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 Jace Beleren[2-3]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jace Beleren[2-3]   Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:23 pm

» Name: Jace Beleren
» Titles: The Mind Sculptor, The Memory Adept, Architect of Thought
» Age: Twenty-Seven
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: No group

» Appearance Description: Jace is a very slim man. Standing just under six foot by a single inch. His body is toned, but more stringy than strong, having almost no physical strength to note of. His body is almost completely pale, and anyone close enough can see his veins in his body. He has short, black hair that just about covers the top of his head, going into a series of spikes from the back to the front all varying in length. Each spike is done individually each day, forming it into a straight, clean spike. The sides, and back of his hair are trimmed down into a fade as it reaches it;s end. The outline of his hair is done very well, sharp and clean with no springily hairs sticking up at all.

Jace has a very bright pair of blue eyes as they mostly resemble his reiatsu color. The color is most commonly compared to the sky, soft in hue, but bright all the same. When Jace starts to activate, and actively use his magic, his eyes glow a very bright blue color, covering his pupils entirely in the light. Under his eyes are two long streaks of light blue, these match the color of his eyes, and his reiatsu. These markings, however, are completely different, and are part of a series of rune like markings all over his body. These marks extend down to the right side of his body, twisting and twirling into runic words. They, when translated, spell out 'Magic', 'Illusion', 'mind' And they're all over his torso, and legs. No one is sure as to why Jace has these all over his body, but some suspect that they enhance his own abilities.

Moving onward, Jave has almost no hair covering his body; whether or not this is due to the runes covering his body, or because of genetics is anyone's guess. Besides those few things, Jace doesn't have anything notable or worth while on his physical body, but his clothing is an entire different story.

Jace wears a lot of clothes on his body, probably three layers would be a passerby's guess. Starting with the first layer is a pair of enhanced undergarments. along with a white shirt; these enhanced clothing keep him cool, and tend to keep his body from overheating with the other two layers. The second layer is much more complex, and the majority of what people see. His boots are dark blue, in contrast with his eyes, and markings. The stitching to keep them together is white, and on these clothes are rune like markings. However, unlike the markings on his skin, these rune markings don't have the same glow.

The leggings are a tight, leather like material. These leggings have clearly seen some battle because as you get closer to the thighs you can see some tares in the leather. These pieces are stitched together using some of the finest string. The leggings, like the boots are covered in rune markings. Moving upward, around Jace's waist is a badge like object. This badge has a single rune marking on it, but it has been completely eroded to the point of it being unreadable.Attached to the badge are two belt like straps. These strps hold a drape like material in the front and back of Jace in between his legs.

Once more ascending up his body, we get to Jace's torso. This is a very padded like material, and can be compared to a police officers ballistic vest. However, to keep that from the public eye, Jace has had it stitched and then covered again with a blue cloth. It covers the entire piece tightly, but unlike his boots, and leggings, his chest piece and his arms lack any rune markings entirely. There is a rune like badge on his chest, and then another on the right side of his ribs. These two badges onto the third layer of clothing, but we'll get to that in a second. His two arm sections are sown together onto the chest piece, but can be detached from the elbow down. These pieces have no significance other than being aesthetically pleasing to him. However, the detachable sections that cover the top of his forearms are a a hard, shell like armor. Jace needs his hands to cast his magic, so protecting them at all cost is of the utmost importance.

Now, back to the badges on his chest, and ribs, and the final layer of clothing. These two badges lead two long straps to Jace's back where anyone can see a long cape, and a hood. This cape has long rune marks, and encryption running all the way down. The hood is stitched to the cape, and is normally seen over Jace's face, hiding everything in darkness but his bright blue eyes, and the glowing markings on his face. This cape, and hood can be completely detached by pushing on the two badges on his chest and ribs.

» Appearance Picture: Jace Beleren


» Personality: Colorful Personality
Jace isn't the best person to be around. Not because he is rude, or because he doesn't like people, but because he tends to keep to himself. He's only ever truly at home in a library, in his home, or with his friends (who are almost always just as quiet). If you do manage to peak your way into his soul, you'll find that Jace is a very kind person, warm even, and he can give you a lot of insight into his world, and his way of thinking. That however does not give someone an excuse to pry, and Jace can sense that sort of thing from a mile away.

