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 Gawain [APPROVED, WERE-WOLF, 0-4]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Gawain [APPROVED, WERE-WOLF, 0-4]   Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:56 pm

Basic Information

• Name: Gawain
• Age Appearance : 20s
• True Age: Unknown
• Blood Type: O Positive
• Height : Five Feet and Nine Inches
• Weight : Two Hundred Pounds
• Eye Color: Silver
•Hair Color: White
•Religion: Unknown
•Orientation: Straight
•Martial Status : Single
• Appearance:

Human Form: Gawain is an enigma of flowing white hair, his eyes of mysterious silver sometimes shifting a luminescent gold that is able to lure in the most powerful of enemies. His gaze of stone is said to of be one thing that made him the special case among Arthur's Knights, he was known as the White Knight for more then one reason. Gawain's hair seems to resemble the star lit skies and is in waves of length, however his movements unlike his brethren wolves is fluid and in some cases almost like a Cats. This however makes him a deadly man, his body is built as though made by a God. His frame is muscled, yet being built into lairs of muscle and strength that makes him far more dangerous then one would expect. Gawain's outfits change fairly often to common human clothing to his royal garments that the clan requests him to wear. Upon his form the Moon symbol marking him as one who has been connected to the forest appears like a crescent moon. Red lines almost like claw marks are on his cheek and appendage, these are birth marks that he retained making him fairly important among his clan. Gawain's one arm is often hidden away among the fabric that seems almost cloud like, however he's able to use this to some use that people do not see fairly often. His face does appear to be somewhat like a females in some cases, however it's believed Gawain is among the more powerful of his clan despite the looks he has. It's hard to believe however, but his almost steel like personality only remains. Gawain has kept the fang of his rival as a necklace, he does intend to return it however upon their next encounter.

Animal Form: Gawain's animal body is a white wolf with crystal blue eyes, he's one of the rare ones within the tribe. Gawain's coat seems to be made of flowing silk, his long hair vanishing among the fur all over his body. Gawain's body control allows him to manipulate the size of his transformation, it's noted he can become the size of Japan's little lizard Godzilla by him several times with relative ease. But size isn't the important matter, Gawain's power within his regular form is dangerous enough. His animal form increases his speed and grants him his white fur body, he's able to become a regular wolf, which increases his speed once again.

Background: Gawain is the former White Knight of King Arthur, he has a bit of dislike for Lancelot, a huge amount for the man whom he claims killed Arthur. However Gawain became the King of the Werewolves before Arthur's time began. He had been around travelling for sometime, it's believe that he may of been Britain by his blood, however this never has been confirmed. He lacks accent or signs of showing anything that resembles it, his work ethic is often times considered odd. Gawain is as he was then, even among rivals the man is an enigma. He walks among stars and seems to have lost his soul to the death of the One he put a bet on. Gawain's eyes linger on the demons and hollows now.


Egotistical: Gawain has an ego, he's got pride and conceit he knows he's powerful and will use it to his full advantage when he gets moving. His ego isn't so far he leaves openings or lets down his guard, his arrogance is a rare kind that is equally backed up by his years and experience. Have made the King of Werewolves confident in his skill, his confidence isn't something that people have very often. It's knowledge he's a good fighter and he's well aware of it. Gawain's physical prowess is known by Madeo and most. It's his other powers that remain a mystery, as well as the Katana and Kodachi on his waist. Using the two weapons very very rarely, the man seems to have great confidence and has an ego that allows him to act the way he does. He doesn't often take insult from anything. Gawain believes lesser creatures will bare fangs, for that is who they are.

Knowledgeable: Gawain's mind is wasn't quite like Merlin's but he could read things and was extremely skilled in most details he was handling. He could read and predict things at least six moves ahead, he often had a witty response waiting for those whom dared face him down. He wasn't so foolish to not study tactic and arts of war. He does appear to be knowledgeable on several subjects, he understands races and powers. His intelligent mind is truly one weapon that had made him the White Knight a Dangerous enemy to come to path with.

