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 Sangre Carta, Arrancar(1-1++)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sangre Carta, Arrancar(1-1++)   Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:40 am

• Name: Sangre Carta- Blood Letter
Human Name: Gerald Gruunheim
• True Age: 610
• Appearance Age: 28
• Gender: Male
• Orientation: Rogue

Weight: 197 Pounds

• Appearance: The arrancar standing before you looks remarkably human, But first and foremost what would unnerve most are his scarlet red eyes, Bloodshot veins striking around his pupil, they almost shaking as he looked around him. There was a hidden sense of urgency to such a maddening gaze. He wore little to cover his torso. Just a sleeveless white vest with the zipper in the middle undone, showing off a scarred But muscular frame. A dark brown fur lined the shoulders, and several dangling chains were hooked between the open portions of his opened vest. The expression on his face was Usually an almost sadistic grin, a Bone chilling glint in his pearly white teeth.

His physical build itself is a Powerful toned body, and while there are muscles running along his arms and his chest shows off a powerful set of abs, hes not as muscular as one would suggest given his lifestyle. Perhaps its a strange homage to his human life, were he rarely got to eat a full meal, and thus was alway's a bit scrawnier than most. Thus Sangre is more toned than bulky, But usually what was more notable were the scars that ran up across his arms, and several that were displayed on his chest. Most were sword wounds in appearance, though some though several large scarson his back more represented claw or bite marks.

His hair was a Chesnut brown that hung over his eyes with a few bangs, yet other than that he kept the rest nice and clean. On the backside the hair stopped at his neck and not a single lock hung over his ears. He wore a Rather tattered pair of Silver jeans, a few holes resting above the knees and on the back of his upper legs. IN reality, one may as well guess that he looted a Dumpster in the human realm for the garment.

But what gave him away, moreso than the eyes or the strange garments was the blood. dried blood was splotched upon his clothing in several spots, a few more encrusted onto his Slightly pale skin, And occasionaly if one arrived at the right time, fresh blood would be dripping from his hands, or dribbling down his lips.

• Bone Appearance:A rather large Humanoid skull, though a tad longer and more straighened out, like an animals was streched across his open torso that the unzippered vest revealed, it had its mouth open as if snarling at all who saw him. The skull itself was about the size a Large keyboard for a computer.

• Hollow Hole: With the rather large display from the open skulls mouth, most might not guess that the hole is actually within its left eye.

• Reiatsu Colour: A deep dark red, almost like Clotted blood.....yummy >.>.

Personality: His Personality in itself is what kept most organizations from approaching him directly, at very best one could say he was troubled, at worst most would simply say hes deranged and unstable. His personality actually seems to have several sides, sides that hes by now in his age been able to control for the most part, though he has been known to slip from time to time.

1st Personality: An Unending Bezerker

Simply put, Sangre is a bezeker through and through. He lives to fight, and enjoys every second he can. He cares little about a cause, a reason or even if the opponent was even an enemy or not. For him a battle is a dance, a clash of ideals and wills between opponents. A battle itself a glorious Opera of blood and screams, and the one who truly understood that would be the Victor. Its been said that hes attacked opponents easily stronger than himself, and has hardly ever backed down, Using his sheer speed and power to Overwhelm an opponent. He revels in the bloodlust of a fight, and can only imagine in his shattered mind that his opponent does so to.

Personality 2: A beast of instinct

Hes a Bezeker to be sure, and generally flies into battle with seemingly little care for tactics. But perhaps were a seasoned Warrior uses thier wits and plan ahead, He is pure instinct. Anyone who watches him fight an opponent for an extended period of time can watch as he seems to learn thier moves, adapting to whatever fighting style is thrown before him. Much like a tiger or other Jungle predator, though it may seem a simple creature it is never, ever so simple and before long even mightier opponents may find themselves on the defensive, trying to merely understand how this Reckless Warrior was now anticipating his moves.

Personality 3: A Soul Tortured

Sangre has come to a rather miserable realization over his long life. A painful conclusion that claws at him each and every night. He's missing something, and there seems to be no freedom from whatever ghostly curse haunts him. Blood and fighting are akin to an alcoholic and his booze. Sure it sates the pain for a time, but like the sun rising it is sure to meet him agian. It has now clawed at Sangres mind for several Centuries now, and has by now begun to effect him mentally.

He yearns to find out what causes him such Mind wrenching agony, but so far he has only been able to piece together that it pertained to his past, and has gleaned little more than that. Sangre no longer even knew his name, how could he recollect what happened in his past life to do this to him?

4. Twisted Honor: If an opponent truly puts up a good fight, Truly amuses the bezerker than they find themselves witnessing a strange code of Honor this Arrancar Possess's. He doesnt let them live out of respect, or anything so Foolish however but mearly for the sheer joy that they could fight again. What fun is finding a wonderous Meal than devour it in one bite, when one could Savor it over the course of multiple battles?

Strange Quirk: Whenever speaking of himself he will for some reason use " We, or We're" as if there are others around him, even if completely alone. When alone, if being spied upon many could see him walking back and forth for hours seemingly having a conversation with himself. By now most hollows in Hueco mundo simply find it easier to avoid the Blood letter at all cost, lest they sate his hunger next. Others risk it at times, just to wath him pace wildly across the empty sands,speaking with himself.


1. Battle, and the blood and pain it brings: Even if he has calmed over the years, this still is to him his truest purpose other than finding his one true answer.

