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  Malaysian Invasion: BLOOD City [OPERATION: B.L.O.O.D. EVENT - Orange Team Section] PART TWO

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Malaysian Invasion: BLOOD City [OPERATION: B.L.O.O.D. EVENT - Orange Team Section] PART TWO   Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:42 pm

An entire quarter of Malaysia's capital city Kuala Lumpur lies in ruins after being assaulted by the Arrancar Nagato's Flagship, Nagato himself, and the rest of Team Orange. Unopposed, they ransacked the city and declared Marshall Law. However, two Iramasha, Reimu and Azure, sought to counter them and retake the city. After being pushed back, both were forced to retreat from the battle and the only person standing in the way of this torrential assault is Jaeden Crow who is outrageously outnumbered and outgunned by his many opponents. Who shall come to stop this relentless assault? Who shall answer the pleas of the people trapped in this city?

Current Posting Order:

A few days shall be given to people who wish to join this Event.

Link to old thread:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Malaysian Invasion: BLOOD City [OPERATION: B.L.O.O.D. EVENT - Orange Team Section] PART TWO   Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:23 pm

Yuri Tsukuyomi
The Dark Enforcer
Orange Team Leader
Tier: 0-2
Transformation: Dormant

Crimson. The entire place was crimson as far as the eye could reach in either direction they were situated. The capital city of Malaysia was no longer, Only a waste land with flames, screams, and overall turmoil reigns supreme. This place seemed like it was beyond hope, beyond saving, But, There was still vestiges of light that appeared within the chaos; These lights would never be snuffed out, No matter how deep the darkness crawls into the night. However, the earth forces wouldn't take this sitting down of course, There was a team that was assembled to take on the task of this invasion, And Their leader was the man called "The Dark Enforcer"- Yuri Tsukuyomi. Once being part of the Vanguard, He used his resources to find his way to Malaysia, As he arrives to see a quarter of the city has already been destroyed. The shinigami kisses his teeth in Disgust, Scoffing at the hordes of hollows run among the ground, destroying everything they see; Yuri's attire and equipment was at the pinnacle of readiness; He had his Zanpakutō held in his left hand resting on his shoulder, Yato Issen being holstered on his right hip, and His Bodhi Blastia that was on his left wrist- Each one of these weapons being super dangerous. Tsukuyomi was floating about the city about two hundred feet, surveying the area with his heighten reiastu to see if there was anyone else in the city- His senses pick up four; One of of them being extremely strong, The others being of great strength. However, There was one of them that stood out as Yuri knew exactly who it was- Jaeden Crow. Tilting his head towards the western front, Jaeden had to be about one hundred yards away from his current position. Rolling his neck from side to side, His long charcoal colored hair swung aimlessly before Yuri began to roll up his sleeves. After doing that, He went into his pocket before taking out a small vial and opening it promptly. Tsukuyomi dipped his right index finger and ring finger into the ink and drew lines on his arm running up to his forearm.

"Kokubyaku no ami! Nijūni no kyōryō, rokujūroku no kantai. Ashiato, enrai, senpō, kaichi, yafuku, unkai, aoi tairetsu. Taien ni michite ten o hashire....Bakudō No Nanajuunana Tenteikūra."

Yuri then places his palms in front and generates a glowing rectangular box. He then enacts various movements of the hands to create various root-like extensions in the air which connect to the glowing rectangle. Upon once again placing his hands up to the rectangle and activating the spell the root-like extensions glow creating a network extending out from the rectangle. This was being linked to every member of Orange team and Jaeden Crow. With the Bakudo active, Yuri didn't have much time to go on a monologue of "good vs evil", He merely needed to deliver orders accordingly and give information that is needed to the others about the current situation.

"Alright guys, Listen up. This is anarchy, and we're here to stop it- Simple enough right ? Don't let the scenery make you falter, Everyone here is more than capable of handling the task at hand. So, First things first, Evacuate any civilians out of the general area if there are left. Second, There are several strong people within the vicinity. Terminate any assailants, and attempt to minimize the destruction to outer areas- This is war. Oh, And Jaeden, I'll be right there."

