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 Shadowfall Mission [OPEN]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Shadowfall Mission [OPEN]   Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:31 pm

That was a textbook version of a direct hit, if there had ever been one. Thanks to Ichigo's incredible speed and offensive power, the blast of the Getsuga Tensho left Eric with quite the wounds, but sadly, Ichigo wouldn't be able to follow up on that success right away now. The reason for that was, obviously, the other demon - and the sudden explosion that erupted around him and threw the Captain backwards with a loud crash.

Ichigo gasped for air, as the fiery detonation ripped apart quite a bit of his Shinigami uniform, and the skin beneath - blood was running down his body from the moment he emerged out of the smoke of this explosion, but still being pushed backwards - his view focused again, and with a determined grunt, Ichigo slammed down his feet onto the ground, got his sword back into position - and ripped the free, left hand infront of his face. This foe was no joke - the Vizard had no time to look at the badly hurt demon right now, who would've probably also been damaged even further by this explosion. And it didn't seem like the foe was done yet - putting on the mask had not been an action of offense from Ichigo, but one of defense.
The next wave came just as suddenly, crashing towards Ichigo - ready to engulf both him, the entire prison room and Eric with it's exploding power. Had this prison not been built for supernatural captives, then the room would've bursted apart by now for sure - but as it stood, it was still in one place, even if slightly scorched. And this next time, Kurosaki wasn't going to take the full brunt of the attack without stopping - sure, he had just been exploded alive and charred, and was bleeding all over his arms and upper body, and even face, but that little bit of pain and damage wasn't enough to slow down this Vizard. But then, just as Ichigo was raising Zangetsu, the next explosion obscured all vision of him - and the energy of it made sensing anything impossible for a moment, making it impossible to tell as to what happened to Ichigo over the loud sound of yet another bunch of explosions.

“Stand up. Face forward. Hesitate and you will die. Retreat and you will age.”

The next sound to be heard... Was quite odd. In fact, it sounded a lot like a single blade, rotating at impossible speeds... The source was impossible to detect, right until the smoke was ripped apart once more, and revealed the Vizard Captain again - unharmed, this time around. And with Zangetsu being swung around his own body, at a speed so incredible that only a fleeting black line of the giant cleaver was visible.
How was this possible? Quite simply, the attack used against him was composed out of countless small, vibrating, explosive and volitale 'cuts' - when he had been hit by the brunt damage of the first wave, Kurosaki had been able to figure out the composition of this move almost right away. It was quite easy to determine, after all, that he first got cut up, then exploded.
To deflect it, Ichigo used an old technique he had once used to fight against Byakuya Kuchiki - by swinging Zangetsu into every direction, at every single cut coming at him, Ichigo had created hundreds, if not thousands, of attacks in close proximity to himself, bashing against the incoming cuts one by one thanks to his insane speed, making it impossible for these waves to directly connect with his body. Obviously, one would assume the resulting explosions to still be devastating - but the speed of Zangetsu had caused yet another positive side-effect. The immense strength behind every single, supersonic swing had created a complete, perfect vacuum-cell right around Kurosaki - the explosions, on their attempts to reach him, had been sucked into the paths of Zangetsu, where the explosive energy was then ripped through space around his body like a sphere of raw fire that slowly expired. In a way, Ichigo had redirected the secondary, and arguably more deadly, effect of this wave attack by defending against the first one directly - and as his wild swinging now stoped, and his right arm crashed away to the side, the simple eruption of wind from Zangetsu ripped a hole right into the highly reinforced ground. In fact, the giant sword was glowing in a faint light, superheated from this attack - even the right hand of the Vizard was smoldering a little bit from this pressure and heat. However, it did not matter to him - because while wearing his Vizard mask, his pain endurance was incredible, just as his natural defense.

The next deep breath that Ichigo took had the typical, double-voice effect of a Vizard speaking, as he grabbed Zangetsu with both hands. Thankfully, the evacuation had spreaded yet further into the prison, so he could risk to do that... Just in time to deflect another, almost sun-heat wave rushing towards the ground. Was this second demon not even caring if the badly hurt one got incinerated as well?! If there was one other prime way to piss Ichigo off besides hurting innocents, it was hurting ones allies!
"...Damn you..." Grabbing Zangetsu hard, spiritual energy rushed from the Vizard right into his extension of the soul, as he pulled back the blade to his right, above his shoulder - blue and black energy circling around it, now that Kurosaki had his mask and Hollow power activated.

"Getsuga Tensho!"

Swinging his sword upwards with a roar, Ichigo unleashed his attack in the usual, ranged form this time - and the result was devastating. This was a Getsuga Tensho as a seasoned Captain in Shikai would unleash it - the destructive, black wave of energy ate right into the next wave of attacks, and with an explosion loud enough to rival multiple starting jets, the energy exploded - and split right over Kurosaki Ichigo, causing the destructive heatwave to burst down besides him, melting into the plating of the ground, and starting to damage the outer walls of this room quite badly. However, no damage was done to the Captain once more - his precisely aimed, tactical application of Getsuga Tensho had completely nullified any blast that would've hit him.
Now, Ichigo was wondering two things - first, how to get back at this smaller demon, and second, if the first demon had survived these explosions. A sudden roar, and a fist towards his face, answered that concern, as the mad demon bursted out of the smoke of these explosions.
"Eric Zarathos... You're so full of it!" Kurosaki was angry, quite a bit in fact, as he simply stormed towards the mad demon - and took the punch right into the face.