2. Hueco Mundo: Its Usually very quiet, and when he needs to think he appreciates that, the lack of light is nice to.

3. Apple Juice: He discovered this beverage during a trip to the human world, and though its the ONLY beverage from thier world hes tasted, he now deems it the best drink ever, NO QUESTIONS!


THe light: No hollow truly likes the light, and though he can tolerate it from time to time Sangre will always prefer the darkness.

2. Those afraid to fight, or those who only send minions to do battle: These are cowards who don't understand pain and the glory it offers, the dance of battle. To these people he will teach the Ultimate Lesson.

3. Cupcakes: He had this also on a trip to the human world, a half eaten cupcake found in a trashcan, Now cupcakes are retchid things meant to Poison and weaken him!

• History: Human Life, Chapter one

A simple start to the boys life, Gerald was born to a poor family with a single father and an Older brother in the slums of a large city. Thioer home was a tiny apartment, two small bedrooms, the main living room and a third room that his father rented out. He had barely any food to eat on a daily basis, as his father took most of it. He was a mostly uncaring man, but the brutish oaf picked a favorite of his older brother, Samuel. He of course wouldn't understand his lifes purpose, what true meaning was until the meager age of four. He would soon understand it through making the fatal error of simple almost invisible mistakes, But the mistakes perhaps were neccesary in carving out his existence.

" This is the room were you will be punished, just as your older brother was! It made him into a real man, and you will be two you ignorant little crap!" It was his first Mistake that he remembered, accidently knocking over a gallon of milk. Gerald was pushed into the small room, it was mostly plain save for a small ratty chair at the far back end, and in a corner were some basic medical supplies in a ratty box. He than looked to the walls and floor and saw it, blood, blood smeared all around him. He barely had time to ask why it was there before his father struck him, repeatadly beating him until he began to cough up his own blood, it dribbling onto the floor."THats a light warning you trash!" His father than stormed out and locked the door behind him, and this was the true start of Geralds life.

Chapter Two: Sea of Red

This room was nearly his new home, he was beat on a regular basis, his blood now beggining to seep into the room, and as he grew of older age his father Progressed further on how he harmed Gerald. From simply punching, to cutting and jabbing with knives, to breaking fingers and toes with a hammer he kept. Gerald also soon realized that it wasn't just his father, but Samuel who had joined in to strike at him, to spray his blood across the room of Punishement. Father had picked the elder as his favorite, and thus took all his cruel aggression out on Gerald.

He always wondered, Why wasn't he loved and accepted like his brother? Why couldn't he feel the warmth that he imagined Samuel felt. It was worse when he would gaze out the window of the punishemnt room, watching Familes and friends walk hand in hand. It tore at him, he wanted that! He wanted to be accepted, to smile and laugh!.

Time and time again over the next seven years he was beaten, bruised, bled and left for dead in the room. Each night he could only lay and cry in agony, but it was on his twelth birthday, after a rather brutal session that it finally dawned upon him, what this truly was.

Chapter 3: A Bloody Realization

His father likely never expected Gerald to turn like this, his elder brother certainly never had. But during his twelth birthday, while he lay, curled into a ball on the bloody floor his eyes shone with a new maddened light. Pain, pain it was everywere on his body! It spoke to him, screamed at him in a way that nothing else could! With pain he could understand his body, with pain he could make any other understand! Pain was universal, as true to the world as Gravity or time itself! Pain, blood, agony could all be shown to every living being, and in it they could understand themselves, and what anyone wants, what thier desires or beliefs are. In a maddened state he choked down the desire to be accepted, to be wanted and understood, perhaps fooling himself into the Rationality than Pain would bring him what he desired, Through pain others could accept him for all Felt it!

" What the hell's going on in here?!" His large father stormed into the room, hearing not sobs but a sharp cackling. He had no time to Prepare before the hammer that he had used so many times on his son Sank into his knee, dropping him to the ground." Father....Father I understand you." There was a red, unholy light to his eyes. He began to smash his fathers skull in, time and time again." Do you understand me, father?!" He asked in a delighted cry, blood spraying across his face as his father was dead long before Gerald stopped.

His elder brother was next, Samuel upon seeing the Massacre leapt at his crazed brother, Throwing a few punches at his face." It feels....wonderful, please don't stop!" Gerald begged, before smashing the hammer into Samuels neck, dropping him to the ground in a single blow. His body was shaking now, unable to contain the joy of this lifes new realization! But still, he could feel it clawing at his heart, the images of the happy families walking outside of his Apartment. He needed to find that feeling.

Chapter 4: Acceptance?

For the next four years his life was one fight after another. He grew up in an already dangerous part of town, and for a boy now without a home, He had to survive on sheer will power and brutality alone. As such he was quick to pick up and become Adept in Hand to hand combat, Though what usually made him a terror for the gangs or any other who sought to get in his way was his sheer delight in pain. No matter how many times, or how hard they struck him he would never fall! So he went through, day in and day out fighting, finding more and more Realization in pain. Blood, pain and battle were able to choke down that knawing desire for love and warmth, at least for now.

Perhaps this changed most when he found a younger, smaller boy being attacked by several teenagers. From his ratty clothing and rather thin frame Gerald was able to conclude that he was likely an orphan, and had no home like himself. After a quick fight he the three teenagers out cold, and was about to simply leave the boy when he felt a hand grasp his arm." Come.....with you?" He asked meekly, hazelnut eyes revealing the childs pain, his lonliness.

".....Fine, do what you want but if you slow me down, Ill leave you in a gutter." It was a harsh thing to say, and for some strange reason he immedaitly felt guilt for saying it, But the boy only smiled and followed Eagerly.

His name was Michael.

