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Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:31 pm

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Abalia listened to her Captain speak, of course, but the primary focus of her attention was on the crowd around them. She was familiar with a few of these people, but the vast majority of them were strangers to her. It made sense, considering she had not come from this particular district, and yet even so she found it a touch disappointing.

Regardless, her attention was on the demeanor of the crowd more than its actual members, and what she detected was not what she would have liked. There was certainly earnestness to their cheer, but even here she found a discomforting level of hostility. It was well-hidden, and certainly not present in everyone in the crowd. Yet, even so, there was surely something amiss. the vice captain's attention was now entirely dedicated to finding these people in particular. Who might they be..?

Ah, but the Captain had directed her to meet with the people. That, of course, was something she was all too familiar with, and she put on her nicest smile as she went out into the crowd. Abalia would, of course, train these people to the best of her ability. but something still seemed quite wrong... Perhaps she would find it here.

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Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:32 pm

Magnolia Everfrost

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Magnolia continued to stand amidst the crowd of Shinigami. To a casual observer, she'd look no different than the unseated members of the division. Her black Haori blending into the numerous other shinigami without a manner to identify her rank or station. Her golden eyes continued to rove the sea of bodies that surrounded them. Taking in the appearance of the villagers, scrutinizing even the smallest of details.

Abalia seemed to take on the approach of smiling. However, as Magnolia inevitably distinguished herself from the crowd, she did not. Instead, there was an aura of calm around her. Walking over to greet, and converse with the Rukongai members. It was easy to see through her actions that she held no discriminatory thoughts or biases towards these people. Nor did she attempt to sway them, Magnolia just spoke with them.

The Shinigami went through the motions of training them. Showing these novices proper technique, form, and stances necessary to fight. There was no praise to be found, even when the Rukongai citizens were doing a good job. Instead, she patiently would go through the motions with them, teaching them until they grasped the general gist of things.

While Magnolia continued to teach them, she still was on the lookout for individuals with ill intent. Her golden gaze continued to periodically scan the crowd. Until trouble arose, Magnolia simply continued doing her job. Or, until a situation arose that required a revision of her game-plan, after which she'd take matters much less calmly.


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