With that, The link was severed. The rectangle that was before him shattered into nothingness as the sparkles fell to the ground aimlessly. Lowering Teion-en to his side, Yuri flips the weapon into a back handed grip as he swings it backward to remove the sheathe; In its sealed form, Teion-en is a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba with inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade. His Zanpakutō is 76 cm in length With a white and black Handle and a Brown Sheathe, The Guard of the blade is also Gold. Placing the sheathed weapon on his shoulder while holding it with a tight grip with his left hand, Yuri bent his knees slowly before exploding forward towards Jaeden's position with stunning speeds. The Shinigami's reiatsu was high enough for anyone to know he was here, But, He was exhausting any more than he needed to. With every second he traversed the ruined city, Yuri's resolve was hardening to the utmost degree. His amethyst oculars shifted from left to right as he soared towards Jaeden, But, then he met head-on a group of three Meno Grande that all were charging Ceros; However, They were all at different intervals, Which made this easier. Continuing forward, Tsukuyomi didn't slow his pace at all as the two on the sides fired their ceros at Yuri; Barrel rolling downward at the streets, Yuri dodges them perfectly; Explosions ripping behind him as the ceros met the ground.The middle one then fired its blast down at him. With his sword still on his shoulder, Tsukuyomi extended his right hand towards the blast, expelling forth a torrent of White feathers that engulf the cero and the other Menos, Within moments Freezing everything solid. Lunging on the Frozen cero, Yuri runs up the now icy hill before twisting his body to the right, creating an one hundred and eighty degree arc slash which shattered all of the menos in one slice; Their death cascaded the area with a white glimmering wonderland with the crimson chaos. Landing on the ground after a small feat, The Dark Enforcer continued forward towards the epicenter of the where Jaeden resided. Running along the ground, There were a lot more low level hollows that rushed towards the shinigami in blinded ignorance. One after the other, Tsukuyomi swung his sword left from right, switching hands when needed to dispatch each hollow that interfered with his path. Running at a stunning pace, The Dark Enforcer had to be at least 20 yards away as he saw Jaeden surrounded by a force of hollows and an arrancar.

"Let's do this!"

On the final step of his current stride, Tsukuyomi placed bit of reiatsu into his leg as he bent it, Expelling forward into the air with even more height than normally possible. The shinigami was at least forty feet above the crowd before situating himself steadfast into the middle the group; While he was in the air for the modicum of time, Yuri changed his position into a diving stance, Holding his Zanpakutō forward as if he was a Missile, And Dohohoho, He was on impact. Plummeting towards the ground, both of Yuri's hands grew white as the tip of Teion-en began to glow white for moment before emanating strongly; This power was not from his Zanpakutō, But, Inert with himself- The blessing from the Tsukuyomi "Hyougajin". His Ice Abilities are known as some of the Coldest Ice powers known to Humans, Shinigami and others alike. However, His Icicles do not appear as normal situated blocks of Ice, They now take the appearance White feathers, and can spread easily, proving to be very dangerous- Giving it the new name "Hyougajin Umō". Most people would be able to see such a bright light from far away for sure, But, He wasn't trying to be covert. Alas, As Yuri made contact with ground, it created a fissure that outstretched at least forty feet in each direction that made the situated power Spring out of the cracks from the ground, freezing all the near by hollows with moments- Including Lala if he was caught in the cross fire. They didn't even see it coming. Standing tall beside Jaeden, Yuri places his right hand on his neck and tilted his head to the side before removing Teion-en from the ground with his left; The same instant the tip of the blade was relinquished from the earth below, All of the hollows that were frozen around them shattered in a dust of glimmering ice. He placed his weapon back on his shoulder as he noticed another wave coming towards them- Roughly about another ten hollows in all directions. Smirking at the impending threat, Yuri scoffs at it before Sliding his right foot backward about an inch and a half, lowering his posture just a bit. His amethyst eyes shifted back at Jaeden before muttering sarcastically.

"Why didn't you invite me to the party ?"