Kind: Gawain does have a kindness within him that does exist, otherwise Arthur never would of named him the White Knight. His kindness is slow to come forward, however it's something vast as shown when he merely took Madeo's fangs and kept the one on his person to return it to the Cat King when they met again. Gawain's iron will is said to make him extremely hard to handle in most situations he's considered very set on his ways, if something is decided he will not step away from the matter. It's something set ins tone that he will see finished to the very end if he must. Gawain's ideals and knowledge are considered to be extremely keen and sharp, but he's not one to speak to often as many can attest he remains quiet most of the time just observing the outcome of events. Gawain's attention has lately been drawn towards the pitiful state of things in Europe and the damages the demons had brought down upon the world thus far. His gaze seems to falter not from them, deciding his choice to come.

Ladies Man: Something about the way he carries himself has made him insanely popular among the female gender, his way of speaking and walking about have made him one of the people that are insanely popular in their own way. The Name the Knight of Maidens was given to him for many a reason, but the way he carries himself was simply the way of his world. Gawain is able to have most females he desires, but doesn't mind ones that reject him. It could just be a sex appeal, but some believe even a God of Sex would have trouble with Gawain. His strength and just the pride he carries himself with. Has shown an immense amount of power that most demons cannot match, however Gawain does have faith in himself and the confidence to back it up.


Will of the Forest: Gawain is one of the few, but he can generate a forest that starts off small but builds over time. The trick is that the forest feeds on the energy of other people, for example let's say that Ichigo is charging up his reiatsu in the process of doing this for attacks and so on he's feeding the forest and making it grow. The Forest won't take all the energy from a person, Gawain cannot access the Forests energy it takes either. This merely makes his Forest grow, he can control some elements of it like tree's and branches. However this is minor and in most cases are easily dealt with by people. His power over making nature come to life is simply one reason Gawain was made the King of Wolves among the Were-Beasts, it's unknown how long he had his power. This works on all kinds of energy, not just one.

Energy Return: Gawain is able to absorb energy from attacks and send them back at an enemy. However their are some limits to how much he can handle, so most of the time if it is to much he'll release a stream to the side. Sending the energy away from him, some believe the only real way to beat this old wolf is by doing so with physical force. Which is why his rival Madeo has done so well when facing Gawain. He cannot store the energy for long periods of time, he must release it as soon as he gets it. The energy when drained will go in one hand and out the other, this is required when he performs the move. It's something that he must do when absorbing the amount of energy that he must. This works on all kinds of energy not just one.

Cailbur: This weapon is something made by Gawain himself, the weapon itself has a very special power. It allows him to slay evil beings, Demons, Hollows, Etc. This weapon would be super effective against evil, this allows him to fight and kill such creatures with very good ease. Gawain designed the sword's powers himself, some believe he can make anything some believe he may of built King Arthur's blade, however Gawain dismisses this as lies. He has designed weapons for many people but rarely will he design them for anyone less then himself. Cailbur was designed to ride the world of darkness, thus in his hands the weapon is considered to be something of a bane to evil. The weapon will perform regular damage against regular enemies and almost none to people pure of heart without evil intention.

High Speed Regeneration: Gawain is believed to be immortal by the clan he leads, his control and healing are said to make some believe he is far older then he appears. Gawain has lot limbs and has once even lost his head. He was able to regenerate it in a couple days, their are ways to kill him but some things are required to do it. Gawain is very hard to kill with energy as many will tell you. It's possible to do it, however one would have an easier time to kill him with physical based attacks. But someone not remembering that he is a Werewolf would pay the price almost soon as they did so. This is a simple fact of life that Gawain is a monster in both realms, his he can regenerate arms in one post and organs and such in three. If pushed however he won't be able to regenerate them. Now the loss of his head took him someday's to restore while most people would consider it the end. That isn't the way to kill Gawain, the deathblow that one most inflict is destroying him completely and utterly and burning him alive. Gawain's recovery takes time and energy to do, he is very close to being immortal. However as stated before if one cut him into so many pieces he couldn't recover then he would die.