Chapter 5: Time to work!

" so your an Orphan Michael? Why not simply stay at an Orphanage rather than wander these streets? Your aware those guys could have killed you right?" He delivered a small smack the boys head, And tears welled up in those large Chesnut eyes." No Crying!" Thats the first lesson if you live out here, show no weakness! Gerald Shouted, the boys hands quickly wiping his eyes of tears." Look, you dont have to tell me why you left, I dont really care but if you intend to be around me, to Live this life than you need to Toughen up, to Realize its hell out here everyday." Micheal gave a firm nod, Gerald leading them to an old Basketball court, abandoned after years of neglect. " This is were im going to train you, Because I cant have a crybaby slowing me down, got it?"

" AAhhh!" Michael let out a shout as he crashed to the concrete ground once again. Who knew how amny times he had been knocked aside over the month of hard work. But the Basketball court was now riddled with smears of dried blood and sweat." Your getting better, brat." Joked Gerald, Brat was an upgrade over crybaby, or so He said. The two Sat down and he hurled the child A few apples, before breaking out the " Feast' of a bucket of fried chikcen he stole.

" Consider this a reward for your hard work Michael." He offered a leg to the boy with a smile, Micheal eagerly grabbing it." Listen, tommorow I need you to stay here, hidden if you could." Geralds expression suddenly grew tight." Those goons I protected you from, thier part of a nasty gang, and they've been seeking us out. Ive been dealing with them for a while now, and its time I hit them were it hurts, they use a small run down Garage as a home."

" But...But its dangerous, Please dont Risk it!" Michael shouted, Gerald shaking his head." As long as they are out there, you arent safe, Brat." he reminded him softly, Taking a bite of his own piece of chicken, befre sliding a Quart of apple juice towards Micheal with his free hand." They store gasoline in there, I dont even need to fight the cowards, Simply ignite thier stockpile and watch em cook." His lips twisted into a small cruel grin." Than we can move about the streets safely, ya know? Michael could only shakily nod, Before Gerald stood up and they moved towards a small shanty at the corner of the Court. It was made of a few sheets of metal nailed together, it was crude but a roof over thier head as he rolled out two sleeping bags.

Several hours passed, it was midnight now and Slowly Gerald creeped out of his sleeping bag, Turning towards Michael." You need to be safe....your a good kid, given a shitty deal of the cards. Im already a monster." He whispered, the boy only stirring a little but he gave no response. Turning Gerald slowly walked away and towards the gas station. " I will protect you from this hell, to my dieing breath.

A mere hour later the night sky was Ablaze with flames, and a Burnt Gerald was running out of the torched gas station, all the while Unaware that he had been spotted by one of the Gang members that barely escaped the Blaze.

Chapter 6: A Painful End

" Yes yes your getting the hang of it, here." Gerald smiled and offered Michael an apple. Over the next two years it was strange, his bloodlust had calmed considerably since he had joined up with the Child. He couldn't understand it really, but for the first time in his life he felt a warmth. Gerald stared up form the alley they sat in, watching the nighttime clouds roll in with a soft laugh. He had been training the frail boy as best he could how to at least defend himself, but he never went to far. The boy was young and weak, and despite it making little sense to him he felt a powerful urge to protect him. He brought Gerald what he slowly was realizing he needed more than fighting, A sense of peace and warmth.

" Go on, head down the street and get yourself some candy." He offered to the child, ruffling his Light blond hair, sliding some money into his hands. Michael smiled and nodded, eagerly turning the corner, and than never returning for two hours. Alarmed, Michael shot up and made down the alleys, towards the candy store! It wasn;'t far, the boy never took this long for anything. What he saw however down one dark alley was one of Michaels ratty shoes, a note sticking out of it."

"Run down Apartemtent 7D."

Gerald had to protect Him, Michael was all he had in this retchid world! He brought him warmth and a peace of mind no ammount of pain could equal. He charged through the streets, rain beggining to pelt against his face, soaking him as he ran through the alleys until finally arriving at the Run down apartment Complex.. What he never truly realized is that through all his fights he had made enemies, enemies that wanted this boy to suffer and Michael was the easiest way to draw him out.

: Were are youy Mich...." Was all he could get out upon charging into the complex, as a Pipe smashed into his skull and knocked him unconcious. Gerald would wake up later in one of the Apartements many empty rooms, Michael tied to a chair. A group of men surrounding him. They began to take turns beating him with ppies and thier fists, breaking his bones and body, yet For never a Second DId Geralds eyes leave Michaels, a warmth in his gaze trying to insure him that all would be ok.

" You can have me, I hardly care anymore just let the kid go!" He choked out, blood bubbling up from his lips, his teeth coated in a red sheen. The men smirked and pulled out a revolver, planting it hard against Michaels head." Heh...your gonna watch him die for all the beatings you gave us, than we Shoot you and light this whole place up!

No one outside would hear his screams of agony, nor ever find the bodies of the two as they were burned to nothing in the Apartment complex. None would see Geralds tears mix with the blood n the ground, and none but those men would hear his first true cries of pain since before he killed his family. but such a hateful gruge, such a desire could never be simply burned away.

Chapter Six: Whelp, im a hollow

Gerald, givin his grudge upon death was swiftly turned into a retchid Hollow upon realizing that as a ghost he could do nothing to harm the people that took Michael away from him. Such rage quickly Manifested into a hollow, but the transformation also twisted his bloodlust even further, For now clouding his desire to feel the Warmth Michael brought. Even by Hollow standards he was viscious, Devouring scores of humans and evne Fellow hollow with no mercy, perhaps a Trademark left for Shinigami being just the sheer Volume of blood he left behind. Even as a basic Hollow, Most other Hollows of his class were already trying to avoid confrontation with this violent beast, and even low Level Shinigami sent to slay him were soon met with horrific defeat. It was only a matter of time however, before under the veil of Curiosity that he followed a weakened hollow from batlte into a Gargantua, and Into Menos Forest.