His tone was smug, yet, focused. It wasn't blinded ignorance of the situation, he knew how grave it is, But, It's good to keep a lighter head about these types of things. Which makes him less prone to hesitate on difficult choices or situations. But, Now wasn't the time for playful conservation or banter, He needed all the help he could get in trying to apprehend the city from the forces of Shadow fall. The Dark Enforcer's only question in his mind was who was the task leader here. However, Tsukuyomi digressed, once again exploding from his previous standpoint into the charging hollows. Removing the weapon from his shoulder, Yuri held Teion-en at his side before swinging upwards at the first three that lunged- Clean cut. With his arm already in a somewhat tossing motion upward, Tsukuyomi propped it into the air slightly about a foot and a half. With his weapon in the air, The hollow thought it was it's chance to strike an attack on the Shinigami- Wrong. Twisting his body right, The shinigami spun swiftly to deliver a roundhouse kick to the face of the hollow, discarding it to the side it a tumbling manner. As the kick finished and the Sword was falling, Another four lunged forward just as Yuri grabbed the weapon out of the air with his right hand this time, creating a downward slash that decimated the four hollows where they were. Landing on the ground, The execution was flawless, Placing his left hand on the ground for stability as he noticed the last two on his front came at his left and right flanks. With his left hand on the ground, This was literally perfect; Tossing his body weight forward, Yuri propped himself upward in an one-handed handstand with his right arm extended outward with the blade obviously brandished at one side. With little time, Tsukuyomi pivoted his left hand on the ground at an extreme angle, spinning around twice within a moment to slice the two hollows once again into nothingness. He bent his elbow slightly, springing upward to his feet. The Flames of battle rage on as the flames with the city burn with such vigor- Exactly like The Dark Enforcer's resolve to stop it. He tilted his head as he noticed a large Flag ship that was in the ground not too far from there position- Not good at all.

"Jaeden! Do you know if that ship is still operational ?"

Yuri placed himself on a defensive stance, Using shunpo for he first time to become back to back with Jaeden to hear his answer. He was hoping for no, But, It probably wouldn't go as he wanted it to. It never does. This Battle for the city has just begun, and Yuri was going to be one of the contributing factors of why this city will be back into the hands of Humanity. Feeling the adrenaline run through his body, He knew Jaeden could handle himself right now as he quested forward to find the one who would give him the ultimate challenge, and overall control of the city- The opposition leader. However, It wasn't long before he met face to face with an Arrancar of great strength. Yuri stopped in his tracks before taking a good look at his new-found foe; The arrancar bone structure is located around his eyes as a well as his neck. The structure has a pretty sharp design. The area around his eyes, covers his eyes completely and stretches out in a sharp curve leading upwards. Where as the part of the bone located around his neck seem like large teeth. This guy didn't seem like a novice in anyway, shape, or form. So, resting his Zanpakutō on his shoulder in a nonchalant embrace, Yuri said aloud in a smug attitude; Even those his posture seemed he wasn't on the defensive, one would be wise not to underestimate the way one carries themselves.

"Now, Who the hell are you ?"

The Dark Enforcer has enter the battle. Ready. Set. Blitz.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Malaysian Invasion: BLOOD City [OPERATION: B.L.O.O.D. EVENT - Orange Team Section] PART TWO   Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:40 am

Okabe Rintarou-Rex : 3-1
Mood: Bothered
Psyche Level: 0%
Song: Gate of Steiner (Piano)
Artist: Takeshi Abo

Malaysia. A strange country, even for the best of those who saw such strangeness in the world. In his right hand was a plastic bottle, a red label barely noticeable in the pale light that was brought down from the sky. Upon this label, of course, were the words synonymous with this man and his identity: Dr. Pepper. Despite his knowledge of the battle going on, he would simply sit and drink, raising the bottle to his lips and drawing back small mouthfuls of the bittersweet liquid. One did not simply interrupt a godly drink of scientists. Especially when it was Dr. Pepper. As the last of the liquid passed into his throat, he opened a singular brown eye and started to survey the damage that had been done to this place. He had recognized several different energy signatures coming at each other: most of the ones on his side of the field were signatures of Iramasha, with a singular Shinigami in the fold. He recognized the signature of both Reimu and Azure, and felt their movements as they were ousted from battle. As he'd continued to recognize each group, he noticed that the other side was mostly made up of Hollow-based beings--all of them Arrancar. Deducing that they were amongst the beasts known as Shadowfall, he had attempted to keep himself hidden for the most part: there was little need for Mana herself to know of him, say at the least Touketsu.