Intelligence and Madness
Like a lot of very intelligent people, Jace has a side of him that is most akin to madness. He has spent his entire life mastering, and learning about magic, anima stones, and soul sorcery. He uses every ounce of this in his studies, and he takes any knowledge he can about them. However, on the other side of this, he will spend all of his time reading a book, and mastering it's entirety, even losing days at a time in the words, and the pages. He'll make friends with other anima stone users, and try to figure out just how and why they created their own stones.

Hates/Strong Dislikes
Jace doesn't actually hate anything, but instead strongly dislikes a lot of things. He finds the word itself repulsive, and hardly ever uses it to describe his feeling toward something. That's not to say that he won't use that word, but if he does, you'll know he truly has a distaste for whatever it is. Riding on the coattail of that last statement, Jace absolutely dislikes all forms of obnoxiousness, rudeness, loudness, or just annoying people in general. If you can't tell someone something without blaring it across the room, then you need to find a different way of communicating.

Battle Style
If Jace can help it, he'll stay on the side lines, hidden in one of his illusions, or in the buildings. This is so he can cast his spells without being interrupted, or attacked. In the scenario that hiding is not an option, Jace will use a more compact, and quick spell casting style. Jace will also try to use his mind to outsmart the enemy, combing spells to create traps and make the enemy fall into them. He uses his mind and his spells to win the battles for him, not brute force.

Jace will also typically try and trick the enemy into believing one thing, when it's not true in the slightest. He'll purposely, on occasion, show his techniques failing or out right not existing to throw the enemy off.

Jace doesn't do much training by most normal standards, unless of course one considers training to be reading, and learning. In which case he does it all the time, which occupies almost all of his day. Jace typically spends his time testing new spells, learning different incantations, and theorizing just how a spell will, or would work if used on animals, or other people.

Jace will always try to rationalize everything; yes, even in the world that has proven to have spirits, ghosts, demons, and even gods. Jace tries to apply logic, and understanding to the world around him, and normally will attach normal, everyday motives to people if they do something that sticks out in society. Such as a murderer, or a thief.

Soul Force
Jace is completely enthralled by the idea concept, and execution of the soul force. This force, which has been with the young man from a young age, has almost certainly fueled his ability to learn, master, and conjure up everything that he has been through, and everything he has leanred up until this point in his life. He will do anything to learn something about this force that he doesn't already know, pillage any mind that may know more, and go through the toughest of horrors to find any relic to give him some insight. This love for the soul force rivals his absolute love for Anima stones.

Jace has a very logical, and straight forward stance on his morality. He doesn't enjoy the morally corrupt, but he also understands that sometimes a more harsh morality is necessary in the everyday life; this is probably most due to the fact that he likes to rationalize just about everything. To add to this, Jace doesn't believe in physically stealing from people as he believes in letting people what they've earned, and currently own. Now, that leads us into Jace's more contradictory portion of his personality.

Jace has no problem peering into someones mind, and taking their knowledge (given the right conditions are met). He is a seeker of knowledge, and loves to archive everything in some way, or form. Normally storing it in this mind, and then after writing it down, expelling it.

Selective memory/Multiple languages
Jace, using his absolute control over his brain and it's functions, is able to completely oust any memory he so desires but typically keeps everything written down for safe keeping. He normally does this so he can make more room for spells, and his knowledge on anima stones, and any other useful abilities or tid bits he finds interesting.

Something else to note, something that Jace has accumulated over the course of his life time, is the ability to speak in more than ten different languages. He doesn't typically switch often, normally just sticking with English, and occasionally Japanese.

