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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A New Road [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A New Road [Open]   Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:05 pm

He wasn't even close into getting his answers before yet Shadowfall keep ducking him everything damn time when he tried searching for his lost answers to his questions that he been searching for. Before he could even hunt down a few people the mad demon needed to acquire something before even starting down this path, Hanako said she would help. However, Eric didn't want any help in this personal matter however he did appreciate her services but from now on he'll have to do things himself. The thought of remaking a team for himself Eric knew that might be better thinking about the allies that he had before and thensome they could put useful when a deadly situation were to come to past. Still, He would need people dedicated to his cause and his way of thinking it was going to be a stretch but the mad demon knew a few people that could trust so it wasn't impossible. With that out of the way, Eric thought the only way he was going to get any answers or some means of revenge for his family was fighting against Shadowfall and their associates. The mad demon was thinking of the worse that sooner or later, Eric would have to come to blows with Suzu or Demonica Nightfang thinking that was the worse case scenario but his mind was made up. Until, Eric was certain about joining the Soul society or the Iramasha clan the mad demon needed to put this behind him meaning burning his former organization and bleed them dry until he got some answers and some good ones. To this day, Eric doesn't know why the Soul society did what they did to his family but one thing was for certain some from the Iramasha clan was responsible that is all the mad demon had an good idea who that person is still the demon needed to hear it from the bastard's lips. The mad demon had the knowledge of the forbidden & unholy powers and ways of relearning them from the Iramasha clan since he had the second demonic bible. The only way he could get a good revenge was to obtain power and strength to become a stronger mad demon then what he is now plus relearning the evil power of Judas arts again. The only good part was that the mad demon learned one of his unholy powers again now he needed the others to ensure his victory on his road to revenge still the mad demon didn't need to get his son involved. Eric near completely forgot his son even though he's his stepfather taking Yuu as his son during those good times as Kade Hiroshima which was pretty good.

"No, Yuu has a good life within the Soul society and that should be how it is if anybody harm him then I would really lose it....I just really hope Hanako doesn't lose any of her kids then she should know how I feel....She would have a clear picture of my mind" Eric thought.

Eric thought his son was still alive and that was a good feeling knowing that he's alright but now the mad demon thought of getting his Judas arts back. Still the mad demon wasn't really ready into fighting anybody yet making strategies and deadly combat skills to take down powedul enemies. Now the mad demon had only one ally and that was Lucifer Sinn, Eric thought he needed some deadlier moves instead of the forbidden Judas arts which the Iramasha clan took away from him. The mad demon thought he should finish relearning all the Judas arts before moving ahead with his dark plans of revenge his blood eyes should be ready after finally obtaining the Judas chalice augmented the power of bloodeyes allowing them to evolve into something higher. Eric needed to find the child that had the ancient book which he lost during his battle with the angel iramasha and then some idiot takes awy his magic book before he could completely destroy the angel iramasha. Before he could deal the thief, Eric needed to relearn the forbidden Judas arts before the mad demon was defeated by a stronger person all over again.

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A New Road [Open]
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