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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Sub-Race Creation: The Guide and Template

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sub-Race Creation: The Guide and Template   Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:24 pm

Sub Races

Sometimes the list of races we allow you to choose form just isn't enough. Maybe one isn't exactly what you need to make your character what you want it to be. Platinum Hearts is most known for it's freedom and customization and we aim to do exactly that with the new Sub Race system.

In short, we are allowing senior members that are well versed in the goings on of the Platinum Hearts universe to submit their own custom Sub-Races. You take an already made race, and create a new type. For example, Humans are a generally balanced race that can become any other race through different means. You could create a type of human however similar to the Mutants from X-men. That would be a new 'Human Sub-Race' that you have chosen to create. This goes for any other race such as the Arrancar, Shinigami, Quincy, Iramasha and more.

There are however some requirements to create a new sub Race. These include the following:

  • Member must have at least 250 Posts
  • Member must be a trusted individual
  • The application must be approved by 2 different staff members where one must be of admin rank. [Although The Head Admin reserves the right to solo approve races.]
  • The application must be filled out thoroughly with paragraphs where applicable.

These requirements allow the people who have shown dedication to the forum to create a new sub-race. We cannot allow anybody to submit requests for new races, but people who we trust. You need to have made over 250 posts in your time on the site. You must also gain staff trust because even some people with 500+ posts can still be untrustworthy. And finally, you need to get 2 different staff members to approve of your race.

There are also a few things you must keep in mind when creating a new Sub-Race:

  • Do not expect to be given the rights to an independent Organisation even if the sub-race has been approved. Flooding our org lists will make things harder for us to maintain. This is why we recommend you associate the sub-race with an organisation.
  • Do not expect to gain an immediate 0 tier for creating a new sub race. There is a chance that you may be able to create a 0 tier for the race, but it may not always be the case.
  • The race MUST branch off from an existing PH race. This means that they must be related and linked to an already existing race. Other sub-races do count, but are less common.
  • The race cannot be too similar to another. This is to avoid unnecessary creations such as Races with only a single difference etc.
  • You may cross breed two races to create a new race, but must specify which two races they are in the application.
  • You will need to make a template for the race as well.

Approved Sub races do not go into Race specs, but into their own approved board found in the Creation Station. Ask to be linked on the sidebar

The following is the actual template to creating a new Sub-Race. Copy it and Paste it into this Board and start filling it out. Once finished, let a few members of staff know and they will check it for you. You may alter the template if you wish, but make sure that the following is all clearly visible.


[color=indigo][center][size=18]SUB RACE TEMPLATE[/size][/center][/color]

[b]Name of the Race:[/b] (What is this race called?)

[b]Summary:[/b] (Do this last. Write a summary of everything else in the application for quick reference.)

[b]How long have they existed?:[/b] (When did the first few members of this race appear?)
[b]Sub Race of:[/b] (which other race does this branch off of?)
[b]Secondary Sub Race:[/b] (If this race is a type of breeding or cross over of two races, what is the second parent race?)
[b]How to become one:[/b] (Can the main race become this sub race and if so, how?)
[b]Associated Organisation:[/b] (Which organisation, if any, does this race associate themselves with?)
[b]Orientations:[/b] (What races does this race take kindly to and which ones do they hate?)

[b]Aesthetics:[/b] (Does this race have any genetic changes to the main race such as horns, tails, claws etc? You may also comment on dress sense if applicable here)

[b]Additional Information:[/b] (if you have anything that does not fall under any of the categories we have in the template, put it here)

[b]Additional Racial Powers:[/b] (Explain what extra Racial powers the race grants the user and any that they may lose.)

[b]Additional Racial Forms:[/b] (Explain what extra racial forms are granted to this race. Remember to specify if you can keep old forms form the main race as well.)

[b]Race History:[/b] (4 paragraphs minimum. Explain in detail the history of the race to the present day.)

[b]Why Should we add/play this race?:[/b] (Give us your reason as to why we should let you create this race and why would people play them?)

(Create your template here between these two codes. Use other templates as a guide)

Once that has been completed, your going to need to add a template to your sub race for people to be able to fill out. If you are unsure what it should look like, go check out some of the already made templates on the site for each main race. The following in red are required in a template, those that are not are recommended:

Character Name: What is their name?
Age: How old are they?
Gender: Male, female, trap?
Orientation: Who do they work for?
Personality: How do they act?
Appearance: What do they look like?
Racial Powers: What abilities does their race give them?
Sealed State powers: What powers do they have in their normal form?
Form and powers 1: What appearance and abilities do they have in form 1?
Form and powers 2: What appearance and abilities do they have in form 2?
History: Explain their past
Roleplay Sample: Write an RP


[b]Character Name:[/b] What is their name?
[b]Age:[/b] How old are they?
[b]Gender:[/b] Male, female, trap?
[b]Orientation:[/b] Who do they work for?
[b]Personality:[/b] How do they act?
[b]Appearance:[/b] What do they look like?
[b]Racial Powers:[/b] What abilities does their race give them?
[b]Sealed State powers:[/b] What powers do they have in their normal form?
[b]Form and powers 1: [/b]What appearance and abilities do they have in form 1?
[b]Form and powers 2: [/b]What appearance and abilities do they have in form 2?
[b]History:[/b] Explain their past
[b]Roleplay Sample:[/b] Write an RP
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Sub-Race Creation: The Guide and Template
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