Transformations: It's believed that Gawain can transform freely under his choice, this is correct but he does have the power to just turn certain body parts. Gawain is able to mostly go to the size of buildings and become a giant wolf, however this is simple a form. Gawain won't take it to often, unless he must. Gawain's able to form into a white werewolf, now while in this form his stats all go up by 2, not including Willpower. Gawain is able to create plants and control them from his fur during his transformation. This doesn't go past Master level with it's increase.

Plant Control: Gawain is able to fully control all plants under any type, now this means he can bring things to life that would otherwise remain dead. Gawain's plants come from seed's he carries the time can be delayed on their growth, each one will have different effects depending on the energy he puts forward. Gawain is able to claim plants by marking them with a spiritual based marking seal, it's not visible by the naked eye however. So it will not simply go away, those looking to make it do so should simply give up on this.

Master Combatant : Gawain is considered to be one of the best warriors in the world from his time, it's believed by many he has skills that would of made him just as good as Lancelot in a combat situation. He's believed to of been their the day King Arthur died in legend, it's said that he fought against eight enemies at once trying to protect his dear friend. Gawain's skill and knowledge were so fierce that no one could stop him. His swordsmanship was also said to be extremely impressive, his swordsmanship is something that people haven't seen in centuries. Some people have completely forgotten about the power he holds down within. Gawain's combatant experience was frightening then and has only progressed further.

Master Swordsman: Gawain's swords skills are something that not one person can deny, the man's knowledge of the weapon is so great that even his enemies commented they didn't want to see him draw the sword. When this happened they were fully aware what dangers were going to come from him. Gawain's skills are such that he doesn't have a form that he sticks too, he changes his style and fights as the situation calls for. He makes up moves on the fly, some people wonder what could be coming next. However it's hard to say, Gawain's fighting style is such that it allows him to be very adjustable.

Master Hand to Hand Fighter: Gawain's specialty lies in his skills with his hands as well, he's good at using just his claws against enemies whom think to much of themselves. His claws are used fairly often for fighting, he's got extreme talent in the arts of fighting physically as well spiritually. Gawain isn't a master of transformations like some of his other brethren. He's able to however fight with such skill and power in the physical field, that his skills are shown. He can catch arrows between his fingers, showing just how skilled the male is at fighting enemies. He's caught Quincy arrows between his digits before demoralizing them.

Expert Healer: Gawain can heal injuries to some of his kind very quickly, his knowledge of the body allows him to speed up and heal injuries even from several centuries ago and further back. The main reason he carries around Madeo's teeth is due to the fact that he desired to fix what he did so long ago. The Cat King needed to be reasoned with and he could restore the fangs to the King of Cats without much trouble.

High Physical Tolerance: He has some of the highest physical tolerance anyone has ever seen, he took a blow from Excalibur in his time as a Knight and wasn't phased by the weapon for a many reason that aren't clear. His claim is that he wasn't effected by the weapon to much for several reasons, Gawain's knowledge and skills were such that the blade didn't hurt to catch with his bare hand. Gawain has an amazing amount of tolerance for pain, that he could get cut from the shoulder down and keep fighting without issue.

Massive Amount of Energy: Gawain is able to use energy in such a way that he fires it back at people, with his power to absorb and redirect it. However not being able to keep enemy energy in his system does allow his own well of energy to remain very high. To say Gawain would be on par with a Captain of the Soul Society would be an understatement his control over his energy is extremely high. He can use it in so many ways that Gawain has shown the power to basically do things similar to ceros and Kidō all at once. It's unknown what his limits are in the field of energy. However it' believed his reserves are nearly infinite to some extent. Though this is simply an opinion of the people around him.

Enhanced Strength The Animal like fury that comes with this power is said to give a werewolf the power to bench press a semi-truck with a single arm. This power is something that is amazingly great. However this enhanced power only gets this strong when in the hands of the Wolfs, The cats gain such a different presence of power that it's frightening. They are indeed strong, making them dangerous before all mortals and creatures that they encounter that aren't correctly ready for the fight to come from the beasts that come out to play in the darkest dreams of this world.

