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 We strike back! Iceland is first. (Open/Territory Battle)

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: We strike back! Iceland is first. (Open/Territory Battle)   Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:59 pm

Demonica screamed, the ground smashing into her like a hard hard body which was working to overcome her. . . Her eyes up, as she saw the wave rushing forward hundreds of wave meeting the implosion. The steam rose as it looked like hundreds of wave where coming down . . the water had rose in a huge dome as she had been skidding.

Now, she had watching smashed into a mountain with a huge crash causing a hole as she saw more towns be destroyed. More lives lost, and just something inside her snapped as a blood curdling scream of defiance, ripped from her mouth like a thousand lives going into the void. Her voice echoed the cries of all this person had killed. But she was still skidding, roaring . . .Yes . . .ROARING in RAGE, as she fought for purchase

A vortex of white , towns becoming nothing, everything crushed. Her veins in her face pulsing , her feet digging deeper into the ground her resolve becoming stronger , her rage building until she hit the critical . . the tip over the edge, her mouth bleeding from her gritting her teeth so hard. Her whites of her eyes looking like disks, Her body becoming resistant as the whisper came.

"Im going to kill you, kill kill kill
kill kill kill kill kill you kill i am going.. i am going. . .-"

She was whispering faster as she was still skidding from her own tremendous force her mind and body straining against the force, all this momentum building up until finally she smashed her arm into the side gripping rock compacting it more and more. her skidding stopping eventually. Leaving a massive skid trail her muscles tensed her eyes looking up in pure rage her hair flying behind her her form changing muscles rippling. the ground beginning to crack, she began to overcome the force against her.


she roared finding purchase finally shattering rock behind her , as she dashed through forward out, she did not stop she roaring used all the force she overcame to speed her, body being hit by strikes which smashed into her whirring barrier, electrical bolts smashing fires starting. She was running through the town at the speed that her own body screamed in protest.

but she was not done as she ran by the water smashing forward she was moving forward focused entirely on the foe the one that was left. the one that caused all this fucking pain this agony, she had as the foe moved forward jumped up the ground cratering in her wake, her muscles roaring her mind roaring, she screamed ignoring his taunts.


and moving her arm down faster then she ever had before, she put the rage of death behind it, a plume of purple , a blade of chainsaw like energy, it drove down in a single arc at the foe's face in a near instant action. Though this technique was strong enough to rip through his fish shield and his eel, it went straight for him, she was not near done though.

If she missed she had flipped landing on the water surface behind him a second after at speeds which made the water act like a solid for a second, while all this muscle was rushing forward like its own tidal wave. her arm launching out, even if it was blocked just like the chain saw before it had extreme cutting potential and at this point. . . She was ready to kill, she put all her force behind this.

If this missed she had been ready though, flipping again landing on one of the fish barriers that had been erected. launching off with enough force to cause a sonic boom, feinting to the foe's face, her body flipping like a blur, moving at the speed of insanity, her muscles and mind just acting, she had snapped no emotions no thoughts slowing her down now she was a monster. As the world saw her she was going , and would not stop TILL HE WAS DEAD.

And if the foe evaded by moving to a new location , she would flip landing on the water with a boom that caused the water to in a split second solidify and then turn to steam from the stream heat in a 10 foot layer around her foot. Launching like a rocket at the new location, of course it would take a second to spot it out, and if it was behind her. Of course demonica was looking over her shoulders for the location looking all around.

If the foe kept doing it, she would be chasing him, her barrier moving. Energy a palpable thing in her. she was not thinking she was using instinct now, something which moves 10 times at least as fast as though. Instinct acts near instantly. Which is what she was doing now and oh no she was not about, to let this fucker get away with it. Which is why if the foe attacked there was a barrier her own barrier. A barrier of moving rotating blade like defense, a defense that could cause decent damage.

She would followed though once the foe stopped moving if of course they had moved in the first place. If not she would deliver a feint to the face her foot rocking up at the lower abdomen, while her head jerked down in a head butt if they hit or not she would kick her free foot back causing her to flip again, if in air to free fall and land on water or ground, cratering or for a split second causing the water to become solid as she launched off causing huge bucking waves.

Of course demonica was not going to let him leave alive. . This bitch was going to die. . .

There was no fighting stance, she would continue following the foe like a blood hound, she was going to kill him. Acting on instinct, ready to counter bash evade. . And more importantly ready READY.. TO KILL!


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: We strike back! Iceland is first. (Open/Territory Battle)   Tue Dec 25, 2012 4:12 pm

James was pulled out of the way of the blast in a last minute fashion. At least he was safe now. Not for long. Izumi pulled up a barrier for him to escape in. James was glad to take it. He had no business in this war. Demons were scum to him anyways. May as well let someone else do the dirty work for him, he supposed. James prepped his flight spell just as Izumi released him. It was time to get out of here. A city full of dead demons was good enough extermination for him. James spoke his incantation, "Order: Cita Sanatore" and his healer type familiar appeared. He ordered the familiar to heal Izumi's wounds. He also ordered it to leave a small healing buff, that would heal small wounds. Hopefully he wouldn't get to injured, as the buff would stop working when he it could not heal a wound. Leaving Sanatore behind, and giving it strict instructions to heal Izumi, James fled in the air bubble Izumi had given him.


(Just so it's not GM, you got 3 threads [@Zero] until James is too far out of range to upkeep Sanatore. Assuming Demonica doesn't just destroy it xD)
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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: We strike back! Iceland is first. (Open/Territory Battle)   Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:40 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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We strike back! Iceland is first. (Open/Territory Battle)
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