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Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:46 pm

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It was a calm and peace day within the King Realm. The Soul King wasn’t disturbed today and the majority of the members had been performing their duties. In the center of the whole headquarters sat a fairly tanned man who was dressed in a crimson armor that weighed tones. Beneath the body armor he wore subject specific clothing that was flexible and resistant to Shunko. His eyes were shut, he had been sat there for hours on end; he was sat in a traditional meditation position. While his eyes were shut, his vision was projected into the Soul Society; he monitored it and all of the Gotei 13. His eyes picked up a lot of activity around the general training ground where the newly dubbed Captain Commander had trained the Captains of the Gotei 13. Some were more successful than others, while some didn’t agree to the Head Captains ways. It was fascinating, he could hear all that was said within his projected perimeter and one individual who really grabbed his attention was the Captain of the 5th Division. It was true, the Head Captains ways were untraditional however it seemed that with every person he trained he changed a little; to one of the Captains he shared some personal information as to why he was named the killer. He shared a lot of information with the individual and the duo seemed to form a bond out of respect. It was fascinating.

He had been sat there for the vast majority of the day while some of the members walked back and forth. For several moments, his vision was directed to Neviah and his children as he enjoyed watching over them. The one who caused the most mischief, Izanami was the one to really watch but he didn’t have much time as the sun was slowly setting. He looked thoroughly prior to opening his eyes and promptly standing up. He was wearing his body armor which had weighed several tones but as he stood up he prepared himself to greet the new comer thus his attire began changing. All colors of the light spectrum were visible for a moment as his 0 Division Haori appeared while his Zanpakutō found its way to his left hip.

The new arrival was a revered woman. She was younger than Izanagi but she was also married to the newly appointed Captain Commander of the Gotei 13; it was fascinating, the girl had served as the Captain of the third Division even though she had much greater power than most of the other Captains. From his observation, he determines that to an extent she was somewhat on par with the Captain Commander. The position she was assuming was the Master Of Realms, it was fulfilling working for the Zero Division, he hoped that the offspring of one of two great Shinigami who were trained by the founder of the Gotei 13 would bare some resemblance to the man in terms of personality. He knew about her, throughout his time, she was deemed the prodigy of the Gotei 13, no one could track her but he was sure that if Shunsui wanted to he would have found her in seconds. He was good at depicting what people were hiding or how they acted around others, from what he gathered so far, Aiko was rather flirty.

As he stood up from his platform, he slowly hoped off and began descending toward a large platform. He watched and awaited the girl’s arrival, she wasn’t a girl, more of a women. Izanagi was aware of her prowess in Kido, during the time he trained at the Academy in his spare time, he took note of a few hopeful candidates, and this girl was one of them. Over the years, her relations with other races became apparent, Izanagi first found her when he was appointed as the Wisdom Of The Spell in order to determine whether or not his hypothesis was correct, it was. The girl, when first tracked had mixed herself in along with the Vizards, he mother was one of them but it didn’t come as much of a surprise.

Tea was being prepared in anticipation of her arrival, unlike the other members of the Zero Division he wanted to greet and talk to her for a while hence why he made arrangement for the special herbs to be made. These herbs possessed qualities that no herbs from any of the other worlds could match, after the initial sip, the taste buds are filled with the herbal water which then sends the message to the receptors with every other sip; the message is interpreted as the individuals favorite fruit, it varies from person to person, but from what he gathered surely she was interested in tea, after all her husband took a very long time to perfect his own herbal remedies and teas.

His feet finally touched down as he began to slowly walked toward her arrival point. Oken was embedded into her bones and she was granted freedom of passage into the Kings Realm, her arrival was inevitable. In the meantime, Izanagi looked toward her potential arrival area, a polite smile slowly formed from his lips as he slipped his arms through the holes in his Haori and marched onward. His 4 ton armor remained under the cloak that had resembled the Haori. The preparations were complete and she was due to arrive momentarily.

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Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:01 pm

Eyes closed, her expression had not changed for quite a long while. She was still quite a long way away from the Soul King's palace and dominion, but the Oken that had been embedded into her skeleton system would make the time traveling instantaneous. Staring into the blank and empty nothingness of the sky, her eyes remained fixed on the same spot. She wasn't looking at anything in particular, and she was not thinking of anyone in particular either. Perhaps she should have, but alas, she was not. Aiko had been made aware of the names and identities of the fellow members of the 0 division, but that was all. Still staring away, there wasn't anything one could take from her expression. Even the more profound and wise sages would not be able to see through her current state of mind. In fact, even if they somehow could, there was nothing to see, for there was literally...nothing. Her mind was empty. She had no time for thoughts or plans, even though she was overwhelmed with both of them. Perhaps it was the sheer number of responsibilities she left behind and the ones that had been bestowed upon her that placed her in this state. She was not nervous; that much was clear. It was obvious she was not troubled either. She was just, more than one way.