Enhanced Speed Now the subtle yet graceful poise of the feline comes into play here, they are considered to be faster then most werewolves. Some are built more into speed which allows them decent practice keeping up. The two are very different animals, the cat's graceful poise showing it's deadly nature in the speed that it has. The power to prowl and come forward from shadows making it a dangerous and deadly foe for those foolish enough to face down the cat. The wolves are faster then humans and some creatures they encounter. But the two races being depicted to for examples sake are simply examples. Lions for example may tap into power instead of speed, each is free to dance as they please.

Ferocity This is a skill that makes the animal come out even more, when backed into a corner and nearly dead limiters are removed from their body. They no longer will acknowledge pain, only the blood of the enemy before them. They become machines of war ready to kill and rip things to pieces that lay before them, this makes them extremely dangerous killers. The Ferocity will engage and remove whatever human trace that is holding them back from play. It will become an animal out for killing, with common sense intact by a small amount. This will allow them to kill without feeling anything, the amount of power when this mode is engaged will depend greatly on the creature put into Ferocity.

Feral Instinct They have a greater instinct then any of the others perhaps. The feral knowledge they gain from the other half helps them gain a better idea, their senses of hearing and smell are far above average. This doesn't just leave them to human senses, they can smell and detect spiritual energy. Things like that trigger on the radar for them without any problems what so ever. This fact remains fruitful that they are able to detect these things with the slightest amount of effort. This allows them a great degree of Feral instinct in and out of their animal form.

SurvivabilityThis is something that everyone down to the Bears has a great deal of power into. The powers that they have to stay alive and go without eating is beyond the regular. Unlike the cousins that people came up with known as Vampires. The Were's don't require so much feeding, they are also able to take amazing amounts of punishment and regrow lost limbs and organs with a fair amount of time. Some are extremely skilled at staying alive tot he extent the loss of a single vital organ can be minor to them, however this like all things takes time. They can make more from what they had lost during the time of it's missing when they do this they will become true monsters again. They may take a huge amount of punishment and may come back stronger at times before of it.

Animal Skin Their skin isn't quite the same as the every run of the mill human, they have a much more sleek and tough flesh then someone would expect when changing forms more over then anything. Their skin is like armor in some cases, in others it also such fluid movement that one would say they were more graceful then the most agile dancer in the world. The skin allows them some far greater skills and resistance to metals and spiritual attacks. (Cero, Hell Blast, etc) This skin is stronger when fully transformed and thus gives them a greater power in the form they have taken. Their Human body has 50% Resistance to physical and spiritual attacks. It will jump to 80% when in full form.

Environment Bonus Much like the wild beasts when they feel truly at home in a place it's like being able to use everything to your advantage down to the aspects of fear that comes from knowing you are the prey before the hunter as he stalks you in the shadows. It's the same fear they may put out, when in such a place that is similar to home. They are able to truly become monsters of the world and show people the type of fear that they rarely will ever come across. When in this environment they will show greater speed then others in it, depending on method of travel. For when an animal is hunting on it's home turf it's very likely they will have the home field advantage.

Environment Field: Gawain has a large advantage in the jungles and places like that, due to his power to create them he is able to tap into a power that gives him an edge over most enemies he comes into contact with.

Ferocity Form: Gawain becomes a different being almost in this form, his power and prowess go up. While some animals lose control and go on an absolute rampage, Gawain becomes clearer and seems to be calm fury that comes over him. His speed and power increase are said to make him on par with some of the best, his white fur glows in this form giving it a shimmering shine that slowly seems to stop. His savage brutality is said to only be matched by some. When seen it seems his Ferocity does take his powers to a higher stage of development.