» Likes:
  • Learning
  • Magic
  • Knowledge
  • Books
  • Debates
  • Anima stones
  • Women

» Dislikes:
  • Loud rooms
  • Obnoxious people
  • Hate
  • Fighting
  • Idiots
  • People who don't like books
  • fire(just because it's fire)


» Background: It was any normal day for the Beleren family, his father and mother both worked, and they absolutely loved their jobs. His father worked in the local hospital as a neurosurgeon, and his mother was a college professor. From a young age there was a lot expected from Jace, he was held in high regard around his home, but there was always something...'different' about him. Neither of his parents were 'special' in any way besides being highly intelligent people themselves. Having grown up with the two of them he was always given whatever book he wanted, whatever toy he wanted or just about anything he wanted from that point. However, even with all of this influence, this power, Jace wanted nothing else but to be normal. He wanted to know why he could see an energy around people. He wanted nothing more than that, but he could never get it.

Let's retract a bit, rewind back to his past, his childhood. The very first gift that started to surface was his genius intelligence. From the young age of three he had already learned English and Japanese(the languages his father and mother spoke) and then only a year later he had learned four more. He rarely ever used the other languages, and hardly uses Japanese; not because he doesn't like it, just because most of the people around him didn't speak anything else. All thought him to be a prodigy, with no other signs of special gifts, or powers, his parents just assumed he was as intelligent as they were. They knew of the special people, they knew some themselves, but they never assumed that their own child could have been one of these people.

Fast forward two years; It was time for Jace to go to school, his parents wanted him to go to the most prestigious school. He didn't want that, he wanted a normal school with normal kids. He understood more than his parents gave him credit for, but to keep them naive, and under the assumption that he wasn't truly special, he played dumb, and asked to go to a normal school. His parents, wanting to give him what he wanted, agreed. Jace went to the public school, and enjoyed every moment of it. This is where he would meet his best friend, Travis, or Travie as he would later be called. Jace and Travis got along fairly well, the two of them always playing as young children.

Jace, accessing more and more of his gifts, could see something special about Travis as well, but he never asked him. He enjoyed being normal, he enjoyed his friends, and he enjoyed doing kid things. He scored perfectly, learned things quickly, but never went over the top. He was, to everyone else, an exceptional student. He wasn't sure if Travis could see through his lies or not, and he didn't pressure him into it either. He was sure that accessing whatever gift he had was going to be hard enough.

Fast forward eleven years. Jace and Travis, still best friends, entered the same high school. The two of them, unlocking their own gifts on their own time, got into so much trouble. Jace was starting to truly accept his powers, but he still enjoyed all of the shenanigans that the two of them got into. Fights with other kids, messing with the teachers, and more than not starting food fights. Of course the two of them never got caught, they were too sneaky for that. Jace was capable of talking his way out, normally outsmarting the teachers into believing whatever he told them. Travis on the other hand was a true ninja. He was always gone before getting caught, an then back again to jump right back into the fray. Then, something had happened. Travis had told Jace everything, what he was, what he could do. Jace, feeling like he finally knew someone like him, told Travis that he too was special. He wasn't a quincy, but from a young age started developing powers.

After high school the two of them stayed in contact but there was something that came over Jace. After fully realizing just what it was that he had been unlocking up until that point, he wanted to know more. He wanted nothing but absolute understanding of this powerful, and mysterious force; the soul force! Upon learning more, and more about this powerful force, Jace had also learned about the Anima stones. As the years passed, Travis had proposed after finding out about Jace's abilities, that the two of them start taking out how they could help. And with that, the two of them started to hunt, and slay hollow that were terrorizing new Karakura.

This started to die off more and more as Jace delved deeper and deeper into his studies. He became more pacifistic, and wanted to study, and learn more than fight. By this point Jace had already developed his third Anima stone. Each one bringing something new to the table, and he had learned that he could either keep them on the outside of his body or, to amplify their power, infuse them with his body. He wanted to be the master of his powers, not the other way around, and from that point on he had his body become the vessel of his stones. Each one being infused in the forms of runes that he had also learned through his studies of the past. Illusions, Mind magic, and general magics were his expertise. Master of memory, master of illusionary magic, and the master of his soul sorcery, Jace took back the mantle.

By this point however Travis had become one of the greatest assassins this world had ever seen. Powerful, and a force not to be reckoned with. The two of them kept up tabs, and still do to this day.