Of course, this peace was not to last. Although the battle waged on beneath his feet and above his head, he could not hide forever now, could he? Reimu and Azure--they were forced to retreat from this battle, whether by orders or ideals he could neither tell nor express correctly. All that he knew was that the pair that had attempted to take down these Arrancar had disappeared completely from his senses... probably half-way back to Iramasha Island by now. He could only sigh at this; wondering if their efforts were effectively worth the trouble that it had been for all of this. What would he see in his dreams tonight--if he were to interfere in this battle, then his dreams would be full of the aftermath of enemy victory--deaths further than he could count, the victory of evil on this day... but if he walked away now, then he could be plagued with pleasant dreams, right? Right... but would it do him any good either way? One way or another, his psyche would be affected... it was up to him which actions he took over the next few seconds. Sighing and causing the bottle itself to disappear, he quickly materialized another bottle and brought it up to his lips, calmly letting the liquid flow down his throat.

And then, something amiss occurred. Without warning, a blast of fire flew up from the ground below--probably fired by one of the lesser Demons or Hollow--colliding with his hand and causing the Dr. Pepper to fall towards the ground, spinning as its liquid bounty flew out from the opening, twenty stories downwards. He couldn't see it land, but he'd already realized the fate of such a bottle. "Waste perfectly good Dr. Pepper? Such a crime..." Shaking his head and sighing in resignation, Okabe slid forwards from his seated position and let himself go from the edge of the building, making sure to press his feet against the side itself and thrust in a jumping motion.

At that moment, he felt himself in midair. Drawing in energy from his surrounding, he felt his body slowly fall through the sky, gathering up speed with every second of friction. Once those few seconds of falling had passed, he landed on his feet, between two Hollow who were fighting over a fallen opponent. The two were taken aback for about half a second, before having their masks shattered by the same fist--Okabe had already disappeared, moving towards another new spiritual pressure that he was feeling in that general direction. A Shinigami, he gathered. Although he felt a twinge of something pressing into his mind, he didn't attempt to let it cross his channels--though it didn't feel hostile, he couldn't take his chances with it. He noticed a figure ahead of him that disappeared to start fighting, realizing that to be the source of energy. Well, above all else, he knew what was at stake now... so...

It was time.

"I'll begin this simply. Summon: Book of the End!" Slamming his hand against his chest, Okabe pulled forth a sword from the white light that spread outwards. In his hand it appeared simple--a Chinese dadao blade, with a red handle that was meant for a two-handed blade, and a blade at approximately the same length as the handle itself. Gripping it in his right hand with a loud laugh, Okabe suddenly streaked forwards and through several Hollow--they would find their bodies split in twine with that attack, falling to pieces behind the man and his two-handed blade. He grinned softly, shaking his head as his entire body slowly heaved upwards and downwards in laughter. The beasts disappearing behind him, Okabe would slowly change his stance and stand up straight and true, holding out his arms with a grin on his face that slowly, but surely, widened outwards. His entire body convulsed--not in pain, but pure and forceful laughter.


With the proclamation of his name shouted out across the city, he took off again, the grin not falling. He streaked through the beasts of burden that covered the streets of this city, not stopping or slowing for anyone or anything--buildings were passed with ease, and as the man slowly approached the core of this battle, he noticed the beings that were of the most power standing there--and that was it, he laughed out loud and launched himself off of the ground, streaking into the air with his white coat fluttering out behind his body. The sword was out to his side as he flew up towards Yuri's position, suddenly appearing with a small burst of energy--nothing stronger than that of a seated Shinigami, if that. With a smirk, he flicked the weapon down and looked at the dark-haired Shinigami. "'ello, 'ello, 'ello. What's all this then?" Such a bad line... but who gave a shit? The grin on his face told all.

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Malaysian Invasion: BLOOD City [OPERATION: B.L.O.O.D. EVENT - Orange Team Section] PART TWO
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