Spatial Plant Infusion: He's able to infuse his plants with something special, he can do this to plants anywhere he goes as well. However it can only be done within his human form, this is a power he's not used in centuries though most people considered him to be teleporting when he did use it. This is indeed the fact, Gawain is able to instantly move himself to a plant in the time it would take for something to drop to the ground. Some people can match this speed such as Shadin, however the list of people able to is short. Now he can only do this twenty times in a single thread. This is perhaps his most frightening power over the other ones that he carries. Gawain plans to use this for the first time against his rival Madeo next time to get a point across. He must mark plants not his own, this may be used on seeds as well for smaller transportation and to save time.

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

  • Wereism: Advanced
  • Energy Control: Master
  • Beast Control: Advanced
  • Ferocity: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Gawain [APPROVED, WERE-WOLF, 0-4]   Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:55 pm

First Arc: The Knight of Maidens is Born

We go back to a date that is far past memory and seems to of been forgotten by even the one the story is about, the birth of the Knight of Maidens Gawain. His birth wasn't something of a regular nature. His father was out fighting and his mother was hidden within a cave not far. His mother was desired by most, but also a story was hidden that he would decide the fate of the Werewolves within the area. And none wanted to bow before a child as he came out. His father was killed by an arrow and his mother died seconds later giving birth. as fate would have it, the men who'd come to kill him weren't up to the task of killing the infant. Gawain's power at his young infant age was enough to kill ten men.The plants and earth itself fought for the infant and killed them, Gawain's hands had been stained by blood. His life was fairly simply. As time went on he ate berries and such things to stay alive, keeping himself fed well enough that he didn't die. It wasn't long before the infant became a toddler. The Cave were he lived was like an indoor forest, Gawain's power had been fed for many years by people whom died coming in. It was soon a regarded spot by most people, however Gawain's teen years were coming up soon.

Gawain's growth was almost complete as years went on, it was said by the time he was eight over a hundred men and woman had died to the child's power. He decided on a name he heard one day, people had called him by the name Gawain. Which in the dialect of the people he came from it meant the Knight of Wolves. The name was such that he took it on without much issue. The Birth of him is something that people didn't really know to much about him during this. But it was two years later when the King of Wolves emerged, the era and time are still to this day unknown. It's believed his age is anywhere between five thousand to six thousand years old. Gawain's strength had become such that he came to the Werewolves and ominated them at the age of ten, it was from the on he was declared their eternal king. His reign is one that has lasted since the age of ten, no one has come forward to try and take away his Kingdom. And the Werewolves have bowed before him for a long time, nobles and peasants alike acknowledge him as the rightful ruler. The reason being is Gawain's power and strength as the leader haven't been matched by another werewolf in so many centuries that they may not have ever existed.

Gawain's rule as he became a young man was fairly simple he showed signs of being a great King from the beginning. The man had the talent to fight, once during his rule an assassin shot a poisoned arrow at Gawain. Gawain caught it between his index and middle fingers, showing his great reflex's that most wolves didn't have. He simply dropped the arrow and before it touched the ground, he'd killed his would be assassin before a second passed. The death of the assassin was so quick that Gawain was called from this day forward, The White Flash. The nickname is something only the older members know about, for most werewolves are supposed to be slower and less fast. However Gawain is a faster werewolf then most would ever know. His rival to come has yet to see the power he kept hidden as he got older. Gawain wasn't called the Knight of Maidens just yet, people didn't call him that till he joined King Arthur whom Gawain never did give a clear answer on what sex the great King was. Some believed male and Gawain seemed to lean towards the other. However his fierce loyalty to that King was what made him such. He became the Knight of Maidens after a couple times they learned he could have almost any woman without effort.

Gawain's days of youth had passed and the time for him to be as a child was done, he wasn't just a small baby anymore. He'd become a young wolf, by the record of some of his wolves. Gawain had turned into a fine man and was almost several thousand years old, though not one person knew his age. Which was the way he liked it, for most of the time when people came and went as though days in the year. He got to keep his age fairly secret. Gawain had matured enough that he saw a possible future with King Arthur, the legend had it all. The peace was their and he was almost certain that King Arthur could do it. Gawain doesn't speak of his time as one of the Knights of the round much. And the pages of history during his time are left to imagination, some people see this happened and others a completely different tale. Gawain sunk into a depression that some believe he never had recovered from, the King of Wolves used to smile and laugh around people. It was something everyone who lived then could remember. He was considered a God by his people and well to most it seemed that this being who led them was the one they needed, a Messiah that was going to guide them to the future they needed. But like most he did have emotions and did suffer from such things.