His thirst was unquenchable, and when he encountered other hollows of the same Ideal, to devour one another for power it wasn't long before they merged and became the Massive Menos. But his blood lust, and even than the silent clawing at his heart easily allowed him to become his own being, and his hunger only grew! Fellow Menos and Mainly hollow now became what he consumed, Simple humans could no longer Sate his desires anyway, not that he could reach them Currently. He devoured an endless number of Menos, Desperate now to quell his Thirst for blood and power. The menos here did little more than groan, hardly ever trying to entertain him! They were nothing, and as long as he was Menos, he to was nothing. That single drive pushed him forward, finally breaking the threshold to become an Adjuchas, unaware that a new pain awaited him right around the corner that was far worse than any blood lust.

It was at this stage of his evolution that he began to feel a new pain in his body, not just a hunger for a sea of blood, but a clawing gashing wound that seemed to shed no blood, left no wounds. He for now simply tossed it aside as new effect of his form, and continued Devouring Hollow, and by now Most tried to avoid the monster completely! Even by hollow standards his savagery and merciless hunting nature, mixed with all the blood he left behind, earned him the name."Blood letter, Sangre Carta. He took the name as his own, as for it was as good as any. And thus his life of an endless feast began, trying to attain the next level, all the while trying to blanket out his true pain. He had no idea what was next, but both hungers kept him going into an endless hunt.

Chapter 7: What hes up to now

He has evolved, aged and fought for so long, His Masochism hardly ever fading even if his Bloodlust at the very least had. Though it Hadn't fully calmed, moreso he was becoming more and more obsessed with the horrible agony that racked his mind since he was a Menos. By now he had suffered with it for so many years that his mind was splintered, and most Hollow deeemed the blood letter Insane. He had recently picked up a strange Speaking quirk were he only reffered to himself as "We're" Or We, Never seeming to speak as if he were alone. His life is a mixture now of endless violence and a never ending, ever infuriating quest to find out what it was he was missing.

At this time the Hollows now mostly avoid the madman of the sands, None wish to be his next Victim and most are content to let him pace the sands until his body turns to dust.

• Sealed Zanpakutô: Sangre weilds not a normal Katana, but Bladed Knuckle dusters. They have the usual slots for one to slide thier hand into like brass knuckles, But at the end is a Wicked blade. Each blade was the size of a chefs butcher knife, and rather than seemingly made of a Normal Metal these were crafted of a strange See through Red glass. This actually describes it better than I can.

• Racial Abilities: Cero ( Zero Light): The ability to fire off a condensed blast of Spiritual Energy at an opponent, and while deadly at long range its true destructive power is Realized at Closer ranges. Currently he can fire it from his mouth, and from the middle of his Knuckle duster's blades.

NOTE: If below...say one of my powers I put Released in paranthese, its simply me describing how much a power has been Enhanced in his new form, rather than put it down with his New unique powers given upon release.

Descorrer: A technique used by Espada Level Arrancar to travel to the world of the living. heck He has it Cause Hollow seem to enjoy it... cant be left behind on road trips afterall, and you DONT wanna share a garantua with that really smelly guy

Bala: A weaker but far faster version of Cero that works by condensing Spirital pressure around the fist.

Sonido: We all know what Sonido is, Its to Flash step is to Shinigami, but the sound effect is a lot cooler >.>.

Hierro: Most Arrancar high or low in power have this to some degree by compressing Thier Spiritual pressure into steel like armor.

Important note!: Unlike most every other Arrancar, Sangre has NO hierro whatsoever, not the slighest bit of " Armor" To protect his body. The being is a Masochist Incarnate and will not let even this technique stop Pain from registering to his body, and has such discarded this technique to further augement his offense abilities.

Perquisa: We all know it, this technique is used to detect and gauge spirit pressures around them. For him its as normal as any other Arrancar, as he merely uses it to scout out for his next bloodbath. Such a technique is needed given how desolate Hueco mundo has become since Shadowfall has been poaching Arrancar to join them.

Though once in combat he will always rely on Me encantó Dolor Reconocimiento to Truly gauge his opponents.

Basic Abilities: AKA is there something special about his strength, speed etc?

1. Monsterous Strength: Sangres entire Battle style revolves around Speed and Destructive power, Overwhelming the opponent while Merely absorbing thier blows, Never slowing down. As such, by Discarding all the defensive abilities of his Hierro, he has instead Focused all of his training and evolution into His strength, Speed, and Cero. Foremost his strength is great enough to smash through even the most Sturdy of armors, and each blow is delivered with Horrific force. Worse yet, many of his abilities (listed below) Can enhance his Strength even further.

2 Durability OF Masochist: Sangre is a Masochist Extreme, He cares little for pain and delights in enduring it as much as he inflicts. naturally such a reckless fighting style, with No hierro has lead to him being laid out with a great number of blows, and as Such his body hs become hardened to damage. He barely feels fatigued from the damage he takes, and his body, especially with his regeneration has the ability to soak up a great deal of damage. In the end, between his own love of pain, mixed with his regeneration he can take a real pounding before going down. Opponents have watched in horror as even with limbs missing, even with holes in his body he never slows, never relents.

