following the lost of his true godhood, Touketsu found itself mostly limited to creating abstracts that already exist in a spiritual or universal form. For instance, Deveta could not simply create some sort of force in the universe that could automatically destroy all life as we know it. Instead, in order for that occur, it would attempt to use something which is already made possible in this known universe; rather it be physical or metaphysical. Thus, in this scenario, it could be possibly that DE Force would be a viable solution to that problem. Conjure up a destructive plague on a spiritual and physical level, spread it throughout the globe and observe rather or not it's effective in dipping down the population. Should that not suffice? Then produce enough energy to possibly melt away the ozone layer and have people subjected to the effects of raw solar radiation.

Another drawback in which this body seems to have in regards to creation is that it tends to take a toll on Deveta. By this, the being begins to notice that it's energy resources begin to dry up, the body begins to stress out and it is up to Touketsu to figure out a way to relieve this issue. If left unchecked, he's noted that these abilities tend to stop when he reaches his limit; which was essentially crafting the universe in which the Demon Race inhabits. However, since that was in non-combat, Deveta believes that while in the hells of war, he probably could produce global scale use of this attack; but that it wouldn't be wise or in his favor to do so. Meaning, there must be some obvious limitation or he would no hesitate to use the full extent of his power at the drop of a hat.

Lastly, and most notability, just because Deveta is able of conjuring up most known contracts, doesn't mean they always react to his will or are even safe for himself. The most obvious race is The Demon Race itself. Despite the fact that he may have started to the mainstream Demon Race, does not mean that he can control all of his children, that all demonic beings will listen to his call or that they won't even rise up against him. This also includes other forces such as holy energy, which most likely would backfire upon Deveta attempting to use it based on his satanic nature.

Unique Abilities:

x Surpassing Law: Since Touketsu was one of the original forces in the universe based on the fact that he was born at the same instance ours was, it should not be a surprise that he holds the ability to not manipulate, but control almost everything within the known universe. What does this translate to? Well, since Touketsu is existence itself in some aspects, he holds the ability to simply adjust everything to his liking so long as he has the energy to do so. For instance, if someone were to shoot some type of binding to try and seal Touketsu, he could simply use Surpassing Law in order to take away a majority of the energy that is required to keep the seal up in order to ultimately render it useless or destroy it altogether. A more brutal example would be that Touketsu could even kill out mass populations of people without even batting an eyelash by simply taking away the required forces, power or even life energy that it takes to keep a spirit, a living body or even beings that do not exist from living. In this instance, to make things, if Touketsu had the energy to sacrifice from himself, he could essentially rip the life force out of most beings if they could not find a means to counter his overwhelming power, control and mastery of all things within both the known AND unknown universes.

More examples of this power on a grand scheme of thing is that Touketsu is even able to surpass his own and other people's limit's. In Mana's case, Touketsu was able to greatly awaken her hidden powers that she possessed from her former Ziamichi Spirit and thus help her surpass her human limits. On a more extreme level, if Touketsu wished, he could remove all limits across the planet Earth. What would occur if he were to do such a feat? Well, the citizens whom inhabit Earth, in said example, would see increasing rates of beings becoming semi-immortal's, many would not be effected by Death; while others would simply go on to a stage well beyond Death's control, their powers would reach extreme new high's and the impossible would not become possible or impossible; instead, those notions could be removed altogether by Touketsu in order to create a new force that is limited by how far a person's imagination could take their new found existence. Though, in this instance, this state would not last forever if Touketsu HIMSELF, not the beings who are now unbound, could not find something to sustain this existence.

Surpassing Law Limitations: As stated previously, one of the main limitations in regards to Surpassing Law is that is only limited to how much energy Touketsu has to sustain it. Meaning, Touketsu cannot rely on outside sources. Thusly, the Devata body must ensure it has enough internal power in order to supply this taxing ability. In addition to that, when applied to certain living beings, not everything always goes as planned. A display of this would be Touketsu, or rather Devata, fighting against a 0-2+ type character. Devata's first move would most likely be to try and zap that person of their life energy. If the person is strong enough, it is possible for Touketsu to only do 1/4 of the damage if they are able to figure out a way to counter it through the use of barriers, spells or other types of abilities or techniques. So, it is very possible to fight against the tide of Surpassing Law on some level's if you are a living being or know some sort of way to protect yourself. The main thing that makes this a challenge is the amount of power, energy and other hidden forces that Touketsu has in this ability in addition to his overall strength that makes it so decimating to get around.

Additionally, another limitation that Surpassing Law has is that it is harder to use for Touketsu in realms outside of Earth and Demon World. Yes, he can still used them in other types of realms and he seems to fair pretty well on the outside, but it is certainly harder to try and use these powers in something he was not apart of creating or was there to birth. So, for instance, if Touketsu was fighting in the Soul Society, Surpassing Law would require more energy in order to control the existence of things inside of it. And thus, this would eventually become taxing to Touketsu if he were using Surpassing Law on top of his other powers, additional bodies and while fighting an army of people. Thus, when fighting in outside realms, Touketsu usually tries to watch himself when using Surpassing Law to make sure he doesn't over-do it.


x Note: Touketsu has Grandmaster in all of his racial skills based on the fact he created the Demon Race. It would not make sense if he didn't know everything there is about their traits based on the fact that he himself created them.

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Grand Master
  • Demon Magic: Grand Master
  • Shadow Movement: Master
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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