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 Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]   Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:48 pm

Sugiura Template

General Information

Name: Ranfang
Appearance Age:10
True Age:10
Element: his has the control over element of light his Guardian is wolf made out of the purest with light it blind anyone who see it with marliovs glow. He can control his powers without even thinking a commanded and they would follow like a the head of the wolf pack does it command by pure insecnet.

Overall Appearance

Rangfang is hyper active kid all he want to do his play even thought he does not know any real games and little on the crazy side he will won’t anyone by their name he always give a nickname. Take Ichigo for explame he call him correct top because his hair look a correct top and is orgine like one as well his arttaion spam most of time is sort unless it something very important he has to hear. He also petty much guabble as well so much so even some wear a car p costume can trick the poor kid in the right his is his eyes turn into glare that put fear into most soul is not afiead of death.

He dream is to become a parite like in the stories he heard even thought people like that are exist in this time but he wants his own body and become famous and have a bounty on his head his the strongest crew there is and own ship. He always a happy go lucky type of guy in madness sometimes there is logic like in time in help someone out if want to become stronger he fight him and beat until he can fight back. He one strange little puppy person some soul might say even go far to say he strong for a child soul people will wonderer how this person came and why he got wolf ears and a tail.

Ranfang has pale coloured skin with hair wolf ears and a tail his eyes are golden and has a cut button noise his also has a very visible scar on his chest that runs down his body form a hollow attacked he once had. He also wears a sky blue and dark blue checked cap with a icy grey sleeveless jacket that open showing the scar he has on his chest and always has a goofy slime on his face. He also wear blue jeans and light blue trainers with dark blue tribal patens on them.

Height: 4 ft
Weight: 10 stone

Natural Abilities

.Ranfang can ignore pain to some excent apart form broken bones or life treating deep wounds.

His spiritual pressure in not at it highest as it could yet but some he lot of energy which he can fight on for long time but when it run out he get very tired and hungry for some reason he call out “I need meatttttttt” then faint when safe to,

Guardian Beast

Sacred Weapon:
Ranfang weapon his knuckle duster with long claw like sliver blades on it which allow him to use his whole body for combat and lighting fast attacks. The weapon itself has little hidden power in the day time in midday when the sun at his highest his becomes weapon become very strap which he able to most cut tough buildings even if he was fully train he won’t be only thing he can cut tough.

Guardian Beast:
The Beast in named Sliver Wolf it from is a wolf but he is made of pure light and has a black mask to cover it face and has eye hole so you wee where it eyes are. Unlike Ranfang he is clam and strict on Ranfang at times almost like a father sinvce he had no one to look up to even most of the time he disobeys Ranfang because most of the time he summon him for stupid requests. Like playing tag or something when to actual battle when Ranfang does need to out there like shot and follows any command.

Guardian Beast's World:
The world itself is blue sea with a sunny sky thought the sky looks like it drawn on a piece of paper and suck on the wall. In them middle of it there a huge patire ship with a fag a wolf skull and to crossed swords as you can see this mostly due to Ranfang dream this the inner world will like this as well and most likely reflects Ranfangs’s Personality Sliver wolf sleeps in middle of the deck sleeping most of the time.

As well light is fastest thing on earth so Ranfang process unnatural speed even for a soul or even Shinigami it unnatural. So fast In face that when jump he Japan to U.S.A within half a day the actual jump distance is 30 miles per 10 seconds. Also I means he make himself become light as a feather and folt or even fly as long there wind about which there always is Ranfang is most certain one of most strange people you ever come across

Bright Flash:
This a power that can blind people in a second by made body shine a bright blinding light as the sun can which will give time to attack, counter or even run away if needed.

Lighting strike/Light cannon:
As all know Lighting is also the power of light he point with his fingers and fire real lighting fast weak but dead on shots but he make it stronger by charging and turn into the light cannon in about 30 seconds (1 post. This will mean the beam will be stronger and tiny bit slower which it be little less dead on target.

