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 Heaven or Hell [Kakeru Vs. Takuri]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Heaven or Hell [Kakeru Vs. Takuri]   Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:34 pm


This would be interesting enough. Kakeru the Praetorian Knight of the Western Sugiura Lands. He had decided to challenge to a simple battle a person that he thought could take her on equal terms. Long blonde hair danced across the vision of Kakeru as a smirk was on his lips. He was excited a fight that could shake up the heart and soul of his? Make him think about everything? Oh hell yes he'd fight this person well on. He wore his usual mission/ prestige outfit because wearing his normal clothes would be a waste to such a good fight like this! He didn't have Yukianesa summoned just yet. He hadn't been on the Eastern Sugiura Lands in ages, and some memories of training here, well by accident had filled his mind. It was like everything was slowly coming back. It wasn't time for him to start remembering things like that. It was time for him to start fighting, and he was excited! Who'da thunk that he'd be fighting someone so strong, hey he could learn something from this. His heart and soul began to race as he began to walk deeper into the territory of the Eastern Lands. His eyes began to scan the area and try to sense the feeling of the area. Kakeru only knew one thing right now. He'd be fighting soon enough.

His Origin began to talk to him while he was walking. 'You know since you've been corrupted your power has been changing, is this why you're trying to fight more to figure out what the fuck you're going to do about this corruption yet Kakeru? Once you figure it out then you'll be even stronger, but allow yourself to know I'm here with you always even though you don't want me here. You know that in order for you to become stronger you must trust in me. and your Guardian Beast Yukianesa. I know I'm talking a lot, but I have to make sure before you go into this match you trust in me, because you have been distant, but I know this... You're getting stronger and you'll be able to harness my true feelings for you! Now go forth and be ready to fight!" It silenced then saying what it needed for the time being as Kakeru silently nodded in response acknowledging that it was okay now in his eyes and he'd try to tap into that Origin more and more. He knew that it was the only way he'd get more powerful is was for him to learn the truth about his origin. That took battle and profound reflection, and one couldn't happen without the other so now he'd summon his weapon and ready for the battle soon to come.

A light whistle noise passed his lips as he seemed to close his eyes and stop in place as an Ice Cross had appeared in the front of Kakeru as it had made a circle around his feet as he opened his eyes. He'd grab the sword from the ice cross and spins around taking in the whole land from the spin. He'd let his reitasu truly fluctuate harshly. If someone was out here they'd know very well soon that there was someone in here, someone looking for a fight. It was a nice morning. Bright, sunny, didn't seem like there were clouds in the sky currently, and everything was in order for the most part. Nothing could be more better from a fighting exercise from someone in power! Who could deny the fun that was going to come, and as well as the pain that was soon to come too! Oh Man this day couldn't get too much better. Well minus a great dinner and time to finish up all of those damned papers that he had left to do. He just was excited because he'd get to fight seriously for once, and well he was going to enjoy this about as much as he enjoyed fighting Ketheldrin in his home forest, when she corrupted him. It was a changing moment he had to fight the innate corruption and well his heart was racing a bit as the clearing the quietness of a forest seemed to not stir him much. In short he was pretty fucking lost now, and now he'd wait in the open seeing if someone would come soon enough.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Heaven or Hell [Kakeru Vs. Takuri]   Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:36 am

Since Silim quit sadly, i gotta archive this.

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Heaven or Hell [Kakeru Vs. Takuri]
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