3. Highly Enchanced Speed: Sangre uses his great speed and strength together to overwhelm any opponent he should face. Moving in a blur of Scarlet he presses the attack on the opponent. His speed, even without his incredible strength would be enough to make him a threat, and its all to common that an unsuspecting opponent would have little time to react before he is upon them.

5. Weakness! Mental Instability: Lets face it, Sangre is mentally unstable. As such there are certain attacks that can likely work very effectively on him. Illusions are a key example of an attack that could greatly hamper him, Also he usually runs headlong at his opponents, so setting traps is likely another thing he likely wouldn't be able to realize.

Naturally Mental attacks are also a good idea to use against Sangre.

4. Knuckle Duster Flashing Lights: The Strange Red Glass that makes up his Knuckle dusters can actually charge and build up with The energy of a Cero, Allowing for several different uses of such a tactic. The glass acts as a magnifying glass as well, Enhancing the Ceros upon release far above what any normal Hollow could hope to achieve. This is mainly released in one of three ways.

A. By swinging his knuckle Duster as if it were A Sword he can release a Short range cone of Highly Concentrated blast of Energy. Its range is short, but the power it contains is Exceptional given the risk it can only be used at Close range.

B. By Simply Charging the Cero and keeping it inside his blades, he can Increase his striking power, as now each blow not only comes with his own strike, but the power of the Cero now behind it. Now Naturally he can only build so much before Releasing it, lest it become to much, and as such will Discharge the built up Cero at his target, it usually ina far more long reaching Large blast of power.

C. Crackling Release: His Most dangerous Use of the Cero, He can simply release the Cero's power at near point blank range, Resulting in a Circular dome of destruction, The only warning hes about to do this is the large Scarlet bolts of electrictiy that suddenly crackled around his blades. The range itself varies, but usually the dome extends 20-30 feet around him, the destructive power at its highest. Of course, he to will be caught within it, but he would hardly care.

4. Creature Of Instincts: Sangre is a creature of Instinct, and learns of his opponent through battle. Effecitvely put, the longer he fights an opponent, the more pain they deal him and vice versa, the more he can become trained to his opponents fighting Style. With The Abilitly, Scarlet Hunter Mixing with his own already Supernatural Instincts it can almost seem like hes Predicting his opponent before they even make thier full attack. The longer he fights, or even watches his opponent the sharper these instincts can grow, but at the same he still truly never uses tactics, Simply adjusting his attacks so that he could inflict the Most damage. This technique, much like his ability to bolster his own strength via pain is more dangerous the longer a fight goes on.

5. High Speed Regeneration: He enjoys pain, loves it and discarded Hierro, one of the Arrancar most famous features to enjoy combat. But his body would not simply let itself be destroyed, so In place of Hierro he garnered an even more enjoyable power. His body has achieved, due to its lack of armor a high rate of Regeneration has been made to Compensate. In his Sealed form, Things like Minor injuries, even broken bones can be fixed in Relative short order. Though the removal of a Limb or a Fatally deep cut would take a fair bit longer, but it isnt impossible For his body to compensate for it even Sealed. More Moderate wounds can be recovered in just a minute or two

(Released): In this stage His regeneration Rate has been accelerated, at this Point he can easily shrug off most Minor blows, even moderately deep cuts wouldn't slow him down for long. A removed limb can now be healed quickly, not Instantaneously, but at a far faster rate than in his previous Sealed form. Even a cut or blow Fatal to most Arrancar would not be enough to Stop him now, Making for a dangerous fight the longer its prolonged. But perhaps what can push it over such thresholds is an ability he Possess( to be listed below).

• Unique Abilities: 1. Fiebre Sangre ( Blood fever): Sangre is a being of pain and blood, and as such is actually strengthened the more blood he or his opponent loses. Pain excites him, stirs up the beast and as such losing his own blood allows for the greatest increase in strength. His speed, strength and destructive power will continually be on the rise as his, and his opponents blood is shed. Naturally, there are rules Pertaining to how this power works.

1. The blood MUST be fresh, he doesnt get to walk onto a two week battlefield and get a crazy power up, dried blood like the stuff on his clothes does nothing.

2. All power ups have a limitation Naturally, and given that its spread out Amongst his Cero, Speed, Regeneration and Strength, The boost it offers across the board once enough blood has been spilled is a mighty 40%, Offering a strong increase to all of his primary Attributes and making for an even deadler Opponent

3. This doesnt increase his defensive powers at all.

(Release): This power Carries over, and now not only speeds up the process in which he grows stronger, But now has increased the already mighty thresholds of this ability. From 40% to now 75% of his Released form. This technique, at least in his released form will also sharpen his senses even further than normal, Again his instincts taking over and allowing him to adapt to his enemies.

Me encantó Dolor Reconocimiento( Loved pain Recognition): Most Hollow use Pesquisa to Map out thier opponents, he uses this technique to gauge thier strength however once a fight starts. Using it he can gauge an opponents spirutal power in a far more detail than any simple technique, and can even reveal if they are holding back. As he tends to enjoy holding back to let weaker opponents squirm in his dace, it generally helps him by examining how much power he needs to expend.

There's a catch, he has to be hit, and decently by a melee attack. A little nick wont count either, the weapon or hand etc need to dig into his flesh a decent amount for him to get an accurate reading, But once done he can easily find out the maximum levels of strength his opponent has, While also allowing for a far greater range in his tracking abilities than his Perquisa would ever allow for. What makes this technique speical is that even if an opponent tries to run and hide, lowering his Spritual pressure to nothing than this move can still track them just by recognition of his or her blood.