Gawain's depression lasted for many years, he wasn't simply going to recover from this easily. He'd been banking on King Arthur to save this wretched world from itself. He had a meeting with Merlin whom asked him a single question and his resolve has been complete since then. Later in life he encountered the cocky King of Cats Madeo, the boy had impressive fire to him. Gawain's battles with the Cat had brought a fire out of him that had long since burned out from his years of fighting unchanging enemies. This was the bright future he had been looking forward to coming upon finally. Gawain's mind was riddled by the request of the Mage Merlin. Gawain's time seemed to stand still between each battle with Madeo. He'd fought to a draw with the cat on one fight. The other he ripped the fangs from the cat's mouth and kept one as a necklace. Their third battle it wasn't yet upon them, but Gawain knew someday it would come. He'd vanished from the spotlight for a while.

Gawain's werewolves still acknowledge him as a King, they respect him as though a God this is a fact that some people never did understand. However they never did figure out why they lived in the woods either, Gawain's presence could be felt everywhere and the werewolves kept to themselves for a time. Gawain spent some time aboard that most people wouldn't know of, his regeneration and powers being tested as he trained. Gawain had been around the man some called The Handsome Shopkeeper for a while, he didn't do much with Kisuke Urahara. However he only spoke to him for a couple moments, Kisuke Urahara already knew two things about the King of Wolves. This man was dangerous and perhaps just as strong as some of the best Gotei 13 could throw. However Gawain didn't much take into account how far the Shopkeeper read him. After his second battle with Madeo, it hadn't gone like the first where he simply left due to being tired and well nothing was going anywhere. He'd ripped the fangs out of the King of Cats, proving he was the stronger of the two. But he did sustain some injuries that were fairly damaging. This was why he'd left and seemed to of gone off to find something.

Second Arc: The Ongoing Journey

Gawain seemed to of left his people and rest for a while, while the generation of old preached to the new to wait for his return. The New saw glimpses of what Gawain's power had done, legends about how he ripped the fangs from the King of Cats were indeed something. Gawain's name was something whispered among them as a God. What was our hero up to during these long years away, he was training becoming stronger and more powerful. Fighting battles and becoming such a tactical genius that even Merlin would be proud, he fought to become as Good a Ruler as Arthur and as strong a warrior as Lancelot. Gawain's training showed results that none could deny. His power and prowess was clear to those whom fought him. Gawain's return is a matter of time, the arrival of the God of Wolves is upon us.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Gawain [APPROVED, WERE-WOLF, 0-4]   Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:35 pm

Roleplay Sample

The sanguine sun seemed to be setting on another day of war, he'd been fighting in a place of constant battles the world was perhaps just another designed for his need. But he found a place were the fighters would all be a challenge. Gawain's white hair flowed behind him as he looked on with his yellow orbs, almost like a moon. Around his left arm and long his chest he wore armor with a spike on it, the armor did seem to look Japanese in it's origin which was nice with his kimono. The white kimono had red in several places. Within the red were three symbols of flowers as well as a golden sash with blue markings on the end of it. This was simply one of many outfits he wore, within his hand was a katana. Around the area the enemies gathered. This weapon wasn't special, however he did plan on using it for a goal. Within the snow covered area, the battle seemed to of been ongoing for several days. Gawain had been letting them prepare to mount an attack against him. "So the rabble plans to move finally, such interesting creatures you beings are..This weapon isn't fit to be wielded by the likes of me.."

