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 Revenge, The Return and Payback.....

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Revenge, The Return and Payback.....   Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:38 am

The demon traitor must've grown a brain and decided to hide under a big ass rock deciding never to come on, Eric was waiting to sense where the demon was. Auro will have to come out sooner or later it would easier using the red rune and using Devilman's Soul destroyer on that pile of traitor park trash. The Mad Demon was patience after all still the demon was waiting to sense the fool out hours later some goblin demos were sensing something from earth's realm. Eric went over to see what the problem with his magic the demon started sensing around it was coming from Karakura which was strange. The power of whatever it was the location of the weird power flux was coming outside of Karakura, Eric thought this was strange which five of the demon runes were in his domain. This could only mean one thing some asshole found some new power or new artifact and whatever it was demons from the demon world were sensing it. Would he risk about battle with that false Pippi Longstocking/Ashley Judd looking woman again? Eric really didn't want to but if he gets to artifact's location first then perhaps then it won't be a problem still the demon needed to be ready. The Mad Demon was trying to figure out what he could do to get those do-gooders off his back as the goblin demons were running around with some suitcase from those demon lawyers. Suuddenly, He didn't come up with one idea but he need some help as some witches were using magic to create some landowning documents. Their were false documents but these could actually trick humans into giving up their property still their might be willing to give it up with a price too. Eric had everything he needed and now it was time to leave and then he teleported outside of karakura still a lot was going on his mind. He couldn't worried about it this was too important whatever this new artifact ot thing was, Eric needed to find it first before anybody else shows up. Another thing was the satelites were looking at him wondering if he was going to try something but the mad one was smiling then looking up at the sky hopefully the cameras were looking at him.

"How ya doing up there??? Enjoying the show well I do love many things but uh Harry Houdini did have some good tricks like this for distance" He said.

All thanks of his invisible cloak, Eric was gone little did the cameras know the demon was still there and then continue walking. The demon didn't like playing tricks but the demon had a job to complete but the source of where this power flux was very far away cyber hitchhiking maybe the better way of getting of the location. After getting far away from karakura town and everything around it, Eric dropped the cloak being visible again it was stupid but the demon was bord playng games with satelites. The demon used his magic to change his clothing and his hair into something normal like watching cyber cars pass him, Eric was hoping someone would stop. Finally, Eric sees a cyber truck stopping a female trucker was driving the thing and she wanting to know if he needed a lift. The demon rushed inside and the cyber truck started driving this trucker was always in the mood fro some chit-chat talking about her boyfriend and shit.

The most interesting part of the conservation was the talk of some mecha demon iramasha who was flying around which spark the mad demon's interest. A long time ago, Eric Zarathos was once a good hearted person and the last of the mecha demons of the demon world all thanks to his father and the royal demon Hiroshima family. The talk about this mecha iramasha spark of some memories of his heroics when it was saving shinigami from hollows or helping demons with various problems it was thought of it was kinda good. Despite it all, Eric was a member of organization which he didn't feel that he could trust them all those Arrancar came after him proving their were stronger then him. Then he thought of something what if those hollows and Arrancar wre after his title of grand duke they would have to kill him to do that and it was a problem. Eric was weaker then before the only way to get back what he lost and become stronger was train harder maybe training inside a live volcano again could prove useful. The sense of the power fluxation was getting stronger the demon was close telling the trucker to stop and that he would walk and she agreed and drops him off. The woman seemed nice the demon could have blown her and her truck to bits but still it would alert and bring attention which he didn't need right now.

Eric started walking and then the demon started seeing some red light and it just got even brighter as he runs over to it. The demon hides near some rocks and then find some human scientists digging up something and to his surprise it was that doctor again meaning it was something good and demon like.

"Yes Yes Yes....If she's here another no a new demon artifact is here must be my birthday or something well doc it's time to get re-acquainted again meaning here comes the party crasher" He thought.

He runs over to the doctor and grabs her the human smells good must be preparing to have a blowjob or sex with her husband. The other scientists started over seeing the demon holding the doctor and it was the same demon from before and she couldn't believe that he's here to obtain the secret. Eric told them to continue with their work or it was house of eternal pain for them and they had no choice but to follow the demon's orders as he sat down with the doctor. The woman was in fear wondering why the demon was here again, Eric saw the fear in her eyes and it was beautiful the look just was like blood being splattered to his face they may have a connection going on here. Still, Eric wanted to know what she was doing here and what the power fluxation was and this doctor coulf tell him everything that he wants to know about that.

"Hello Doc....Mmmm Hmmm you smell good must be preparing for that husband of yours going on some date or banquet, I may have to kill him and keep you to myself besides you would make me and a bunch of demons in my world real happy but onto business.......I did sense the power fluxation meaning you found something new around here haven't you???? Another thing associated with demons perhaps???" Eric said

The doctor's hired workers started attacking the demon to help her get away, Eric with one punch send them flying into a hover car breaking their bones easily enough. The demon started laughing because those clowns didn't much to him then turning his attention on the female thinking what he could do with her. Eric could have some witches turn her into a demon and she would be much helpful in finding stuff associated with demons that could work just fine but another idea came up. The demon could use telepathy and change her thoughts getting her to leave her husband and help the demon population by providing deadly ways for humans to help the demons in the demon world. Eric had so many ideas and so little time to do them with this doctor as she was looking at him at all scarelike wondering what this guy was going to do.

"Now we can do this the easy way by telling me what the hell is out here which you and your team are trying to find or the hard way I used my dark powers on you and have a little fun????.....YOUR CHOICE" He said.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Revenge, The Return and Payback.....   Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:43 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Revenge, The Return and Payback.....
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