Escarlata Hunter(Scarlet Hunter): This technique turns his combat Instincts into a Supernatural weapon. As he continues to fight his opponent, As they continue to strike him and vice versa he can begin to actually feel the movement of the blood in thier bodies. As such he can begin to predict thier moves the moment thier body begins to move, Though at his sealed level It would take quite a few solid rounds with the opponent before he could truly begin to Understand this ability, at least in this form.

(Released): At this stage, his already heightened senses have become even greater, and he can more easily feel the opponents body move, can more accuratly pinpoint the blood in his opponents body. At this stage he can far more easily predict and adapt to his opponents moves, Now truly bringing out the idea that he was reading thier mind, Once again the longer the fight goes the more accurate this power can get. At this stage he could even begin Pinpointing were his opponent will move to, even with an advanced move like a Sonido Or a Flash Step.

RULES: This has a limit, just because he can feel the way an opponents body can move through thier blood doesn't mean he can counter it. He still needs to be able to react quickly enough to respond properly, or accept his beatings.

Naturally a being that has no Blood to be spilled is immune to this, but His instincts at least will let him adapt to his opponents movements, to a point.


Hambre rabioso(Rabid Hunger): Sangre Carta is a Bringer of blood and battle, He craves to drink and drown in the glorious Liquid. But more fun is to drink it. When drinking blood he can rapidly accelerate his Regeneration in both his Released and Sealed form, Nearly doubling the rate at which he heals for 3 posts, Rules apply.

RULES: He cant drink his own blood, or well he can but he'd garner no benefit for it.

He must drink a good amount of spilled blood, at least a handful or two to garner the full benefits of this power.

Aplastamiento Luz(Crushing light): This is his signature technique while in this state. He will charge a cero, but not to use in a beam but actually into the glass blade of his Knuckle Dusters. He charges at least three cero's worth of energy into each blade. At his point, Upon impact any would realize that the striking power of his blades has easily Gone up drastically, the cero now fueling his blades. Worse yet he can cause the energy to erupt after his swing into an explosion of Great power, even if it is dangerous to do so at Point blank range the Masochist that is Sangre would never truly fear the pain. One can tell this technique is in use as his blades emit a feint humming, and an eerie red light will emit from the blades. Also a keen ear can hear a feint whining, or screeching as he charges the cero's into his weapons. At any time with a single thrust of his arm he can fire the Charged Cero's up in a single Ball of condensed energy If he finds that using it point blank isn't a good idea.


Cruz aplastante Bala(Cross Crushing Bullet): This technique is like a bala, charging the condensed Spirital Pressure into his hands, but instead of just releasing he will swing one knuckle duster up, and the other across, forming a shimmering dark red cross. After a few seconds a larrge Wave of Scarlet energy will soar at his target, and while slower than a normal bala, it has near three times the power.

• Resereccion Name: Escarlata doble castigo (Twin Scarlet Punishement)

• Resereccion Release Phrase: Realizar el baile Rojo Finale( Perform the Final Red dance!) Escarlata Doble Castigo!

• Release Actions: Raising Both his Knuckle Dusters he turns them around and Stabs himself in the stomach, Twisting the blades in a ninety degree angle once. Blood will than begin to spurt from his stomach, from his eyes and mouth and even his skin. It would begin to coat him than harden. This phase would only last for a few seconds before cracks appeared all over him.

THan with a thunderous explosion an eerie cry would emit from a ball of Bloody red light, a horrific shrill of delight echoing across the battlefield, all before the new Sangre emerged from the light.

• Resereccion Appearance:His size is and general humanoid appearance isn't changed much at all, At best gaining a few scant inches onto his height. The Coagulated blood that had formed his Resereccion now has formed a segmented red Armor. The Armor itself Covered his entire body, save for his head in its thick gleaming plates. The armor was also not bulky, it was lean and form fitted to the Arrancar body. A feint rattling of chains would echo across the battlefield as several long dangling pieces of metal were wrapped around his arms and legs. The Skull attached to his chest is now Apparent on the body of the armor as well, but now small ammount of blood is constantly dripping from its teeth and eyes.

The chains on his legs looked to go nowere, but on his arms they snaked around until reaching a Spiked Gauntlet now attached to each hand. The gauntlets themselves, unlike the pristine look to his armor were dirtied, a rust red in color, and in some areas a feint brown as if they gauntlets themselves had never bothered to be cleaned in eons. Attached to the gloves knuickles were a row of brutal jagged spikes, buit even deadlier was that within the palm of his gauntlet were slits that ran from the palm to his fingers, were a deadly blade was inserted, Naturally it retracted into the open slits whenever clenching a fist.

There were two more notable changes with hsi Resereccion, the first is that if a Careful eye watched, they could see the armor slowly shifting, as if alive, and blood would slowly be seeping through the seams of his armor, small trails leaking down his arms, legs and chest. The other would be attached two segmented Segemented tail like Apenndages, about twice the length of a general humans arm. They were attached on his back, near his shoulder blades, they seemingly moving about in the air with each motion of his arm. Furthermore at the tip were Yellow Orbs, about the size of a softball. Surrounding the orbs were a pair of Blade tipped tails, almost shaped like a scorpions tail. Likely usable as weapons. Again a careful eye would actually notice that the Segmented parts were a bit more see through than the armor, and that blood was being pumped frm his body and up the segmented body parts.

Also, running from the bottom of his foot up to a bit above the heel were a blade, Once again he could retract it into the armor at anytime needed, But a careful eye would hear a feint whining, a small screeching from the blades in his gauntlets and boots. The blades were rotating, almost like a chainsaws blade.