A loud crack was heard, but it didn't come from Ichigo's jaw. Instead, the sound had come from the mask - Ichigo's sign of being a Vizard had shattered into pieces under the impact of the fiery punch, but had also reduced the impact strength quite considerably. A direct application of 'Mask Defense' - the dense material of a Hollow Mask that a Vizard could produce was far above any normal Hollow mask. Now, however, the blue eyes of Ichigo were once more focused right onto Eric, who was now right infront of him.
"You're not ready for anything. You're done." Shooting out his left hand, Ichigo attempted to grab onto the fist that had just hit him right into the face - and at the same time, the giant cleaver in his right came down from above once more, in a vertical cut... aimed right at the arm of Eric Zarathos, with all the strength Ichigo could muster. It was simple, really... Kurosaki didn't know how the mad demon had survived the explosions, but he was quite sure that with one arm less, his enemy would maybe finally lose the will to fight. Of course, aiming this attack right at Eric again left him open for Demonica once more...

Or did it? As the shards of the Hollow Mask were still on their way towards the ground, and the cleaver aimed to cripple Eric, this battle was just beginning.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Shadowfall Mission [OPEN]   Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:25 pm


Demonica, did not wait the second the brilliant flashes started she seemed to lag out of perception using speed strength and timing to their fullest. To slip in between eric and ichigo while he was slashing to block the upward attack. demonica had grinned her power rippling everywhere as a hand gripped out like greased lightning , but it would have been met by another stream pointblank down the middle of the palm.

As demonica had flicked her finger down, her hand gripping ichigo's hand, diverting the direction so that arm was locked together, While Demonica, had seen the cleaver swing down, she would have reverse swung her arm in a extremely fast swat, backhanding the flat end of the blade. This had forced the blade off target while demonica had slid under the now fail slashing arm, her hand flicking up in another point blank stream but this was not over, as this attack took place in several heated seconds at best, each one having not even half a second of time between.

As demonica was concentrating too, her muscles screaming in protest as the second her finger flicked her arm reversed the stream going up while her fist went down on the fore arm, causing off balancing and from the colliding forces a trigger reaction of a nuclear wall but, the triick was the shock wave of the coliding forces might have been enough to throw eric out of the way.

Now, it was a blip of the hand going down against the fore arm, if it hit or not, it would then have made way for a at the same time her assailing free arm to hopefully reverse in the action , which all this happened hopefully keeping the foe off guard, but if this next one hit, it would entwine her arm to his, forcing the blade into the ground leaving them in almost a lovers embrace. .

she then pulled her head back in a jerk bob which was nearly too fast to follow delivering a thunderclap sounding head-but to the foe, having enough force to shatter the floor from a shockwave more likely then not. . But demonica, knew now she was in the line of fire. . But, eric had saved her once. .

It was time to return the favor. . . .

"Im sorry, hon you can have me if you win but. Eric is off limits okay deary? . . . "


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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Shadowfall Mission [OPEN]   Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:04 pm

"Why would you?? DEMONICA NO YOU IDIOT.....STOP" He yelled. The mad demon suddenly stopped thinking this was more about protecting his friends something that he wasn't good at all. The demon when on the side of good had a lot of tragedies in his life too many counting the big one being his death decades ago nothing has changed.

"Oh god why me??? I won't be a loser anymore and I want to win and survive and maybe one day to see them again" He thought. At that second, Eric Zarathos thought something was wrong like his good half coming from the darkness was telling him something. This was impossible, Eric threw that of him away but this was seemed comforting and friendship was on his mind the demon knew what to do.

Eric was wondering why would Demonica do a thing like that something wasn't right his memories were coming back it didn't make sense. The mad demon shook away the feeling and right now he needed to get his had back into the game which was a little dizzy making him feel sluggish. The demon thought why now this isn't how things were suppose to end as his memories started coming back to him the mad demon has lost too many now this one. "Not again, NOT AGAIN too many demons have died even where I was playing the demon hero well no more" He yelled. The demon looked at the attack activating the Judas pain spelling reciting the words quickly as possible and devouring the gem. Eric felt the spike in energy making him stronger in power if he was a demon searching for vengeance then no vizard was going to stop him. Eric then summoned his armor using both affinity of hells power getting ready fired an attack knowing full well fatique is going to set in soon. "I Eric Zarathos the former Kade Hiroshima won't back and YET ONE DAY I WILL BE DEFEATED AND DEAD BUT NOT TODAY AND NOT BY YOU I chose to live" He yelled. He transformed into Vajra state unleashed an unbelievable augmented version of his Lightning Bolt FireBeam. Eric knew Demonica's attack wouldn't last and Ichigo would use some trick to get away so this had to be quick pull all his power into his attack. Eric's fire beam was coming right at Ichigo....

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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Shadowfall Mission [OPEN]   Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:52 pm

Imma stop right here.

Quote :
The massive and giant beam hit Ichigo who seemed to be caught by Demonica's attack as well, Eric was risking everything.

Auto-hits are NOT ALLOWED. Nope nope nope

Fix dat shit
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Subject Post 15PostSubject: Re: Shadowfall Mission [OPEN]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:42 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Shadowfall Mission [OPEN]
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