Gawain watched as they came at him and lifting the arm up, he made a single slash, but the weapon had snapped from the sheer force of power behind the swing. His swing had sent a huge shock wave slash across the battlefield, people were sent flying away from the male's simply swing of his sword. Gawain raised the broken blade up to glance at it. "Such a weak and pitiful thing." Gawain simply held on to the weapon for now, he'd most likely rebuild it was some great sword with a purpose that none would ever see. As for his enemies, many lay dead one hundred killed in one slash of a regular katana. Gawain understood that these mindless drones were nothing worth fighting. However to look them over, they appeared almost human and would give him a challenge very rarely these days. But he recalled breaking sweat upon his arrival. He turned walking away, the cloud like fuzz on his right shoulder blowing behind him along with his hair. "It's almost time to return, the training is complete and I believe my clan needs me now more then ever."

As he began walking away the army charged, all but their king according to plan so far. However they'd not known about Gawain's power, the King stood beside a tree taking in the shade. It was instant and almost with what seemed a flash of white Gawain vanished completely, his form appearing in front of the now exposed and alone king of these people. He threw the weapon broken from his hand into the chest of the king, the broken blade flew through the king with such power that it broke right through the King's armor and kept going. However when the men turned around to see their King screaming about the pain and blood sanguine blood spraying into the air.

They wouldn't find the one who did this, he was returned to his spot without the sword. Gawain had dropped seedlings he could feed energy to grow or his enemies could, their horror had set in now. Gawain had made his move it seemed, showing his tactical genius on this field the situation and set up had taken a while. But the enemies had move exactly as he predicted and it did help him a great deal. He cracked his knuckles now by moving his wrist and flexing the fingers on his hands out. The claws seemed ready as he looked on and began to step forward now. Men fell to their butts backing off, he'd caused them to understand the truth of the matter. They weren't in his league, they never had been this time. And without their king they were but a rabble of broken minions who had no tower or piece to call their own leader. Gawain's eyes looked to the sanguine sun now as it continued on it's path of setting. He turned to watch it as the wind blew across his flesh.

"Time is almost upon us Merlin my friend, we will take Camelot and do as you asked till Arthur or the next Arthur comes. It's all I can do, I am not one to question your wisdom anymore for it wasn't so wise for us to do so last time. I once wondered what you had against what Arthur had selected, but now I understand fully. Though nothing I can do will change the facts, I failed then, but I won't do the same thing this time around.." Gawain seemed to be deep in thought now, he'd routed the enemies for this section of his training all that remained now was to fight Madeo again and hopefully convince the stubborn fool of the situation. He wasn't sure if he could, truthfully Gawain couldn't see anyway to do so. He fought hard to bring things to a leave where they needed to be, but how could he hope to lead his clan into absolute genocide against those monsters who had Europe. Merlin was such a blind old man at times, he wondered if he ever saw the future.

And yet he walked into the setting sanguine sun.
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Gawain [APPROVED, WERE-WOLF, 0-4]   Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:29 am

Do not worry nya! The Pawesome Aikuko-Nya is here to help!
This applications is minesh, nya~! So's let's get down to the ameowzing checking nya!

Applicashion Checklist nya~
  • Namezies Nya~ [X]
  • Appropriateded Age Nya~ [X]
  • Gender Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu Presented Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu Described-nya in Appropriateded Lengthzies OR Picturies is Visible Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu is Not Claimeded Nya~ [X]
  • 10 sentencus for personalites Nya~ [X]
  • Histomi is of appropriateded lengthzies Nya~ [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered Nya~! [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough Nya~! [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person Nya~ [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow) Nyaaaan~ [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) Myan~? [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences Myan~! [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master


[b][center][u]Will Skills[/u][/b][/center]
[list][*][b]Willpower/Determination:[/b] Advanced
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Master
[*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b] Advanced
[*][b]Focus:[/b] Master

Comments/Notes: Myan~ I know what you wanted, but I don't think you're quiteish there myet nya~ So.. but closeish, nya~
Tier: 0-5+

a beckoned run away leisure

List; Comm; Perm;Temp
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Gawain [APPROVED, WERE-WOLF, 0-4]   Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:00 am

Arching Due to Request.
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