The two tail like appendages in the back can atually move of thier own will, and will usually strike at an opponent with thier bladed ends when the opponent least Suspects it.

• Resereccion Abilities: Enhanced Cero: All his Cero's may now suck up some of his blood for power and while not blue perhaps like a Gran ray, they are especially deadly in thier destructive power, easily twice or three times the power. Of course, using his own blood this much is a dangerous bargain. The general appearance of this Cero is neon red with yellow flashing lights. The exact limitations of this power can depend on how much blood hes willing to Sacrifice, but the more he adds, the faster and stronger it can go.

Note on His Gauntlets, Appendages and blades located on his legs: While they don't look the same as his Glass red Knuckle Dusters, Much like his old blades these two Can Charge Cero's through them. ANd much like before, like a mirror it will Only Amplify the deadly energies power. Once again, the same powers as were listed above (the three in natural) Can be used again, though to a much more devastating effect. Naturally he can build far more energy as well in his Released form. Also, he may use His blood once again, allowing for an even stronger, more brutal attack. Sangre's battle style has always been the same, released or no....Overwhelm an opponent with speed and power.

Note: He doesn't HAVE to use blood, and the usual telltale sign is the now crackling red and yellow energy around the cero.

Enhanced Sonido: He has no defenses in reality, so Sangre will always aim to use Superior speed and overwhelming destructive power to defeat his foes. As such, in his released form he's naturally more adept at Using the Sonido. His already Great speed now being boosted to new heights in his new form.

1.Maldición de ebullición(Boiling Curse): This attack itself is only activated as Sangres Blood is spilled. The Arrancar blood has changed in this form, The dark red blood bubbling as it strikes the ground. Though it has no effect if actually striking the opponent, the strange, almost putrid stench it emits actually has a strange effect. An opponent will begin to find thier senses being dulled, thier body would even begin to feel heavier. His retchid blood was in fact weakening his opponent, it mioxed with his own Reaitsu. There is little way to actually tell its effect, as its much akin to just breathing a gas in, It reeks but until the effect becomes really noticable it would be hard to actually pinpoint the blood as the Culprit for this ability. but here comes rules.

1. Its a slow process, not like you spill some blood and next post its in full effect, it takes time (depending on how much you spill, Naturally lopping off a Limb will have more effect)

2. Opponents whom are stronger than him, or have a strong willpower can at least weaken its effects, slowing down the process.

3. Dispersión luces escarlata( Scattering Scarlet light): Intense Reiatsu will gather first around his fingers, a deep pulsating red. Than he will clench his hands once before opening his hands, a ball of light eminating around each finger. Than he thrust each hand forth and a Lancet of energy will escape each finger, Each beam Stronger and faster than A typical Cero, in fact by putting his own blood into the attack he makes each one far more deadly. But what makes them truly deadly is if an opponent is bleeding, the energy will track them like blood hounds. The way to tell that hes fired this particular nasty form of Cero is that these beams will make a high pitched whistling sound. As per all his attacks, there are rules.

- They have a speed limit, they wont be keeping up with the fastest buggers in Seireitei Etc, but they are still fast enough to cause most opponents problems, especially as once released he doesnt need to control them, So one could be attacked by Sangre again, all the while those blasts closing in on them.

- He uses his own blood, and while at a single fire or two it isn't deadly, and as with most of his attacks its a risky trade, even with regeneration replenishing what hes lost as quickly as he can.

4. Sacrificio cruento(Bloody Sacrifice): IF an opponent is overpowering him, this is his usual technique to finish the job. The two tail liked appendages will raise up, and stab into his own back, Draining blood frm him at a frightening rate. In return he's offered an enormous boost to his speed, striking power and the strength even of his Cero based attacks, The drawback however is that it lasts for a short time, a mere four posts and he is than left Fatigued and weakened for another two, and the attack itself has a ten post Recharge time in his current form.

When Using this technique, His strength, speed and Cero's Destructive power increase by a Whalloping 50%

Note: This stacks with Bloody fever, So yes, using both at the same time is a powerful Gambit

When using this technique, it becomes quite visible to an opponent as long Pulsating red veins began to cross up his arms and legs, a complicated spiderweb of the veins running across his chest and even going up his neck.

5 Sangre impacto lacerante(Blood Searing impact): Blood, the same blood that leaks from his armor and body will wrap around his gauntlets and Blades at his feet, Drying and coagulating onto his body to allow for far more devestating attacks at melee range, For despite the fact its hardly flashy, the blood mixing with his weapons is a deadly mix of his bodily fluids and his Reiatsu. Much like many of his attacks, it drains his blood, Though again unless hes already in critical condition its hardly dangerous. Much like the Crushing light of his first form, this is used to add Remarkable power to his melee attacks.

It does more however than simply offer power, the Dried blood can shift and morph his hands into an array of new weapons. The most common is it will simply enlarge his hands, Usually twice thier normal size into large Dark red claws, cracks running up and down the new weapon, Small trickles of fresh blood dripping from the new appendage.

6 Baile Escarlata Impacto(Dancing Scarlet Impact): This technique is usually used after Blood Searing Impact. Once the blood has coated his armor, specifically his leg blades and Gauntlets he can fire it at his opponents like deadly bullets. If he makes a specific motion, such as punching a the air. , the blood will form a Large circular orb and fire off with more destructive power than any Cero he has, and from the legs arc wave looking shots. The attacks themselves are projectiles, And seemingly just Chunks of his blood made into a deadly weapon.