It was a known fact, and something to be expected, that every member of the 0 division was a legend in their own right for a number of different things much like Aiko was herself. She was aware, that albeit being one of the newer members, her spiritual pressure and power were so strong, that even among the members of the 0 division, hers was at the very least, slightly above theirs. However, the idea was momentary and fleeting. She did not care about her spiritual pressure and theirs, it had merely been a lapse in time and thought. The 0 division, or royal guard as some called it, were specifically appointed to serve the Soul King. Their rank, their status and their power was nearly without equal. They worked together to preserve the balance and property of the world, not alone, in a one mean team for self gratification and grandeur. That was something she knew. In fact, having been bestowed with the position of Master of Realms, it was obvious she had very proficient skills in conversing with other races. It had been actually part of the decision, that she had lived among Shinigami, Vizards, Humans, and even other races for such a long time. She was a near-perfect fit for the role.

Before entering the realm, she took a quick second to reflect. Much like her powers were constantly evolving and becoming stronger, her personality too was changing at a progressively and steady rate. Aiko loved to flirt. Some of her more perverted antics were indeed passed on through her parents specially with the way she saw her dad and Lisa behave occasionally. It was nothing bad however. Nevertheless, her parents were also very disciplined, serious and dedicated individuals when the situation called for it, and Aiko was no different. One could have easily said that she enjoyed flirting and wild adventures nearly as much as she enjoyed, order, peace, and calmness and solitude. She just knew when there was a time to flirt and when it was best to be more stable and serious.

Raising her right hand, she closed her hand into a fist as she looked at the length of her forearm as if her skin tone had changed color albeit knowing the latter not to be true. Exhaling and closing her eyes, she opened them once again to look ahead as a pattern appeared on her forearm. Having closed her eyes yet again, the moment she would reopen them, she would have found herself in the Soul King's Palace. As the Master of Realms she had a duty she was quite aware of. It was in fact one she would truly enjoyed as her personality pretty much begged the feeling of adventure and the delving of the mind and body into the unknown. Though her travels back into Sereitei would be numerous, and the ones onto other worlds and dominions would likely be just as much, she was leaving a lot behind. It was something only Aiko, and perhaps Tsubasa understood however. In essence, there was nothing really being left behind as her position allowed her free dominion onto revisiting everything the Soul King ruled over. Instead, she was letting go of some of her own self. Aiko had always been regarded as one of the greatest prodigies Soul Society had ever seen, and that fact was reflected on her growth and power throughout her life. Though her personality was quite vexing and unorthodox, upon returning to the Soul Society she had placed herself in a box of sorts. She performed the usual responsibilities expected of Captains, but for a long time opted not to become one. Instead, she preferred to remain under her husband's mantle even though her power easily surpassed most of the Captain's and was at least at the moment, nearly on par with his. The choice of finally giving into Captaincy, the motion of joining the 0 Division and the duties that came with it would change her life. She was still her. She was still Aiko. However, though she still loved her husband her kids dearly, she was growing not specifically detached from them, but rather more attached to more individuals. She was growing to be attached to the world. In her new position, she was to take a neutral stand on most issues regarding most races, with only the Soul King's decisions and interests as the top pinnacle. Leaving her past responsibilities for greater ones meant more potential. She was no longer aiming to be the Captain with the same power as the Commander to aid him in defending Soul Society should there ever be a need to. She was Aiko Kyoraku. Daughter of ex Lieutenant and Vizard Lisa Yadomaru, and Former Captain and Yamamoto's disciple, Shunsui Kyoraku. She had very different goals in mind. The goals of a lifetime. She was to surpass Tsubasa, and bring honor to the Soul King by protecting and fighting to keep the world in balance.

Opening her eyes, her feet would touch the floor. Long socks just above her thighs, a blue mini skirt that rode just below her butt, and a high riding white and blue top that reached just below her breasts kept her mid section bare. By her color, a colorful golden-yellow handkerchief was displayed. Her clothing was not all that unorthodox, even if it indeed was. Yoruichi was very well known for parading naked everyone. Aiko would't go to those extents. She had a plethora of reasons behind why she chose to wear what she wore, but she disliked talking about it, as it was truly no one's business but hers. But primarily, her clothing was a memento and a reflection of the outfit her mother wore for a large period of her life. Much like her father, Aiko loved Lisa dearly and spent some of her best years under her tutelage and the others. Her outfit was a near-replica of her mother's outfit save for darker tonalities of blue and the golden handkerchief that made it her own. The outfit was quite soft, almost as if it was made from the finest silks. However, it had been specially created by Tsubasa to whistand the Shunko Aiko possessed. Like it however, she possessed a large number of copies of the same outfit, as she only wore it.

Cracking her thumbs she fixed her gloves as she began to walk on in the direction of one of the 0 Division members. From the feel of it, Izanagi was likely the one she was nearest to. Aside from his presence in the area, she could smell quite the invigorating and inviting aroma of tea. Arriving at his location, and no more than 10 meters or so from him she saluted him. Placing her hands by the sides of her skirt so that they would not raise to much, she bobbed her head and bowed slightly. "Good to see you again."

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Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:31 pm

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