Enter Sou Yuki

Jace had just turned twenty two, and the young mage was traveling the town looking for more knowledge. His search led him to fuma park where a young, and rather tenacious kid was chasing away some bullies. This kid though wasn't normal, he was like Jace and Travis, he was special. Jace had read that there were those that used Chi instead of the soul force. He couldn't fathom the idea that this chi was a more powerful force compared to the soul force, but Jace could sense turmoil in this child.

He approached him, and offered a hand in trying to control that anger of his. He could offer techniques to calm himself, and could train him in these techniques. The boy was rash, hot headed, and angry, but accepted. Jace tried time and again, showing him what to do, showing him how to control his anger, and how to calm down. He wasn't sure if the boy was trying or not. He couldn't tell if he wanted to even calm down, but he kept up with it. He understood being angry, he was angry at times about his gifts, and his life. Even to this day Jace tries to show Sou just how to control his anger, and sometimes he wonders if wiping out the worst memories is what he needs to do.

Current life
Jace has gone into hiding mostly, having become so attuned to the soul force, his stones, and his ability to memorize anything that learning has taken over his life. From time to time Travis comes around, and the two of them talk, and have a good time and Jace is sure that Travis can sense the madness slowly taking over his life, but Jace must become the perfect sorcerer. He's even gone so far to catalog most of his memories onto scrolls and removing the information from his brain, clearing it out for more room.

The only memories he's kept from his life are the times shared with his best friend Travis, and the young boy, Sou. Jace hopes to one day become one with the soul force, and he will try everything in his power to do so.

» Natural Attributes:
Genius Intelligence
Even from a young age, Jace was known as a genius with his family. He took learning very serious, and with his genius level intellect he never had trouble learning anything. Using this throughout his life, he's been able to come to correct conclusions in a matter of moments no matter the situation. He uses his intelligence to also understand, and come to grips with emotional situations by rationalizing it all away.

Adept learner
Using his genius intelligence, and his own thirst for knowledge, Jace has come to utilize his ability o learn, and subsequently master just about anything given enough time. While he isn't the most physically fit, he can learn martial arts in weeks and months, where it would take others months and years. He can master a new skill in days.

Absolute Brain control
"I of all people know that memory is not a safe place to hide valuables."
Jace has become a master at manipulating his brain, what goes in, and what comes out. He can selectively reactivate memories, and deactivate memories in an instant, and uses his brain to store thousands of spells, but can normally only access so many at a time. He has his quick list of spells that he goes to, but in his mind, he has limitless potential.

In more extreme cases Jace can lock away a part of himself in his mind. This is a last resort, or a contingency plan, for the situations that would leave Jace in a coma, or otherwise dreadful situations where losing his knowledge would happen the most.

» Racial Powers:
Anima Stone mastery
Using his absolute obsession with learning, and mastering new things, Jace has taken his entire life to learning about, and utterly mastering his Anima stones. Currently he has two in his possession. They're names are as follows: Anima Stone of Illusion, Anima stone of Magic and Anima stone of the Mind. Jace has taken both of these to their max potential, but only was able to do so by focusing on them utterly and completely. This has left his physical capabilities to almost nothing.

Anima Stone of Illusions
The Anima Stone of Illusions is Jace's most used Anima stone, as well as the source of his most used magic. This stone allows Jace to create Illusions out of thin air, each with their own unique abilities, and powers. This anima stone was the first one that Jace created using his soul force. It has been with him for almost a decade, and has served him well. It was also the first stone that he had infused into his body in the shape of the runes, specifically the ones that spell out "Illusion".

Anima Stone of the Mind
Jace's mind stone was his second stone ever created; it's also the most offensive stone he has infused within his body and like the stone of illusion, this has been infused in the form of runes glowing across his body to read "mind". This stone allows Jace to create attacking spells that can devastate the enemy, and is normally used when he has no other options and a fight is most definitely going to commence. This stone brings his imagination to life in the form of spells, and the amount of spells created, or used is only limited to his own imagination.

Anima Stone of Magics
This Anima stone is his most general stone, and is the only stone in his possession that doesn't grant him some sort of secondary mind reading capabilities. There are also spells here that he had gained access to when he manifested his anima stone of magics.