7. Bailando dolor un buen augurio(Pain Augur): At base level, Sangre is a Masochist and believes all should feel his agony, Reveling in its beauty. This technique can be applied when he is touching the opponent, And at that moment he can make the enemy feel all the glorious pain he is! The sensation would quickly travel over the opponents body, and against those without a high pain threshold, or simply those unaware of what he was doing the sudden spike of agony (depending on his wounds of course) could be enough to completely stop them cold, frozen from the shock. Naturally those with a much greater level of endurance wouldn't be effected as much, but his favorite tactic if he even stops them for a second is to either make a direct attack, or perhaps even attack himself with his free hand.

The glory of this attack is that it doesnt actually damage them from the outside, No this attack assaults his opponents insides, thier blood and organs feeling like thier on fire (depending again on how badly wounded he is.) So even those with the thickest of armors aren't safe from this dreadful attack. Worse yet, Theres little warning of such a move, As unlike the rest of his attacks, its hardly flashy. The best warning they can get is upon the touch itself, His hands would feel as Frigid as ice.

Rules time!

1. He has to firmly grasp them. Once again a light brush wont do, he needs the opponent decently held at least.

2. Stronger opponents can certainly resist the attack, even weaker ones can of course but being that it attacks the opponents insides rather than out, The likely key stats to determine just how badly it effects a person would be pain endurance, and even resisting it hardly means theyd take no damage. Once again however, this attack is purely dependant on how damaged Sangre is.

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Adept
  • Sonido: Master
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Hierro: None, like zilch, nada, nuttin!
  • Regeneration: Master

[b]Im aware Regeneration is now a stat here, I made the char and sorta left before it ever got added for him, Guess an APp checker can fix that x_X

• RP Sample: I don't get it, Why won't he go down?! Why won't he move at us?" ASked a desperate voice, shaking with fear. A group of Shinigami had Intercepted the arrancar In a remote location in the human realm. THey had followed him for two hours, watching him merely walk in circles, having what could be guessed as a full blwon conersation, yet there was no one else around. They had waited until he wandered to an area were there were no civilians, and so they ambushed him in the woods surrounding the city.

The ambush was swift and brutal, Five shinigami leaping from the trees, having surrounded the Strange Arrancar with ease. He had never shown signs that he knew he was followed, and certainly had no time to put a guard up. The swords sunk into his arms and chest, a blade for each arm and the rest into his body to go for a quick kill. Sangre never moved, he never showed even a hint that he recognized the attack, even as blood dripped out from fresh wounds. The Shinigami stared, than balked in horror when his head slowly turned to face on, That wqide Sadistic grin offering only." Is that all?" He asked in a bone chilling voice, it was light but the words carried themselves right into the Shaken Soul reapers bodies.

For the next five minutes they swung and slashed at his body, thier blades digging into his body, ranging frm small nicks to open bloody gashes. Fresh blood splashed across the ground, and still Sangre never moved unless a blade went for his head or heart, he at least not stupid enough to simply let them stab that. But each movement was a bored motion, a simple twist of his body to avoid a desperate stab or slash.

After five minutes the shinigami backed off, still surrounding him but now gasping for air." Why, why won't he do anything? Its not like our attacks aren't hurting him! " With a desperate Cry one charged him, and swung his blade down, and they heard flesh rend and bone crack from the impact. One of Sangre's arms dropped to the ground, Blood gushing around him from the open wound as the limb hit the ground with a wet thud, rolling across the grass.

"......This is all I can get from you? Why aren't I feeling it? Why isn't it enough?" He demanded with a low hiss, the answer already clear." To weak, to weak! I'm not feeling it!" His eyes shook, those scarlet pupils desperatly looking from one opponent to the next, his remaining hand twitching in a small fury. The Shinigami looked in terror at the still speaking Monster, and at once charged him! Raising his remaining arm, Spiritual Pressure began to build in his Knuckle duster, and without a single word he Smashed it to the ground, the Column of energy erupting around him and shooting into the sky. When it cleared, Sangre stood in the middle, spitting at the ground in dissapointment.

He shook his head, shifting to gaze around at the now smoldering corpses of his five enemies. He had let them follow him, ambush him and do all this, so why weren't they enough? He turned and opened a Gargantua and Already his wounds were healing Steadily, the lost limb likely to return in a minute tops." Come, we should go." With those simple words Sangre turned and moved, again he was speaking to no one.


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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [omit]
  • 10 sentences for personality [z]
  • History is of appropriate length [z]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x*]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

Everything is fine, however you have a gran rey cero which is a espada/former espada only cero

Can you expand on his Perquisa? What you have is fine, but to make him stand up what can he do with it?

approved when changes are done

Tier: 1-1+

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Changes noted and YOU ARE APPROVEDO

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Just letting you know that im editing the app. Nothing serious just some ironing out like Bolding out attack names and stuff so they are more easily viewable, As well as adding a small description to Bloody sacrifice, so it actually has an appearance. ALong with that I will be adding a para-2 to his history, and if I have time maybe add a description to his basic hollow form.

No skill abilites themselves are being edited etc. Just letting admins know.

Just letting admins know I Did another small edit, again just added a tad more description to a few skills..Description as in just a better detail of how they look/effect, not changing thier abilitles.

Also slaying accursed Typo demons.
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Approved 1-1++, but keep in mind you need to change your skills as your normal skill sheets are set up like an 0 tier would have them.

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Moving this to archives!
Simply post in this topic here, in order to come out of archives~!

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Sangre Carta, Arrancar(1-1++)
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