Light gattleing/light slash bazooka:
Is when he can use light on his body to make lighting weak fast attacks which will hurt in time if hit them enough times reputedly and unstopping or charge is body up for power melee attack but will slow if he charges.

Guardian Beast Unsealed

So far Ranfang only learnt from which Ranfang calls 1st gear his arms and then weapons themselves became light itself and it is blinding if never fought him before which can put you off. But that not it real power this from highly improves his light gattleing attack turn into more power version call Lighting Gattleing Bazooka which mean there charging involved just full powered high speed attack even one hit can send some flying which make this attack powerful and relentless. Thought he won’t be able to use his Lighting strike/Light cannon In this from lucky for he a med range attack he search his light arms he make the fight fair thought if people can see it this mean he can’t perform a long range attack In this forum.

Zenou: (to be leaned.)

Kyuu Kyou: (to be leaned.)

History/Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Ranfan mother and father or where he was even are unknown to the young man but all he know he wolf ears and a tail but he been fending for himself since a young age with no real friends. Thought he does not mind he spent his life just playing around without a care or dream in the world thought he was sad at time when wanted to play wit the other kids but he can’t because they can not see him. This pattern curried until he hit six years old he hared a old man reading out loud to the other kids about patires the brave warriors of the sea and who much freedom they have and crazy adventures they had. This alone made Ranfang want to be one but to do that he had to get his own body and then get a ship and sail around the world he even wanted his own bounty and most of all active fame.

Ever since then this became Ranfang dream as scream “I want to be a piatre brave warrior and going the most famous of them all.” His weapon appeared out of nowhere this somehow did scare it did the most strange thing he was excited by this thinking this is a sign for him to for fill his dream. When he hit 7 years would he was attacked by a hollow he but sacred on the chest from it but again was he afield no he face it on in full speed bleeding like mad. He then heard voice telling if wanted to live he had to summon it name Sliver Wolf the body without question did was the voice head and did out more wonderer what it will do then a life and death situation. He kills the hollow in one hit and turn back to normal since that day the Sliver Wolf does understand why the boy so fearless even thought Ranfang keep trying to summon to do stupid and silly things.

As much as Sliver Wolf keep telling off him Ranfang to stop abusing his powers for own silly games as normal Ranfang won’t listen. From then on Sliver does obey unless he really need or for training means thought Ranfang had tick him to come out once to twice that about it. By now Ranfang has hit ten years old he think he basically ready to find hi own body and get himself out there and known to the world but little he know there trials ahead.

Roleplay Sample:

Ranfang stand on the roof top look out into the city and lifted his arms and scram out to everyone even tough he know they can’t can not hear him really. “ Ready or not world here I come if not ready thought you all going to know the name Wolf boy Ranfang the patire .” as he said he run across the rooftop and jump off and landed on another roof and keep going on and on until he see a strange sweet shop. He felt something like never and spiritual pressure he then slimes thinking to himself this should be fun or a fight he jump toward the sweet shop and landed.

He look into the shop it look normal but the man he looking was the famous Uahrahra the owner of the shop he stopped strange part like form a Frankenstein movie. He bust into the shop and said with his big mouth and slime like a cheeky child he is. “Hi ya Hippy clogs sama I notice you little stronger the normal people soo I want to know if make me a body since I going a patire and set out to see and become famous.”
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]   Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:16 am

Approved, 3-3

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]   Sat May 07, 2011 7:17 pm

Moved to approved sugiura.

Smiley face
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]   Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:02 am

Moved to inactive until further notice.


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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]   Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:07 pm

Moving This From Inactive Character

I'll be moving this app back into the accepted Sugiura. This is based on the fact Nickcca has returned apparently.
Welcome back to the site, mate. I hope you can start getting more active again and meeting the new faces here.


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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]   Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:08 pm

Okay Dis nigga needs a will sheet.

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced.
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner.
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced.
  • Focus:  Beginner.

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Subject Post 7PostSubject: Re: Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]   Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:11 am

This character is being placed into the archives due to failure to post in the activity check. If you wish to revive this character just post here.

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Ranfang the paitre kid [APPROVED SUGIURA, 3-3 NORMAL]
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