Soul Detection
Having become so attuned to the soul force, and having done nothing with his life but learning it, and mastering it; Jace has had time to study, and also master the ability to sense people, or anything for that matter, from distances afar. This is, aside from his Soul states, Anima stone mastery, and soul sorcery, his most potent ability. Add to that his ability to read, and additionally manipulate energy fields, Jace has become a rather strong opponent, and will use all of his abilities to their maximum potential.

» Evolution Powers:
Energy Reading/Energy manipulation
Jace has gained a very unique ability as he evolved his powers through training and years of studying. Jace can see, and read a persons energy field, this energy field, typically unseen by the naked eye, is composed mostly of their reiatsu, their demeanor, personality and mesh of other UN-seeable things. Then, should Jace get within range, typically determined by the amount of energy that their letting off, he can read some of their most recent thoughts by simply touching this energy.

Now, something that he can do should the enemies Willpower, focus, and mental deduction all be lower than his own, is manipulate their thoughts by touching their energy field for a long enough time. This skill also requires Jace be touching them in someway whether with his hand on their shoulder, back, chest, or most potently their head. This will allow Jace to give them small orders, such as distracting the enemy, or simply getting him some coffee. Added to that, should the orders be completely against their personality, and how they normally act, they can figure out that this isn't a will of their own.

Jace has gained the ability to communicate with others without speaking, but by using his mind. This ability is strictly used for communicating, and he's able to speak with anyone within his range whether they be ally, enemy, dog, cat, anything. He uses while on more stealthy missions, or while trying to mess with the enemies head.

Mind Reading
This is probably the most effective way that Jace can attack the enemies mind, but also the most difficult. Jace will normally only use this when he's trying to sneak his way through enemies, and look for information on Anima stones, soul force, and soul evolution. He'll also use this when in a fight if he can.

By placing his thumb, and pointer, or middle finger, from his right hand on both temples of an opposing enemy, Jace can read another persons memory. This doesn't take much energy, and he can extract as much information as he wants so long as he is still connected with the enemy. This must be done with his right hand, and if it's done with his left nothing will happen. Also, should Jace extract too much information from the weak willed, this can cause them to be knocked unconscious from the trauma of having their mind pillaged for information.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Appearance: The memory adept!
Unlike most humans, Jace's soul state's don't change him physically, but allow him to enter a different state of mind. These three forms are all separated by locks in his brain, and each form must be activated using rune counters that form on his body. This form can be activated at any given moment, but all following forms must be activated with "rune counters" on his three stones. Upon activation, Jace is given four rune counters to start, and must work off of those.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 1 Abilities:

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Appearance: The Architect of thought!
Should jace activate this state with 0 rune counters left, he will automatically be given two rune counters to work off of. Unlike most human's Jace has seen, his soul state doesn't actually make him change in appearance at all. In fact the only thing that changes is his state of mind. In this state, Jace is more focused on activating his own mental abilities, his opponents abilities, and cataloging even more information. The only notable, physical change is that Jace's eyes will always glow blue whether or not he's casting a spell.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 2 Abilities:

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Appearance: The mind sculptor!
This is the only form in which Jace's entire body enters a different look, and while it isn't much, it is clearly noticeable. All of the runes on Jace's body have begun to glow, and his eyes are still a bright blue color. He has discarded the hood and cape, and the detachable sleeves leaving him more mobile than usual.

» Soul State Evolution Stage 3 Abilities:"Your mind was a curious mix of madness and genius. I just took away the genius."


See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Master

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Advanced
  • Soul Sorcery: Advanced
  • Soul Dash: Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Adept

Note: Jace isn't Physically based what-so-ever, spending all of his life, researching, learning, and improving his magic. As such, these skills wouldn't be too great. P.s. Raiki said I could switch the pain endurance and willpower grading. Finally, Kyle gave me permission to add a second advanced to human skills to stay consistent with the character.

» Roleplay Sample: (Please create a sample of how you role play in this section by either creating a RP sample with this character OR pasting something you have written in the past. If you have already made an accepted character, you need not go through this)


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Reserving check

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advance
  • Pain Endurance: Advance
  • Focus: Master

Tier: 2-3

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Jace Beleren[2-3]
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