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 M.A.S.K. .R.I.D.E[Systems]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: M.A.S.K. .R.I.D.E[Systems]   Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:21 am


the Mask Ride systems are two special types of gear, that utilize each different type of energy into special made Warrior suits, built to fit a certain user's fighting style. Hand to hand based, Long range shooters. Tanks, you name it, Each of these gears, were either found or self-made and copied from the first gears, each using a system and certain extra technology used to help the user of any given system the two system gears, are Reaitsu Based gears and the second gear is a special gear which uses The GN Tau drives for an electrical based system, more info shall be written on the two gears and their performance Tomorrow

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: M.A.S.K. .R.I.D.E[Systems]   Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:45 pm

The Belts of the King

One of the first Rider Gears to be discovered over 900 years ago, these Belts are known as the three Belts of the King. Forming an armor and attacks out of the Reiatsu of the user, these Gears are completely Reiatsu-based, and only high-Reiatsu humans or other races with high Reiatsu can use them. The Kaixa-Gear, however, will slowly rot away the body of an user it deems unworthy - the person slowly turns to ash. The Delta Gear, on the other hand, can cause addiction in many people - it is not entirely known how to resist it, but some people can. The Faiz Gear, on the other hand, is the weakest one in the basic form, but has no drawbacks at all.
The belts actually work with a strange device - in addition to the belt, a Phone is needed with a special program chip installed, called Battle Memory. The Henshin Code for the Faiz Belt is 555, the one for the Kaixa Gear is 9-2-6, and the Delta Gear has voice activation. The first two Gears use the Battle Memory in order to execute Exceed Charge attacks with their Equipment, while the Delta Gear uses voice commands with its gun.
Faiz Gear: Has the most balanced stats of all three Gears, and can use Axel Form.
Kaixa Gear: Is the best in speed, but has weaker defense than Delta.
Delta: Is the slowest of the Gears, but has the best armor and offense of all. It has only one piece of Equipment, though.
All three Gears can call a special Vehicle, called the Jet Sliger. This enormour battle bike can shoot a mangitude of Reiatsu powered missiles, fly, move at high speeds and crush an opponent with sheer mass.
Current Users:
Faiz: Takumi
Kaixa: Kusaka Masato Sugiura
Delta: Kiba

Legends tell of two other belts of unknown origin. More info on them will be revealed when the time is right.


The oldest Rider System known, a bit older than the Belts of the King. These insect-themed, intelligent spirits bound into artifacts called 'Zecters' are originally purely Reiatsu-based. Sadly, after many millenia of being buried underground, only three Zecters were still functional - Dark Kabuto, Kabuto, and Gatack. The others - Sasword, Drake, and TheBee - needed repairs, and those could only be done by combining them with a GN Tau drive core.
Also, the Zecters all have a speciality.
Kabuto: Speed
Dark Kabuto: Speed
Gatack: Speed
TheBee: Attack
Sasword: Defense
Drake: Balance
All Zecters have a special 'docking station'. Kabuto, Dark Kabuto and Gatack use Belts, while TheBee uses a wrist. Sasword uses a Sword, while Drake uses the hilt of a gun. Each Zecter needs to choose a user, based on the Personality of him/her.
Kabuto wants a person that is always self-secure, feels himself higher than others but still values comrades. Dark Kabuto wants a proud, rotten heart full of hate. Gatack only works with those that are 'idiots' that follow their path always to the end and are straight forward with their feelings, TheBee requires a leader-persona who cares about those in his command, and follows orders of higher-ups. Sasword takes only those that feel themselves completely apart from others, no matter the reason, while Drake will only let those transform that are not bound by anything and free like the wind.
After transforming - the armor gives off a 'Henshin' after doing so - the user is in the armored 'Masked Form', which, no matter the Zecter, always has only one weapon, is rather slow and sluggish, but gives good defense. The user can use 'Cast Off' at any time after transforming by flicking a switch on the Zecter, after which the upper layer bursts off and reveals the specialized form of each Zecter. Each of them then exclaims also the bug type it is based off:
Kabuto, Dark Kabuto: Change Beetle
Gatack: Change Stag Beetle
TheBee: Change Wasp
Sasword: Change Scorpion
Drake: Change Dragonfly
Each Zecter has access to the legendary ability 'Clock Up'. At usage, the user heightens the own time to absolutely insane levels - the time of the Reiatsu-based Zecters is only limited by the Reiatsu of the user, while the others need energy to function. The speed based Zecters can reach the highest speeds possible, only slightly under that of the Speed of Light. While all Riders can use Clock Up, only the three speed Zecters can fully utilize Clock Up. Gatack and Kabuto are often seen as equals, now that Dark Kabuto has vanished.

Another legend of the Zecters that was found are the 'Hyper Zecters'. Special bug-type Artifacts from the future, those enable the two users - Kabuto and Gatack at the moment - to use Hyper Cast Off, changing them into Hyper Beetle and Hyper Stag Beetle. Both strength and defense are increased in this form, and they gain access to the ultimate Time ability.
Hyper Clock Up. With this ability, the user can move faster than time, travelling back down the stream of time and changing it. This ability is VERY taxing on both the user and the Zecter, though. While in Hyper Clock Up, even other users of Clock Up literally freeze for the user, allowing them to flick the switch on the Hyper Zecter once more... activating 'Maximum Rider Power' used for the ultimate finishing move, the Hyper Kick.

Lately, two other Zecters appeared, nearly out of nowhere. Escaping from the ruins by themselves, these sentient machines are called Punchhopper and Kickhopper Zecter, also known as the Zecters from Hell. Kickhopper is the dominant one, and needs a fragile, borderline insane person to work with, it's focus is Attack. Punchhopper requires someone in need of attention and care, a person not able to work alone. Punchhopper focuses on Defense. Both are high Reiatsu Zecters, with only minimal technological upgrades to support their Clock Up. The user has to be a strong individual to be able to fight.
Also, both don't have armored forms.

Current Users:
Dark Kabuto: Heroism (fused, cannot be regained)
Kabuto: Tendou Souji
Gatack: Kagami Arata
Drake: None
Sasword: None
TheBee: None
Kickhopper: None
Punchhopper: None

Zecter applying for:
Full Name:
Current Tier:
Why this Zecter?: Tell us why this Zecter would choose your character!
Link to Application:

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: M.A.S.K. .R.I.D.E[Systems]   Wed May 24, 2017 4:28 pm

[adm]Archiving this since it's old.[/adm]


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M.A.S.K. .R.I.D.E[Systems]
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